The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Revealing The Hidden

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Su Yu completely ignored the Linger’s and Ying Cheng’s reactions as he said, “Thank you, Clan Master. I am not sure how I should address you.”

The middle-aged Clan Master nodded slightly. “I just wanted to help you on our way. Consider it a favor in return for your help earlier. Once we enter the mountain peak, we will have nothing to do with each other. In fact, the three of us have special statuses which I cannot reveal to you. Of course, I will also not ask you about your status. Once we enter the city, we will part ways immediately.”

Su Yu could not have asked for a better arrangement, so he nodded happily.

“Father, you really are…” Linger was flustered, as she could not bear having Su Yu around.

Ying Cheng was also displaying a look of discontent.

“I have already decided on the matter,” the middle-aged Clan Master said as he glanced at the two. “After half a day’s rest, we will leave as soon as night falls.”

Even though Linger was secretly flustered, she could not go against him. She could only glare hatefully at Su Yu as she said, “If a fellow like you dares to get us into trouble, I will never forgive you!”

Su Yu shrugged at her as he prepared to rest. Soon, it was nightfall…

“Alright, get ready. Linger and Ying Cheng, check to see if your Concealment Cloaks are complete!” the middle-aged Clan Master shouted. He then retrieved a thin and wide cloak that was almost transparent from his bosom.

Linger and Ying Cheng retrieved identical cloaks and attentively examined every inch of them. They both then reported in unison, “They are fine. We can leave now.”

Once they were certain that everything was alright, the two took a few deep breaths. They were starting to feel nervous.

The middle-aged Clan Master took the lead. “Alright, once we are thirty kilometers away from our target, you must immediately put on your Concealment Cloaks. Little brother, you will share a cloak with me temporarily.”

Su Yu nodded in compliance. After an hour, the Empire of Darkness was thirty kilometers away.

“Linger, Ying Cheng, follow me closely on my left and right. If anything happens, I can immediately assist you,” the middle-aged Clan Master. At the same time, he opened his cloak and covered himself and Su Yu with it.

Ying Cheng was on the left, the middle-aged Clan Master was in the center, with Su Yu was closely positioned to the right of him, and Linger was on Su Yu’s right. In the blink of an eye, the four figures disappeared into the darkness simultaneously.

“B*stard, stay away from me!” After taking a few steps, Linger yelled out loud.

As she was standing closely on Su Yu’s right side as they moved forward, it was impossible not to bump into each other. This had made her very sensitive and uncomfortable.

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “Isn’t it your fault for walking so close to me? If you do not like it, you can stay further apart. I don’t mind.”

Right then, Linger shouted back at him angrily, “You b*stard! I will deal with you later!”

After all, she knew that she could not move too far away from her father. If anything happened, he would not be able to help her!

Su Yu laughed, but did not reply. Ying Cheng, who was walking on the other side, glared at him with cold eyes.

“Shut up! Keep moving!” the middle-aged Clan Master yelled.

While Linger was still filled with discontent, the four started walking forward once more. As they had suppressed all of their Vital Energy and Spiritual Energy, not a tinge of an aura could be felt. Under the night sky, they looked as transparent as air and were completely unnoticeable.

However, they also walked very slowly as a result. Normally, they could have completed the thirty kilometers’ journey in a few breaths’ time. However, in this manner, it had ended up taking them nearly three hours. Moreover, they were extremely cautious throughout the journey.

Finally, the huge mountain peak was before them. The army of otherworldly experts was also right before their eyes.

There was a hidden otherworldly expert nearly every ten meters, either on the tops of the trees or in between boulders. Some of them even hid in the bushes. They were essentially all over the place!

If any of the four of them made a sound, it would surely alert all of these hidden otherworldly experts. By then, they would not have a chance of escaping!

In this most crucial moment, even the middle-aged Clan Master was starting to become nervous. Su Yu noticed that his breath had quickened.

At the same time, Linger subconsciously stuck even closer to Su Yu. Even when her arm touched his, she was so nervous, she didn’t even seem to notice. This was finally the deciding moment between life and death.

The middle-aged Clan Master’s eyes grew wide. He could not help but pant as he used his Aura Observing technique to observe the enemy’s situation. All the while, the surrounding aura continued to enter his nose.

As the middle-aged Clan Master took a step forward, Su Yu could feel that his footstep was as heavy as lead. He smiled as he followed after the Clan Master quickly.

Linger and Ying Cheng also swiftly followed after them. Nobody dared to breathe too loudly now, as they were afraid of being discovered.

One step, two steps, three steps…

A seemingly short distance of three kilometers felt like a distance of walking through an entire mountain. They moved slowly, as they had to observe the surroundings carefully as they took each step.


All of a sudden, the three stopped in their tracks. They felt goosebumps all over their bodies. This was because, when they had passed by a tree, an otherworldly person had jumped down from it unexpectedly!

His left foot had deliberately landed on a corner of Linger’s cloak, which was what had caused the cracking sound. The odd sound caused the hearts of the middle-aged Clan Master and Ying Cheng to beat wildly.

They both frowned as their facial expressions changed drastically. They dared not move as they stared at the man who had jumped down.

