The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 677

Chapter 677 Elder Jius Tribulation

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“This still seems like too small of a space. However, it should be large enough to place some things here.” As a pink mist suddenly appeared above Su Yu’s shoulder, a little pink kylin leapt out from it.

Under Su Yu’s instruction, it opened its tiny mouth. The seemingly small mouth emitted a shocking wave of spatial energy. A small hill that looked more like a patch of grass appeared out of its mouth. The patch of grass was growing in size and soon filled the entire palace!

At the same time, vibrant Spiritual Energy filled the air. It was so dense that it felt almost like the clouds were slowly liquifying. In that brief moment, the palace looked like a fairyland.

“Such dense Spiritual Energy!” Wuhen was also shocked as he looked at the palace.

The Spiritual Energy was spreading out quickly, and soon enough, everyone around the palace could feel it. Thereafter, the entire central region of the city was engulfed by it. In that brief span of time, the Spiritual Energy in the environment had increased by one fold!

“Woah! What is that? Are those all divine herbs?”

“Look! There are herbs in that patch of grass that can be used for cultivating! And… Look! It’s the Nine Jointed Spiritual Ginseng and the Spirit Sucking Worm, which can both be made into pure pills for cultivation! That would allow us to increase our cultivations as Half Fairies!”

Many people in the crowd were shocked. They all looked at the patch of grass as if they were in a dream. They could not believe what they were seeing.

“How could there be so many cultivation resources?” Wuhen asked in surprise. “Could the prince have made another trip to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?”

Su Yu laughed without addressing his question. “My mission for you is to select the most elite soldiers in the Heavenly Law Alliance. Then, give them as many resources as they require!”

Luo Xiong could not help but salivate. “Such an immense wealth of resources is not much different from the amount that was lost by the Heavenly Law Alliance. If we use them wisely, they will be sufficient to increase the entire annihilation team’s cultivation to the Three Crystals Half Fairies level!”

Hearing this, the older generation, including Old Chen, began to feel concerned. “Our lot has been cultivating for many years, and we are all much closer to the bottleneck. As such, we deserve to consume these resources first,” someone shouted.

These two opposing parties were undoubtedly the elite soldiers that Su Yu had just mentioned. This was a golden opportunity for them to break through to the Three Crystals Half Fairy level. As such, both parties were determined to fight for their rights at all costs.

“These resources are meant for the other alliance members. Why do you think you will lose out?” Su Yu snorted lightly. “I have more than a hundred times the amount of resources here. As such, there will be a sufficient amount for everyone to cultivate. Quickly, make arrangements to provide these resources to those who performed well in the last battle.”

Hearing this, Wuhen was stunned. After recollecting himself, Wuhen took in a breath of cool air.

Such a great amount of resources was surely greater than all of the resources in the Zhenlong Continent! He had to wonder if Su Yu had robbed the Empire of Darkness to obtain so many resources.

At the moment, both Old Chen and Luo Xiong were flustered. After all, the opportunity to advance to the Three Crystals Half Fairy level was right before their eyes!

Soon, all of the members in the alliance were called together. Not long after, the endless cultivation resources were handed out to the members. This activity had drawn the attentions of thousands of people, who were all cheering loudly and excitedly. After all, these were resources that many of them could only dream of.

This was especially true for those who had not even broken through to the Half Fairy level, as well as those who had been stuck at a certain realm for a long time. This was a fortuitous encounter!

“All hail Alliance Master Su!” someone shouted loudly.

The crowd immediately started chanting these same words over and over. Their passionate voices were filled with gratitude, respect, and a new sense of confidence. This allocation of resources continued for almost half a day.

In the palace, people like Old Chen were panting with exhaustion. However, everyone wore a happy expression.

“If these people are able to effectively use all of these resources, even if we cannot defeat the otherworldly army, we could still cause them a great deal of trouble if they were to try to annihilate us!” Luo Xiong exclaimed excitedly.

Old Chen was deep in thought. He then said, “According to my predictions, the resources that were handed out today should be enough to create a hundred Two Crystal Half Fairies. Now, we can finally fight against the otherworldly army in a fair battle. Moreover, if these resources are as sufficient as Su Yu says, we might even be able to create three hundred Two Crystal Half Fairies. This would give us an even greater chance of victory!”

Su Yu nodded in agreement. “There are plenty of resources left. In fact, some of the Two Crystal Half Fairies will even be able to reach the Three Crystals Half Fairy level. The Heavenly Law Alliance is full of geniuses from all over the world. Do not underestimate their innate talents.”

This piece of encouraging news put a smile on all of their faces.

Su Yu then added, “In fact, I expect even more from those of you who have already achieved the level of Two Crystals Half Fairy.”

As Su Yu casually took out another batch of resources, he looked very serious and said, “I hope that you can all work harder in the next half a month. I will provide you with endless resources in hopes that you can soon advance to the Three Crystals Half Fairy level. I will have another surprise waiting for you once that is accomplished!”

A surprise? Wuhen wondered what kind of surprise Su Yu was talking about. Could he be talking about bestowing us with some treasures?

Without giving them an opportunity to ask any further questions, Su Yu continued speaking, “Apart from that, I would like you to select a hundred folks from the alliance, who are good at shooting arrows. Then, train them to become experts at shooting arrows within a month.”

Arrows? Old Chen looked confused. “Alliance Master, although shooting arrows in a large battle is indeed useful, such a skill would not be very effective without suitable bows and arrows. Our Zhenlong Continent has only achieved a greater state in terms of Spiritual Energy. In terms of treasure, we cannot compete with the opponent. As such, all of our bows and arrows are of low-grade quality. So, I am afraid that we will not be able to fight against our enemy with arrows.”

