The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 669

Chapter 669 Mysterious Fissure

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“No,” the young wife said as she shook her head. “However, the two of us did not make it back alive.”

“Did someone die inside?” Bai Chong was surprised. “Did you move away from the safe area? Was that why you did not escape in time?”

After he looked around and saw many of their pale faces, Bai Chong felt that something was amiss.

“No, we were all in the safe area. However, the miasma did not explode according to our predicted timing. It came out of the blue. Luckily, we were all near the transportation portal and were able to make it out in time. However, the other two people inside were not able to return in time,” she said.

The miasma exploded out of the blue? Bai Chong’s eyes flashed with a bright light. “Who were the two people? Did they leave the safe area and enter the deeper parts of the space?”

The young wife nodded. “Yes, they said that they were on a mission and had to enter the deeper parts in order to fix the fissure. However, not long after they entered, the miasma exploded.”

She then added, “They looked like Palace Master Nan Guang and Inspector Bai Yun. I heard they had entered for a dangerous mission in order to make up for their past mistakes.”

Bai Chong nodded as his eyes flashed brightly once again. He seemed to understand what was going on.

“Let him rest in peace. None of you will mention anything about what happened here,” Bai Chong said coldly as his face muscles became tense.

No one dared to defy him. Besides, after the dangerous incident they had just experienced, they dared not enter the space to train for the time being.

“Alliance Master Su, it seems that we will have to wait for a while. I did not expect the miasma to explode so suddenly. It is too dangerous now.” Bai Chong sighed as he spoke.

Su Yu pondered this in his mind. He had been observing the situation since the beginning.

It seemed like Bai Chong was hiding something. Palace Master Nan Guang and Bai Yun were being punished by being tasked to carry out a dangerous mission. However, Bai Chong was not willing to reveal what kind of mission it was. He even demanded that the people present not to speak a word about it.

“Alright, we will wait then,” Su Yu said helplessly.

As they were waiting, Bai Chong handed Su Yu a chilly jade gourd and said, “This is a gourd that was made from moon-chilled jade. It can be used to store the moonlight. Later, after you enter, find somewhere with sufficient moonlight, then open the gourd. Then, leave it for the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. That will allow you to store enough moonlight, and after you bring it back, I will craft the Peerless Moon Fall Pill for you.”

He then added, “Additionally, anywhere within thirty kilometers of the transportation portal is considered the safe area. There will be places where you can harvest the moonlight. Please remember not to go any further than thirty kilometers. Otherwise, if an emergency occurs, you will either be injured or be unable to return, like the others.”

Su Yu looked determined. “I understand.”

After two hours.

“Alright, the miasma should have subsided by now, so you may enter.” Bai Chong imbued Vital Energy into the transportation portal to activate the spell formation.

Due to what had happened, only Su Yu entered the space. “I will be back shortly,” Su Yu said as he cupped his fists as and stepped onto the transportation portal and immediately entered the space.

After a flash of white light, Su Yu was teleported away.

Bai Chong, who was standing at his original spot, also stepped onto the transportation portal. He looked concerned as he said, “I hope that place has already been repaired.”

After speaking, Bai Chong also entered the space. However, the location he went to differed from the location where he had just sent Su Yu.


When Su Yu opened his eyes, he could smell a rotten scent all around him. Without a moment’s hesitation, Su Yu used his Vital Energy to sweep the rotten smell away.

He then saw a world that was covered in a light purple mist. It was as if the entire world existed in a haze.

“This must be the remnant miasma. Although its poisonous effects are gone, breathing in too much of it is still dangerous,” Su Yu said.

He discovered that the Spiritual Energy in this place was indeed less dense. It was also much weaker than the external world.

Logically speaking, it was not a suitable place to train. However, the different time flow made the place very attractive for people who wanted to train.

As there was not much time, Su Yu hurried along. He used his Soul Eyes to look around. Although the mist made it very difficult to see much, he was at least able to observe everything clearly within a radius of three kilometers.

