The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Preparing For The Battle

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His words caused the people’s expressions to become grave instantly. The great Lord was always strict and severe.

Although he would properly reward people who rendered great service, he would also punish people who made mistakes. His punishment was forcing the White, Black Elders to cripple their cultivations and leave the Seven Lords Palace.

“Great Lord, please spare us. We know that we made a mistake. We didn’t know that this letter was this important.” The White, Black Elders hastily bowed to him, while tears streaked down their aged faces.

Such a punishment was extremely harsh. They were already regretting disregarding Su Yu when he had come here.

The Great Lord calmly spoke, “I’m not punishing you just for the letter, it’s also because you refused to welcome the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master. If I remember correctly, his name was Su Yu, and he was someone who had been settled on by the king. You should know what this means.”

He was settled on by the king? All of the people here sucked in breaths of cold air when they heard his words. All of the high-level members of the Empire of Darkness knew that this meant that he was one of the Empire of Darkness’s successors.

“It’s not that I want to harshly punish you, it’s just that you have caused great troubles.” The Great Lord waved his sleeves at them, then swept them away.

The news that Su Yu was unexpectedly deemed by the King of Darkness as one of his successors greatly everyone.

“I will deliver this letter to the king, so you can just leave.” The Great Lord waved his hands in dismissal at them.

“Wait…” The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master’s eyes suddenly started flickering. “Grandfather, won’t you consider Su Yu’s reinforcement request?”

The Great Lord’s gaze became slightly gentle and warm. “There is no need to. We should use such a battle to have a proper look at his power. If he wins, then he will surely obtain the whole continent’s approval and will easily succeed to the throne of the Empire of Darkness. If he dies, then it just means that he wasn’t capable enough, which wouldn’t be worth caring about anyway then.”

The Heavenly Water Tower’s Master was flabbergasted. “Grandfather, are you sure about this? According to the news that we received, the Fifth Saint Master will lead an army of a thousand Half Fairy Realm experts, and his first battle will be against the northern continent. It’s for this matter that Su Yu has asked for reinforcements. Even if he was more powerful, it would be impossible for him to face a thousand soldiers army without any reinforcements.”

The Great Lord just smiled and didn’t reply. He then waved his sleeves in dismissal and said, “Enough. We should just calmly observe this battle. It will be reveal whether Su Yu is a dragon or just a worm.”

After the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master left, he spoke once again, “If we calculated the time that has passed, it should be almost time for the Intel Hall’s Hall Master to finish his mission of investigating the state of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. It will now depend on old men like us as to whether or not we can give the continent everlasting peace. So, all of you must properly prepare for this.”

After the Seven Lords Palace was closed once again, the Kingdom of Darkness resumed its past calm and peace. However, news that an extremely powerful otherworldly army would shortly come soon swept through the whole northern continent…

“The legendary most powerful Saint Master and a thousand Half Fairy Realm experts army is said to be arriving soon!”

“The northern continent is done for!”

“Even if it was protected by Alliance Master Su, they would still not manage to obstruct them.”

Fright and panic engulfed all of the people. They were all concerned about the great battle that would occur in the northern continent. They all wondered…

Could the famous Alliance Master Su keep such a disaster at bay?

The northern continent unknowingly became the center of the whole continent. When Su Yu returned to it, he passed by many panic-stricken people, all of whom were fleeing for their lives.

Such a sight caused his heart to become very heavy. He wondered…

How many people will be willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good and fight for the common people, while facing such a disaster?

Su Yu didn’t obstruct them, but returned to the empire’s branch, which was now the Heavenly Law Alliance’s headquarters.

Let’s kill them!

Before he even reached the city, he heard deafening cries, all of which seemed capable of shaking the earth.

“Did a battle occur?” Su Yu’s heart tightened, and he swiftly followed the sound of the cries.

He found that the Heavenly Law Alliance members were undergoing training and fighting each other. At the moment, they were practicing close-combat techniques.

