The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 671

Chapter 671 Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl

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Su Yu knew it was important to give everyone a second chance, and as he had already stolen half of the Empire of Darkness’ resources, that was enough to give the Empire of Darkness a great fright!

If he did not leave them with the other half, the Empire of Darkness would not survive the enemy’s attack and their people would surely be annihilated by the Fifth Saint Master’s great army. He decided that he must not let the Empire of Darkness collapse before their common foe.

Right then, the fissure above the mountain’s peak was beginning to show signs of closing! This scene shocked Su Yu, who immediately grabbed the little kylin and rushed towards it before it closed completely.

He knew that if he was trapped in this place, he would be in big trouble when someone from the Empire of Darkness visited the next time. This was because the Empire’s people would discover the missing resources and realize that Su Yu had taken them!

Luckily, before the fissure fully closed, Su Yu was able to make it out of the space within the stone tablet. However, just as he made it outside, Su Yu noticed a person’s shadow moving further away from him in the purple mist.

The person seemed to not have discovered Su Yu’s presence yet, and he was carefully avoiding the purple mist around him.

Bai Chong? What is he doing here?

Su Yu was slightly surprised to see him. Su Yu had been attracted to this place by the presence of a person’s Vital Energy, and he had initially thought it was another survivor. He never thought it would be Bai Chong!

Bai Chong looked as if he had been poisoned and was moving slower than usual. As such, he was not able to move at the speed of a Fairy.

The Cloud Galloping Horse from before must have injured him. Fortunately for Bai Chong, he had only been injured, not killed. However, the Vital Energy he emitted was the reason that Su Yu had been attracted to this place.

“This isn’t too bad,” Su Yu said as he concealed his aura and flew away as fast as he could.

After half an hour, Su Yu had returned to the transportation portal, where he immediately transported himself to the external world. Su Yu instantly returned to the seventh level of the Empire of Darkness. He could feel a dizzy sensation as he returned.

However, before Su Yu could open his eyes, he felt a cold gush of air moving towards him. As soon as he opened his eyes, an embarrassed yet furious pair of eyes were glaring at him. Also, a long snow-white sword was about to land on Su Yu’s face!

“Shameless!” The word was uttered by a lady with red lips. It was spoken in anger as the sword seemingly moved even faster towards Su Yu.

“Palace Master Nan Guang? What are you doing?” After Su Yu was able to ascertain who the person before him was, he extended two of his fingers to flick away the long snow-white sword.

The sharpened sword narrowly missed Su Yu’s face. However, the sword energy managed to cut off a single strand of his silver hair.

“Ah… Su Yu?” Right then, the bright light that was surrounding Su Yu gradually faded away and revealed his full appearance. Palace Master Nan Guang gasped in surprise.

After collecting herself, Palace Master Nan Guang put the long sword away and started speaking frantically, “Sorry, Alliance Master Su. I didn’t mean it!”

Her furious facial expression had instantly turned into one of panic. She was thoroughly horrified by Su Yu’s appearance.

“Why did you do that?” Su Yu asked as he flicked away the silver hair that had fallen off.

Palace Master Nan Guang’s face turned red immediately. Su Yu could not tell if she was nervous or embarrassed.

She then said, “Alliance Master Su, I am sorry! I mistook you for a molester!”

“A molester?” Su Yu’s heart thumped. “Did someone touch you inappropriately while you were unconscious?”

After he sent Palace Master Nan Guang out of the space, she was still in a state of unconsciousness. Could the incident have happened then? Su Yu frowned slightly as he wondered why the Empire of Darkness was full of such pathetic people.

“Yes, the person stole my precious pendant while I was unconscious! That man took advantage of me and was thoroughly shameless! I will wait here, and if that person appears, I will peel his skin off and crush his bones!” Palace Master Nan Guang said hatefully.

Suddenly, she noticed that Su Yu’s facial expression looked odd. She could not help but ask, “Alliance Master Su, what is wrong with you?”

Su Yu’s face was becoming tense as he showed an unnatural expression. Could the molester she is talking about be me?

Su Yu pretended to be serious as he opened his palm and asked coldly, “Are you talking about this pendant?”

A jade-colored pendant appeared in Su Yu’s palm at that exact moment. Seeing it, Palace Master Nan Guang was stunned. “Alliance Master Su, the pendant… Why is it with you?”

She felt as if her head was about to explode as she wondered… Could Su Yu be the one who molested me?

“What do you think?” Su Yu stared at her coldly. “Do you think I could have healed you with my Vital Energy if I did not remove the pendant? Do you think that you would still be able to speak in front of me if nobody had saved you earlier?”

He then asked, “If I knew you were going to be ungrateful by hurting the person who saved you, I would have let you die from the poison! Now, I have earned myself a bad reputation of being a molester! What a joke!”

Su Yu looked very angry as he spoke. Hearing his angry words, Palace Master Nan Guang felt her heart beating wildly. She suddenly recalled that the pendant was capable of absorbing Vital Energy from external sources.

Su Yu had really tried to save her! When she realized this, her anger subsided completely. She then looked very ashamed of herself as she saw how angry Su Yu was. She even started feeling pretty terrified.

