The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 670

Chapter 670 The Black Pond

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While Su Yu’s left hand still tightly held onto the Palace Master Nan Guan’s pendant, his right hand started weaving signs. As a black air surged out, the Eternal Stone King Armor appeared on his body.


The poisonous fog instantly reached him, and the Eternal Stone King Armor’s light membrane started flickering. Then, black smoke rose out of it, and it seemed like it was being corroded by it.

After the cloud of poisonous fog that was about the size of a palm seeped through it, it went towards Su Yu’s body. At that time, just the smell of the poisonous fog almost took Su Yu’s life, let alone the big mass of it that was actually in front of him!

At such a precarious moment, Su Yu poured his Vital Energy into the pendant in his left hand. It immediately emitted a gentle light, which absorbed all of the poisonous fog in an instant.

He had just barely solved this crisis, when after just a short while, a giant white cloud engulfed him! The glowing pendant in his hand was slightly shaking, and since it had protected the Palace Master Nan Guan for such a long time till now, it had already reached its limit and was incapable of absorbing any more of the Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison.

At such a precarious moment, Su Yu made a quick decision. As he sucked in a breath of fresh and clean air, he started using the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters’ power. After he sucked in all of the air in the surroundings, he compressed it in his mouth into an extremely powerful sound wave. He then expelled the sound wave out of his mouth.

A powerful shock wave occurred as the sound wave spread out. Then, all of the poisonous fog in it was swept away by the strong wind that had been caused by it.

Only now, after Su Yu truly had averted such a crisis, did he finally get a clear look at his surroundings. His heart intensely thumped when he swept over the scene with his gaze, and he was shocked by what was before him.

He was now within a verdant mountain’s summit, and the sky was azure and clear, with many clouds drifting in it. A bright sun was emitting a resplendent radiance, and its rays

shone upon a boundless and verdant prairie.

The prairie was filled with many unusual beasts and spiritual treasures, which were all scattered around in every corner of the prairie, just like magnificent beads. The land also had an intense Spiritual Energy, which almost took a solid state, and it was drifting along like a faint fog. It was almost like a veil that was draped over the beautiful prairie.

Su Yu couldn’t help but suck in a breath of the Spiritual Energy. After that, he immediately felt his exhaustion disappearing and his mind becoming clear and bright. At the same time, the Vital Energy that his body had lost quickly recovered.

After just a short moment, he became even more light and spirited, as he exclaimed, “What an intense Spiritual Energy!”

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with disbelief, as this land’s Spiritual Energy was denser than the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion’s by three folds. He even started wondering whether he was still in the Zhenlong Continent or not!

This was because he could tell that many of the precious herbs in the prairie were all treasures that were rarely seen in the Zhenlong Continent. This land had an astronomical amount of resources. Even if all of the continent’s resources were accumulated for hundreds of years, they would still not rival this land’s abundance.

Su Yu suddenly thought of something…

The Empire of Darkness has a tremendous amount of people, yet they are still able to easily supply everyone with enough resources. Chief Inspector Bai said that they are supplying them from the resources, which the empire had accumulated for ten thousand years…

So… Was the place where they stored them, which he wasn’t willing to reveal to me, the land that is now right in front of me?

After pondering it for a while, Su Yu did indeed believe that this land was the Empire of Darkness’ treasure-trove, in which they had stored resources for ten thousand years! There had been a steady flow of resources into this place for ten thousand years, and since the Spiritual Energy that was emitted by the empire was constrained in this space, its density would reach a much more intense degree than the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion’s.

Su Yu was shocked by the sight in front of him, as a ten thousand years’ accumulation was a truly terrifying amount! This meant that the resources contained in this small prairie should be greater than the ones present in the whole continent!

After a long while, Su Yu returned to his senses and took a deep breath, while his gaze started flickering with excitement. He wasn’t some upright gentleman, and since he had entered this place by mistake, he was surely not going to leave it empty-handed!

If he had such resources at his disposal, then he might be able to strengthen the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members with them. He might even be able to increase their overall power in the short-term, and although it might still be insufficient for confronting the Fifth Saint Master’s army, at the very least, it would still provide them with some hope while facing it!

“Small kylin, I will let you take care of it.” Su Yu let out the small kylin, as with its absorption ability, it could absorb and store an astronomical amount of resources in a short time.

When the small kylin fell on Su Yu’s arm, it had just woken up from a deep sleep, but when it sensed such a gaseous Spiritual Energy, its whole body quivered and its purple eyes widened till they became as big as bells.

Its eyes became filled with excitement, as the small kylin was quite fond of all spiritual objects and matters. Even if it didn’t need them, it was still fond of collecting them. Moreover, back in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Su Yu had already witnessed its amazing capability for collecting treasures.

“Squeak!” The small kylin excitedly squeaked, and without even waiting for Su Yu to order it to go, it had already disappeared! When it appeared again, it was on the foot of the mountain. It then continued to gallop in a straight line and swallowed all of the spiritual materials it passed along the way.

It didn’t just swallow spiritual materials as it went, but also consumed grassroots, damaged materials, and more. In fact, after it passed through, only bare lands remained.

As Su Yu watched it, he smacked his lips and became somewhat embarrassed.

Isn’t its not leaving even a bit behind somewhat too cruel?

However, he didn’t have the leisure of caring about the small kylin at the moment. Instead, he lowered his head and looked with a grave gaze at the mountain around him.

This was the only mountain in the vast and boundless prairie. The mountain was bare and empty. It didn’t even have worms or vegetation, or even soil, and it surely didn’t have any life force. It was as if it was a completely dead mountain.

