The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 678

Chapter 678 Fighting A Saint Master With Wits

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As it fell down, the world took on a golden luster. It seemed like the whole world would be melted by this golden luster, thus disappearing, along with the old man within it.

He still failed in passing his tribulation. However, at this moment, a multi-colored radiance suddenly appeared within the golden world. It had an extremely resplendent radiance, which crushed and overwhelmed the golden radiance.

After just a moment, the golden radiance disappeared. Soon after that, the multicolored radiance also gradually disappeared, and the world became clear and distinct once again.

The old man was startled by this, and his gaze closely followed the multi-colored radiance, till it returned to the multi-colored armor. A palm was holding the armor, and as it put the armor in front of the old man’s head, a trace of the golden disastrous thunder was still flowing within the palm.

“Su Yu, it’s you!” the old man cried out in alarm and disbelief. “Did you block the disastrous thunder?”

The person who saved him was none other than Su Yu!

“It was obviously me, Elder Jiu! Did you leave to pass your tribulation alone because you didn’t want the people within the city to be injured?” Su Yu calmly collected his Thunder Herb’s armor and turned to look at the old man, who was Elder Jiu, also known as Jiu Yuanzhou.

“Why do you also have Thunder Herbs? Moreover, from its qualities, it seems like your armor is more powerful than by mine by far.” Elder Jiu squinted his eyes.

If he remembered correctly, the Thunder Herbs in front of him were given to his disciple by a mysterious powerful youth in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, so he had to wonder why Su Yu possessed some old herbs that were exactly the same!

At this moment, the current of energy in the air started revolving and an extremely pure Vital Energy fell upon Elder Jiu, completely engulfing him. Elder Jiu could only temporarily give up pondering such a matter, as he had to concentrate on cultivating.

Su Yu had once said that he would help him in passing his tribulation, and he had finally managed to fulfill his promise today. While Elder Jiu was calmly cultivating, Su Yu used the time to examine his Thunder Herb Armor.

The eighty-year-old Thunder Herbs possessed the special ability of absorbing disastrous thunder, and his Thunder Herb had now aerobed the golden disastrous thunder.

If he just slightly touched it, several arcs of golden lightning, which emitted a dangerous aura, would flicker out of it. At the moment, Su Yu felt like even a thread of them would be capable of turning him into ashes.

“The golden disastrous thunder is a type of thunder that I have never seen before. The Zhenlong Continent really is filled with many hidden experts, and I should never have looked down upon it.” A peculiar glow flickered in Su Yu’s eyes as he witnessed with his own eyes the formless giant hand that had altered a heavenly tribulation.

He couldn’t help but recall how he had passed his tribulation at the edge of the ocean and advanced into the Heaven Master Realm. At that time, his heavenly tribulation was also strengthened by someone. But, it was fortunate that he had the Eternal Stone King Armor, which had enabled him to survive.

Now that he witnessed such a sight once again, he couldn’t help but wonder about who was intervening with the Zhenlong Continent’s heavenly tribulations. Such a person was surely one of their enemies.

Now that he was already at the peak of Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm, he would shortly face his tribulation. He was sure that it would not be easy.

“No matter who are you, don’t think that you can obstruct my path forward.” A determined look appeared in Su Yu’s eyes.

When he took a look at Elder Jiu, he found that it would take a long while for him to wake up, so he took the opportunity to enter the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

“Young master.” As Wu Aoyue immediately flew over to him and welcomed him, her pretty face was bright and shining.

Su Yu raised his brows as he swept his gaze over her. “Three crystals Half Fairy Realm? Your tribulation should be just around the corner.”

Wu Aoyue’s face was filled with joy. While she was in the Purple Cloud Palace, she never would have imagined that an Outer Sanctum’s disciple like her would one day have an opportunity of advancing into the Fairy Realm.

“Young master, it’s all thanks to you.” Wu Aoyue’s flattering speech expressed her true feelings.

Su Yu smiled and asked, “How’s the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo?”

When she heard him, delight appeared on Wu Aoyue’s face. “It’s already thirteen inches-long! when you checked it last time, it was only one inch-long, and after the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo matures, it will be ten feet-long! I believe that it will quickly mature, and at that time, you can get Jiuzhou’s number one divine bamboo.”

Wow! Su Yu was excited to hear that.

“Um, after you plant those seeds, we can probably harvest them in less than a month.” Su Yu took a jade bottle, which was filled with three hundred white seeds that were as beautiful as snowflakes.

Wu Aoyue was startled by the sight of it, and after she fixedly stared at it for a long while, her brows arched and her pretty eyes widened. She then covered her lips with both of her hands and asked, “Are those the legendary Cloud Galloping Horse’s seeds? Even in Jiuzhou, they are extremely rare objects that only exist in the Fairy Mountain.”

She then asked, “Where did you get so many seeds?”

