The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 665

Chapter 665 Commander Of The Forbidden Army

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As the overbearing carriage gradually descended, the phoenix’s huge feet exerted a very strong force as they landed on the ground. Even Su Yu, who was standing very far away, could feel the ground vibrate slightly.

The strong aura caused the dust on the ground to bounce up. Everyone could not help but narrow their eyes.

“Welcome, Commander Long.” Two guards of the Three Crystals Half Fairy level bowed as they greeted him in unison.

Their voices were very synchronized and their movements were also in perfect formation. It seemed that they were very respectful towards this man. Or rather, they were unusually afraid of him.

The people around them who were not involved all stepped away. This created a large void, which had previously been filled to the brim with pedestrians.


All of a sudden, two gentle and beautiful female servants walked exited the carriage. Each of them carried an umbrella as they stood by the door respectfully.

After a brief moment, an unhurried motion came from within the carriage. A middle-aged man with grand clothing and a golden purple crown on his head walked out in a mighty manner. His hands were behind his back as he stepped out of the carriage.

He had a normal appearance. The only thing that drew people’s attention to him were his eyes.

They had a dark yellow color that resembled a snake’s eyes, and they gave one a chilly feeling whenever one looked at them. In fact, anyone who locked gazes with those eyes would feel like he was being targeted by a poisonous snake.

“Get up.” The middle-aged man walked out of the carriage and rubbed away the dust that had landed on his nose, while frowning slightly.

It was only after he addressed them that the group of armored soldiers dared to stand up. However, they still kept their heads down and did not make any sudden movements.

Su Yu was surprised as he secretly shook his head. Such a grandiose display!

He had seen more than a few Fairies from the otherworldly army. However, he had never met one who loved to put on such a show!

“Who was making so much noise?” the middle-aged man asked casually. Although he had clearly received information prior to that, he pretended not to know anything.

The two Three Crystal Half Fairies dared not complain as they repeated the whole story. Only then did he raise his eyes and look at the four people who were bound by chains, including Ling Jianliu.

“Oh? I know who they are. They have come to report news. Have they returned after completing their mission?” he asked.

It seemed as if the middle-aged man had only just noticed them. Ling Jianliu secretly clenched his jaw. The middle-aged man before him was the Commander of the Forbidden Army, Long Quan.

They had both been part of the huge peak’s Forbidden Army. They also held equal ranks as Deputy Commanders. However, they never got along very well.

This was because, three years ago, there was an odd change in Zhenlong. Long Quan had a higher level of natural talent. In fact, he was supported by a person of high stature in the Saint Lords Palace.

As such, he was able to overcome the Bypass disaster and break through as a Grade One Fairy. Consequently, he was promoted to the position of Commander.

After this, Ling Jianliu naturally was sidelined. Luckily, Ling Jianliu also knew some elders in the Saint Lords Palace. With their support, he was able to relocate and take charge of the Intel Hall. This was a means of avoiding Long Quan as well.

In that way, he had been able to live rather peacefully since then. Normally, it was difficult for Long Quan to trouble him. In fact, times such as these were the only opportunities that Long Quan had to disturb him.

“Commander Long, I have something important to report to the Saint Lords Palace. I hope you let us through quickly. Neither of us can afford to miss golden opportunities during wartimes.” Ling Jianliu spoke with logical reason and relative fearlessness.

As Long Quan heard his words, his eyelids closed slightly. His already chilly eyes seemed to emanate a cold air. However, his mouth maintained an emotionless smile.

He replied, “You are right. Since he is the Intel Hall Clan Master, he is naturally free to go! Go ahead.”


As the chains were unlocked, he was freed instantly. Ling Jianlui then pulled Linger along as he stepped out and said, “We will leave now.”

“Hold on. It is important for Clan Master Ling to report your findings. Therefore, you may leave, but Ying Cheng and Linger must stay. I need them to describe everything that has happened in the enemy’s camp so that we may better understand the situation,” Commander Long said.

Ying Cheng did not show any emotion at all, but he was secretly gleeful about what he had just heard. This was because Long Quan was his aunt’s husband, who had always known about Ying Cheng’s admiration for Linger.

