The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 68

Chapter 68: The strongest enemy

"Junior Liu, it looks like we have an arrogant newcomer. How about I take your place?" Besides the female youth stood a male youth of Level Six Peak.

He was ranked ninth of the prospective Holy Disciples, Zhang Mingyi. His appearance was normal, but he glanced at Junior Liu with a shred of passion.

"No need," Junior Liu shook her head to refuse and sighed, "Perhaps I'm not suited for the heavy competition of the Sanctuary. I'll probably get eliminated in the Storm Competition in a month's time."

Storm Competition? Zhang Mingyi's gaze turned stern, visibly anxious.

With a look of worry on her face, Junior Liu exchanged moves with Feng Hao.

Feng Hao's specialty was movement techniques and fist techniques, powerful yet flexible.

"Mountain Crumbling Fist!" Feng Hao let out a low howl, his figure appeared to be floating.

His movement technique was fast and powerful; he was like a ferocious tiger, full of explosive power without any loss of agility.

His fists danced in the air, circled by a faint red aura.

It was as if a meteor fell from the sky, burning wildly and emanating radiance, destroying everything in its path.


The air choked and trembled!

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were both surprised!

A Saint Level cultivation technique of the lower class!

In the Fenglin empire Du Yuntian, widely regarded as the top talent, had only achieved the top class level of an advanced level technique. Feng Hao from the Luori empire had managed to cultivate a Saint Level technique! Both were the top of their empire's demon students, but Feng Hao was overwhelmingly stronger than Du Yuntian!

Feng Hao may not be well liked, but is abilities were the real deal!

Junior Liu was calm as she extended a jade-like finger.

Her finger was crystalline and icy. A piercing cold encircled her finger.


The air around her finger immediately filled with frost, it was hypnotic.

The air within a one-hundred feet radius around her became colder.

Even Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, who were not in the battle, felt the chill in the air.

A Saint Level technique at Stage Two Top Class!

Zhang Mingyi was filled with praise, "Junior Liu's perceptive ability is superb. A branch of the Deity Level Icy Heart Core, the Saint Level technique Nine Styles of Jade Unicorn, cultivated by her to Stage Two Top Class."

Su Yu, Xia Jingyu, and the multiple prospective Holy Disciples were all surprised!

How difficult was it to understand a Saint Level technique? Gaining insight into Stage One Lower Class would boost your abilities by a large amount. But, in the Heavenly Sanctuary, a Saint Level technique at Stage Two Top Tier only ranked tenth out of ten!

The massive difference in standards gave the audience a fear of the Holy Talents; the lowest ranked talent was already this powerful, what about the abilities of the top prospective Holy Disciples?

What about the abilities of full-fledged Holy Disciples?

Also, there were even more powerful techniques than Saint Level techniques, Deity Level techniques?

Feng Hao's look of confidence was replaced with fear. He was a wolf approaching a small rabbit, only to see the rabbit had been a ferocious tiger all along.



Feng Hao flew back several meters and a metallic taste rose in his throat.

Junior Liu still stood in her original position. She peacefully retracted her finger without any visible joy from her victory.

In her eyes, Feng hao was not even worth mentioning. Her victory had no need for celebration. On the contrary, a deep feeling of anxiety and unrest shown in her eyes. "My level of abilities will surely get me eliminated in the Storm Competition," She pitifully whispered.

The Storm Competition. It was the second time Su Yu heard her mention it.

Just what was the Storm Competition? Junior Liu, despite being so powerful, was sure she would be eliminated?

Zhang Mingyi looked down at the defeated Feng Hao, the corner of his mouth pointed downward. "Newcomers, before eating proper food, you guys should learn how to eat dog food!"

With that, he swept his gaze past Su Yu and the other newcomers. Though, his gaze stopped at Xia Jingyu's petite body. Zhang Mingyi was obviously shocked by her fairy-like appearance.

Xia Jingyu was slightly disgusted. She did not like Zhang Mingyi's behavior and gaze.

"Hah, though, of course, if this little beauty wants it, your senior here would not mind sharing some of my food." Zhang MIngyi took in Xia Jingyu's appearance with his eyes. He did not bother to hide his lecherous intent.

He had some respect for Junior Liu, for the gap between their abilities was not large.

But Xia Jingyu was much weaker, so he did not bother to censor his words and gaze.


A purple figure blocked the slender figure and shielded her from Zhang Mingyi's gaze.

"Jingyu, I'll take a serving of food for you," Su Yu turned his head. Xia Jingyu was obviously angered by Zhang Mingyi.

Power truly meant everything in the Heavenly Sanctuary. Bullying a newcomer was actually tolerated!

As she listened to Su Yu's words, Xia Jingyu was gratefulbut smiled and shook her head. "There's no need, I am not that spoilt, I can eat a bun. Furthermore, if I decide I want that food, I will use my own power to get it."

Su Yu shook his head, "I understand that you are strong and independent. But to bear humiliation and plan for the future is an important survival skill."

Seeing her worried face, Su Yu laughed casually, "Furthermore, considering our relationship, do you think to share food with me counts as humiliation?"

