The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 661

Chapter 661 Exposed Identity

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Although the group had levels of cultivation that were not that great, they still had very well-trained techniques. Their speeds were also much faster than those at the same level.

In the blink of an eye, Su Yu had travelled hundreds of miles away, leaving the people chasing after him far behind. After flying for some time, they landed by a lake.

“Let’s stop here. We should be safe now,” the middle-aged Clan Master said as he rested by the lake.


Linger and Ying Cheng sighed, as they were both slightly exhausted. Although they had moved very quickly, they had expended a great amount of energy in doing so.

“Father, what happened? How did the otherworldly people discover our presence? Did we expose ourselves?” Linger asked, clearly confused.

The enemies had come at them very decisively. Clearly, they had found out about their exact location. If it were not for their acute senses, they would have been in trouble.

The middle-aged Clan Master was deep in thought, so he did not answer her.

However, Ying Cheng replied, “Is there a need to even ask that? We were carefully hidden. How would they have discovered our location? Apart from that clueless man who exposed himself by standing on the mountain peak, there can be no other explanation.”

As Ying Cheng spoke, he looked towards Su Yu with discontent. Linger suddenly realized what had happened and turned to stare at Su Yu. “I was wondering what went wrong. It was you!”

Su Yu had stood above the mountain peak without any intention of hiding. Although he was far away, it was difficult to ensure the otherworldly experts did not have anyone skilled in pupil techniques who could see from afar. So, it was possible that Su Yu’s exposure had gotten them into trouble.

Su Yu had indeed not tried to conceal himself as they had. However, Su Yu had constantly projected a natural consciousness, which blended himself with the surrounding environment.

As such, he did not give out any aura. So, even if the otherworldly people looked over in his direction, they would only be able to see the natural scenery and not discover his presence.

This was why they could not detect Su Yu’s aura, even if they were very close to him. Therefore, the exposure was clearly not caused by Su Yu.

“It was not him,” the middle-aged Clan Master said. “Based on his ability to conceal his aura, even we could not detect his presence from a close distance. So, how could the enemies do so from hundreds of miles away? We must have caused it ourselves. We are the ones who burdened this young man.”

He then cupped his fists and said, “I am sorry, young man, for getting you into trouble. I believe our path has already been discovered by the enemy.”

Linger peered at Su Yu with suspicion. She did not believe that she could have exposed herself.

“Clan Master, we are on a secret mission that was commissioned by the Seven Lords Palace. Only the Seven Lords Palace could possibly trace our every move. Even if there was a spy in the Empire of Darkness, he could not possibly know our exact location. Could the spy be in the Seven Lords Palace? I think that the biggest problem here is still this young man!” Ying Cheng said, while he stared at Su Yu with narrowed eyes, not trying at all to conceal his suspicions.

Facing two suspicious gazes, Su Yu shrugged. He turned to look around the environment and suddenly raised his eyebrows. “I am afraid that now is not the time to discuss whether or not I am a spy.”

“Hmph, don’t try to change the subject. You are the spy!” Ying Cheng seemed to have seen through Su Yu’s motives. He reached towards a blade that was at his waist, his killing intent blindingly apparent.

“Stop it!” the middle-aged Clan Master yelled suddenly. He looked very displeased. “He is right. We have no time to waste. We have been surrounded!”

“Surrounded? Since when?” Linger asked in alarm. She and Ying Cheng were both greatly shocked to hear this, and they both wondered…

How could the enemy have caught up with us so soon, and even surrounded us?

The two of them immediately used their Aura Observing techniques, and streams of a vague aura continuously entered their noses. In a short period of time, both of their facial expressions turned sour.

“This is bad. We truly are surrounded. Based on the aura, there seems to be at least thirty enemies surrounding us at the moment, all of whom seem to be Two Three Crystals Half Fairies! This… This is a trap that was clearly set in advance!” Ying Cheng’s facial expression changed quickly.

Right then, his suspicions towards Su Yu were thoroughly erased. After all, such an ambush was clearly prepared well in advance, and Su Yu had only just met them a while ago.

“Stop talking. Take him and escape now!” The middle-aged Clan Master’s face sank as he gave the order.

Ying Cheng showed a look of uncertainty as he said, “Clan Master, we can barely protect ourselves. If we bring him along…”

Linger also hesitated. She was nervous that they did not have the capabilities to protect another person, especially in the face of such intimidating opposition.

“Shut up. We got him into this, so how could we possibly leave him alone now? Bring him with you and depart immediately!” the middle-aged Clan Master said. He then immediately tipped his toes and flew away.

Ying Cheng clenched his jaw and stared at Su Yu with concealed hatred. “I will be honest with you. If you dare to affect me even a little but, I will kill you immediately!”

As he finished speaking, he grabbed Su Yu and swiftly followed after the middle-aged Clan Master. After they had flown for about ten meters, some vague figures appeared among the nearby clouds.

The enemy’s trap seemed very well-organized. It was as if the enemy had calculated their positions to the exact point. This explained why they could completely surround them so expertly.

Luckily, the three of them, especially the middle-aged Clan Master, had very strong Aura Observing techniques. Therefore, they could detect the enemy’s weaker areas.

At the moment, there were three Two Crystal Half Fairies blocking them in front. As the Clan Master’s power rivaled that of a Three Crystal Half Fairy, they could easily break through the defense!

“Open!” the middle-aged Clan Master shouted loudly as he opened his mouth. A loud and clear voice, which had a numbing effect on one’s body came out. This was the sound wave cultivation technique!

The dense clouds dispersed and revealed three hidden figures within it. Under the effects of the sound wave cultivation technique, the three people were simultaneously numbed.

“Use the opportunity now!” the middle-aged Clan Master shouted, while he led Su Yu and the others through the circle and rushed towards the horizon.


Right then, the trap contracted rapidly, while a white-clothed young man spoke with anger, “They got away! What happened? How did they suddenly discover our trap? Did we do something wrong?”

“Master, I have something to tell you. However, I am not sure if I should say it.” A henchman behind him had an expression of confusion on his face.

“Speak!” the white-clothed man replied angrily.

The henchman said, “Master, I am not sure if you noticed the silver-haired young man…”

“Silver-haired young man? Which one?” The white-clothed man frowned. He had focused his attention on the three important informants, so he did not pay any attention to the silver-haired young man.

The henchman carefully looked at the white-clothed man’s face as he spoke with uncertainty, “I don’t know if my intuition is wrong, but I feel like the silver-haired young man looked very familiar. He looked like the youth of the Zhenlong Continent, Su Yu, the one who the Central Prefecture’s Black Shadow Guards have all been talking about.”

“Well, he did have same silver hair, the same age, and even the same appearance. However, this man is an existence akin to a Divine Master. Why would he associate himself with three unimportant people?” The white-clothed man’s facial expression had changed from a look of impatience to one of wariness.

Although the speaker had no clear intentions, the listener did. As soon as the words were spoken, many of the otherworldly experts’ facial expressions started changing.