The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 680

Chapter 680 Collectively Passing The Tribulation

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Old Chen was startled as he asked, “Who are you?”


The woman didn’t reply. She held a shining multi-colored armor in her left hand and a ring that was made of black jade in her right hand.

How could the armored Old Chen not recognize the black jade ring? It was Su Yu’s symbol, after all!

“Convene all of the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, as well as the first three hundred people who advanced to Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm. My young master has prepared something for them,”Old Chen instructed the woman.

Old Chen was astonished.

Why did such a cold and elegant woman appear in Su Yu’s room?

However, since she had Su Yu’s symbolic item, he complied with her orders, even though he was still suspicious of her.

After half a day.

The cold and elegant woman stood proudly in the main hall, and as the sun’s rays shone upon her alluring body, it gave her an even more mysterious air.

“Who are you? Where is Alliance Master Su, and why are you taking his place?” Zi Yunxiang asked.

She was one of the people who had convened here, and although she still hadn’t broken through to the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm, she was among the first batch of people to have advanced to the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm. She was extremely displeased when she saw the cold and elegant woman.

“I’m Wu Aoyue. Since my young master is in secluded cultivation, he let me replace him.” Wu Aoyue replied with extremely brief words to the slightly hostile young woman.

Su Yu was really outstanding, as even such a delicate and pretty woman, with such an outstanding bearing would fall in love with him.

“I’m asking you what your relationship with Alliance Master Su is?” Zi Yunxian felt hostility in Wu Aoyue’s tone, so she immediately questioned her.

It was fine if it was Qin Xianer or Xia Jingyu, as they were already acquainted with Su Yu for a long time, but no one knew where this Wu Aoyue had come from, nor why she could replace him.

Moreover, she was being extremely secretive regarding their relationship. For these reasons, Zi Yunxiang was extremely unwilling to accept her.

Wu Aoyue calmly looked at her and said, “My young master didn’t ask me to announce our relationship, so there is no need for me to reply to such a question.”

“You…” Zi Yunxiang was so angered that her face became somewhat flushed and she bit her rosy lips. She then stared at Wu Aoyue without blinking.

All of the people here understood that these two women were rivals with each other, and they couldn’t help but secretly chuckle.

“If you don’t have any other questions, then I will execute my young master’s plans on his behalf,” Wu Aoyue said.

When she swept over the people with her gaze, it fell upon Old Chen and the two people who were beside him. “Elder, you should use it first. Take those objects. You have just one day to refine it. It’s up to you whether you can succeed in refining it or not.”

As she snapped her fair fingers several times, three lively ponies fell on their palms. Old Chen was startled when he saw the lively pony on his palm, so he asked, “What is this creature?”

The other people were also startled. In fact, not a single person recognized the creature.

“It’s obviously just food,” Wu Aoyue said calmly.

“Food…” The expressions of Old Chen and the others stiffened, as they found themselves at a loss when they were asked to eat such a creature while it was still alive!

The pupils of Wu Hen, who was calmly observing Wu Aoyue, contracted at this moment. “It is a Cloud Galloping Horse. Moreover, there are three of them!”

His eyes were filled with shock and surprise. The sight of the shocked Wu Hen astonished Old Chen and the others, as in their eyes, Wu Hen was always a lofty and composed expert. So, it was their first time witnessing him revealing such a shocked expression.

As the three of them took a glance at each other, they all became aware of how amazing this Cloud Galloping Horse really was. They felt that they had better hurry up, as it might be taken by someone.

So, they didn’t dare wait any longer. The three Cloud Galloping Horses were swallowed in one mouthful by them, right before Wu Hen’s gaze, which was filled with regret and anxiety.

This startled Old Chen and the other two people. Old Chen then said, “What a powerful spiritual power!”


A clap of thunder resounded in the sky..

“Will he really pass his tribulation?” All of the people were dumbfounded.

Old Chen had advanced to the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm just several days ago, and he would still need to cultivate for several years before nearing the Fairy Realm and passing his tribulation.

However, after he swallowed the Cloud Galloping Horse, he immediately started passing his tribulation! Such an astounding scene shocked all of them.

“Well, it’s faster than I expected! All of those who will pass their tribulations should immediately leave for a forest that is a thousand miles from here. I will also go there after a while,” Wu Aoyue calmly instructed them. It seemed like she didn’t really take his tribulation seriously.

Old Chen was both overjoyed and frightened, as he didn’t make any preparations for passing such a tribulation. He didn’t know that such a matter would occur, and he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry at this moment.

After all, no one would have dreamed that, after carelessly eating a pony, he would immediately start facing his tribulation! He was quite restless and anxious at this moment, so he immediately left.

The other two elders were also overjoyed and worried. They knew that, after they reached their current realm’s peak, their tribulation would shortly descend. After a moment, the three of them flew away.

“Annihilation team, step forward,” Wu Aoyue spoke coldly before she swept her fair finger over her ring. At that moment, fifteen Cloud Galloping Horses immediately flew over to each member’s hand.

