The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 666

Chapter 666 Chief Inspector Bai

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Before Su Yu came here, he intended to keep a low-profile, but he was displeased by the imperial guards’ behavior.

Was this one of the Empire of Darkness’ forces that the elder Jiu had mentioned?

If it was truly the case, then the Empire of Darkness was truly rotten, and it wasn’t any different than the past Heavenly Law Alliance! It could be seen how rotten it was from the mere fact that a person such as Long Quan could hold power!

The fact that he first ran into such a situation, while coming here full of expectation, was made him lose hope instantly. He even felt like giving up on asking for reinforcements from them, as his instincts were telling him that the Empire of Darkness was probably unreliable and untrustworthy.

At the moment, all of the city looked at Su Yu as if he was some kind of freak.

Even the commander of the imperial guards, Long Quan, didn’t even use his name! In fact, his brief words, “you, stand aside,” were extremely arrogant!

Even Long Quan himself was dumbfounded by it, as hearing his own tone of voice after he spoke left him feeling like he was now facing one of the older generations’ old monsters. However, after he came back to his senses, he became both angered and embarrassed.

“Capture him, then let’s question him via torture.” Long Quan tried his best to speak in a calm tone.

The imperial guards immediately encircled Su Yu, while they looked at him with wariness and shock.


However, before the imperial guards managed to make any movement, a scarlet cloud flew from in from a distant place, and only when it neared them did they discover that it wasn’t a scarlet cloud but red-robed old men!

“They are the inspectors!” someone among the crowd shouted with respect. In fact, he was even more respectful to them than the imperial guards!

The inspectors were like the Empire of Darkness’ eyes, as they were in charge of supervising all of the factions that were affiliated with the empire. So, everything from ordinary crimes to armed rebellion was all within their jurisdiction. As such, this gave them the right to make prompt decisions and act first before reporting such matters.

When the Seven Lords Palace was shut down, they were the people with the greatest authority besides the King of Darkness. In this way, they were like a collective blade that was hanging over the heads of all of the empire’s citizens.

They could execute anyone who violated the Empire of Darkness’s laws on the spot by them, and it was because of this that the citizens’ respect of them vastly surpassed the imperial guards’.

Da*n! Those meddlesome guys are here! Long Quan’s expression became gloomy as he quickly took several steps forward and greeted him. “Inspector, I’m the imperial guards’ commander, Long Quan, greetings to all of you.”

When the three of them landed, they emitted an extremely powerful aura, which was at the Level One Fairy Realm. However, it seemed like they had just advanced to it recently, as they were slightly weaker than Chief Inspector Bai.

The three inspectors wore deadpan expressions, and when they scanned the surrounding with their gazes fell, they focused in upon the broken birds’ carriage and furrowed their brows. One of the experts then said, “According to the empire’s rules, any citizen whose rank is lower than a lord isn’t allowed to use more than one beast.”

He then added, “You have three, so two of them must be killed.” This inspector, who took the lead and whose age seemed like it surpassed eighty years, had snow-white brows and gave people an eerie feeling.

After he spoke, the other two inspectors went over to the carriage. Then, they each waved one of their palms at a demonic beast’s head.

“Are you crazy? You know that those beasts were bestowed to me by the Third Lord…” Long Quan angrily started to shout.


Suddenly, two crisp sounds, along with two miserable shrieks, were heard. The phoenix-like beasts had been killed on the spot! Now, only one of them, which was currently very frightened, was still alive.

“You are really daring!” Long Quan angrily glared at them.

Unphased, the white-browed old-man still dared to retort. “We are just enforcing the laws.”

He then looked at the carriage out of the corners of his eyes and calmly said, “The carriage’s size is too big… Destroy it.”

The two inspectors moved once again, and as a cracking sound echoed throughout the air, the carriage was instantly destroyed. Throughout this entire dramatic scene, Long Quan didn’t dare try obstructing them. This was because he understood that if tried obstructing them, it could be counted as showing resistance against the inspectors, which was one of the empire’s most severe crimes. If he were to commit such a crime, even the Third Lord wouldn’t be able to protect him from the consequences!

“Do you have any objections against my handling of this matter?” The white-browed old man coldly looked at Long Quan.

