The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Trying To Enter The Summit Once Again

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Xin Fu wasn’t the only person who noticed the silver-haired youth.

“Even if you are mistaken, it isn’t possible for everyone else to be mistaken too.” The white-clothed scholar spoke in a deep voice.

He had already noticed the grave changes in the surrounding people’s expressions. This made his heart thump intensely, while cold sweat seeped out of his forehead.

Su Yu’s name was quite famous among the Black Shadow Guards. His strength especially deterred all of them from bothering him.

His heart couldn’t help but intensely thump, as he recalled how he almost tried to attack such a terrifying youth. He finally understood why they had managed to easily detect that they were waiting in ambush there. It was all because of that mysterious genius’ existence!

“Sir, there is still another matter to inform you about… When I used my pupil technique a moment ago to observe them, it seemed to me like the silver-haired youth was obeying those three insignificant people. So, how could be be a truly that legendary person?” Xin Fu voiced out suspicions.

The corners of the white-clothed scholar’s mouth twitched. “It’s probably because he didn’t want to reveal his true status.”

“Sir, should we chase them?” Xin Fu asked. He felt like he just took a tour through the gates of hell and had amazingly come back alive, and as he rejoiced over such a fact, he couldn’t help but wonder what should be done next.

The white-clothed scholar glared at him. “Is it you who will chase them, or me?”

Xin Fu was somewhat embarrassed, as he immediately understood his meaning.

“What did you see a moment ago?” The white-clothed scholar’s gaze became ice-cold. If the fact that he deliberately let their targets go were to be spread, his superiors wouldn’t ask him for the reason behind such behavior, they would just punish him regardless.

Xin Fu rolled his eyes. “Our target was saved, then taken by someone, and we didn’t manage to successfully capture them.”

“Who saved the target?” the white-clothed scholar asked him.

Xin Fu put on a stern look as he replied, “We didn’t get a proper look at his facial features.”

It was only now that the white-clothed scholar revealed a faint smile. “You’ve properly replied. As for the others, do they also know how they should reply?”

“We understand,” the other people replied in unison. They also didn’t want to bear the responsibilities of letting their enemies go, so they surely knew how they should report back.

“Good, let’s go back to report the end of the mission.” The white-clothed scholar waved his hands to dismiss them. Not only hadn’t he chased them, he even led his people away and quickly retreated!

The middle-aged Hall Master, and the other three people, who still hadn’t fled too far away from them, were somewhat dumbfounded when they didn’t detect any more movement behind them.

“Dad, if I’m not mistaken, they retreated.” Linger widened her eyes till they became as big as bells, and her face became filled with disbelief.

Ying Cheng was also dumbfounded by this. “What happened to the enemy’s troop? Why did they suddenly retreat?”

Even the middle-aged Hall Master was dumbfounded by such a sight. “That’s odd. Weren’t we the enemy’s target? Did they give up on chasing us?”

The three of them had already prepared themselves for fleeing for their lives, yet the enemies had unexpectedly retreated. It was truly odd.

“Don’t be careless. We should first leave this place and then discuss this,” the middle-aged Hall Master said wearily.

After two hours. In a quiet and secluded forest, far from the Empire of Darkness.

When night fell, the small group was sitting around a bonfire and roasting some of the mountain’s small beasts. A faint fragrance, which refreshed their minds and aroused their appetites, was wafting from the fire.

“We were truly lucky today.” As she gnawed on the delicious food, Linger’s face became filled with delight and satisfaction. They were truly lucky today, as they managed to flee from their enemy.

“Linger, it’s you who brought us such good luck.” Ying Cheng sliced a piece of deer’s leg off, then passed it to Linger.

Linger waved the meat in her hand and said, “Exactly, with me here, we can avert all dangers. Isn’t that the case, dad?”

Linger looked over at him and suddenly discovered that the middle-aged Hall Master’s brows were furrowed. He didn’t reply, as he was lost in his thoughts, while blankly staring at the bonfire.