Su Yu just smiled and said, “Plant those seeds and take good care of them. When they mature, I will give you one of them. It should be able to helping you advance to the Fairy Realm.”

Wu Aoyue was exhilarated when she heard him. Although there was just a small gap between Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm and the Fairy Realm, it felt like a wide chasm.

But, the extremely rare Cloud Galloping Horse was a mystical object, which could get rid of such a chasm. Such an unexpected and nice surprise delighted her.

In such a short time, she had advanced from the One Crystals Half Fairy Realm to the Fairy Realm. She had a smooth and easy way to it because of the abundant resources that she had access to. This was a privilege that only the Inner Sanctum disciples of the Purple Cloud Palace could enjoy.

Su Yu faintly smiled and put the jade bottle in her hands before he came to the front of the Underworld Pearl and used the Milky Way Star Sand to forcefully wipe off a drop of the Ghost World great emperor’s essence blood from it. He had already wiped a third of the Ghost World great emperor’s essence blood, and he was now already capable of slightly controlling it.

He felt that the pearl, which he was incapable of holding before, was now slightly lighter. Moreover, since it had fused with the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation’s blue bead, it would be easier for him to control it in the future.

After he finished examining it, he returned to Wu Aoyue, took hold of a dim silver bead, and asked, “Do you know what this is?”

While she was in the Purple Cloud Palace, Wu Aoyue had read many books, so she had a broad knowledge of many things. She was quite startled when she saw this, so she said, “The Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl? No… It seems like it’s just its embryo…”

She had really managed to recognize it!

“Do you know how it can become complete?” Su Yu asked.

Wu Aoyue shook her head for a while before she nodded and said, “There is a way, but no one has tried it before. The reason why it’s still just an embryo is because it’s short of natural spiritual properties, and if you want it to be complete, you need to imbue it with spiritual properties. The only way of achieving this is by fusing it with a Fairy artifact fragment. Only then can it become complete.”

Su Yu became somewhat downcast when he heard her, as he only had a prototype Fairy artifact, and he didn’t know where he could get a Fairy artifact fragment. This seemed like an almost impossible task. After all, ordinary people would surely not use a Fairy artifact fragment just to imbue spiritual proprietes into a Lightning Avoiding Silver Pearl.

He smiled bitterly, as it seemed like he had no hope of cultivating the Evil Destroying Silver Eyes. As such, he might really be obliged to live his life as a blind man.

“Fine, I understand, just take care of the nursery.” After Su Yu spoke, he returned to the outside world.

When he returned to it, he found that Elder Jiu was still cultivating. So, Su Yu just sat beside him and cultivated, while he kept watch over him.

After a long while, Su Yu opened his eyes, and as two resplendent glows shot out of them, a formless soul power caused several ripples in the air, which then spread throughout the surroundings. As they spread out, all of the living being that felt the ripples trembled in fear.

“The Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air Technique’s soul control level is really powerful and domineering.” Su Yu’s eyes were filled with satisfaction.

The Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air Technique first level, soul change, was clearly quite capable of increasing his soul’s power. The second level, soul control, was capable of letting him control experts with his soul.

However, there was a precondition that his target couldn’t try to resist it. Moreover, it was capable of letting him control an enemy who was a whole realm above him!

In others words, if Su Yu managed to advance into the Fairy Realm, he would be able to control a Divine Master. Such a fact was truly astounding and incredible!

The tyrannical nature of this technique could be faintly seen from its second level onward. Now, Su Yu’s mastery of it had barely reached its entry level, so he could only control one expert. But, since he never ran into an appropriate target, he still hadn’t used it until now.

Su Yu continurd cultivating for a while, while the Vital Energy that was falling from the sky lessened. At the same time, Elder Jiu’s cultivation was steadily rising, and he would soon advance to the next level.

Su Yu wonderd what Elder Jiu’s current cultivation level was. As he was pondering this, he suddenly raised his brows and looked in a direction that was several hundred meters from him. “Come out!” he shouted.

At that moment, a youth, who had his hands clasped behind his back and wore a bright faint smile, walked out from behind an old tree.

“Are you the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master? You really seem too weak, if so.” The youth wore a faint smile as he spoke.

Su Yu’s pupils slightly contracted. He had managed to detect his presence only after he was within several hundred meters of him. As it was possible for this person to so skillfully hide himself from detection, it showed that his strength was quite outstanding.

“A youthful appearance and an unusually powerful Fairy Realm cultivation… Let me guess who you are… You should be the Sixth Saint Master, who is keeping watch over the northern continent?”

The person before him was indeed the Sixth Saint Master, and his cultivation was at the Level Four Fairy Realm. The Sixth Saint Master was slightly astounded at his guess.

“You have excellent observation powers and a stable mind, as you managed to quickly hide your emotions. It’s obvious that you have vast experience in fighting, but you are still many times weaker than the rumors have said. It seems like luck played a major role in your fight against Xue Wu.”

