The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Proud Young Lady

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A huge change three years ago had brought great misfortune to the Zhenlong Continent, but it had also created a new batch of Fairy experts due to the increased amount of Spiritual Energy in the area. Bai Chong was an example of this phenomenon.

Su Yu had never heard of any Fairy experts being in the Zhenlong Continent. Yet, today, a Chief Inspector was seen to already have such capabilities! Hence, Bai Chong was clearly not the only Fairy present!

Now that he knew this for certain, Su Yu had to be more cautious. As such, he must try to be as discreet as possible during his visit to the Empire of Darkness. After giving this some thought, Su Yu retrieved a set of clothes from the Returning Principal Palace.

The clothes were white and simple in design. If one did not recognize the symbol that was on the front of the clothing, the clothes would just look like ordinary clothes and would not draw any attention.

Once he was done changing into the clothes, Su Yu’s surrounding flashed with lightning bolts as he moved away with the Thunder Escape technique.

After half a day, in the middle of the continent.

Above a towering peak of a mountain, a thunderbolt flashed as a bright figure stepped out of it.

“Empire of Darkness, we meet again…” Su Yu gazed at the sky quietly. The huge mountain peak extended into the clouds and looked very majestic.

Su Yu was once brought here as a captive by the Divine Eagle. Today, he had returned here as the leader of an ancient force.

The huge mountain peak was the first peak in the continent. It was positioned in the center of the Zhenlong Continent and had always been occupied by the Empire of Darkness. In fact, it was used as the headquarters.

The mountain peak itself symbolized the Empire of Darkness. However, it was now surrounded by a huge army.

Using his Soul Eyes to scan the surroundings of the huge peak, Su Yu saw that there were almost eight hundred people in the army. They formed a field of blackness around the peak.

Each of the army’s soldiers were at least at the Half Fairy level. There were also more than ten Grade One Fairy inspectors, as well as countless Three Crystal Half Fairies. Su Yu secretly shuddered from just looking at them.

There were rumors that the Empire of Darkness was surrounded by a huge army from the other world. Not only were the rumors true, but the actual situation was much worse than what was being said.

Nearly eight hundred Fairies were present, which was equivalent to the battle power of half of all of the otherworldly experts. If half of the army here had attacked the Heavenly Law Alliance and the Sub Palace the other day, both of them would have been eliminated!

As the Empire of Darkness was completely surrounded, anyone who appeared would be immediately targeted. Therefore, it looked like there was no sign of human activity at the mountain peak.

However, oddly enough, Bai Chong was able to move out of the Empire of Darkness as an Inspector. He was even chased by the enemy’s Inspector.

It really made one wonder how he had managed to make his way out. After all, based on his current capabilities, there was no way that he could directly escape from eight hundred experts.

Su Yu was even more confused by what Elder Jiu had mentioned, which was that the Empire of Darkness had the capabilities to get rid of all of the otherworldly experts. He had to wonder…

Why had they chosen to be surrounded, rather than fight back?

What are they plotting?

Su Yu locked his gaze on the huge mountain peak as a look of deep confusion filled his face. The area that was surrounding the peak was actually a city. It looked even grander than any other city in the entire continent.

Now that the city had been occupied by the otherworldly experts, it had become the enemy’s area of occupancy. As such, Su Yu predicted that the people in the city would have all migrated to the mountain by now.

Using his Soul Eyes, Su Yu could see that it was very spacious inside the mountain peak, as it had a completely empty interior. Upon further inspection with his Soul Eyes, just as he had expected, the center of the mountain peak was filled with humans.

Many types of people and shops were present. The scene looked exactly as it would in the city!

Even though the surrounding world was in chaos, the ordinary lives of these citizens continued on as usual. In fact, business had picked up even more, as people were trying to increase their capabilities before the big war arrived. Therefore, trades were happening right and left.

Seeing all of this, Su Yu nodded slightly. He wondered if the items being traded would include the two types of medicines that he needed to save Phoenix Master Qiu.

At the moment, however, he had to figure out how to enter the mountain peak. After a brief moment of thinking, Su Yu had devised a plan.

Su Yu knew that there were too many of the otherworldly experts for him to be able to single-handedly defeat all eight hundred of them. However, he also knew that a larger number could also sometimes be a weakness.

This was because it was still possible for Su Yu to rely on his treasures to get through the large crowd. His only concern now was the Empire of Darkness’ peak itself.

After all, this peak had been able to withstand the huge army for three whole years. Even now, there was still no chance of the otherworldly army’s breaking through it. Clearly, the peak must have some strong ability to be able to prevent people from getting inside it.

If Su Yu managed to reach the front of the mountain peak, but refused entry, then that would be the most dangerous thing. Su Yu rubbed his chin as he thought deeply.

Eh? Suddenly, Su Yu raised his eyebrows.

He could vaguely sense an aura of movement. It was like a live spirit had just appeared, then disappeared immediately.

The movement seemed to have come from a small beast. If he had been anywhere else, Su Yu might have ignored it. However, in such a dangerous place like this, he could not overlook it.

His dark pupils were shining with a bright light, and the energy of his soul was slowing emanating from his eyes, which pierced through all of the objects before him. After piercing through many scattered boulders, Su Yu finally discovered the source of the aura of movement.

He saw three carefully hidden figures. There were two men and a lady.

Of the two men, one was middle-aged and the other was a young man. The middle-aged man had very normal looks and was not noticeable at all. He was the type of person who would be ignored in a crowd.

