The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 672

Chapter 672 Seizing The Silver Pearl

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“Are you interested in the Water Avoiding Pearl?” The shopkeeper wore a humble smile as he came over to address Su Yu.

Water Avoiding Pearl? Su Yu inwardly rejoiced. The silver pearl before him was dim and lusterless, and it was emitting a faint mist. It truly seemed like a water-attribute magical treasure!

However, the pearl was extremely similar to the legendary Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl that was depicted in the record and given to him by the Phoenix Master Qiu. In fact, there were only some slight differences between the two. He had unexpectedly found the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl in the impoverished Zhenlong Continent, which was really surprising!

“What’s its price?” Su Yu tried to curb his emotions, so it would seem like he didn’t really care about it.

The shopkeeper rolled his shifty eyes and said, “If you put the Water Avoiding Pearl in your mouth, you can stay underwater for ten days without needing to take even a single breath! It’s an extremely rare middle grade divine artifact, and if you can exchange it for another middle grade divine artifact, then, hehe…”

There were many people here, and since they didn’t try to hide their conversation, many of them heard his words and all inwardly laughed upon hearing that he wanted to sell it for a middle grade divine artifact! They all began making snide comments about it…

“As expected of the little bandit, he’s really vicious and greedy, as he wants to sell a low grade divine artifact like the Water Avoiding Pearl for a middle grade divine artifact!”

“Another fool will be ripped off by him! He’s one of the Heavenly Water Tower’s famous profiteers! In fact, two-thirds of his goods are just fake, and the other third, which are actually genuine, are sold by him for such a high price! He has cheated so many people that his reputation is already rotten to the core, yet, unexpectedly, this guy is still coming to buy goods from him!”

“He’s quite young and seems inexperienced and short-sighted…”

“Sigh… Well, I guess he can only resign himself to his fate, since he ran into the little bandit!”

“However, getting ripped-off now will be a valuable lesson to him, so he isn’t really suffering a great loss, hehe…”

Su Yu’s expression didn’t experience the slightest change as he overheard the crowd’s comments.

“A middle grade divine artifact? I don’t have that.” Su Yu helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

This was actually the truth. He really didn’t have any middle grade divine artifacts.

“Hmm? It seems like he isn’t foolish after all, so let’s go away. After all, there isn’t anything fun to look at anymore…hehe…” Someone among the crowd commented, then chuckled.

The shopkeeper’s mustache shivered, then he rubbed his hands and chuckled as he spoke, “If you don’t have a middle grade divine artifact, then three low grade divine artifacts will do.”

Many passersby couldn’t help but laugh, then quietly observed, hoping to see how the small bandit would rip off the inexperienced youth!

“I don’t have any low grade divine artifacts either.” Su Yu calmly shook his head.

The shopkeeper’s expression became somewhat gloomy, and he started sizing up Su Yu once again, while he furrowed his brows. It was only because he noticed that Su Yu had an uncommon bearing and wore nice clothes that he felt like Su Yu was some faction’s fat cat! But, as Su Yu couldn’t take out even a single divine artifact, the shopkeeper truly couldn’t help but feel disheartened.

“Customer, my shop doesn’t buy or sell on credit, so why don’t you have a look at some other store?” The shopkeeper wore a somewhat fake polite and friendly expression, while he tried to drive him away.

Su Yu didn’t feel like haggling with him, and he really didn’t have a low grade or middle grade divine artifact. In fact, the lowest graded artifact that he had was a top grade divine artifact!

“How about a top grade divine artifact? If you are willing to exchange for that, then add three other low grade divine artifacts to the Water Avoiding Pearl. How about that?” As Su Yu spoke, he picked up a steel hammer that had black smoke twirling around it.

A powerful spiritual pressure was being emitted from it, and all of the people here, who had just been making fun of him, felt an oppressing pressure coming from it. This made them instantly quiet down.

Their eyes widened till they became as big as bells, and they were all overwhelmed with shock as they stared at the black demonic hammer that was in Su Yu’s hands. The sounds of people swallowing their saliva intermittently echoed throughout the space. The sounds were like bubbles bursting.

As the Zhenlong Continent was short of resources, it would be impossible for someone other than the Fairy Realm experts to get ahold of a top grade divine artifact. But now, a person had managed to take a top grade divine artifact to exchange it for a Water Avoiding Pearl!

Even the shopkeeper was dumbfounded, and his eyes widened till they became big and round. He could only blankly stare at the black demonic hammer.

A top grade divine artifact’s price was equal to five middle grade divine artifacts’, and getting to trade it for a Water Avoiding Pearl and three low grade divine artifacts was a great profit. As such, anyone would go crazy for such a good deal!

However, the shopkeeper’s forehead was now filled with cold sweat, as he wondered how he could manage to let go of three low grade divine artifacts.

“Well, will you exchange with me or not? If you don’t want to exchange, then I will go to another store.” Su Yu was acting like he would give up on the Water Avoiding Pearl, hoping the shopkeeper wouldn’t call his bluff.

The shopkeeper became anxious and said, “Customer, pardon me, and forgive me for not recognizing you and offending you. You see, my shop is just a small business, so I’m incapable of buying your top grade divine artifact.” The shopkeeper’s face became flushed, as he really had misjudged Su Yu.

Su Yu calmly looked at him. “If you judge people by their appearances, then you will surely end up humiliating yourself. Now, fetch me the Water Avoiding Pearl,” Su Yu said, then turned around, readying to throw the demonic hammer at the shopkeeper.

“Customer, will you use a top grade divine artifact to buy it?” The shopkeeper’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets at this moment.

All of the people observing them also had similar reactions. They could all only blankly stare at Su Yu, who was clearly about to throw the demonic hammer at the shopkeeper!