Hearing this, Su Yu displayed a mysterious smile. “You only need to focus on the training. I will handle the logistics of making use of the experts in archery!”

Luo Xiong still had more questions to ask. However, right then, the sky some distance away turned dark all of a sudden. Streams of a dangerous aura began descending far away in the Nine Heavens.

With a focused gaze, one could see vague thunder in the distance. Thunderbolts of purple and white continuously fell from the sky and illuminated the world on the other side. A thundering sound could be heard swiftly thereafter, and the entire central region in the city could feel the vibration from it.

“What is happening? Have you ever experienced thunder like this?” A panicked voice could be heard in the crowd.

Most of the people here had never seen such odd and ferocious thunderbolts.

Wuhen’s eyes narrowed as he showed a look of surprise. “It is the disastrous thunder! Someone is going through the tribulation! Prince, is this an ally or a foe…?”

Wuhen looked very wary. However, when he turned around and asked the question, Su Yu had already disappeared!

Thousands of miles away, in a dense forest.

The wind was billowing wildly as the thunder continued. Most of the trees had been uprooted by the wild gusts of wind and were twirling about in the air.

A loud whistling sound could be heard as a thin, old man sat in a cross-legged manner above an ancient tree. His body looked very lean, as he had only just recovered from his injuries.

Right then, his hands were weaving signs as he sat above the tree. He looked like a statue as he faced the thunderbolts in the sky.


A loud rumble was heard as a white thunderbolt descended from the sky. The sound was deafeningly loud. The light from the thunderbolt seemed to engulf the entire world and was exceedingly frightening to watch.

The old man sat in a very calm manner. He then retrieved a colorful suit of armor from his bosom and began to put it on.


At that moment, the lightning struck the old man with great accuracy. At that same time, the destructive thunderbolt seemed to have hit an endless pit, as it had disappeared into thin air.

The colorful armor on the old man’s body looked as if it had darkened somewhat. Apart from that, it did not look like it had been affected. Seeing this, the old man smiled slightly.

However, the remaining thunderbolt appeared to be angered. A purple thunderbolt began to descend after a loud roar was heard.

This new thunderbolt seemed to be a few times more powerful than the white thunderbolt! Before it even reached the ground, a burning smell could be detected from the sky. The old man’s expression turned wary as a layer of Vital Energy appeared around him.


Then, the thunderbolt hit him and caused sparks of lightning and fire to burst forth into the surroundings.


This time, the old man felt as if he had been struck by the force of a mountain’s weight. His entire body was flung to one side immediately.

As he fixed his gaze on the colorful armor, he could see that it had been burnt badly! Oddly, the frightening thunderbolt seemed to have disappeared completely.

The old man started revolving his Vital Energy again as he swallowed some blood in his throat. He looked very determined. “There is one final disastrous thunder!” he yelled.

The final thunderbolt was red in color. It was the color of fresh blood and made him feel very uneasy. This thunderbolt was even stronger than the white and purple thunderbolts combined! However, this was also the final thunderbolt!

“Thunder Herb, I am counting on you!” the old man shouted in a low voice. This was the final thunderbolt that he would have to face.


The third thunderbolt began to descend with the might of an earth-shattering disastrous thunder. As a huge sea of flames appeared in the sky, everywhere the disastrous thunder passed through became burnt.

As it came closer, it looked like a thunderbolt that was a combination of lightning and flames. It was descending from the sky to annihilate all of the beings in the world!


The endless sea of flames emitted a loud roar.

Suddenly, the old man’s weak and thin body seemed like a moth that was being drawn to the thundering flames. The colorful armor on his body suddenly exploded into pieces!

A mouthful of blood came out from his mouth as his face turned pale. His chest had turned black from being burned so badly. He was nearly dead already!

The old man started spurting more blood. However, his face looked overjoyed. “Hahaha, I have succeeded in overcoming the tribulation!”

The first time he had tried to overcome the tribulation, he had been heavily injured by the Fifth Saint Master and was therefore unable to succeed. Now that he had recovered from his injuries, he was finally able to pass the tribulation!

The dark clouds in the sky gradually dissipated as a beam of light, which was full of Vital Energy, began to descend. This was the sign of his success in the tribulation and the clear marker of his achieving a breakthrough in his cultivation.

Once he received the Vital Energy from the light, his cultivation would surely increase significantly, thus allowing him to reach an even greater height! However, right then, the dissipating dark clouds suddenly stopped moving, while a blurry-looking hand that covered the sun swept across the sky.

The originally dissipating dark clouds were slowly reforming! At that moment, a frightening aura was coming from the dark clouds. Suddenly, a golden lightning bolt appeared!

The old man’s facial expression changed drastically as he lifted his gaze to the sky. He then shouted angrily, “Who is doing this?”

He was surprised that someone could control the skies and reform the thunderbolt. He had clearly succeeded in the tribulation, yet someone had intentionally manipulated the disastrous thunder!

The huge and blurry-looking hand was the culprit behind all of this! Although he had shouted at the top of his lungs, no one had answered him. The only reply that came was that odd golden lightning bolt!

The golden lightning bolt made the old man’s heart beat wildly. He felt as if he would be killed at any moment.

This dangerous lightning was far stronger than the earlier thunderbolts! If he were struck, the old man would surely be turned into dust!

“Who are you?” The old man asked furiously. He felt helpless in his heart as he looked at the golden lightning bolt in the sky. He could only belt out angry words towards the sky.

Who is the owner of that huge hand?


The sky remained quiet. The only reply that the old man received was that odd golden lightning bolt!