"Alright! I'll pay you back one day." Xia Jingyu had been convinced. She blinked her eyes, and he cheeks blushed as she wondered; what exactly is our relationship?

In the past, they had slept in the same bed. Su Yu had said that he would give her an explanation after dealing with the Duke of Xianyu's crisis as well as Xianer's engagement.

Today, only Xianer's engagement remained unresolved.

Xia Jingyu's maiden heart thumped wildly. She knew that she would have to face their engagement someday, but she was still afraid.

Feng Hao was humiliated.

Seeing Su Yu overestimate his own abilities, he smirked coldly, "I would advise you to not underestimate them. Even I was defeated, you have no chance."

"You were incompetent," Su Yu replied, cold and direct.

Feng Hao was furious and did not mask his belittlement of Su Yu. "You, with the surname Suentering the Heavenly Sanctuary has made you arrogant. Do you really think you are invincible? You don't have the right to challenge Senior Liu."

Even though Feng Hao had been defeated, at least his skill had garnered him a chanceSu Yu meant even less in this world than him.

Su Yu took a big step forward without turning back. "I want to correct two points. First, you are the arrogant one. The one defeated by Senior Liu was you, not me! Second, who said that I was challenging Senior Liu?" He coldly asked.


Su Yu turned and fixed his gaze on Zhang Mingyi!

"Your food, I want it. As for you, you can eat dog food." Su Yu took a big step toward Zhang Mingyi.

The other newcomers, as well as the senior disciples, were all dumbfounded. Feng Hao's Level Six Upper Tier abilities were defeated Senior Liu, ranked tenth. Su Yu, at Level Five Peak, now wanted to challenge Zhang Mingyia whole rank higher than Senior Liu?!

Su Yu was being emotional. He wanted to fight on behalf of Xia Jingyu, but he wasn't thinking straight.

"A lunatic without sense or fear!" Feng Hao said with disdain.

Zhang Mingyi was surprised. He obviously did not expect a newcomer to dare challenge him.

"Heh, junioryou are very confident. Let me, your senior, give you a headstart." Zhang Mingyi was relaxed, but hidden within him was a shred of disdain. Su Yu had upset him when he had blocked Xia Jungyu from his gaze.

Su Yu shook his head and stepped forward, "I would advise you, don't underestimate me."

Zhang Mingyi laughed darkly. He desperately wanted to teach Su Yu a lesson but did not want to bring judgment upon himself for mistreating a newcomer. Shockingly, Su Yu had justified a rough treatmentnow Zhang Mingyi didn't have to hold back.

"Hah, fine. I won't hold back."

Zhang Mingyi's gaze turned cold as he lifted his fingers and a mysterious rhythm circled between them

It floated between realities; it was as if his finger was from another realman illusion.

Gradually, Zhang Mingyi's entire body slipped into another realm, dissociated from the mortal world.

"Medium Level Holy Decree!" Junior Liu's expression was composed of envy and admiration. When she glanced at Su Yu, she had a look of pity. It looked like Zhang Mingyi really wanted to teach Su Yu a lesson, going so far as to use his Holy Decree.

The Sanctuary was like that. Power meant everything.

If you did not want to be humiliated and be considered worse than a dog, then you must work hard on your cultivation!

"Finger From Another Realm!"


His finger was as if it was from another realm and alternated between realities. It painted a scene that seemed far away and picturesqueit intoxicated all those who saw it, drawing them into its illusion.


The attack could cause heaven and earth to rumble and rivers to boil.

It was as if the Finger From Another Realm would destroy galaxies.

Su Yu was calm.


Suddenly, Su Yu entered the picturesque realm. He floated like a celestial being through the clouds, dissociated from the mortal world.

But, Su Yu did not deliberately use his Heavenly Finger. Instead, he flailed his hand and caused the mysterious scene to wrap around his body.

At that moment, Zhang Mingyi became a character in Su Yu's painting.


Su Yu spread out an ordinary palm.

The finger and palm collided.

Rumble, crash


Zhang Mingyi's cold eyes filled with shock. He spat out a mouthful of blood, unable to control his body. Zhang Mingyi stepped back with a few thuds. Unstable, he fell down onto his back.

"Advanced Level Holy Decree?" Zhang Mingyi realized in shock; a look of respect and fear filled his eyes.

Senior Liu rubbed her lips in disbelief and shock.

The senior disciples broke out into chatter.

Ranked ninth of the top ten prospective Holy Disciples, Zhang Mingyi had been defeated with a single strike from a newly inducted prospective Holy Disciple!

Su Yu remained impassive. He took Zhang Mingyi's food and left with Xia Jingyu, back to their yard.

"Who is he?" Su Yu had become infamous after just one battle; the senior disciples wanted to find out more about him.

Finally, they heard from Feng Hao, whose face had turned pale as a sheet, that he was Su Yu, from the Fenglin empire!

Back in their room, Su Yu sat opposite Xia Jingyu. They opened up the food only to realize that it was all consumable treasures considered rare in the mortal world. For example, the Jade Fire Marrow that Su Yu had obtained was but a side ingredient in these rations.

