The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 667

Chapter 667 Heavenly Water Towers Master

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An unfamiliar position like the Alliance Master did not exist in the Empire of Darkness.

“Alliance Master…” Ling Jianliu mumbled as he pursed his lips tightly. He seemed to be deep in thought.

Then, all of a sudden, he raised his eyebrows. This was because an image had just popped up in his mind!

It was the image of a young man who was mightily strong and had an exquisite head of long, silver hair. The image suddenly looked very similar to the man before him. It was Su Yu!

“Could you be the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, Su Yu?” Ling Jianliu’s voice suddenly cracked as he took in a breath of cool air.

As soon as he spoke, the crowd was stirred.

“No way! How could that great man possibly appear in the Empire of Darkness?” someone from the crowd exclaimed.

The crowd was surprised and confused. They were all shaken after learning Su Yu’s identity.

Linger, who stood at the side, was equally surprised. Her mind went blank, as she could not think of how the two could be possibly associated with one another.

Suddenly, she recalled his fairy-like features a while ago, and she finally believed it. She had actually been walking next to a legendary and great man!

Thinking of this, Linger felt a strong sensation in her heart. Her eyes became misty as she stared at Su Yu without blinking. Her red lips opened as if she was about to speak, yet no words came out.

At that moment, Su Yu was so close to her, yet she felt a pressure that prevented her from approaching him. She would not have dreamed of one day being so close to the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, the hero who she so deeply admired!

However, she suddenly recalled how she had been unfriendly to him during their journey here. She could not help but feel restless and panicky. She wondered if the Alliance Master would blame her making such a terrible impression!

She hated herself as she thought about this. The great hero was right in front of her all this time, but she had not left a single good impression.

In fact, she had even attacked Su Yu and called him out for being too weak. She had even asked him to focus on cultivating his abilities.

Recalling these instances, she immediately blushed. Su Yu had clearly been the bigger person throughout the whole ordeal!

However, the person who was even more afraid of Su Yu was Ying Cheng. Not only had he exhibited a terrible attitude, but he had even wanted to kill Su Yu. If it had not been for Ling Jianliu’s presence, he surely would have attempted to assassinate Su Yu.

Subconsciously, Ling Jianliu took several steps backwards. He could not even bother thinking about Linger at the moment, as he was now worried about his own life.

“Who are you to call him Su Yu?” Chief Inspector Bai Chong asked with a reprimanding tone, while he glared at Ling Jianliu coldly.

After collecting himself, Ling Jianliu was shocked to he realize that he had been travelling next to the Heavenly Law Alliance Master this whole time! “Greet… Greetings Alliance Master Su! I apologize for all the mistakes on our way here. Please forgive me.”

As he was apologizing, Ling Jianliu bowed to Su Yu with respect. He felt somewhat regretful for his own actions.

In all honesty, since the moment Su Yu had appeared, Ling Jianliu should have been instantly aware of the similarities in Su Yu’s capabilities and age to the legendary Heavenly Law Alliance Master’s

Su Yu smiled gently. “Clan Master Ling, there is no need to be so formal. I should thank you for bringing me into the huge peak.”

“I dare not accept your thanks. Please do not speak in such a manner to me, Alliance Master Su.” Ling Jianliu felt very unnerved. Once he had discovered Su Yu’s identity, he suddenly felt a strong pressure emanating from Su Yu’s body, which nearly suffocated him.

After the string of sentences, Su Yu’s identity was very much confirmed, and the crowd began to murmur among themselves…

“Is he really the Alliance Master Su?”

“The man who was capable of killing Saint Master Xue Wu and enslaving Saint Master Wuhen has made history by achieving the first victory in the continent!”

“I heard that he only used a single palm attack to kill Xue Wu!”

“Legend has it that he was once an unknown young fellow from an abandoned place. Within four years, he has become a god-like figure. It is truly a miracle!”

“Legend also has it that the famed geniuses in the continent, Yin Yu and the Black Snow Devil King, were both a part of his identity!”

News about Su Yu had already spread to the corners of the continent within the last ten days. All his past experiences and incidents were also transmitted across the continent at the speed of lightning. As such, everyone was aware of the emergence of a godly genius in the Zhenlong Continent!

In just four years, an unknown young man had become the Heavenly Law Alliance Master and had led the downtrodden warriors of the Heavenly Law Alliance to annihilate the much-hated Xue Wu’s army. In this way, he had created a new generation in the Zhenlong Continent.

The current Su Yu was already a legendary figure, comparable to the King of Darkness. Other than the King of Darkness, there was no one else who could be on par with him!

“Alliance Master Su!” The crowd of people erupted into cheers of excitement, respect, awe and various other emotions as they rushed over like waves of religious followers.

Su Yu’s new chapter of life in the Zhenlong Continent had become one where he was known as a hero to everyone in the world. This was even the case in the Empire of Darkness!

He was especially admired among the young men and ladies. The young men were all impressed and awed by his might, while the ladies deeply admired him as a hero of the world.

He looked exactly as described in the rumors. He was young, handsome, well-respected and very skilled in the martial arts world.

Cheers and shouts accompanied the crowd that was charging towards him. All of a sudden, it was as if a tsunami was upon him, as even the mountain peak was shaking. Although Su Yu was used to such huge welcoming crowds, he was still slightly shocked.

“Chief Inspector Bai, let us go somewhere else where we can talk,” Su Yu said helplessly.

Bai Chong chuckled as he tipped his toes and leapt into the air. “Welcome, Alliance Master Su. Let me bring you to meet the Saint Lord.”

Su Yu shook his sleeves as he quickly followed after Bai Chong before the crowd could surround him. But, just before he left, he cupped his fists at Ling Jianliu and Linger and said, “Farewell, until we meet again.”

