The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 664

Chapter 664 Scaring Powerful Enemies

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“Linger!” How could the middle-aged Hall Master remain calm when his daughter was in danger?

He immediately moved, and as the Body Hiding Cloak swayed before the faint light, the three forms that were on it were revealed.

“As expected, there is still someone hiding here.” Just when he moved, two powerful gales came from his sides. Then, six meters from him, two Body Hiding Cloaks flew out as two people charged at him.

The two people each emitted a powerful aura, which were second only to Fairy Realm experts. They were clearly Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts.

The middle-aged Hall Master was startled and astonished, but he quickly responded. As he decisively waved his palms at each of them, a cyclone that was formed by his Vital Energy rotated on his palms. It then emitted a powerful repelling power.

Thump! Thump!

Two dull sounds echoed as the middle-aged Hall Master blocked their attacks. Luckily, his repelling force offset most of their power.

“Let us go!” the two Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts shouted angrily.

They surprisingly discovered that the Vital Energy of the person in front of them was extremely weird, and the repelling force from a moment ago still contained a suction force within it. This caused them to be firmly stuck to him, and prevented them from budging even an inch!

“Ying Cheng, go save Linger.” The middle-aged Hall Master hindered the two people in order to give Ying Cheng an opportunity to make a move, as he knew that Ying Cheng couldn’t handle the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts.

Ying Cheng was extremely anxious. However, once he saw that the two Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts were subdued, he immediately prepared to make a move.

However, he suddenly realized something and took a step back, while cold sweat seeped out of his forehead. He looked in fright at his empty surroundings, thinking paranoid thoughts…

The enemies have already ambushed us twice, so is it possible that they will ambush us a third time?

“Ying Cheng, what are you doing? Why didn’t you attack him yet?” The middle-aged Hall Master tightly clenched his teeth, while his face became flushed and a crisp cracking sound echoed from his arms. It was obvious that it was quite strenuous for him to hold back the two experts!

Ying Cheng just stood there as Linger was captured by the yellow-clothed youth. His inward struggle and hesitation appeared in his eyes, while the fear overwhelming his heart prevented him from daring to take even a single step forward. In the end, he just turned his head around and motionlessly stood on his place, cowering and hiding so that he wouldn’t be discovered by the enemies.

“Ying Cheng, you…” The middle-aged Hall Master immediately realized that Ying Cheng was frightened and had chosen to give up on Linger in order to protect himself. As such, he couldn’t help but resent him.

“Ahh!” Linger’s sharp shriek filled with air, while she was being detained by the yellow-clothed youth.

“Beauty, you can leave such cries till we get on a bed.” The yellow-clothed youth laughed, while he exerted all of his strength to drag her away.

However, despite his powerful strength, he was still incapable of hauling Linger towards him. It was indeed odd!

“Who is it? Who is holding my wrist? Come out!” The yellow-clothed youth’s expressions stiffened, and he shouted in a low voice.

His naked eye could see that a hand print, with five full finger marks, had appeared on his wrist, as if it it had been grasped by someone preventing him from dragging Linger any further. But, since he couldn’t see anyone there, it was obvious that this person was invisible!

“Brother Ying Cheng, save me!” Linger was so overjoyed to think that he had come to save her that she wept. However, she soon heard an unfamiliar voice instead, so her smile stiffened…

“Ying Cheng? It seems like he doesn’t want to make a move, and I’m just compelled by the current circumstance to make a move, despite how weak I am.” Such a voice didn’t belong to her Ying Cheng, but to Su Yu!

Just after Su Yu spoke to her, he lifted open the Body Hiding Cloak and revealed himself. He had long silver hair, which fluttered in the wind and covered half of his cheeks, yet it couldn’t cover his deep eyes, which seemed like they contained the whole starry sky. His hair also couldn’t conceal his outrageously handsome features.

He had one hand behind his back, while his other hand was casually holding the yellow-clothed youth’s wrist. His casual stance, as well as his clothes and hair, seemed like they were frozen in time at this moment, and the sight of him was extremely beautiful.

He was like a god, who had just descended down from the sky. He wasn’t only graceful and handsome, he was also extremely powerful and possessed a boundless and terrifying strength.

“Go away.” Su Yu slightly flipped his wrist over, and as the yellow-clothed youth miserably cried out, he was sent flying for several hundred meters, as if he was just a ragged doll.