Su Yu became somewhat impatient. “Fetch it.”

After the shopkeeper came back to his senses, he became extremely overjoyed. In fact, he was so excited that his body shook all over. After all, he already had made a great profit!

“Okay…” Before many gazes, all of which were filled with jealousy, envy, and shock, the shopkeeper took the Water Avoiding Pearl and offered it to Su Yu.

Su Yu’s eyes lit up with excitement, as he couldn’t believe that he had made such a deal! However, when Su Yu was just about to stretch out his hand and take it, a sharp wind blew at his back.

It didn’t have a great momentum, but it contained a powerful energy, which caused Su Yu to sense a great danger coming from it. As such, he didn’t dare hesitate for even a moment before he quickly dodged to avoid it.


A crisp sound echoed, while a folded fan tapped the Water Avoiding Pearl. The folded fan was held by an aged and slightly greenish hand, which had extremely long fingers. These fingers had a peculiar greenish glow, and the hand seemed like it belonged to a dead person!

“Hehe, are you trying to take the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl’s embryo for just a mere top grade divine artifact? Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master, is it really right for you to deceive someone like this?” A hoarse voice transmitted from behind him, which was accompanied by an ice-cold breeze that would make one’s whole body shudder.

As Su Yu calmly turned his head around, a pale youthful face appeared before him. The youth had gray hair, which had a yellowish luster. As for his face, it seemed like it was smeared by a lime green aura, and it didn’t seem like it belonged to a human at all. Every breath that he exhaled was also ice-cold.

His whole body was emitting death aura, which made people feel uncomfortable all over. This person seemed even more like a corpse than the Heavenly Law Alliance’s First World Senior! However, when he observed him with his Soul Eyes, Su Yu clearly detected that his soul was that of a living being, not just a corpse.

“Third Lord!” Someone in the crowd shouted, half out of fright and half out of respect.

A moment ago, they were all still shocked by how lavishly Su Yu had spent his money, but now they had all quieted down. Most of them hadn’t even noticed the ash-colored youth till now.

Su Yu slightly squinted his eyes, wondering if he was the previous Third Lord, who was living in the Seven Lords Palace. When he carefully examined him, Su Yu’s pupils contracted. Su Yu could now clearly tell that he was a Level Four Fairy Realm’s expert, who had already reached the middle stage of the Fairy Realm.

He was just ranked third, yet he was still in the Level Four Fairy Realm, so Su Yu had to wonder how powerful the Second Lord and the Great Lord must be! After all, they had yet to show themselves.

The Darkness Seven Lords’ cultivation had really surpassed the outside world’s people’s expectations. The Zhenlong Continent was no longer the impoverished place it once was, and it didn’t have just three Fairy Realm experts anymore. However, it seemed like the Third Lord was hostile towards Su Yu.

“Third Lord? Didn’t anyone teach about the rule that teaches first come, first served?” Su Yu coldly snorted. “As for deceiving him, hehe, the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl was here for a long time, yet no one recognized it, so how can you still have the nerve to berate a knowledgeable person who simply managed to recognize it when no one else had? Those who should truly be laughed at are none other all of you, as none of you managed to recognize it!”

As the Third Lord rolled his yellow eyes, a sinister and faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. “What elegant but insincere words! You really have the gift of the gab! Not only is the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master strength pretty good, but even his speech is also pretty good.”

Su Yu coldly smiled. “There is more where that came from, and it will astonish you.”


Su Yu’s whole body shook, and his arms’ golden veins were revealed as he tried to slap away the folded fan with his palm.

“Even someone like you wanting to get rid of my fan… It’s just too…” The Third Lord sneered at him.

However, when Su Yu’s palm came into contact with the fan, a powerful force, which surpassed his expectations, was transmitted out of it. The fan, which he put on the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl, was slapped away by him, and it almost slipped out of his hands, which would have really embarrassed him in front of the crowd.

However, the Third Lord was still a Level Four Fairy Realm expert, and at a such critical moment, he used his pinkie to get a firm hold on the fan. He then tried to tap the Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl once again.

However, in that brief moment, Su Yu had already used his index and middle fingers to take the pearl into his palm. He didn’t have the leisure of examining it, as he immediately swept it with his index finger and stored it in his spatial ring. Now, the pearl belonged to him, and if someone wanted to get it, he would need to steal Su Yu’s spatial finger and forcefully wipe his imprint from it!

“You are really daring, as you still dare to be this bold, even while in my Empire of Darkness!” The Third Lord squinted his eyes and became somewhat angered in the face of such humiliation, as before the gazes of many people, he had failed to take the lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl.

Su Yu calmly shook his sleeves and said, “Although the world is vast and boundless, it still has rules and order, so how could it be justifiable for you to steal someone else’s magical treasure?”

The people here were scared witless when they heard Su Yu. Although it really seemed like the Third Lord was trying to steal from him, such words shouldn’t be uttered in front of him!

This was because, among the Seven Old Lords, only the Third Lord’s temper was really fiery. Moreover, he had an eccentric nature and was easily angered. For this reason, even the other lords didn’t dare provoke him in any way.

“It’s up to me to decide what’s justifiable or not.” A baleful look appeared on the Third Lord’s face. “I will give you three breaths’ time to give it back to me and leave the Empire of Darkness, or else…”

“Or else what? If you want to fight, then I will keep you company, and although I’m not powerful, my power is still enough to deal with you.” Su Yu had a calm and composed look on his face, and he didn’t seem afraid at all.

The Third Lord was so infuriated that he laughed and asked, “Did you really assume that you could look down on me just because you are the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master? I will frankly inform you that your Heavenly Law Alliance is nothing in the eyes of our Seven Lords Palace! In fact, you’re all just a joke!”