The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 660

Chapter 660 Concocting A Plan For Entering The Summit

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“Being born in the same era as that guy is every youngster’s misfortune.” Ying Cheng helplessly shrugged his shoulders. As long as Su Yu still remained within the Zhenlong Continent, it would be impossible for any youngster to stand out and become famous.

However, Linger, who was beside him, just disdainfully curled up her mouth and said, “You are really hopeless! Since you don’t have any fighting spirit, it isn’t surprising that you can’t overtake Su Yu. Do you know that four years ago, Su Yu just barely had a firm footing on the Zhenlong Continent, and we were all at the Holy King Realm together. Back then, he was still a weak cultivator, and even three years ago, we weren’t any weaker than him.”

She sighed, then added, “But, Su Yu went on to fight the Hundred Territories Alliance’s outstanding heroes, defeated the Ten Great Area Masters, and established a place for his sweetheart. He even defeated all of the northern continent’s geniuses and became the number one genius of the northern continent.”

She shook her head, then said, “Now that he has returned to the continent, he gave up his status as the Black Snow Devil King and started using his true status as Su Yu. He then used his power to save the Heavenly Law Alliance from a desperate crisis. After this, he started to lead it, quickly attaining the first great victory for our continent, while he wiped out hundreds otherworldly Half Fairy Realm experts and was able to kill even Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts in just one move! With such a victory, he took back a part of our Zhenlong Continent’s territory!”

She was clearly impressed, so she continued. “He got his achievements through his own efforts and hard work. Any man that has managed to achieve all of this could die without regrets. Hence, he isn’t like you, as you only know how to complain and envy him.”

After they mentioned Su Yu, Linger became extremely talkative, speaking unceasingly, without even taking a break. An embarrassed look appeared on Ying Cheng’s face, as he found himself at a loss for words. Thus, he was incapable of offering a rebuttal to her scornful comment.

The middle-aged Hall Master softly chuckled. “Lassie, I didn’t see you this earnest, even when we were executing the mission, yet you got extremely clear and thorough info about the Heavenly Law Alliance. Moreover, you’ve already told us his past achievements no less than three times. As such,I’m already somewhat fed up with hearing about it!”

Linger’s face became flushed, and she looked at him fiercely and asked, “Dad, what nonsense are you spouting? I was just fulfilling my duty as a member of the intel hall! That was the only reason why I inquired about the Heavenly Law Alliance!”

The middle-aged Hall Master chuckled again. “Hehe, I didn’t say that you had hidden motives, so why are you getting so anxious and flustered?”

When he heard him, Ying Cheng’s complexion became somewhat unsightly. As a member of the intel hall, he was adept at reading people’s expressions. As such, he had already detected something unusual about how Linger had meticulously investigated the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master.

Now that the Hall Master had mentioned it, he immediately realized that Linger was probably in love with the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master. Although he was jealous, he was helpless to do anything about it.

After all, it was rumored that, not only was the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master powerful, he was also young and as handsome as an ethereal immortal. Moreover, he was righteous and loyal.

In fact, all of his aspects seemed quite perfect. He had even gotten the first victory for the continent, while raising the spirits of all of its people. Undoubtedly, he had become the entire Zhenlong Continent’s greatest hero.

Which young girl wouldn’t admire and love such a person?

“Dad, if you continue spouting nonsense, then I will really get angry.” Linger, whose face was flushed, angrily spoke to her father.

However, the middle-aged Hall Master only found it to be quite funny. “Fine, fine, I won’t mention it anymore.”

He still spoke to himself inwardly, In any case, such a legendary person wouldn’t be in contact with people like us, so even if my daughter was in love with him, it isn’t like I can help her in any way…

“It’s awful! A person is coming towards us!” The middle-aged Hall Master suddenly exclaimed.

The angered Linger immediately saw the person and recognized a chance to to vent her anger, so she stood up and yelled, “I will deal with him!”

As she was a One Crystal Half Fairy Realm expert, she could be considered as an outstanding genius. Even so, her father would always worry about her well-being. So, he shouted after her, “Linger…”

Although the middle-aged Hall Master hastily shouted at her to stop, it was already too late. As he saw her retreating figure, he could only go too, hoping to help protect her in some way.

Ying Cheng also came out, immediately starting to size up the youngster in front of them. Apart from his outrageously handsome complexion, the youngster wore simple and unadorned clothes. In fact, it didn’t seem like there was anything special about him.

“Dad, let me try. You just watch and try to judge whether he’s an otherworldly person or not.” Linger charged at the person at once.

“Streams Like Years!” As Linger yelled and snapped her fingers, three water lotus flowers appeared above her head, the petals of which shot towards him simultaneously.

Su Yu found himself without a choice. He had just wanted to greet them before inquiring about how to enter the giant mountain’s summit, as well as to ask them whether it had a gate or not.

He never expected that a young beauty would jump out and directly attack him! Since he clearly knew that it was just a misunderstanding, Su Yu was surely not going to injure her!

“Water technique?” Su Yu mumbled to himself. He could tell that her power was lacking compared to Xia Jingyu, who was also adept in Water techniques.

“Not bad…” Su Yu chuckled, while he deliberately suppressed his cultivation and emitted a Vital Energy that was just at the One Crystal Half Fairy Realm level. It then turned into a shield in order to protect him.


When the petals bombarded the shield, a dull sound echoed out as all of them burst open. They then turned into countless raindrops-like pearls and flew back at her. She was surprised that Su Yu had so easily managed to block her attack.

A crafty glow appeared in Linger’s big eyes as she said, “My water technique isn’t that easy to block!”

Eh? Su Yu was somewhat surprised by her words.