“Dad, what are you thinking about?” Linger interrupted the middle-aged Hall Master’s thoughts.

After he came back to his senses, he spoke while still furrowing his brows, “I’m thinking about how can we return to the Empire of Darkness. Judging from today’s circumstances, it can be seen that the otherworldly army has set their gazes on us, so traveling back now would be more dangerous than usual.”

After he spoke, Linger and Ying Cheng became worried and serious. Although they had managed to escape today, it would be extremely difficult for them to return to the Empire of Darkness.

Linger felt like the meat that she was eating instantly became tasteless, and as she furrowed her brows, she became more anxious and agitated. Among the four of them, only Su Yu remained calm and composed. He was now leaning against a tree, quietly cultivating.

When the middle-aged Hall Master noticed this, he couldn’t help but inwardly praise and admire Su Yu, as even in such a situation, he could still cultivate. Not only was he composed, he was also hard-working! Such a person would surely succeed in the future.

However, his actions sat differently on the heart of the vexed Linger, who asked him harshly, “Hey, can’t you help us try to think of some solution? Don’t you feel that it’s quite selfish of you to just attend to your own cultivation at such a time?”

Su Yu slowly opened his eyes. He had been using the free time to consolidate his Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm cultivation.

When he heard Linger’s shout, he stopped cultivating, faintly smiled, then said, “I was cultivating as you were eating, so how come I’m selfish? Isn’t that the case for you too, then?”

Linger had just wanted to vent her vexation on him, and she hadn’t expected that he would dare to talk back to her!

“What did you just say? How can you talk to her in such a way?” Before Linger even replied, Ying Cheng got upset and yelled at Su Yu.

His face was filled with anger, which he didn’t try to conceal. “If it wasn’t for us, you would already be a corpse, so can’t you at least respect us? If I knew that you were such a low person, I wouldn’t have saved you.”

Su Yu just smiled, yet didn’t reply. His calm expression only made Ying Cheng more infuriated. “From your expression, it can be seen that you aren’t grateful to us at all! In fact, it seems like I saved just a thankless wretch! Now that you are safe, you can get lost, as we don’t want to see you ever again!”

Linger, who was beside them, furrowed her brows. She was just arguing with Su Yu, yet Ying Cheng had started bullying him in order to please her. However, this backfired, as it only displeased her, as well as making her feel somewhat uncomfortable.

As she looked at Ying Cheng out of the corner of her eye, she curled her lips in disdain. She could clearly see that he was just flaunting his power.

“Enough!” the middle-aged Hall Master shouted in a deep voice. “What’s so great about shouting at someone who is weaker than you? If you were really so great, then why didn’t you shout at the otherworldly experts in such a bold way?”

When he heard him, Ying Cheng slumped his shoulders and felt his face become very hot. Naturally, his comments had embarrassed him. When they were surrounded by the otherworldly experts, he didn’t dare to even loudly gasp for breath, let alone shout at them!

“Moreover, if it wasn’t for this young man’s warning, we wouldn’t have been aware of the experts’ ambush. Not only didn’t you thank him, but you are instead mocking and ridiculing him!” The middle-aged Hall Master was clearly angry.

“Little brother, they are still young, so please forgive them.” The middle-aged Hall Master then turned and cupped his fists at Su Yu.

Su Yu waved his hands at him and replied, “Don’t worry about me. Let’s instead discuss business. Hall Master, did you find a way to return to the Empire of Darkness yet?”

The middle-aged Hall Master hesitated slightly. “I found a way, but it’s somewhat dangerous. But, if you don’t fear taking risks, you can come along us and try it. However, I can’t guarantee that we will succeed.”

As he finished his words, Linger immediately responded, “What? Dad, you want to take him with us? It is already extremely difficult for us to pass by the enemy’s army, and in our current situation, won’t it be even more difficult for us if we took another person?”

Ying Cheng was also against the idea, but after he had just been reprimanded, he didn’t dare voice his opinion. He only glared viciously at Su Yu.