As he careened into a boulder, the yellow-clothed youth’s chest burst open and his eyes’ luster quickly dimmed. At that moment, he took his last breath, then died. The boulder that he had hit started turning into dust, its rubble burying the youth’s corpse.

A Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert was killed by just a wave of Su Yu’s sleeves! Moreover, all of this took just a matter of seconds! All of the people who witnessed the scene were stunned, regardless if they were his enemies or allies.

Linger became absent-minded, while she stared at the white-clothed ethereal immortal-like man in front of her, whose silver hair fluttered in the wind. Her heart intensely throbbed, and for just an instant, she even felt that Su Yu was the silver-haired immortal from the ancient legends.

After all, he was noble, grand, mysterious, all-powerful, and had a transcendent bearing. All of these characteristics didn’t seem like they belonged to the mortal world.

Just the sight of Su Yu caused a feeling of inferiority to well up in her heart, and she wasn’t the only one who had such a feeling, as all of the people here also felt like this god-like outstanding and peerless youth could exist in the celestial heavens! He truly didn’t seem like one of the mortal world’s mortals at all!

“Who are you?” The middle-aged Hall Master, who was using all of his strength to confront the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert, became extremely uneasy when he came back to his senses.

Su Yu clasped his hands behind his back and wore a faint smile as he looked to his right. He saw a Level One Fairy Realm supervisor, who seemed like he recognized Su Yu, which caused him to immediately turn and flee.

Su Yu just faintly smiled again. Rather than chase after him, he just walked to the front of the middle-aged Hall Master and asked, “Are you injured?”

It was unknown whether it was just because he was vigilant, or because he was awed by Su Yu’s imposing manner, but the middle-aged Hall Master retreated back by several steps from Su Yu at this moment. Then, he looked in fright and shook at Su Yu, without blinking his eyes even once. The middle-aged Hall Master felt like the person standing before him wasn’t some insignificant nobody, but a great and grandiose existence.

“Hall Master, are you injured?” Su Yu asked once again.

It was only after he was asked the second time that the middle-aged Hall Master came back to his senses and replied in haste, “Ah, I, I’m all right…” Even someone as astute and shrewd as him was so shocked by Su Yu, his speech became nearly incoherent!

“Since you are fine, then we should immediately go to the summit, as they have a grand number of people there, and I’m incapable of dealing with all of them alone,” Su Yu said.

If a hundred people charged at him, even if he used all of his means and techniques, he might not survive. So, it would be better for him to leave quickly.

When he heard him, the middle-aged Hall Master’s whole body quivered. Then, he took a bead once again and said, “Hold onto me.”


When he saw that they had averted the danger, Ying Cheng, whose face was still somewhat pale, removed his cloak and held the middle-aged Hall Master’s other hand. The middle-aged Hall Master looked at him coldly, while thinking in his heart, I will pay you back for this later!

“Your excellency! Thank you for saving my daughter. We will immediately enter the mountain’s summit,” The middle-aged Hall Master said.

Su Yu calmly nodded, then turned his head around and faintly smiled at Linger. “Miss Ling, are you okay?” As he spoke, he extended his hand to her.

Linger wasn’t unfamiliar with such a smile, but at this moment, it seemed like his faint smile possessed a mysterious power, which only increased its charm and ethereal beauty. Linger became dazed for a moment and her heart thumped faster.

“Charge at him and capture him, he’s…” Among the crowd, the Fairy Realm supervisor, who had just escaped, shouted. His voice was filled with fright.

Upon hearing his orders, the otherworldly experts immediately charged towards Su Yu like surging water. At such critical moment, Linger was still dazed, and Su Yu couldn’t help but slightly furrow his brows and think…

This Linger’s mind is really too frail! I can’t believe she got lost in her thoughts at such a pivotal moment! It’s only thanks to her powerful father that she has managed to survive till now!

“Excuse me.” As he had no other choice, Su Yu used his energy to attract Linger towards him.

He took her into his arms and held her waist so that nothing unexpected would occur as they entered the mountain’s summit.As he came into contact with her sweet body, he felt its cotton-like softness, as well as her ample chest, both of which were pressed against him. Meanwhile, her mesmerizing fragrance wafted to his nostrils.