At this moment, silk threads, which couldn’t be discerned by the naked eye, appeared among the other torn petals. The silk threads linked the newly formed raindrop-like pearls. He now understood that the raindrop-like pearls were just used to deceive people, as the true power was in the silk threads!

The silk threads then turned into a giant net, and by the time Su Yu reacted, it was too late. The net had already taken form and trapped him within it! Instantly, Su Yu had become like a prisoner!

Linger flew to him and took a thin green sword from her waist, directly placing it against Su Yu’s neck. She then proudly said, “I knew that you were just a lad that goes about trying to scare people! You have such meager strength, yet you still dare to come here to try to scare me!”

Su Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this moment. This was because, since the silk net was formed by her Vital Energy, it would be easy for him to destroy it if he so desired. But, as he didn’t want them to misunderstand his intentions, he chose to resign himself to such a fate.

Regardless, Su Yu was still dumbfounded by the small beauty’s words.

How am I trying to scare them? They were the ones hiding! They ambushed me!

“Hall Master, you okay?” Ying Cheng relaxed once he saw how easily Su Yu had been subdued by Linger.

At this moment, the middle-aged Hall Master was holding a white jade compass, which was flickering with a scarlet glow. He then said, “It responded. Apparently, he’s one of our world’s people. Linger, let him go.”

Linger immediately grabbed the silk net and collected it back to her bosom. She then curled her lips as she spoke, “Lad, you should properly cultivate in order to become strong, as the current continent is in a great mess, and with how weak you are, you will be directly sent to meet the king of hell if you were to be discovered by some otherworldly experts!”

After Su Yu was liberated, he cupped his fists at her and faintly smiled. “Miss, I will keep your advice in mind.”

Linger rolled her eyes at him and said, “You still have the nerve to smile at me now! Truthfully, you are a spineless person.” Linger then turned her head around and stopped caring about him at all.

“Little brother, I hope that you can please forgive us for treating you in such a way.” The middle-aged Hall Master cupped his fists at him and apologized. As he spoke, his attitude was quite gentle and mild.

“It’s no bother.” Su Yu waved his hand at him and smiled.

The middle-aged Hall Master’s eyes flickered. “Little brother, may I ask what you are doing here? The other world army is before us, and if you were to be discovered by them and were identified as someone from the Empire of Darkness, you would be in grave danger. Within the past three years, all of the Empire of Darkness’ citizens who have fallen into their hands have been questioned and tortured before being killed.”

He was explaining to Su Yu that, if the otherworldly people wanted to know how to attack and enter the empire, they would try getting it by cruelly questioning its citizens via torture. Hearing this, Su Yu’s eyes lit up.

Since this person had such a keen understanding of the Empire of Darkness, he was surely a native. Moreover, since he was hiding here, then it was likely that he wanted to go back to the empire. So, if Su Yu he followed them, his entering the giant mountain’s summit wouldn’t be difficult anymore!

“I fled from the northern continent’s Hundred Territories Alliance, and I came here to seek asylum from one of my distant relatives. I didn’t expect that the Empire of Darkness’ situation would be this grave.” Su Yu quickly made up a lie.

When he heard him, the middle-aged Hall Master sighed. “So, you fled and came here from the Hundred Territories Alliance? If so, it isn’t strange that you don’t know how dangerous this place is.”

Although he said such words, from the glint flickering in his eyes, it was obvious that he didn’t believe Su Yu’s story at all. He then said, “Little brother, you should quickly leave this place, as it’s extremely dangerous.”

The middle-aged Hall Master then cupped his fists at him and bid him farewell to him. He then turned and motioned for Linger and Ying Cheng to follow him.

Su Yu inwardly spoke to himself…

He’s really on his guard against me. What a cautious person! I obviously already suppressed my cultivation and let myself seem weaker than I am in order to avoid being seen as a threat…

As Su Yu looked at them, he started pondering ways that he could somehow become friends with them, or at the very least, allies.

After the middle-aged Hall Master and the other two had walked six miles away from him, Ying Cheng’s eyes lit up and he said, “Hall Master, it seems like that lad wanted to follow us into the Empire of Darkness.”

Linger blinked her eyes and snorted as she spoke, “That lad has such outrageous aims!”

The middle-aged Hall Master faintly nodded. “Yes, I already felt that. Although he seems harmless, if we carelessly brought him into the Empire of Darkness and it turned out that he was a spy from the other world, it would be a fatal mistake on our part.”

Ying Cheng was also of the same opinion as him. “Understood. There are many people who get roped in by the otherworldly people, so we would be better avoid such trouble if possible.”

All of them were of the same opinion, which utterly thwarted Su Yu’s plan.

“Wait, don’t proceed any further…” The middle-aged Hall Master suddenly came to a halt, while his expression gravely changed.

At that moment, a faintly discernible air entered his nose. Linger and Ying Cheng immediately started weaving hand signs. At that moment, it seemed like they were all inhaling some special aura from the air.

“It’s awful! It seems that we’ve been discovered by them, as there is a group of otherworldly experts coming right at us! We must flee!” The middle-aged Hall Master promptly made a decision, then turned around to flee.

The expressions of Linger and Ying Cheng also gravely changed. As members of the intel hall, they were accustomed to such situations, so they quickly responded as well. The direction in which the three of them were flying just happened to be where Su Yu was…

“Ying Cheng, take him with you,” shouted the middle-aged Hall Master in a deep voice.

Although Ying Cheng was somewhat displeased by this order, as it was an awful burden for him, since the Hall Master had already ordered him, he wouldn’t just let Su Yu die here. So, he grabbed Su Yu by his shoulder and said, “If you don’t want to die, then don’t make a move.”

Su Yu looked around to find that two Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts and seven Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts were suddenly chasing after them! As his gaze flickered, he didn’t resist Ying Ting, but let himself be spirited away.