“Eh?” The person who had jumped down from the tree was a yellow-clothed Two Crystals Half Fairy from the other world.

He gasped in surprise as he curiously lifted his foot. The ground was dark and there was no weird object in sight.

Thereafter, he looked at the sole of his foot. There was also nothing odd there either. He looked very suspicious as he rubbed his lower chin in deep thought.

After a brief moment, he shook his head and looked around from his left to right. He then unzipped his pants and started peeing on the big tree.

Linger’s face turned green, while her heart was beat wildly and sweat formed in her palms. Her arm, which was tucked closely next to Su Yu’s, had turned wet from all of the sweat on her body.

Her entire body turned weak as she staggered from side to side. She subconsciously extended her arm to grab Su Yu’s wrist to stabilize herself.

It was a scary moment. Even the middle-aged Clan Master and Ying Cheng were nearly scared to death. The scare made them even more cautiously as they walked on.

It took them almost an entire night to walk just three kilometers. Currently, the sky was beginning to show a shade of white, indicating that morning would soon arrive.

The difficult journey had finally come to an end. They had arrived at the bottom of the mountain peak!

Just as Su Yu had expected, there was an entrance outside the mountain peak. However, there were nine bright yellow light balls in front of it.

The light balls had a very strong repelling power. Su Yu could even smell a dangerous aura emanating from them. He believed that if one tried to enter forcefully, one would face horrible consequences.

“Whew…” Linger let out a long sigh of relief. “It is finally safe…” she mumbled softly.

Suddenly, she realized that she had been holding on to Su Yu’s arm for almost the entire night. Once she realized this, she almost shouted out in surprise.

She quickly retrieved her hand, as if she had just been shocked by lightning. Her face turned red as she glared at Su Yu angrily and spoke with a low and embarrassed voice, “You… You took advantage of me!”

Su Yu did not know whether to cry or to laugh. “Big sister, you were the one who took my hand. If anything, I am the person who was taken advantage of.”

“You! I…” Linger was really mad.

Recalling how she had been in close contact with this man the entire night, she felt very uncomfortable and goosebumps started appearing on her skin. She then shouted, “I will deal with you after we return!”

After that, Linger kept some distance between herself and Su Yu, but she still continued to glare at him. The middle-aged Clan Master shook his head helplessly as he overheard the two’s banter. He did not have time to bother with their affairs as he retrieved a jade-colored ball.

The ball was similar to the other balls at the entrance. They all seemed to have come from the same source since they had very similar auras.

Su Yu knew instantly that the round ball treasure was the key to entering this place. Only someone who held the treasure would not be repelled and could enter safely.

However, there was only one ball at present. So, if the four of them wanted to enter simultaneously, they would have to walk very closely together.

Indeed, as the middle-aged Clan Master held the pearl in his mouth, he grabbed Ying Cheng’s arm with his left hand, while his right hand grabbed Su Yu’s arm. At the same time, he gave Su Yu a look that signaled for him to grab Linger’s arm.

Su Yu acknowledged it and extended his hand towards Linger. As Linger sensed that Su Yu was going to touch her, she knew that they were about to enter the peak.

However, because of what had happened earlier, she instinctively dodged him, while her small mouth uttered, “I do not want you to touch me! I will walk behind my father.”

As she spoke, she moved behind the middle-aged Clan Master. However, at that crucial moment, something happened.

“I have finally discovered you! I have been waiting for you for a long time!” A cold sneer could be heard unexpectedly from behind Linger. “I knew my intuition was not wrong. I had indeed stepped on something important!”

As they turned to look in the direction where the voice had come from, they could not see anyone in front of them! However, with the help of a dim light, they could see a remnant footprint at the corner of Linger’s cloak. Seeing this, all of their pupils contracted.

The Clan Master immediately knew what had happened. Although the middle-aged Clan Master was very careful, he had not expected that the journey would take so many hours.

Hence, by the time they arrived here, the sky was already bright. Under the bright light, Linger must have exposed her tracks!


A shuffling movement suddenly came from behind Linger as an invisible cloak was unveiled to reveal a yellow-colored figure. It was the yellow-clothed young man that they had bumped into earlier, the same one who had peed beneath the tree! They could clearly see that his cultivation was at the Two Crystals Half Fairy level.

“Show yourself!” The yellow-clothed young man yelled as he lunged at Linger as soon as he appeared. Linger was very shocked and could not react in time. Although she tried to dodge him, her cloak was torn into pieces.

As Linger screamed loudly, her face was filled with a look of horror. She knew that she was only a One Crystal Half Fairy, so she would be no match for this Two Crystal Half Fairy!

“Oh? A young and beautiful girl! This is a surprise.” The yellow-clothed young man looked surprised. All of a sudden, an evil smile appeared on his face.

He stepped out with his left foot and grabbed Linger’s shoulders. His eyes looked like a beast’s. They were full of lust and mischief.

Linger stepped back in surprise. However, she could not avoid the grasp of this Two Crystal Half Fairy.

The worst part was that she had moved away from the group on her own initiative. Hence, the middle-aged Clan Master could not save her in time.