The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 674

Chapter 674 A Great Misunderstanding

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Bai Chong was startled, and when he came back to his senses, he tried to reject Su Yu’s gift. “Alliance Master Su, what is the meaning behind this? How can I accept such a precious gift?”

As there were just several semi-manufactured spiritual artifacts in the empire, and they all belonged to the Seven Lords Palace, Bai Chong did not feel that a mere Chief Inspector like him should even hold such a spiritual artifact.

“I just got it from an enemy’s hands, and it’s useless to me, so you don’t need to refuse it.” Su Yu didn’t explain any further, but simply gave it to him.

Su Yu then took four intact crystals and passed them to the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master. “One of them is compensation for you, while the other three are for the three great alchemists. I don’t like owing people favors, so please accept them.”

Bai Chong and the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master were startled once again, as such precious objects like crystals, which were filled with the world’s natural Vital Energy, didn’t exist in the Zhenlong Continent. This fact alone revealed to them just how special they really were.

“I already took care of what I came here for, so I will bid you farewell. Take care of yourselves.” Su Yu cupped his fists at them and intended to leave.

However, at that moment, the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master became somewhat anxious and asked, “Alliance Master Su, why don’t you rest here for two days? The Great Lord is still in seclusion, so I will notify him for you.”

Su Yu replied, “There is no need, as I still know my worth. Just take it like I never came here.”

As Su Yu had already decided to leave, although the two of them felt like it was a great pity, it wasn’t appropriate for them to continue trying to hold him here.

“Since that’s the case, then please follow me. I will accompany you to the teleportation point.” Bai Chong was quite thankful to Su Yu, as the magical treasure in his palm had made him extremely excited.

Teleportation? Su Yu was puzzled by their words, as he had expected that he would leave from the first layer. As such, he had already prepared himself to go through the otherworldly experts’ army. It was only when he witnessed the large teleportation formation at the peak of the Heavenly Water Tower that he understood what did they meant.

“This teleportation formation is open just for our members’ use, and it can teleport you anywhere within a hundred miles of the Giant Summit. However, you can’t teleport back from there to here. After all, leaving the Giant Summit is quite easy, but entering it is difficult,” explained Bai Chong.

Su Yu finally understood why Bai Chong had appeared that day outside of the summit, as well as why he had ended up being hunted down by an otherworldly expert. It was all because they still had such a unique teleportation formation.

“Then, I will trouble you for that help, and I do hope to see you once again.” Su Yu cupped his fists at them, then stepped into the formation.

Along with a flickering of the formation’s light, he left the Empire of Darkness and teleported outside of the other world’s army encirclement before finally started his trip back to the northern continent.

In front of the teleportation formation.

“Chief Inspector Bai, congratulations! You got a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact! That’s a treasure that we could only dream about.” The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master looked at the sharp awl in Bai Chong’s hand, her eyes filled with envy.

Bai Chong was grinning as he said, “I also never once expected that the Alliance Master Su would be this generous, and I truly don’t know how I can repay him for it.”

“I had heard that Su Yu was a righteous person, who would surely repay any kindness shown to him, and today, I have experienced it for myself.” The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master sighed in amazement and regret. “If I had known that this was truly the case, then I wouldn’t have cared so much about my status, and I would have shown myself and tried to befriend him earlier.”

Astonishment appeared in Bai Chong’s eyes as he asked, “Heavenly Water Tower’s Master, since you are the descendant of the Great Lord, then why are you holding the Alliance Master Su in such high esteem? I’m truly puzzled by it, as he isn’t any stronger than the Third Lord, let alone the Second Lord and the Great Lord.”

The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master’s eyes lit up with a resplendent glow, while she said, “Chief Inspector Bai, do you really believe that the Alliance Master Su is capable of just killing Level Three Fairy Realm experts?”

Bai Chong was startled by this question. He then pondered it for a moment before he replied, “According to the rumors, it seems like he had just such strength, and if I can speak frankly, then I really feel like luck played a major role in his fight against the Third Lord. As such, discounting luck, I think it would still be unknown who could defeat who.”

“That’s really the case, but I have received a piece of secret news about Su Yu. Apparently, the other world’s Eighth Saint Master recognized Su Yu as master.” The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master revealed a meaningful smile.

