The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 679

Chapter 679 Fairy Level Cultivation Technique

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After half an hour, Elder Jiu slowly opened his eyes. As he did so, a stream of light came into his sight. It was accompanied by a gleeful smile. “I have finally recovered a layer of my cultivation!”

Su Yu pondered in his heart what Elder Jiu meant…

Did he used to have a very high level of cultivation? Is he slowly regaining his powers now?

Truthfully, Su Yu still did not know much about Elder Jiu’s true identity. But, it looked like he would have a chance to find out now.

“Young man, I owe you my life.” Elder Jiu gazed meaningfully at Su Yu. He seemed to be in the midst of making an important decision.

Su Yu shook his head lightly. “You have helped me in the past. This is just me returning a favor. Let’s consider this a clearing of the favors that we owe each other.”

“Hehe…” Elder Jiu laughed as he stood up and looked into the sky. “I am going to investigate a person’s identity. I will return in a month’s time. Meanwhile, please look after Dalei for me.”

Su Yu raised his eyebrows. As Elder Jiu wanted to investigate someone’s identity, he was curious as to who the person was. However, he would not stop Elder Jiu from leaving or pester him with questions.

“Alright, take care of yourself,” Su Yu said.

As he heard Su Yu’s words, Elder Jiu turned his head to look back at Su Yu. He looked as if he was trying to identify something from Su Yu’s body. After a brief moment, he sighed. “You seem to be highly regarded by a lot of important figures…”

Eh? Su Yu was very confused by his odd words.


At that moment, Elder Jiu retrieved an old scroll. Upon taking a closer look at it, Su Yu could see that it was the Heart Oath Scroll.

Before he had entered the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Elder Jiu had given him the Cosmos Thunder Sword. In return, Su Yu had promised to help Gang Dalei in his search for the Thunder Herb.

That was why he had established an oath with the Heart Oath Scroll. Now that he had accomplished his promise, Elder Jiu was returning the Heart Oath Scroll.

“This belongs to you now. Alright, I will take my leave.” After Elder Jiu left the Heart Oath Scroll behind, he leapt into the air.

Su Yu held the scroll in his hand and pondered in his heart…

Elder Jiu seemed to be conveying a deeper meaning with his words.

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with a bright light as he opened the Heart Oath Scroll. He surprisingly discovered that, apart from the oath that they had sworn to one another, there were additional rows of words within it that were written closely together.

In fact, there were more than a thousand words! As he quickly glanced through the words, Su Yu memorized every single one of them.

“The Nameless Palm Print?” The minute Su Yu saw this, he felt that it was odd. This was a cultivation technique that was related to palm techniques.

In terms of palm techniques, Su Yu had only come across such teachings when he was at the Xianyu Prefecture’s training institute. He had once learned the basics of the cultivation technique.

However, apart from that, he had never trained with the technique thereafter. Therefore, he was very surprised as to why Elder Jiu had left him with the palm technique. Upon closer inspection, Su Yu revealed a look of surprise on his face.

“A Fairy Level Cultivation Technique scroll?” Su Yu shouted in surprise.

Su Yu knew how difficult it was to acquire a Fairy Level Cultivation Technique. Even when he was in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion and had met many experts from Jiuzhou, he had never seen one of them use a Fairy Level Cultivation Technique. Thus, the Legendary Cultivation Technique was already a rare sight!

The only Fairy Level Cultivation Technique Su Yu had been exposed to was the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture that he had acquired in the Mysterious Heavenly’s place of legacy. The Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture had an astounding might. The remnant disastrous flame that it contained could even burn a Divine Master!

This cultivation technique that was left behind by Elder Jiu was truly terrifying and shocking! Su Yu’s heart thumped wildly. This Elder Jiu was indeed no ordinary person!

After a while, Su Yu gradually calmed down and started to thoroughly examine the cultivation technique. The scroll did not have a name. It seemed that Elder Jiu had removed the palm technique’s name from it.