Moreover, in the distant sky, a giant ring was floating, and more than a hundred people were pouring their Vital Energies into it. They were clearly practicing using the Energy Condensing Ring in preparation for the coming battle.

In fact, everywhere that he looked, he saw members of the Heavenly Law Alliance training and practicing. Not one of them slacked or fled, and they were all filled with the determination to face death. This would serve them well in the upcoming great battle.

Su Yu’s heavy heart became filled with gratitude as he witnessed such a sight. He was proud to see that these people were still willing to fight.

“Young master.” The Eighth Saint Master, Wu Hen, immediately rushed to Su Yu after he detected his arrival.

“Is it you who initiated their training?” Su Yu wore a faint smile as he asked the question. He could faintly detect that it seemed like this was a military training, and only someone from the army, like Wu Hen, could organize such a thing.

The Eighth Saint Master became somewhat restless as he answered, “Please forgive me for making not waiting for your permission. I just knew that the great battle would occur shortly, and my impatience made me incapable of waiting for you return.”

“Hehe, you don’t need to explain. I don’t care about the origin or background of the people I employ, and although you were once my enemy, I witnessed your performance in the fight against Xue Wu.” Su Yu sized up Wu Hen and contentedly nodded his head in approval. “After the Zhenlong Continent’s war comes to an end, I will free you.”

What? The Eighth Saint Master’s heart intensely thumped, and he became extremely excited. It seemed like a dream to think that he could still regain his freedom once again!

“I will surely do my utmost.” He clearly understood that, if he wanted to be freed by Su Yu, he must properly work for him, as opposed to doing so in secret.

“Now, convene the Heavenly Law Alliance’s high level members, as I have some important matters to announce,” said Su Yu.

Important matters? Did he succeed in getting reinforcements? Wu Hen was overjoyed at the anticipation of good news, and he immediately ran to inform the high level members in the training grounds.

At this time, Su Yu flew to the manor and gently landed before Xianer’s room. He found that she was cultivating, and her whole body was engulfed by a mysterious gentle aura. Her current cultivation level astounded Su Yu.

He had only left her for a few days, yet she had unexpectedly already advanced to the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm! When he left her, she was just in the One Crystal Half Fairy Realm!

“The Fairy King’s inheritance, which she got, is really extraordinary.” Su Yu was amazed.

At that moment, the Fairy King’s feather image appeared in his mind. That technique, which could heal destroyed Dantians, was outrageously amazing. As such, Su Yu could only be happy for her, as she had experienced such an amazing and fortuitous thing.

“Xianer, If I can survive the upcoming battle, I will surely marry you,” muttered Su Yu softly, as he didn’t dare disturb her. He then left quietly.

In the palace’s hall.

“Where did Elder Jiu go?” Su Yu asked after seeing that Elder Jiu and the other two people, who should have been here, had already disappeared. Now, only the Phoenix Master Qiu and Xia Jingyu, who were still asleep, remained.

“Alliance Master, Elder Jiu left last night, and it’s unknown where he went,” replied the guard who was keeping watch.

He left? Su Yu was confused by this, as Elder Jiu still hadn’t fully recovered from his injuries. So, it didn’t make sense as to why he would leave at such a time.

However, with his power, there were only a few things that could threaten him. So, there was no need to worry about him.

“Um… Search for him everywhere, and if you get any news about him, promptly report back to me,” ordered Su Yu as his gaze fell upon the Phoenix Master Qiu and Xia Jingyu.


At that moment, two jade boxes appeared on his palm. They had the Phoenix Tail Purple Fire Pill and the Peerless Moon Fall Pill, which could save the Phoenix Master Qiu, within them.

After he took them, he put them in her mouth. He then poured his Vital Energy into her to help her consume them.

With his senses, Su Yu was able to detect that the pills’ medicinal energy was quickly activating within Phoenix Master Qiu’s belly. Her belly was the place that had suffered the heaviest injury, and there was still an exquisite palm print on it, which was emitting a dangerous aura.