Bai Chong furrowed his brows. “That isn’t really a secret, as almost everyone knows that. So, what is so strange about it? With his power, it’s easy for him to forcefully subdue the Eighth Saint Master, so it wouldn’t be difficult for him to force him to become his slave.”

The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master revealed a mysterious smile. “Chief Inspector Bai, tell me, if the Eighth Lord tried to force you to become his slave, would you flee, or would you readily agree without putting up the slightest bit of resistance?”

Bai Chong was somewhat displeased by her words. “Such an analogy isn’t appropriate, but if it truly happened, then I would surely not give up. I would try to escape, as I still would have hope of succeeding. That is, of course, unless I was faced with a peerless expert.”

“Then, do you know that the Eighth Saint Master, Wu Hen, didn’t even try to escape when Su Yu gave him a choice between death and serving him? He chose to serve him readily! According to secret information that I was able to obtain, he had once witnessed Su Yu fighting in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, where it’s said that Su Yu actually killed a Divine Master!” The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master let out a long breath, and when she uttered such words, it was difficult for her to hide her own shock.

“What? He really killed a Divine Master?” Bai Chong sucked in a breath of cold air, as he was overwhelmed with shock at the moment.

After all, three years ago, the Zhenlong Continent’s people still didn’t even know what a Divine Master even was. It was only after the invasion of the other world’s army that some of Jiuzhou’s common knowledge was spread to them. It was only at that time that they became aware that there was still a paramount realm above Fairy Realm experts, which was a Divine Master!

A Divine Master was a terrifying expert, who possessed a destructive power that could cause great devastation by just a wave of his hand. Yet, it was unexpectedly rumored that Su Yu had once killed such an expert!

His mind became muddle-headed at this moment, as he respected Su Yu. After all, Su Yu had led the human race’s army and fought the otherworldly army. Moreover, Su Yu had done so in a manner that was gracious, as he didn’t really hold his strength in high esteem. So, when he heard such astonishing news, he felt his head spinning, while a buzzing noise rang in his ears.

“If I didn’t know that this news came from such a reliable source, then it would be difficult for me to believe that our Zhenlong Continent still had such a terrifying expert! After all, only our king would be capable of confronting him, and even my grandfather, the Great Lord, wouldn’t be capable of facing the Alliance Master Su!” he exclaimed.

“Now, do you understand why I hold the Alliance Master Su in such high esteem?” the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master asked meaningfully.

Although she had a noble status, she tried to approach the Lin Family’s father and daughter herself, which wasn’t the norm. She didn’t even mind acting as a guide for Su Yu, accompanying him as he went. These actions, in other people’s eyes, made it seem like she was truly demeaning herself in this way, but she knew that all of it was worth it.

Bai Chong was another evidence of such behavior, but from Su Yu. After all, Bai Chong had just taken him on a tour here, yet Su Yu had gifted him with a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact! Such an unimaginable thing could never occur in the Zhenlong Continent, yet it was done by the Alliance Master Su!

“Such news is too shocking! I must immediately notify the Great Lord and the Second Lord, who are in secluded cultivation.” After Bai Chong came back to his senses, he hastily spoke.

“Moreover, we must be quick about it, as I’m worried that the Third Lord’s actions may cause an irreparable rift between the Empire of Darkness and Su Yu. We may even end up becoming enemies of such a peerless expert…” Just thinking about such a fact made Bai Chong’s whole body shudder. The Third Lord had deeply offended Su Yu.

The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master’s heart thumped intensely, while her expression changed. “There’s no time to lose, let’s hope that they will quickly make a decision, as it’s better late than never.”

While they were speaking of this matter, Bai Chong suddenly recalled something that made his face become somewhat pale. “It’s probably already too late…”

The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master was startled by his words, so he asked, “What do you mean?”

“You may not know it, but I led the Alliance Master Su to the Seven Lords Palace, so that he could pay a visit. But the two elders at the gate…” Bai Chong proceeded to angrily recount the whole sequence of events.

When she heard all of it, the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master was appalled. “What? Those old fogies unexpectedly dared to prevent such a peerless expert from entering?”

After she recovered from her initial shock, she became extremely infuriated. “Good, I guess that just shows that they are really excellent gatekeepers. It’s fine that they show off their power most days, but that they dared to be this bold even in such an important matter, they truly overstepped! I truly want to see how can they explain such a matter, so let’s go. Follow me to the Seven Lords Palace, and I will personally inform my grandfather of this.”