The young man was equally mundane. He did not look attractive at all.

As for the lady, she was not too bad. She appeared to be just over twenty years old and had a very petite figure. Her face was very well-defined, almost like a clay doll’s.

She had long hair. Her bangs covered her forehead and stopped just above two very big and spirited eyes.

There was even a small wildflower on top of her head, which added to her liveliness. However, there was a certain look of pride on her face.

“Father, why aren’t we moving? Don’t we have the Concealment Charm that allows us to enter the empire directly?” the proud young lady asked with a pout.

The young man next to her chuckled. “Linger, Clan Master is observing the enemy’s movements. Although we have the art of concealment that was granted by the empire, we should not be too careless.”

“I did not ask you. Don’t speak out of turn.” Linger rolled her eyes at him.

The young man laughed heartily and did not show any signs of anger. His gaze turned even deeper as he looked at Linger. He could not hide the loving look in his eyes.

“Linger, do not disrespect Ying Cheng,” the middle-aged man, who was a Clan Master, scolded her. “Ying Cheng was correct. We should not be careless.”

Linger pouted. “Father, you do not love me…”

“However…” The middle-aged man changed his tone, which had suddenly become serious. “I am not observing the enemy’s movements. Instead, I am observing someone else!” His deep gaze suddenly turned sharp.

“Who are you talking about, Clan Master?” Ying Cheng asked with a surprised tone.

He knew that the Clan Master was a Three Crystal Half Fairy peak expert, so it was easy for him to pass through the surrounding enemy. However, he looked very cautious right then. Ying Cheng could not help but feel nervous about this.

“Ah? What other person? Where is he?” Linger asked. She turned her head to and fro, as she was trying to look for the person with her big eyes.

The middle-aged Clan Master replied with a low voice, “Did you not notice there is a man at the mountain peak? In fact, he has already been there for a while. I only just noticed him!”

Ying Cheng and Linger were both surprised by this, and Linger asked curiously, “Father, why did I not notice the aura of his movements? I have the Aura Observing technique, which isn’t much weaker than yours!”

As she spoke, Linger peeked her head out from behind the boulder and peered towards the mountain peak. She was suddenly shocked. “Ah! There is indeed a person… Hmmm…”

Her mouth was quickly covered by the middle-aged Clan Master’s hand, who spoke in a hushed voice, “Shhh!”

Linger was greatly surprised. “Father, who is that person? Why couldn’t I detect him with my Aura Observing technique? The Aura Observing technique is applied with the Immortal Level Cultivation technique, so it should allow me to detect any changes in the aura within a one mile radius.”

She then added, “A human’s body naturally emits an aura, so it should be easy to detect. Why did I not notice the change in the aura when he arrived?” Linger asked with shock and suspicion.

Ying Cheng was equally surprised. “Clan Master, what is going on?”

The middle-aged Clan Master kept his low tone as he replied, “Isn’t it obvious? There are only two possibilities! Firstly, his capabilities are far greater than ours. The Aura Observing technique indeed allows us to detect a change in aura within a one mile radius. However, if the person has stronger capabilities than us, our senses would be affected by the spiritual pressure. So, we would not be able to detect the opponent’s existence.”

He then continued, “Secondly, he could be skilled in some kind of secret technique that allows him to hide his aura. In that case, even the Aura Observing technique would not be able to detect him. It is possible that this type of technique is a high tier Immortal Level Cultivation technique.”

As he finished his sentence, Ying Cheng and Linger simultaneously sighed with relief.

“Father, from afar, I could tell that his age is similar to ours. How could his capabilities possibly be stronger than yours? This young fellow must be skilled at a certain type of secret technique, which enabled him to hide his aura. If it’s not a cultivation technique, it could even be a type of medicine. Isn’t that so?” Linger asked.

When Clan Master heard her words, he warned her yet again, “Linger, how many times have I told you not to judge a book by its cover? A person’s age does not determine everything! Aren’t there a great number of experts among the otherworldly youths? Moreover, there are many people from the other world who are stronger than me!”

As Linger was being lectured, she pouted and felt very unhappy. Ying Cheng saw what was happening and shifted his gaze, pretending to be in a deep state of thought.

He then said, “Clan Master, I feel that Linger could be right. This man is the same as us. He is hiding outside the surrounding area. He could not possibly be one of the otherworldly experts. Instead, he is probably someone from the continent!”

He then added, “Moreover, I have never heard of a strong expert from the younger generation in the continent. Even the new generation of Seven Lords of Darkness have not reached the level where they could be stronger than you.”

Ying Cheng’s explanation was rational. Although there were many genius experts in the Zhenlong Continent, there still were no Three Crystal Half Fairies. However, the middle-aged Clan Master shook his head.

He then said, “That is uncertain. The three of us have already been out on duty for three months. Have you forgotten about the legend of the Heavenly Law Alliance? The Heavenly Law Alliance could eliminate Grade Three Fairies with the flip of a palm. Don’t you know about the stature of Yin Yu?”

Yin Yu… Those two words hit them like thunder. They immediately become respectful.

“He… He cannot be counted,” Ying Cheng answered respectfully. “If the news is true, he is already the peak legend in the Zhenlong Continent, comparable to our King of Darkness. How could we possibly compare to someone like that?”

Ying Cheng was a young man, who was at the Grade Two Fairy level. Based on the standards of the Zhenlong Continent, he was already a peak genius in the world. However, compared to Su Yu, he was a mere mortal and was thoroughly inferior.