The Fairy Level Cultivation Technique was clearly different from all of the other cultivation techniques that Su Yu had come across before this. The Legendary Cultivation Technique was categorized into different levels, including the Entry Realm, the Lower Realm, the Upper Realm and the Top Realm. However, the Fairy Level Cultivation Technique was even more extensively categorized.

“Nameless Palm Print… The first level is split into Great Yin Palm, Great Sun Palm, and Divine God Palm,” Su Yu read aloud.

Each level was split into three different moves, which was vastly different from the other cultivation techniques.

“Such a level of detail means that every move must be very difficult to cultivate!” Su Yu murmured as his eyes lit up. He felt very excited!

This was the first time he would truly learn how to use a Fairy Level Cultivation Technique. Although he had the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture, he had always used it as a treasure rather than a cultivation technique due to his lack of understanding.

Now that he had the mysterious palm technique scroll before him, Su Yu was very excited. If he could complete the cultivation in a month, he would be able to surprise his enemies in the great battle!

Trying to suppress his excitement, Su Yu carefully tucked the Heart Oath Scroll away. His gaze then turned towards a certain direction as a mysterious smile appeared on his face. “It should be about time now,” he murmured.

Several thousands of miles away, a white mist slowly spread across a hidden valley. This white mist was killing everything in its path.

Beneath a big tree, a young man with distinguished features was lying on the ground. His face had a purple hue to it, as he had exhausted himself from trying to exert his Vital Energy.

“Based on my calculations, even if a Grade Four Fairy is able to suppress the Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison, he would still be left in a horrible state. Now that he has fainted, things have become much easier for me.” Su Yu landed above the tree as a smile appeared on his face.

As he came to stand in front of the Sixth Saint Master, Su Yu weaved a symbol with his hand. As he did so, a vibrant soul energy emanated from Su Yu’s body and a huge figure vaguely appeared behind his back.

It was as tall as a small mountain! However, the figure looked very blurry and one could not see its facial features clearly.

The only thing that could be clearly observed was the sun, moon, and stars that were revolving above its head. A splendid light covered its entire body. From afar, it looked like the son of the universe was standing behind Su Yu!

As Su Yu noticed the odd scene behind him, his smile became even more mysterious. Not long after that, he completed weaving the symbol.

At that moment, the mighty figure emitted a bright light that was filled with soul energy from its right eye. The bright light entered the spot in between the Sixth Saint Master’s brows. But, he was unaware of this, as he had passed out.

“I hope that you will give me a pleasant surprise,” Su Yu said as he laughed lightly. He then floated away.

After several hours, the Sixth Saint Master slowly regained consciousness. The purplish hue on his face had diminished somewhat, as more than half of the poison had been removed.

“The Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison. Young man, you actually plotted against me! I will make sure you suffer greatly!” As the Sixth Saint Master slowly got up, he felt extremely angry.

As a Grade Four Fairy, he had nearly died at the hands of a Half Fairy. It was a huge embarrassment!

Su Yu had returned to the headquarters. Upon his arrival, he immediately announced that he wanted to seclude himself for the foreseeable future.

Such a decision did not surprise many people. After all, with the battle that would soon come, many others had decided to cultivate in seclusion as well.

This was especially true for those who had acquired resources. Most of these people were trying to break through to the next level of cultivation.

As such, all the members of the Heavenly Law Alliance became quiet during this period of intense cultivation. However, it became so quiet that it was almost uncomfortable.

Everyone knew this was the calm before the storm, and this knowing caused a shapeless pressure to spread into everyone’s hearts. Those who could not bear the pressure decisively opted to leave the city with their family members in tow.

“Old Chen, are we not going to stop them?” Luo Xiong asked.

He was the leader of the annihilation team. The annihilation team was the last line of defense, and they were constantly taking turns to cultivate, while also remaining alert to the happenings in the city.

Old Chen shook his head as he stood on the city wall. “There is no need to. We cannot even protect ourselves, let alone these people.”

