The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 673

Chapter 673 Slapping A Lord

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“What a joke. You have used your position as the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, leveraging on a single victory in battle, to ask for military assistance from the Empire of Darkness. Do you really think so highly of yourself? It is a laughable, pitiful, and sad sight!” the Third Lord said.

Su Yu laughed at himself. Is this really how the Seven Lords Palace perceives the Heavenly Law Alliance?

Su Yu felt that his journey here was a complete waste of time. He had not come here to be made fun of!

“Hehe, no matter how weak we are, we are still stronger than you. Although our Heavenly Law Alliance is weak, we have the courage to fight our enemies with all our might. We defeated them once and reclaimed our rightful land. What about you, Seven Lords Palace? You clearly have the ability to save the entire continent, yet you have hid yourselves in this place. As such, you have no right to laugh at us!” Su Yu exclaimed.

By now, Su Yu had thoroughly given up on the idea of asking for military assistance. He could no longer depend on the Empire of Darkness. The only person he could rely on was himself.

His words undoubtedly put many of the people here to shame. He was right. The Empire of Darkness had ten thousand years’ worth of resources, yet it had hidden itself away from the enemy like a tortoise.

Moreover, the Third Lord had just dared to shamelessly insult Su Yu, without feeling embarrassed by his own cowardice! None of the people in the Empire of Darkness had the right to insult the Heavenly Law Alliance!

“You… Alright, let me teach you a lesson. Show me what else the Heavenly Law Alliance has to be proud of apart from having a loud mouth! I will use my fist to crush your confidence once and for all!” The Third Lord was clearly infuriated, as he was exhibiting a look of pure madness.

The Third Lord’s body started glowing brightly as if it had been lit with a flame. Vital Energy exuded from his body like floodwater, while waves of frightening energy were channeled out in all directions.

Those who could not dodge the energy in time tripped and fell to the ground. The people who stood closer were even spurting blood from their mouths!

The crowd started panicking and were trying to run away in all directions. Chaotic cries could be heard all over the place.

“Is this how you treat your citizens?” Su Yu asked as his gaze turned cold.

The Third Lord clearly did not care about the safety of those who were innocent. He would attack people on a whim.

“It is none of your business! Kneel before me!” the Third Lord said as his facial expression turned cool. His killing intent was even stronger now.

Su Yu stared at him coldly. “I should be the one to say that!”


Su Yu reached into his bosom to retrieve a jade bottle. There were strands of thunderbolts of various colors floating within it, and streams of a dangerous aura seeped out from the bottle and radiated out in all directions.


The sound of lightning could be heard, coming from the bottle. As people heard the sound, they felt a great pressure descending upon them.

Nearly everyone had the sensation that they were about to be annihilated. It was as if the small jade bottle was home to a very frightening beast that would destroy everything in its sight once it was released.


At the same time, Su Yu retrieved the colorful Thunder Herb Armor. He then used it to protect him palm as he opened the jade bottle.


Suddenly, a huge thunderbolt of various colors, which shook the entire Heavenly Water Tower, came out of the jade bottle! The thunderbolt turned into a color thunder net as it immediately wrapped itself around the Third Lord.

The Third Lord, who still wore an angry expression, suddenly freaked out when the thunder net came towards him. “Disastrous thunder!” he yelled.

He was fully aware of the frightening might of the disastrous thunder, as he had personally gone through the Grade Four Fairy Bypass’ disastrous thunder. However, the disastrous thunder before him was even scarier than the one he had experienced before.

Most importantly, he knew that normal Grade Four Fairies could use their Vital Energy to counter such disastrous thunder. However, his cultivation techniques were based on the evil Yin type. Therefore, the disastrous thunder was his greatest weakness!

Normally, he would have to prepare for days before even getting near any disastrous thunder. However, someone was able to control the disastrous thunder right before his very eyes!