“Sorry, Alliance Maser Su. You saved me, and I should be thanking you. But instead, I pointed my sword at you! I am sorry…” Palace Master Nan Guang apologized and felt shame in her heart. “Why don’t you take the pendant as a gift? Consider it my apology.”

As Palace Master Nan Guang spoke, she looked at the pendant in Su Yu’s palm. She looked very pained for having to give it up.


Su Yu shook his sleeve as he tossed the jade pendant towards her and asked, “Why would I want your pendant? Take it back and get lost!”

Su Yu pretended to be cold, when in fact, he was feeling very embarrassed. Palace Master Nan Guang’s body was shaking as she grabbed the pendant. She then bowed respectfully and stepped away.

She continued apologizing as her eyes began to fill with tears, “I am sorry, Alliance Master Su. I really didn’t mean it…”

Palace Master Nan Guang then left with heartfelt apologies. However, for some unknown reason, she felt that something was amiss. After all, she was the one who had been taken advantage of, so she started to wonder why she had to apologize. Confused and full of questions, Palace Master Nan Guang gradually walked away.


As the transportation portal flashed with a bright white light, Bai Chong’s figure appeared.

“It seems that Alliance Master Su already exited some time ago. I believe that you should have acquired the full moon’s light.” Bai Chong assumed that Su Yu had returned a long time ago when he saw him waiting outside.

Su Yu secretly glanced in the direction from which Palace Master Nan Guang had just left. He could not help but sigh in relief.

If she were still around, Bai Chong would definitely question her. Then, Bai Chong would find out the truth that Su Yu had only just returned! At that time, Bai Chong would definitely feel suspicious and return to the stone tablet to investigate further.

Once Su Yu was exposed for stealing resources from the Empire of Darkness, it would be difficult for him to walk out of the Empire of Darkness alive. That was why he had pretended to be very strict. He wanted Palace Master Nan Guang to leave before Bai Chong returned.

“It is done. Please have a look,” Su Yu said as he handed over a jade gourd filled with the full moon’s light.

Bai Chong took a glance at its content and could not help but smile pleasantly. “That’s good. It is filled with the full moon’s light. It will be sufficient to craft a pot of the Peerless Moon Fall Pill. Alliance Master Su, come with me. There are several expert manufacturers of elixirs at the Heavenly Water Tower. Crafting the Peerless Moon Fall Pill is more difficult, so I would feel more at ease if they were to craft it.”

Heavenly Water Tower? Su Yu nodded slightly, then followed Bai Chong and headed towards the sixth level of space.

As he looked at Bai Chong’s figure from behind, Su Yu secretly pondered…

I clearly snatched the precious Cloud Galloping Horse from Bai Chong. Why did he not utter a single word? Moreover, why did Bai Chong appear at the stone tablet’s space?

As he continued thinking, they soon arrived at the Heavenly Water Tower.

“Alliance Master Su, please wait here for a while. I will notify the few masters of elixir manufacturing in the floor above.” Bai Chong intended to let Su Yu wait in the lobby while he went upstairs.

“I hope you can forgive me. These masters of elixir manufacturing are three of the most respected people in the Empire of Darkness. They have very odd temperaments. I will find out if they are free. I believe that once they find out about your status as the Alliance Master, they will be very willing to help you, even if they are busy,” Bai Chong said.

He was worried that an awkward incident like the one with the Black Elder and White Elder might happen again. This was why he wanted to visit the people upstairs before he brought Su Yu to them.

“Apologies for the trouble, Inspector Bai.” Su Yu smiled as he spoke. “I will have a look around on the first floor.”

As Su Yu looked around the first floor, he intentionally covered himself with the Natural Divine Decree in order to not attract any attention. In this way, even if someone saw Su Yu with his naked eye, it would be difficult to detect Su Yu’s presence. Therefore, for the time being, nobody would be able to recognize Su Yu.

After he had walked around for a while, Su Yu discovered that the Heavenly Water Tower sold various elixirs as a source of income. The higher quality items were used for cultivation, while the lower quality items were used to heal injuries.

There were also many types of supporting elixirs that helped one to focus, to increase one’s speed, or to replenish one’s Spiritual Energy. There were many types of such elixirs.

Unfortunately, the level of these elixirs is not high enough. So, they would not be effective if they were used on me… Su Yu thought as shook his head and moved forward.

However, as soon as he turned around, his gaze landed on a silver-colored pill. The pill looked very gloomy and did not have any light reflecting on its surface.

It sat on a corner of the counter where nobody would notice it. When Su Yu had walked by it earlier, even he hadn’t noticed it. However, when he saw it now, his pupils started vibrating slightly.

“Could this be…” A warm light began emanating from Su Yu’s pupils as excitement filled his heart. “I have searched everywhere and could not find what I wanted. Yet, here it is when I least expected it!” Su Yu exclaimed as he nearly laughed out loud.

He had already acquired the Undead Herb of the Netherworld and the Blood of a Real Dragon, both of which were two of the three ingredients that he needed to repair his Evil Destroying Silver Eyes. Now, the only missing ingredient was the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl. However, he had no clue regarding its whereabouts.

For some unknown reason, the silver pill before Su Yu’s eyes made him feel overwhelmed with inexplicable joy!