Long Quan clenched his teeth and tried to contain his resentment. “I don’t have any objections, but the beasts were bestowed to me by the Third Lord…”

“So what? Even if it was the beast of the Great Lord, it will still be the same. What makes you think that you are allowed to disturb the citizens’ sleep by flying with such a thing anyway, just because it’s the beast of a Lord?” An awe-inspiring, cold voice transmitted from the sky.

The white-browed old man and the other two inspectors immediately straightened their backs and cupped their fists out of respect for him as they said in unison, “Chief Inspector!”


A red-robed old man, who had white hair, a beard, and a scorching gaze, descended from the sky like a mirage.

“It’s Chief Inspector Bai!” The crowd became impassioned, and they shouted his name in excitement.

“Why had even Chief Inspector Bai appeared here? Wasn’t he trying to advance into the Level Two Fairy Realm in secluded cultivation? Why has he suddenly shown himself?” someone from the crowd wondered aloud.

Long Quan’s expression stiffened, and his eyelids lightly shivered. After all, Chief Inspector Bai was scarier than any other inspector!

This was because held the power to decide the fate of everyone’s lives, except for lords. Even the past Four Great Palace Masters could be executed by him on the spot! This high power and status wasn’t something that ordinary inspectors could achieve.

As such, a commander like Long Quan was one of the people who the Chief Inspector could execute. Moreover, what made it worse was that the Chief Inspector’s backer was the Great Lord, and even the Third Lord, who was now at his back, was somewhat wary of him. After all, his strength didn’t surpass the Third Lord’s by much, yet he possessed a terrifying authority!

“Greetings Chief Inspector.” Long Quan slightly bent his waist,and earnestly cupped his fists at him.

“Commander Long, it seems like you are dissatisfied with my inspectors’ decisions. Why don’t you tell me about it?” The old man clasped his hands behind his back and walked in front of Long Quan, his eyes calmly sweeping over him.

Cold sweat seeped out of Long Quan’s forehead when he felt his gaze upon him. He quickly became even more respectful, while he cupped his fists at him once again and said, “It was just a slip of the tongue. I didn’t mean to contradict them. Please forgive me.”

The Chief Inspector calmly averted his gaze from him and replied, “Okay, but just this once.”

“Many thanks.” Long Quan let out a breath and finally relaxed. It felt like he had just barely escaped from death, and his heart was still palpitating wildly!

“So, what exactly happened here?” As the Chief Inspector asked him the question, his gaze fell upon all of the people gathered around them. There was quite a crowd.

His pupils suddenly contracted, while his gaze fixedly started at the silver-haired youngster.

Seeing his gaze stop on Su Yu, Long Quan explained, “Sir, this youth had a doubtful status, and he tried to maliciously slander the imperial guards and mislead the public. I was just about to take him down…”

The Chief Inspector sucked in a breath of cold air, then looked at him and asked, “How did he maliciously slander them?”

Long Quan repeated Su Yu’s words, while adding many exaggerated details to it and cutting out some dubious parts. In the end, he concluded by saying, “This lad is extremely bold, as he dared to look down upon our Empire of Darkness! Such person should be heavily punished in order to preserve our empire’s prestige.”

The Chief Inspector quietly listened to his whole story, without interrupting him. At the end of his speech, he turned his head around and looked into Long Quan’s eyes.

He then said coldly, “I don’t know whether all of the parts of your recollection are true or not, but what is true is that you are really not qualified to even know this youth’s name…”

Long Quan was dumbstruck by the Chief Inspector seemingly harsh words! In the whole Zhenlong Continent, apart from the king and the Seven Lords Palace’s fellow, who could speak to him in such a way?

All of the other people present were equally dumbfounded, including Ling Jianliu and his daughter. When Su Yu had said similar words, they had assumed that he was just bluffing and putting up a strong front. However, since such words had just been said by even the Chief Inspector, everyone started to reassess their validity.

“Alliance Master Su, I hope that you can please forgive their deeds..” After he coldly glared at Long Quan, the Chief Inspector, who came back to his senses, wore a faint smile, and quickly went over to Su Yu. Then, in an extremely respectful manner, he bowed to Su Yu in front of everyone!

Alliance Master…Su?

All of the people were dumbfounded, as he had used the title “Alliance Master,” which made them all wonder… Which alliance’s master?