What he did not know was that this bottle of disastrous thunder had actually been successfully used against the First Void World Senior, who had the body of a Divine Master. As even the First Void World Senior was overcome by it, he had to wonder what it would do to him!

If it were any other Grade Four Fairy, Su Yu might not have had much confidence in this approach. However, Su Yu was not afraid of using it against the Third Lord, whose body emanated a menacing deadly energy.



As the thunder net engulfed the Third Lord, he immediately cried out in pain. He felt as if he was being burned by a scorching flame. The deadly energy on his body continuously evaporated as a buzzing sound was heard.

The Third Lord immediately tried to break open the thunder net with his Vital Energy. However, as soon as his Vital Energy appeared, it was immediately obliterated since it contained the deadly energy.

He could not use an ounce of Vital Energy in his body. In this way, a grand Grade Four Fairy was rendered utterly helpless against the disastrous thunder’s net!


Right then, a slap landed on the Third Lord’s face. He was shocked to realize that Su Yu had just slapped him across his face!

“How dare you?” the Third Lord shouted angrily.


However, as soon as he yelled out, another slap landed on his face. The force was so great that it shook the entire sixth level of space!

“Why wouldn’t I slap you?” Su Yu asked as he adjusted the Thunder Herb Armor that was wrapped around his right palm.

He shook his hand and smiled pleasantly, then asked, “You wanted to crush my confidence, so why can’t I give you a slap to bring you back to your senses?”

“Alright, then I will torture you alive!” the Third Lord shouted.

He looked devastated. His original intention was to cause trouble for Su Yu. However, he unexpectedly turned out to be the one who was humiliated! His anger could be heard in his booming voice and seen in his hate-filled eyes.


The Third Lord was answered with yet another slap!

“Is a loud voice all you’ve got?” Su Yu asked as he looked at the Third Lord coldly.

Su Yu then retrieved a jade box from his bosom. There were three hundred white hairs in the box.

Su Yu carefully held a single hair in between his two fingers as his eyes lit up. “Since you wanted to torture me, I ought to end your life to prevent future trouble for myself.”

The Cloud Galloping Horse’s hair was poisonous enough to immediately kill anyone who was below the level of a Grade Four Fairy. However, right then, a beautiful lady appeared from the floor above. She instantly stood in between Su Yu and the Third Lord.

“Alliance Master Su, please have mercy on him. I apologize for being late in welcoming you.” The beautiful lady was very polite and elegant.

Su Yu took a glance at her, seeing that she was positioned right at the spot where he was about to flick the Cloud Galloping Horse’s hair. So, he said, “Please step aside, whoever you are.”

As he spoke, his gaze pierced right through her and landed on the Third Lord’s hateful face. Since Su Yu had already gotten into trouble with the Third Lord, there was no reason to have mercy on him now.

The middle-aged lady laughed bitterly. “My status is certainly of little meaning to you. However, please spare the Third Lord on the basis that three of our masters of elixir manufacturing are helping you to make the medicine. I am willing to repay you for whatever the Third Lord has done.”

Su Yu hesitated when he heard what she had just said. He then stored the Cloud Galloping Horse’s hair away without uttering another word.

Su Yu glared at the Third Lord coldly as he spoke, “Whenever you are ready to die, you can come find me! Consider yourself lucky this time!”

When the Third Lord heard Su Yu’s insult, his face turned red with anger. After all, he was a well-respected Third Lord, but he was now being threatened by someone who was not even from the Empire!

However, he was able to sense Su Yu’s true killing intent, so before he could get help, the Third Lord truly did not dare retaliate. As such, he could only swallow his pride and accept Su Yu’s insult.

“Who are you? Where is Bai Chong?” Su Yu asked as he lifted his hand to draw the disastrous thunder back into the jade bottle.

After the usage, the disastrous had turned gloomy. It seemed like there was only enough disastrous thunder for one last usage. Although Su Yu felt like it had been a waste, he did not show any expression on his face.