Luo Xiong became silent for a moment. He hesitated before speaking, “One more thing, Old Chen. We have caught three defectors from the alliance.”

He had mixed feelings about the matter. The three defectors used to fight with them and were their comrades in the alliance. They had worked together to achieve the Zhenlong Continent’s first victory. Now that the three defectors could not withstand the pressure of the Fifth Saint Master’s impending arrival, they had opted to escape.

Half a month had already passed since the last great battle. The high spirits of the people had already dwindled. Some of the less courageous ones were beginning to show their true colors.

Old Chen’s body shook slightly. He slowly closed his eyes and retrieved a note from his sleeve.

“Alliance Master Su left this with me before he went into seclusion,” Old Chen said.

When Luo Xiong took opened the note, he saw a line of words that made his jaw drop…

All defectors shall be killed without exception. Their dismembered heads will be displayed in public for all to see!

Luo Xiong shivered. “But, they did contribute greatly in the past…”

Old Chen looked at him with a determined look and said, “We still have to punish them harshly. We cannot allow the spirits of our people to dwindle, as it would cause the downfall of our entire army. If we allow the three of them to escape, more people will also try to escape. Then, if they all escape, we will certainly lose in the battle to come!”

He shook his head, then said, “If that happens, all our past sacrifices will have been in vain! As such, we must not allow anyone to escape! Alliance Master Su foresaw this trouble, which is exactly why he made this decision beforehand.”

Hearing this, Luo Xiong felt conflicted. However, he knew in his heart that there was no reason to hesitate any longer.

“I understand. I will do as instructed immediately.” Luo Xiong nodded as he left with a longsword in his hand.

Within that same day, three dismembered heads were hung in front of the city’s wall to warn others of the consequences of defecting. Since then, although a few people still made futile attempts, there was no large-scale or organized defection.

As the time of battle drew closer, the pressure grew even more suffocating. After half a month had passed, two more elders had defected!

Up until that time, there were only five elders who had remained, including Old Chen. However, two of them had suddenly chose to escape together!

The news caused a huge buzz in the Heavenly Law Alliance. After all, if the elders were so frightened, how was a normal alliance member supposed to feel?

“Old Chen, I have already executed them,” Luo Xiong said. He seemed to have been injured rather heavily during the process. Killing two elders was definitely no easy feat for him and the rest of the annihilation team.

Old Chen quietly closed his eyes. Upon taking a closer look, one could see that his lips were trembling. The two elders were his good friends, and they had all been through thick and thin together for over a hundred years.

They did not even try to escape when the Heavenly Law Alliance was nearly destroyed. Instead, they had courageously fought against Xie Wu in the great battle.

In the end, they had chosen to escape. As for Old Chen, he had been the one who had to make the call to kill them both. As such, before the battle had even officially started, the spilling of blood had already occurred.

“Display their heads to the public,” Old Chen said with a trembling voice. His tone was a mixture of pain and determination.

The time of war was getting closer and closer. Then, 10 days passed in the blink of an eye.

Luo Xiong wore an exhausted expression. There were patches of dried blood all over his clothes.

It was not that he did not bother to wipe it off, there were simply too many people that he had to kill. No matter how hard he worked to clean the blood, there would always be more to follow.

“They were 10 more people who defected. I have killed them all,” Luo Xiong said with a hoarse voice.

Now that the day of the battle was so close, a lot of people had started panicking. Unfortunately, they only expected this panic to increase as the days went by.

“I need to see Alliance Master Su.” As it was a very crucial moment, Old Chen and Luo Xiong could no longer keep things under control.

They soon arrived before Su Yu’s room, where he had remained in seclusion all this time.

Old Chen said with a low and hoarse voice, “Alliance Master Su, I have something to report to you.”


The big door opened at his request.

However, the person who appeared was not Su Yu, but a beautiful lady with a sleek figure and a strikingly beautiful face. Her beautiful eyes held a cold glimmer within them.

“Are you no longer able to keep things in order?” the cool and beautiful lady asked. Her voice and tone were as cold as her personality.