It was a pity that Su Yu couldn’t enjoy it any longer, as he was taken into the bead, along with the middle-aged Hall Master. Just when he came into contact with her, the middle-aged Hall Master’s bead emitted a soft light, which engulfed him, then spread to the people who were connected with him. As such, Ying Cheng, Su Yu, Linger and the others were all engulfed by it.

After they entered the bead, the light was sucked back into the bead, and it fused with Linger. Just after that, they passed through nine different beads, while a deafening noise suddenly ran in Su Yu’s ear. As he was caught off guard by it, he felt a slight pain in his ears.

When he swept his surroundings with his Soul Eyes, he witnessed a tremendous amount of people. They were at the plaza in the center of the city.

Three lines of soldiers, who emitted a powerful aura, surrounded the plaza. Even the weakest among them was still a Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm expert, and there were even two Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts within their ranks.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Just when they appeared, the sound of some chains and shackles echoed around the space. Then, nine chains shot out from all different directions, then tightly bound Su Yu and the others.

The chains were made from an extraordinary material, and with Su Yu’s eyesight, he could make out that it was even more robust than the Heavenly Law Alliance’s warship materials! Besides the Fifth Saint Master, no one would probably be capable of breaking them.

However, Su Yu wasn’t new to such a situation, as the Heavenly Law Alliance’s teleportation formation’s existence was also heavily guarded by soldiers. But, what was different was that the Empire of Darkness’ lineup was ten folds more power than the Heavenly Law Alliance’s was.

“The Intel Hall’s Hall Master, Ling Jianliu… Back to report on finishing the mission.” The middle-aged Hall Master took out a glittering badge from his sleeves. The badge contained a special aura within it, making it impossible to imitate or counterfeit.

The two Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts took the badge and examined it. Then, one of them said, “The badge isn’t fake. Go ask the commander for instructions.”

One of the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts immediately flew away and transmitted the news.

Su Yu somewhat approved of such a procedure. Here, if someone wanted to enter the mountain’s summit, not only did he need an approved badge, he even needed the approval of the commander. Although such a procedure was complicated, it helped to guarantee absolute safety.

The nine beads formation was just one of the reasons why the Empire of Darkness had persisted for so long. However, the most important reason was due to their vigilance. Hence, the Heavenly Law Alliance could learn a lot from them.

After a short while, the surroundings darkened. Three phoenix-like birds, pulling a a ferocious-looking carriage, were flying through the air, approaching this place. Upon the carriage, a beast’s head was depicted.

All of the people that it passed carefully evaded it, looking up at it respectfully. They weren’t at all bothered by the giant carriage, which occupied a third of the sky’s vast expanse.

The middle-aged Hall Master’s gaze didn’t experience any changes, but Su Yu could still sense his worry.

“Shouldn’t you put down Linger now?” A voice filled with hostility suddenly rang in Su Yu’s ears. Ying Cheng, who just a moment ago didn’t dare to even breath in front of Su Yu, was now reprimanding him.

Su Yu put her down without taking a look at him or Linger. He just leisurely clasped his hands behind his back, as if everything around him had nothing to do with him whatsoever.

Linger’s face was flushed when Su Yu just put her down, and she intensely took several breaths, as she had been nervously holding them in for a long time. She patted her chest, which was intensely heaving up and down, and a numb feeling was still transmitting from it. This only made her delicate and fair face become more flushed.

As she gazed at his grand and noble back, which seemed like it belonged to a great sovereign, Linger felt like all of this wasn’t real. In fact, she felt like maybe this was all a dream.

“Linger, were you injured? I was extremely worried about you.” Ying Cheng came over and stood before Linger, calmly placing himself between her and Su Yu.

When Linger came back to her senses and heard his fake caring words, she was quite angered. “I’m fine, and I don’t need you to trouble yourself to save me. I’m still alive because he saved me.”

Ying Cheng became somewhat embarrassed when he heard her words, which were filled with anger. He knew that his previous performance had really disappointed her.

Trying to explain it now would only lead her to dislike him even more, so he just faintly smiled and shuffled back to the middle-aged Hall Master’s side. He then said, “Hall Master, don’t worry, you are already aware of my relationship with the commander, and even if the Lord that he’s serving is in conflict with the lord who you are serving, he will still not make trouble for you out of respect for me.”

When he heard him, the middle-aged Hall Master, who was still angry, constrained his anger, thinking that he shouldn’t offend him now. So, he forced himself to show a faint smile and nodded.