He then casually glared at Long Quan. The look was seemingly calm, without any killing intent or emotion within it.

However, it shocked Long Quan, who felt as if a thunder had struck him. His entire body shook and his Vital Energy went haywire, while his heart beat wildly in his chest.

Long Quan felt that death was upon him the moment that Su Yu had glared at him. It was as if Su Yu could remove him from this world with a single thought.

Luckily, Long Quan could also sense from Su Yu’s look that he was completely disregarded by Su Yu! Apparently, such an insignificant character like him did not even deserve the attention of a legendary figure like Su Yu.

Not only did Long Quan not feel an ounce of shame about this, he was relieved. In fact, he was even secretly rejoicing over it.

Luckily for him, the difference in their statuses was too great for the Heavenly Law Alliance Master to even bother with an insignificant character like himself. Otherwise, based on the legends about Su Yu, he could kill Long Quan with just a single thought!

“Commander Long, can my daughter and I leave now?” Ling Jianliu asked.

He had still not been able to calm himself down. This was especially due to the fact that Su Yu had only bid farewell to him before departing. He was now suddenly the center of attention.

He could feel that many people whose capabilities were not weaker than him had started casting looks of envy, fear and respect in his direction. This was something that had never happened to him before.

He could not help but feel somewhat proud about it. After all, being able to travel alongside a legend like the Heavenly Law Alliance Master was the proudest moment of his life.

Hearing Ling Jianliu’s question, Long Quan’s face muscles tensed. However, Long Quan did not dare to show any signs of fear as he wondered… Who knows what kind of a relationship exists between Ling Jianliu and the Heavenly Law Alliance?

“Let them go,” Long Quan ordered as he thought to himself… How would I dare stop them? Su Yu is not even far away yet!

Ling Jianliu let out a long sigh of relief in his heart. He had never felt this good. He never imagined in his wildest dreams that Long Quan would one day have to bow to him!

“Clan Master Ling…” The crowd stepped aside as a beautiful middle-aged lady moved forward with a smile. She was accompanied by two female servants.

“Heavenly Water Tower’s Master! It’s her! When did she come?” a voice of surprise could be heard from the crowd.

Long Quan frowned as his face showed a wary expression. “Greetings, Heavenly Water Tower’s Master. I wonder… Why have you come to this place?”

The middle-aged lady laughed. “I am not here for you.” Her agile movements were accompanied by a flowery scent that was mixed with an indistinguishable fairy aura.

Ling Jianliu bowed respectfully. This Heavenly Water Tower’s Master was the granddaughter of one of the Great Lords.

With the Great Lord’s help, she had broken through as a Grade Two Fairy two years ago. Now, she was preparing to break through as a Grade Three Fairy.

She was a famous individual within the Empire of Darkness. Such a character would normally not be associated with someone like Ling Jianliu, as he was not on par with her standards.

“Greetings, Heavenly Water Tower’s Master.” Ling Jianliu did not dare disrespect her.

The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master smiled. “Clan Master Ling, there is no need to be so formal. You may complete your mission at the Seven Lords Palace. Come to my Heavenly Water Tower after you are done. In the meantime, I will guide your daughter’s training.”

What? The crowd was shocked when they heard her. She is going to guide Linger’s training personally?

Even Long Quan was shocked. The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master had achieved so much because of the Great Lord’s guidance. Everything she had learned had come from the Great Lord.

She had always been a loner and had never once guided others in their trainings. She was never even this friendly when she greeted someone!

This was the first time she had openly guided someone. Basically, this was the equivalent of Linger becoming her half-disciple! As such, no one would dare trouble Linger from this day onward!

Even those who craved after her beauty would have to be wary of Linger now. After all, they might not be able to match her standards!

Long Quan’s heart sank when he heard this. He knew that he would need to work much harder to cause trouble for the duo of father and daughter from now on.

“Thank you so much, Heavenly Water Tower’s Master. Linger, thank her!” Ling Jianliu felt so moved, he did not know what else to say.

This was a day that had been filled with pleasant surprises. However, he understood very clearly that everything had happened because of Su Yu. This was because the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master clearly only wanted to get closer to Linger so that she could better understand Su Yu and show her fondness towards him.

“Oh, thank you so much!” Linger was overwhelmed by her emotions.

She felt as if the people around her wanted to devour her at that moment. Everyone was filled with envy and admiration towards her, and it made her very uncomfortable. She had never received so much attention in her entire life.

“You are such a beautiful and talented young girl. Linger, come with me. Clan Master Ling will come later.” The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master chuckled as she grabbed Linger’s small hand and affectionately pulled her away. They left behind a crowd of people whose eyes were green with envy.

Clan Master Ling’s spirits had been lifted greatly. After an extended moment of laughter, he also departed.

After awhile, the crowd quieted down. Soon after this, the entire Empire of Darkness heard about Heavenly Law Alliance Master’s arrival at the empire!

The news was groundbreaking. If not for the fact that everyone knew that Su Yu had entered the Seven Lords Palace, there might have been another chaotic scene!

The inner section of the huge mountain peak was split into nine levels. Each level had its own segregated space. Su Yu had entered the lowest level, and there were still eight levels of space above him.

People were everywhere. It was a unique sight in the huge mountain peak.

Su Yu frowned slightly as he wondered aloud, “Chief Inspector Bai, there are so many people in the empire. Many of them are also martial artists. How are these people able to sustain themselves with such limited resources?”

In terms of numbers, there were at least two hundred thousand people in the empire. Such a large number of people meant that the basic necessities, such as food, water, and cultivation materials were a significant issue to consider.

However, as Su Yu walked on, he noticed that, although it was very crowded, everyone behaved peacefully. Nobody was fighting for resources. This meant that the resources provided were sufficient for all of them.