He had asked them to stay under the guise of better understanding the enemy’s behavior, but it was actually a plan to allow Ying Cheng and Linger to spend more time together so that their relationship may deepen. However, Ling Jianliu could immediately tell what Long Quan was up to.

Ling Jianliu frowned as he spoke, “Commander Long, Ying Cheng alone can stay. Linger was greatly shocked during the journey and needs her rest.’

Long Quan waved dismissively as he chuckled. “Clan Master Ling, do not worry. We are only going to ask her some simple questions. She will not be terrorized. Alright, that’s it. Bring them away. We cannot delay. I hope you understand.”

The unchallengeable decision made Ling Jianliu angry, but he was helpless to do anything about it. He could not reject Long Quan’s excuse of wanting to find out about their enemy’s behavior.

“I do not want to go with you!” Linger shouted as she met Ying Cheng’s gaze. She thoroughly despised him for not saving her previously, so tipped her toe and attempted to go after Ling Jianliu.


Suddenly, a loud stomping sound could be heard as Long Quan stomped his foot on the ground. The impact of the stomp caused the earth to shake.

Long Quan, who was still chuckling a moment ago, suddenly became serious. “How unbecoming! The Forbidden Army is in charge of the safety of the Empire of Darkness’ headquarters. If you refuse to cooperate, does that mean that you do not care about the Forbidden Army?”

Linger had never been scolded in such a way. On top of that, Long Quan’s Fairy aura had thoroughly shocked her to the point where she could not even move.

Ling Jianliu felt deeply angered. After all, Long Quan was bullying his daughter right in front of him. It was clearly an act against him, which was done expressly to embarrass him.

However, he could not react to it. Otherwise, Long Quan would be able to use that against him.

Despite this, someone else was willing to do so on his behalf…

“Forbidden Army… Hmm, is the Forbidden Army even that great? You rely on people returning from the outside to understand the situation of the enemy’s army outside the mountain peak. Did the Empire of Darkness raise you to be a bunch of dependents?” The cold voice had come from the steel cage. The words were spoken by a young man with silver hair.

As he walked out with his hands behind his back, Su Yu glanced around. He did not bother to conceal the look of disappointment on his face as he said, “I had originally thought that the Empire of Darkness was our Zhenlong Continent’s last line of defense. However, I did not imagine it would be this unworthy!”

As he spoke, he did not even try to mask his disdain. “Even a dog would be more aware of the enemy in front of its house! What about you all? You know nothing about the situation of the enemies who are right in front of you! Not only are you scared of confronting the enemy to chase them away, but you have even locked yourself in and bully your own people!”

He then demanded to know, “What are your responsibilities? Is it to protect the citizens of the Empire of Darkness during a time of trial, or to act all high and mighty by treating outsiders fearfully while bullying your own people?”

This chain of questions caused all of the Forbidden Army’s guards to gawk at Su Yu in surprise. No one had ever spoken to the Forbidden Army in such a manner!

The Forbidden Army was in charge of the Empire of Darkness’ safety. As such, their men had the right to punish anyone. Hence, everyone was afraid of them.

At the moment, many of the Forbidden Army’s guards’ faces turned red. They wondered how they could not be aware of the enemy’s situation in their own backyard.

Someone was, of course, keeping watch over their enemy every single day. Long Quan had only used the excuse of gathering information to allow Ying Cheng and Linger to spend more time together.

However, none of them could explain that. After all, they could not expose Long Quan’s secret motives!

Ling Jianliu was stunned as his facial expression changed significantly. Long Quan was clearly looking for an opportunity to cause trouble!

Although Ling Jianliu knew that Su Yu was full of secrets, he was wary that Su Yu could not possibly fight against Long Quan and his many guards in the Forbidden Army. Long Quan was also slightly dumbfounded. He had not expected such a scene to unfold before him. No one else dared to speak to him in such a way!

“Who are you? How dare you speak so disrespectfully in the Empire of Darkness?” As soon as Long Quan collected himself, he felt angry and shouted at Su Yu in a loud voice.

Unexpectedly, Su Yu did not even look at him directly. He simply walked out of the steel cage causally. He and even brought Linger with him!

He then said, “My identity is probably not something a person like you can inquire about. Let someone who is more deserving come out and speak to me. You can step aside.”