The main ingredient held an incredible energy; they had never seen such an ingredient. A mere mouthful made Su Yu and Xia Jingyu feel their cultivation level rise.

There was a good amount of food. Coupled with Xia Jingyu's small appetite, there was just enough to share between the two of them.


After the meal, Su Yu stretched, his energy replenished. His cultivation level had obviously improved. Consuming the food for a few more days would allow him to break through into Level Six.

Xia Jingyu was already at Level Five Upper Tier. After the meal, she had immediately had a breakthrough to Level Five Peak! Her expression was surprised.

Her first day in the Sanctuary had allowed her stagnated cultivation level to achieve a breakthrough. Xia Jingyu was elated, her heart filled with gratitude. She looked at Su Yu and flashed an innocent and pure smile, "Su Yu, thank you."

Su Yu's heart was excited as he calmly waved a hand. "The Sanctuary has plenty of resources, much more than the mortal world. If we practice hard, we will definitely surpass our former selves!"

A single meal was already terrifyingly powerfulit was hard to imagine what other resources the Sanctuary may have.

Before their meal, Su Yu had been anxiousthe idea of Fenghuang Valley had weighed heavily on his mind.

But, after he witnessed what an ordinary meal could do for him, he was filled with hope.

Fenghuang Valley, do not attempt to keep me from Xianer!

After a few years of practice in the Sanctuary, he would fear no one!

Xia Jingyu smiled. She really liked her days now, as she practiced together with Su Yu, as they improved together.

Su Yu felt the same. In his heart, Xia Jingyu was perfect. She had a mild temperament but was also steadfast. She was beautiful, too. No one could fault her in any way; every man would want such a wife.

But the thought passed through his mind in a flash, and Su Yu secretly shook his head. Xianer was alone in a faraway land, how could he think of another lady? Furthermore, his feelings towards Xia Jingyu were those of gratitude. He did not want to complicate things and sully her innocence and nobility.


The sound of a huge impact came from the yard.

Su Yu lifted his brows and exited the room. A slender youth stood in the yard.

His eyes were cold.

Su Yu felt like he remembered him from somewhere.

"You are Su Yu?" The person called him out sternly.

Su Yu calmly nodded his head, "Is anything the matter?"

"I am Du Lin; I think, by now, you would know why I have come for you!" Between Du Lin's eyebrows was a dark energya subtle, murderous intent.

Du Lin?

Xia Jingyu's expression changed as she flew out from the room to stand beside Su Yu.

"The matter with Du Yuntian had been resolved by Senior Qiu. Are you not happy with the senior's decision?"

Du Lin was the one who had entered the Sanctuary before Du Yuntian. They were brothers!

According to his results last year, he should have been sent to the Mortal Sanctuary. But, unexpectedly, he had appeared herein the Heavenly Sanctuary.

His cultivation level caused Su Yu and Xia Jingyu's expressions to turn grave.

Level Seven Upper Tier!

He was even more powerful than Fang Yun. Neither Su Yu nor Xia Jingyu could match him!

"Don't use Senior Qiu to frighten me! I came here today, not for revenge, but to learn from Su Yu. I heard that you are the strongest in the Feng Lin empire. I want to know exactly how strong you are!" While Du Lin said that he was here to learn, his tone made it clear that he was here for revenge!

He did not hate Qiu Changjian, for he did not know who Qiu Changjian was. But, he knew Su Yu, and he was stronger than Su Yuso he hated him!

These events had attracted some attention; several disciples stopped to watch.

"Du Lin? That genius Mortal Sanctuary disciple?"

"When he came here, he was just a Mortal Sanctuary disciple. But, in just a year he was already ranked fifth of the prospective Holy Disciples. His abilities are terrifying."

Feng Hao was gloating. Su Yu had attracted too much attention, which attracted stronger bullies.

Power was everything in the Heavenly Sanctuary. As long as there was no killing nor maiming, a challenge could be made anywhere!

Xia Jingyu was furious, "Du Lin! Do not force everyone to do your will. You know very well why your brother was killed, why use this as an excuse for revenge?"

"Scram! I was not looking for you!" Du Lin spat.

Du Lin threatened Su Yu with an electrifying gaze, "Today you will accept my challengeeven if you do not wish to!"

The aura of a Level Seven Upper Tier blanketed the surroundings.

Du Lin was being forceful and barbaric, which angered Su Yu. Did he have to bear such humiliations just because he was weaker? If he just had a little time, he would surely catch up to Du Lin.

But, Su Yu had no timehe had to challenge Du Lin today, even with such an improbable victory.

Su Yu would rather die standing than live on his knees. He would earn his pride and respect himself.

"If you wish to battle, then we shall!" Su Yu's purple robe billowed and his black hair danced in the wind.

His starlike eyes showed no trace of fearonly a ferocious determination emanated from him.

Su Yu stepped forward, thunderbolts manifesting in his palm. He conjured a small black sword with his eyes and entered his picturesque realm.

Wind gathered under his feet. He was formless as he walked on light and clutched clouds.

Su Yu utilized everything he had learned as he made the first movethis would be the most powerful enemy he had ever faced!

You want to teach me a lesson? Prepare to lose some teeth!