“There is some moonlight.” Su Yu discovered a gentle stream of light about three kilometers away. The moonlight came from above and shone brightly on a small hill.

Tipping his toes, Su Yu arrived at the small hill in a few leaps. He could see that the sky was filled with purple clouds. The moonlight seeped through the clouds and projected a dreamy light onto a piece of small rock.

As his gaze traced the moonlight, he saw a full moon high up in the sky! Su Yu retrieved the jade gourd and placed it on the small rock. The gourd quietly began to absorb the full moon’s light.

Meanwhile, Su Yu stood beside it and was paying attention to his surrounding environment. He tried to stay alert in case the miasma exploded again.

Suddenly, Su Yu could vaguely see a blurry figure about three kilometers away. The figure was shaking from side to side as it moved slowly towards the transportation portal.


Not long after that, the figure fell to the ground and did not stand up again.

“Is someone here? Are you still alive?” Su Yu was surprised and flew over to have a look.

When he came close enough to see the face of the figure who had fallen, he exclaimed, “It is you! Palace Master Nan Guang!”

The person who had fallen to the ground was a middle-aged lady. Her eyelashes fluttered continuously. Although her eyes were closely shut, one could feel that her eyeballs were rolling around rapidly in her head. At the same time, her snow-white forehead looked tense and she had a pained expression on her face.

“I was told that even a Grade Three Fairy would be poisoned and become unconscious in this place. However, you have survived and even made it this far!” Su Yu was very surprised.

As he looked down, he noticed that a red rope was hung around her neck. A pendant was connected to the rope and was tucked in between her chest and clothing. Su Yu was uncertain what kind of object this was, but he could tell that all of the weak miasma that approached Palace Master Nan Guang was sucked into the pendant.

This must be the item that kept her alive!

Since Palace Master Nan Guang had not been able to salvage the northern continent, her being punished was not surprising. However, her punishment was also somewhat related to Su Yu because he was the one who put her in such a difficult position. Therefore, he naturally wanted to help her.

Su Yu held her up and sat in a cross-legged position. He then placed both of his palms on her back as he imbued Vital Energy into her body to get rid of the poison. Surprisingly, as soon as his Vital Energy entered her body, the poison disappeared without a trace.

“Although this pendant is valuable, in that it protected her life, it is now a hindrance. It even sucked away my Vital Energy!” Su Yu immediately identified the source of the problem. So, he had no choice but to remove the pendant from Palace Master Nan Guang.

“I hope she does not misunderstand my intentions.” Su Yu laughed bitterly as he removed the pendant from around her neck.

Once he had done so, Su Yu immediately started to heal her. Wherever his Vital Energy passed, the poison in Palace Master Nan Guang’s body would be removed via the pores on her skin.

At the moment, Palace Master Nan Guang’s body was covered by a thin layer of purple mist. It was clearly a layer of poison.

After the time it took to drink half a cup of tea, there was not an ounce of poison left in her body. Her pained expression had also changed, as she now looked like she was sleeping peacefully.

As Su Yu removed his palms from her body, he realized that it was time for him to collect the jade gourd. It should have absorbed a sufficient amount of moonlight by now.

Su Yu carried Palace Master Nan Guang to the small hill. After inspecting the jade gourd, he saw that the gourd was filled with a golden substance that was almost like flowing water. It shone very brightly.

“Full moon’s light!” Su Yu exclaimed as he retrieved the cover for the jade gourd and sealed it up. He then tucked the jade gourd in his bosom.

“It is time to leave,” Su Yu said.

As he was about to leave with Palace Master Nan Guang in his arms, a jade box suddenly slipped out from Palace Master Nan Guang’s sleeve. Su Yu did not think much of it as he sucked it towards his palm and started moving away.

However, he did notice the object that had been placed in the jade box. As he jerked his head to get a closer look at the object, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

“Cloud Galloping Horse’s hair!” he exclaimed in surprise.