Su Yu was wary of him, yet he still maintained a composed look as he spoke, “Luck? Perhaps that’s the case, but you didn’t come here just to talk about such past events with me…”

The Sixth Saint Master faintly smiled and said, “I came here to have a duel with you, but it’s a pity that you have a false reputation. As such, I have already lost any interest in it.”

The Sixth Saint Master’s faint smile seemed somewhat cruel. “However, I still managed to discover an interesting matter. Unexpectedly, someone is advancing to the Level Four Fairy Realm, so it’s fortunate that I came here in time.”

A Level Four Fairy Realm expert was a great threat to the otherworldly experts, and since he ran into one just who was trying to break through to such a realm, he certainly could not allow him to do so!

After he spoke, the Sixth Saint Master strode forward, leaving several afterimages behind him. It was difficult to discern which one of them was his true body.

“A Level Four Fairy Realm expert unexpectedly appeared among uncivilized ants like you? That’s really astonishing, but it’s a pity that he didn’t have any awareness of his status as a mere ant.” As the Sixth Saint Master coldly sneered, he appeared before Elder Jiu and swept his hand toward his forehead.

He then ruthlessly attacked him. He clearly wanted to kill him in just one move!


At such a precarious moment, a blue spirit ruler appeared around Elder Jiu, and it seemed like it was capable of predicting his attack’s track, as it appeared before his palm and obstructed it!

Thump! Thump!

The Sixth Saint Master retreated several steps, confusion appearing on his face. “A middle-grade spiritual artifact? Such an uncivilized land has such a high-grade magical treasure? That’s really surprising.”

“There is still more that will surprise you.” A cold sneer transmitted from behind him, while a lightning net that was made from disastrous thunder engulfed him.

The Sixth Saint Master was startled once again. “Wu Hen’s magical treasure really has fallen into your hands.”

Just after that, he leisurely waved his hands, and as his Vital Energy bombarded the net, it was swept away.

“A trifling lightning net can’t obstruct me.” The Sixth Saint Master’s gaze became ice-cold. “Since you want to die, I will help you.”

The Sixth Saint Master was also just at the Level Four Fairy Realm, yet he wasn’t suppressed or subdued by the disastrous thunder. From this fact alone, it could be seen just how outstanding his fighting prowess was.

“Is it?” Su Yu revealed a meaningful smile.

Hm? The Sixth Saint Master suddenly had a bad premonition, so he quickly retreated. But, just when he moved, two small golden swords, which were finely hidden within the lightning net, suddenly appeared before him.

“Two spiritual artifacts?” The Sixth Saint Master was surprised once again, and although he was taken by surprise by them, he still managed to nimbly dodge them.

His body twisted around as he barely dodged the two swords. Such a dangerous experience made the Sixth Saint Master’s heart become heavy.

At this moment, he started taking him seriously. “It’s no wonder than Xue Wu died at your hands! You are really somewhat skilled, but it will still come to end here…”

However, while he was still speaking, he felt a great sense of crisis. “Is there still another hidden attack left?” The Sixth Saint Master was startled, and he decisively moved away.


A scorching heat and severe pain was transmitted from his arm, from which blood splashed out. A small golden sword had suddenly teleported behind him and thrust at his heart!

It was only because he quickly reacted that he prevented it from penetrating his vital parts. He had also used his arm to block it, which explained the shallow cut that had just surfaced on his arm.

“Deceitful lad, I will kill you.” The Sixth Saint Master was extremely infatuated by him now, as the lad before him had many wily and deceitful means! Despite this lad’s extremely weak cultivation, he depended upon his magical treasures to suppress and overwhelm Su Yu.

Su Yu’s gaze was calm as he wore a faint smile. “Will you kill me? It should be better for you to care about yourself first.”

As he waved his hand, one of the small golden swords, which was smeared in blood, flew back to him. It had a faint white luster at its edges.

“Ahh!” The Sixth Saint Master suddenly cried out in pain, and he felt like his whole body would shortly explode.

“You smeared the sword with poison.” The Sixth Saint Master was greatly shocked.

The poison’s intensity was terrifying, and it had unexpectedly disregarded his Vital Energy obstruction, quickly spreading within his body. The flesh of each place that it spread to was immediately destroyed, and if it reached any vital parts like his heart, then he would surely die!


The Sixth Saint Master decisively flew away. He knew that he must find a safe place to try get to rid of the poison. Otherwise, he would be in grave danger.

Su Yu just stood in his place and didn’t pursue him.

“Why aren’t you pursuing him?” Although Elder Jiu was still breaking through, he could still feel the outside word’s situation, so he had transmitted his voice to Su Yu.

Su Yu gazed in the direction that the Sixth Saint Master fled as a faintly evil smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. “It’s because I want to prepare a great gift for the Fifth Saint Master…”