The possible reasons for such an occurrence were either the existence of a terrifying creature being in the mountain, or because the mountain was special in itself, rendering it unsuitable for the survival of living beings. Since Su Yu didn’t detect any powerful living beings with his senses, the only explication was that it wasn’t suitable for ordinary living beings’ survival.

As he looked at it, his gaze penetrated it so that he could see inside the mountain. His pupils suddenly contracted, while delight appeared in his eyes. This was because he had unexpectedly noticed a white pony, which was drilling towards the deepest part of the earth.

“A Cloud Galloping Horse!” Excitement appeared in Su Yu’s eyes, as he recognized that it was a precious spiritual object that could increase the cultivation of all people below the Level Three Fairy Realm!

Even the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was incapable of nurturing a Cloud Galloping Horse, yet the Empire of Darkness’ ten thousand year treasure-trove land had accomplished it! The Cloud Galloping Horse in Bai Chong’s hands must have come from this place, and the black shadow that had just attacked him a moment ago, must have been this very same Cloud Galloping Horse!

As his eyes lit up, Su Yu covered his whole body with Spiritual Energy. He then drilled into the ground and chased after it. Although the Cloud Galloping Horse was a plant, it possessed a high intelligence and it was capable of moving by itself. So, when it detected Su Yu pursuing it, it went towards the center of the mountain at an even faster speed.

“Trying to escape?” Su Yu revealed a faint smile as he continued chasing it. Su Yu chased it all the way to the mountain’s center. At that moment, the Cloud Galloping Horse’s aura suddenly disappeared.

After he continued drilling for a while, Su Yu discovered that the mountain’s center was hollow, and that it had tunnels of various sizes, all of which led to the outside world. These tunnels were actually guiding the outside world’s Spiritual Energy here!

The mountain’s center wasn’t big. In fact, it was just several hundreds meters-wide. A dark purple glow was flickering on its walls. This was a deadly and terrifying poison, had been nurtured here for an extremely long time.

“What a powerful poison.” Su Yu murmured, not daring to take it lightly. Hence, he continued using the Eternal Stone King Armor.

After all, if someone who hadn’t yet reached the Fairy Realm even just lightly touched the poison on the walls, then his whole body would immediately rot and die! This showed how powerful it really was!

Su Yu floated in the air to avoid coming into contact with the poison, while his gaze fixedly stared at the center of this place. He saw a pond there, which had a dark color, and a dense purple fog was rising out of it. This fog was completely the same as the one drifting in the Giant Summit’s eighth layer!

Is the miasma that surges out every hour coming from here? As he wondered about this, Su Yu revealed a pensive look.

As he stared at the pond, he squinted his eyes. He then looked at the bottom of the pond with his Soul Eyes.

“It’s really in the pond!” He murmured. When he examined it, he found that a white pony was motionlessly laying in the bottom of the pond!

Just after that, he saw that there were still three hundred small white spheres in the pond, each of which emitted the same aura as the Cloud Galloping Horse! They also possessed an extremely powerful poison.

Wait, are those Cloud Galloping Horse’s seeds? Su Yu suddenly thought of something, and he was quite startled by it…

If all of them are really Cloud Galloping Horse’s seeds, then…

As he thought of such a fact, Su Yu’s heart started thumping. It would be difficult for other people to nurture the seeds, as they needed a great amount of Spiritual Energy, as well as a special environment that was suitable for their growth. But, all of this was extremely easy for Su Yu, who possessed the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl!

If I could let all of them grow up and mature, then…

Just thinking about such a fact got Su Yu extremely excited!

I would be capable of quickly training a batch of powerful experts with them!

If he added them to the spiritual treasures collected by the small kylin, he might be able to increase the Heavenly Law Alliance’s overall power by a whole grade!

“In the end, I still need to depend on myself alone.” Su Yu murmured as his eyes lit up and he became extremely happy and delighted.

Su Yu revealed a playful smile as he looked at the pond. After a few moments, Su Yu now held a jade bottle, which was filled with Cloud Galloping Horse’s seeds! Meanwhile, the pond’s water had already evaporated!

As the Cloud Galloping Horse at the bottom of the pond was looking at Su Yu, its whole body was shuddering, and it was emitting cries that were filled with grief.

“It’s obviously just a plant, yet it appears to be so much like an animal. It’s even emitting sad cries so that I will take pity on it! As is expected of a rare spiritual object, I really have gained new knowledge from it!” Su Yu faintly smiled and collected the jade bottle.

He didn’t capture the horse. Instead, he waved his sleeves and turned around, then said, “You are still a rare precious object, so I will bless you with the opportunity to continue living.”

After all, this land had just two Cloud Galloping Horses, and one of them had already eaten by him. As the remaining one wouldn’t be of any help to him in increasing his cultivation, he figured that he should just spare it.

After making this decision, he jumped out of the pond and returned to the mountain’s surface. Then, when he swept the prairie with his eyes, they almost came out of their sockets. The boundless and vast prairie had turned into an impoverished land!

There wasn’t even a single weed left in it, let alone spiritual objects. Absolutely nothing was left for the Empire of Darkness. At its edge, a pink small kylin was happily devouring everything in its sight, and it seemed like it wouldn’t stop till it had left this place completely empty!

“Enough! Come back.” When Su Yu yelled at it, the excited small kylin dropped its head down and unwillingly came back to him.

Su Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at its gaze, which was filled with such sadness. He then gently scolded the kylin. “You already took half of the resources that the Empire of Darkness had accumulated for ten thousand years, yet you are still not satisfied!”