The jade box contained a single strand of white hair. Su Yu also possessed a hair like that! In fact, he had managed to acquire three hundred of these hairs from a single Cloud Galloping Horse!

“Why would she possess a Cloud Galloping Horse’s hair?” he wondered aloud, feeling shocked in his heart.

The hair contained a deadly poison that could kill anyone below the Grade Four Fairy level upon contact. Su Yu had previously breathed in just a little bit of the poison and had nearly died from it! This was why he was still wary of the poison to this day.

In fact, Su Yu was also aware of the great power of the Cloud Galloping Horse. It had instantly helped him reach the peak of a Three Crystals Half Fairy from his initial Two Crystals Half Fairy level.

Su Yu’s mind raced from one thought to another. He thought about the secret mission that Palace Master Nan Guan was responsible for, as well as the words that Bai Chong had spoken earlier.

His gaze then turned towards the deeper region in the space as he wondered…

Could the Cloud Galloping Horse be grown here?

It seemed rather impossible to him. According to Yun Yazi, even the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was not a suitable place to grow the Cloud Galloping Horse. As such, it seemed that it definitely couldn’t grow in the eighth layer of space in the Empire of Darkness, where there is so little Spiritual Energy. However, Su Yu still gave it the benefit of doubt.

He pointed his toes and leapt towards the transportation portal. He then placed Palace Master Nan Guang on the transportation portal and transported her to the external world.

Su Yu, on the other hand, leapt into the air towards the deeper end of the space. Very soon, he had arrived at somewhere beyond the safe area.

As soon as he stepped out of the safe area, the remnant miasma in the air thickened. Here, a single breath left Su Yu feeling slightly dizzy. He felt very uncomfortable, so he swiftly retrieved Palace Master Nan Guang’s pendant.

As he held it in his hands, he instantly felt better. With the pendant in his hands, Su Yu quickly moved on.

The space was not very large, and within minutes, Su Yu was able to travel a thousand kilometers! The deeper he went, the more abandoned the surroundings appeared.

Of course, he did come across a few corpses along the way. He was unsure how long these people had been dead.

As he reached the end of the space, dangerous-looking fissures could be seen everywhere.


All of a sudden, Su Yu heard a mild exploding sound next to his ear. His heart thumped as he flit away.

As soon as he moved away, a black fissure that was the size of a strand of hair appeared next to where his right leg was previously positioned. Su Yu was very alert now, as he knew that if the fissure had passed through his leg, it would have cut his leg off! This was indeed a dangerous place!

However, even though he had arrived at the end of the space, the area was still very wide. As such, he could not figure out where Palace Master Nan Guang had obtained the Cloud Galloping Horse’s hair.

Right then, a wave of Vital Energy could be felt, coming from ten kilometers away. Su Yu jerked his head towards the direction where the Vital Energy had come from. He vaguely saw a slanted stone tablet that seemed to be covered by the remnant miasma.

That’s strange! Is there someone else here?

As Su Yu’s curiosity took over, he flew in that direction. He surprisingly discovered that there was a corpse lying beneath the stone tablet. It was none other than Inspector Bai Yun!

However, Inspector Bai Yun’s body had already been corroded. He was clearly killed by the deadly poison!

There was a fissure on the stone tablet, which allowed one person to pass through it. Compared to other fissures, the fissure on the stone tablet seemed much more stable. As such, it did not disappear from time to time like the others did.

Remnant Vital Energy could be felt surrounding the fissure.

Could the Cloud Galloping Horse have come from within the fissure?

Su Yu was deep in thought as he looked around and decided to enter the fissure. However, as soon as he entered, a black shadow started attacking him.

In fact, it carried a deadly poison that caused one to shiver in fear! This was the Cloud Galloping Horse’s deadly poison!

Su Yu was frightened, as he knew how deadly the poison was. Since he had experienced it before, he wouldn’t dare touch it!