The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Advancing To The Three Crystals Realm

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A faint sound echoed as a little part of the terrifying milky white current was burned by the flames. But, it was still just a little part of it, and the rest was still about to reach Su Yu’s heart!

Even at such a precarious moment, Su Yu wasn’t worried. Instead, he let out a breath and remained calm. He then took the Red Lotus Incredible Umbrella and received a wisp of the raging flames.

Such flames were so powerful, they could burn a Fairy Realm expert into ashes. In fact, they were even more powerful than Origin Flames!

When the Red Lotus Furious Flames entered his body, the milky white current started quickly disappearing, as if it was just a mass of snow. After a short while, the milky white current, which was rampaging inside Su Yu’s body, completely disappeared.

Su Yu let out a breath as he wiped the beads of sweat from his forehead. Who would have expected that an experienced person like him, who had gone through so many trials already, would have almost died because of a spiritual object?

It isn’t surprising that Yun Yazi said that I would surely die if I directly consumed it. Just the poison contained in a thread of its hair almost took my life!

If I swallowed the whole Cloud Galloping Horse, then I couldn’t save myself, even if I used all of my Red Lotus Furious Flames!

After he had made it through such a crisis, Su Yu started taking the horse much more seriously!

Su Yu cautiously stood up and took a ball of Red Lotus Furious Flames. As he did so, he wondered whether he should burn all of its dangerous hair or not in order to prevent such a precarious situation from happening once again.

As the flames flickered in his palm, Su Yu’s mind suddenly lit up…

It would be a pity to destroy such a deadly poison. If I can properly use it, then it could become one of my powerful killing moves!

As his gaze flickered, Su Yu carefully trimmed all of its hair, thread after thread, then carefully sealed it. In the end, he got almost three hundreds threads of hair.

It was only after cleanly trimming all of the Cloud Galloping Horse’s hair that Su Yu revealed a mysterious smile and thought, The next step is the one I’m most looking forward to!

As Su Yu held the Cloud Galloping Horse in his hand, a swirling small Milky Way galaxy appeared on his palm. The imposing stars in it looked like glowing sand, and they were extremely beautiful and mesmerizing. A milky white liquid was coming out of the Cloud Galloping Horse at a noticeable speed, and it was being aspirated into the Milky Way Star Sand.

The Cloud Galloping Horse’s body started becoming transparent. It seemed just like a beautiful piece of white jade.

After a long while, the Milky Way Star Sand disappeared, while the crystal-clear Cloud Galloping Horse, which seemed like it was just reborn a while ago, still laid on Su Yu’s palm. When he looked at it with his Soul Eyes, he found that, not only did the milky white liquid within it disappear, all of its body’s impurities also disappeared. Its poison, which required many precious materials to neutralize, had instantly been purified by the Milky Way Star Sand!

He once again felt how amazing this imperial saint artifact was! Tian Jizi had truly left behind a priceless legacy!

At this moment, the extremely pure Cloud Galloping Horse wouldn’t pose any danger to anyone, as it was now just a mass of precious pure energy. Now, even Fairy Realm experts would salivate over it!

Su Yu couldn’t bear the temptation anymore, so he decisively raised his head and swallowed it. He immediately felt a burning hot energy travel down his throat. Its heat left Su Yu’s face flushed, and he started constantly coughing.

But, despite all of this, it still had an extremely wonderful taste. Even after fifteen minutes passed, however, its heat didn’t subside. Instead, it started gradually spreading to his belly. It seemed to him like a raging flame had started burning within his belly, and it was quite painful.

At that moment, the scorching hot energy entered his Dantian, which had four crystals in it. Two crystals were already successfully compressed and had turned into Vital Energy crystals. As for the other two, one of them was the Lightning Crystal, which had inexplicably appeared, and the last one was his Spiritual Energy Crystal, which still hadn’t turned into a Vital Energy crystal.

After the burning hot energy entered his belly, it immediately enveloped the four crystals. The burning hot heat caused the four crystals to have very different reactions as they all released their energies and tried resisting its invasion.

The Vital Energy crystals released Vital Energy, while the Lightning Crystal released lightning, and the Spiritual Energy Crystal released Spiritual Energy. The Vital Energies and lighting put up an effective resistance against it. But, the Spiritual Energy, which was the weakest, was incapable of resisting the scorching hot energy invasion.

After just a moment, a tenth of the Spiritual Energy Crystal became fiery, as it was being invaded by the burning hot energy. As Su Yu watched in awe, it was still gradually being invaded.

As the Spiritual Energy’s space within the Spiritual Energy Crystal was gradually being occupied, this forced the Spiritual Energy Crystal to unceasingly compress itself. After a moment, a faint thread of Vital Energy was suddenly born within it, and it was this new energy that would appear once the Spiritual Energy was unceasingly compressed to its highest limit.

As it was compressed by the burning hot energy, there was gradually more and more Spiritual Energy being transformed, which then caused more Vital Energy to appear. After an hour, a third of the Spiritual Energy Crystal had turned into a Vital Energy crystal!

However, as the amount of Spiritual Energy within it lessened, the Spiritual Energy Crystal started crazily absorbing the outside word’s Spiritual Energy in order to fill its empty space! In this way, it continued absorbing a great amount of Spiritual Energy that was around Su Yu, swiftly turning into a Vital Energy crystal.

This same process continued on for half a day. After half a day had passed, Su Yu’s eyes were still closed, while his face revealed a carefree smile.

A boundless Vital Energy was revolving around in his body. It seemed like a dreadful flood, which was emitting a powerful pressure.

All of my Spiritual Energy disappeared, and just Vital Energy remains within my body.

As he felt the drastic change that his Dantian had just gone though, Su Yu felt like he had just been completely reborn. His Vital Energy became more vigorous and powerful by at least a third. This meant that the might of all of his techniques and magical treasures would become even more powerful!

Now, even if he still couldn’t defeat Level Four Fairy Realm experts, he still could easily flee from them. In this way, he had just become even more capable of preserving his life in such troubled times!

As he slowly opened his eyes, two astonishing beams of Vital Energy came out of them. As he had expected from the Cloud Galloping Horse, its effects still didn’t completely disappear.

As Su Yu faintly smiled, he clicked his tongue in wonder, although he had already broken through to the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm and was just a step away from the Fairy Realm, the burning hot energy in his body was still present in his Dantian, and it was still stimulating his Vital Energy Crystals, causing them to compress even further. This ultimately resulted in his Vital Energy becoming purer.

Once it reached a certain critical point, his Vital Energy would experience a sudden transformation. In that moment, he would he advance to the Fairy Realm!

As he clenched his fists and felt his powerful strength, Su Yu became even more confident in himself…

It is a pity that the number of rare treasures, like the Cloud Galloping Horse, are so few. Otherwise, it could be used to make a batch of powerful experts right now, without worrying about wasting it! As he thought this, Su Yu inwardly sighed with regret.

As Su Yu stood up and brushed off his clothes, he looked in the Empire of Darkness’ direction and murmured, “It’s time to go to the Empire of Darkness.”

The King of Darkness was a mysterious and peerless king, while the Seven Lords Palace had the past generations of the Seven Lords to their credit. Su Yu had to wonder if, after the word spiritual energy experienced such a drastic change three years ago, they somehow had managed to break through their limit. If so, that would mean that their cultivation had advanced to an astonishing level.

After all, just a Chief Inspector like Bai Chong was at the Level One Fairy Realm, so the power of the old monsters within the Seven Lords Palace would surely reach an unimaginable and terrifying level!