That palm should have taken her life, but for some unknown reason, she had been spared. After the medicinal energy converged within it, the palm print, which still hadn’t dissipated, even after half a month, started gradually disappearing.

“As her injuries have slightly recovered, it’s just a matter of time before she wakes up.” Su Yu let out a long breath.

Phoenix Master Qiu had once helped him. Moreover, he still needed her help to cultivate the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes. As such, her recovery was an auspicious omen.

Su Yu took several steps towards Xia Jingyu’s bed. As he sat beside her and held her slightly cold, soft hand, his heart throbbed in pain.

Xia Jingyu had suffered such heavy injuries all because she had wanted to pass news to him. Su Yu was already incapable of remembering how many favors he owed her, and it would be impossible for him to repay her adequately, even it he attempted to do so for the rest of his life. What was his most important regret was that he still hadn’t given her a reply for her confession of her feelings towards him.

“Jingyu…” Su Yu’s eyes were filled with regret, as he had already accepted Qin Xianer, and it would be impossible for him to accept Xia Jingyu. This meant that he would owe her even more.

As complex emotions welled up in his heart, Su Yu started checking her injuries once again. He saw that her injuries were already completely healed, so it was bewildering that she still hadn’t woken up yet.

“I hope that you can wake up before my and Qin Xianer’s wedding,” Su Yu absentmindedly muttered as he held her hand.


“Young master, all of the alliance’s high level members are assembled in the main hall.” Wu Hen stood before the gate and looked at Su Yu, who gazed at Xia Jingyu with an affectionate gaze.

After Su Yu came back to his senses, he lightly put down Xia Jingyu’s hand and slowly stood up. He then said, “Let’s go.”

What he didn’t know was that, after he left, the pinkie of Xia Jingyu, who had slept for such a long time, slightly twitched as a fine, warm sun ray streaked across it.

In the main hall.

Old Chen, the annihilation team, and several elders were calmly and quietly waiting in the main hall. As Su Yu entered, they all nodded at him in respect.

“Sirs, I will make such a long story short. A great battle will shortly occur, and all of you know already about such a matter, so there is no need for me to say anymore about it,” Su Yu said.

As Su Yu stood before them, he had a dignified expression on his face. His presence was majestic, and he seemed like a great king.

“Alliance Master, welcome back.” All of them respectfully greeted him in unison.

Su Yu waved his hand at them and said, “Spare me such formalities from now on, as we are pressed for time. So, I will immediately assign each of you his task.”

All of them became spirited upon hearing this. They wondered if Su Yu had succeeded in getting reinforcements from the Empire of Darkness.

“I should first inform you of the results of my trip to the Empire of Darkness.” Su Yu’s expression was calm and indifferent as he gazed at the people here. “Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get reinforcements like you had hoped. In fact, I didn’t even get one soldier.”

The expressions of all of the people stiffened when he spoke, while fright and panic overwhelmed their hearts. They knew that the most powerful otherworldly army would shortly arrive, and trying to obstruct it with just ten thousand people would be like trying to destroy a rock with an egg!

“You have already stopped caring about your deaths, so what do you still need to worry about? Even if we didn’t get reinforcements, don’t we still have ourselves?” Su Yu’s cold eyes flickered with a resplendent glow.

The people were sobered by his words and smiled bitterly. They had indeed already stopped caring about their deaths. He was right.

“This is the first matter of which I wanted to inform you of. The second matter is concerning your cultivation in the coming month. You should first retreat and make some space.” Su Yu swept over them with his gaze.

Old Chen and the others were dumbfounded, and while they were still confused, they retreated to create more space for him.

“That isn’t enough… Retreat even more,” said Su Yu after estimating the space.

Old Chen and the others were baffled by this, so they just simply left the hall, so that Su Yu would have the whole hall to himself.