The middle-aged lady smiled as she said, “I am the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master. The place in which you stand belongs to me.” As the middle-aged lady looked around at the damaged pavilion, she laughed bitterly.

Su Yu was suddenly apologetic. “I am sorry for causing so much trouble. Please allow me to repay you for your losses.”

“I dare not accept your repayment!” The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master was surprised by Su Yu’s politeness. Therefore, she frantically rejected his offer.

She then said, “It is my pleasure to have you here in my pavilion. You are more than welcome! If you do not mind, please come upstairs. I am certain the medicines will be ready soon.”

Su Yu waved his hand. “Not to worry. I will wait here.”

The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master felt helpless. So, she had no choice but to kick everyone out from the pavilion and accompany Su Yu in silence.

“Third Lord, you should leave too. I hope you have only caused trouble here at the Heavenly Water Tower due to reason beyond your control. There will be no next time!” she warned.

Although her cultivation was nowhere near the Third Lord’s level, her tone was still formidable when she issued the warning. Hearing her words, the Third Lord snorted unhappily. He then took another glance at Su Yu and the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master before taking his leave in frustration.

“Alliance Master Su, this is embarrassing. The Third Lord spends most of his time near the graves where he would train with the help of deadly energy. That explains his odd temperament and is also the reason why he attacked you. Otherwise, the Empire of Darkness truly does welcome you,” she explained to Su Yu.

Welcome me? Su Yu recalled the Black Elder and White Elder from the Seven Lords Palace. He could not help but laugh at himself when he thought of that incident and the way the Third Lord had behaved earlier.

Perhaps, to the Empire of Darkness, the existence of the Heavenly Law Alliance was a mere joke. They were both ancient forces that had existed since the beginning of time. However, their capabilities differed greatly.

The supposed welcoming people of the Empire of Darkness were only Bai Chong, the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master, and the people from the lower ranks. In the eyes of the higher-ranked people in the Empire of Darkness, Su Yu, who was the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, was insignificant.

“Is that so?” Su Yu asked as he laughed lightly. He did not say anything else after that.

The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master was seemingly able to sense Su Yu’s emotions, so she stood quietly by his side without saying another word. After half an hour, a figure in a red robe came running towards them.

It was Bai Chong. He smiled cheerfully and was carrying two jade boxes in his hands.

One of them was a jade box in which a purple-colored pill had been placed. There were nine thin markings on the pill, which looked like a phoenix’s tail. It was the Phoenix Tail Purple Fire Pill!

The other jade box contained a pill that shone brightly like a full moon. It was the Peerless Moon Fall Pill!

The former item was something that Bai Chong had promised to exchange for Su Yu, while the latter was only recently crafted. Su Yu had finally acquired the two medicines that he needed to save Phoenix Master Qiu!

“Alliance Master Su, fortunately, all three of the masters agreed,” Bai Chong said as he handed the two medicines to Su Yu. He behaved respectfully towards him as always.

As Su Yu accepted the medicines, he felt a fullness in his heart. This journey was not a complete waste of his efforts after all!

Su Yu looked at Bai Chong and felt deeply grateful. The higher-ranked folks in the Empire of Darkness did not even want to meet him, and it was only Bai Chong who had selflessly offered his assistance. In fact, without Bai Chong, Su Yu would not have been able to access the Empire of Darkness’ ten thousand years’ worth of resources.

“Chief Inspector Bai, you have helped me all along, and yet have not received anything from me in return. Please consider accepting this as a small gift from me,” Su Yu said as he retrieved a small, sharp awl.

The sharp awl contained a very dense energy of the disastrous thunder. It was exceedingly frightening and was on par with the might of the disastrous thunder that was used to suppress the Third Lord earlier. Any person below the Grade Two Fairy level would turn into dust if he came into contact with this sharp awl.

“A semi-manufactured spiritual artifact!” exclaimed the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master.

As the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master had good vision, she was able to identify the object instantly. She was very surprised by Su Yu’s offering and her facial expression showed it.