“Fifteen? Even the Black Shadow Guard doesn’t have such a great number of them…” Wu Hen sucked in a breath of cold air.

If he wasn’t so wary of Wu Aoyue’s status, he might have already charged at her and stolen them. In his eyes, Cloud Galloping Horses should be used only by Fairy Realm experts, as they were precious spiritual objects, which could let them advance by a level. As such, he found it extremely wasteful to use it on Half Fairy experts, just so that they could pass their tribulations.

Moreover, in Jiuzhou, Cloud Galloping Horses were objects that all Fairy Realm experts longed for day and night, so for mere Half Fairy Realm experts to get a share of them seemed utterly preposterous! He was now shocked and anxious, as even after such a grand number of them had been distributed, he still didn’t get his share!

After Luo Xiong and the others, all of whom had witnessed the change of Old Chen and the two elders, got a Cloud Galloping Horse, they became so excited that their whole bodies shook all over. All of them swallowed the horses without giving it a second thought.

They had also just recently reached the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm because of their huge amount of resources. Although, in the past, they were just patrol guards, they were also some of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s greatest geniuses. As such, it wasn’t surprising that they had managed to reach such a realm.


Two claps of thunder immediately resounded as the team leader, Luo Xiong, and Li Cheng faced their tribulations.

“Go to the forest that is a thousand miles from here,” Wu Aoyue calmly instructed them.

The overjoyed pair led the annihilation team’s members and left. Such a scene stirred the hearts of all of the people here, as fifteen people would shortly face their tribulations at the same time. This was a matter that had never once occurred since the dawn of time!

“Master Lin, Housemaster Zi, my young master prepared a share for both of you.” Wu Aoyue’s tone became more polite as she spoke to them, as Master Lin and Housemaster Zi were both people who Su Yu respected very much.

They were overjoyed when they received their shares, and even Master Lin, who was always calm and composed, started heartily laughing at this moment. He then said, “I never once expected that someone like me could advance to the Fairy Realm one day. Su Yu is still a person who can create miracles!”

Housemaster Zi was also deeply moved, and he faintly sighed. “It’s a pity that Alliance Master Long is still in a coma and can’t advance with us.”

Wu Aoyue revealed a faint smile. “Sirs, please be relieved. My young master will surely not forget his share or the Phoenix Master Qiu’s.”

After he heard her assurance, Housemaster Zi became more relaxed. He then traveled a thousand miles from here, along with Master Lin.

“Gang Dalei, take it.” After Wu Aoyue scanned the surroundings with her gaze, she looked at Gang Dalei and threw a Cloud Galloping Horse at him.

After he had cultivated for a long period, he had already advanced from the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm to the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm.

“Hehe, I knew that brother Su Yu would not forget me when he became the Alliance Master.” Gang Dalei chuckled and held the horse as he flew outside of the city. He seemed extremely confident after successfully passing his tribulation.

Wu Aoyue started scanning the surroundings with her gaze once again. “You, you, and you too… the three of you are the last Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts. Take this and wait for me a thousand miles from here.”

Among the remaining people here were the extremely talented people, who had managed to cultivate from the One Crystal Half Fairy Realm to the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm, and the three of them all got a Cloud Galloping Horse. Such a scene made the other talented youths became somewhat resentful.

The three of them were overjoyed, and they all quickly left. The people who were left now were just Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts.

“You also have a share. Each one of you will get just one, and if any of you dares to disobey this limit, then he will be deprived of his share.” Wu Aoyue calmly said.

As she waved her fair hand, many Cloud Galloping Horses sprinkled down like rain. This scene caused Wu Hen’s eyeballs to almost fall out of their sockets!

At this moment, he even felt like he was probably not in the Zhenlong Continent, but in one of Jiuzhou’s fairylands! Otherwise, such a number of Cloud Galloping Horses could surely not appear!

After they fought over them for a while, each of the people got one of them. The people were overjoyed because of such an unexpected surprise, so no one dared take more than one.

“All of you should go cultivate.” Wu Aoyue waved her hand in dismissal at them, and all of them left except for one of them.

“What? Don’t you want it?” Wu Aoyue looked at the young girl in front of her with a gaze that was filled with mockery.

Tears glittered in Zi Yunxiang’s eyes. She wanted to weep, but she just fixedly looked at Wu Aoyue with her pretty eyes.

“Hehe! Do you resent me, or do you resent yourself?” It seemed like Wu Aoyue’s gaze was capable of seeing through Zi Yunxiang’s innermost feelings. “Do you resent yourself because I will shortly reach the Fairy Realm, while you will just stay at the Half Fairy Realm?”

Wu Aoyue was at the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm, and she had already passed her tribulation. Hence, it was just a matter of time before she reached the Fairy Realm. On the other hand, Zi Yunxiang would still be at the Half Fairy Realm.

As such, there would soon be a great disparity between her and Wu Aoyue. It could be easily seen that she wasn’t willing for the disparity between her and her new enemy to become any greater.

“I don’t need you to care about me, as I don’t want anything from you.” Zi Yunxiang stubbornly fought off her tears and turned around.

Wu Aoyue shrugged her shoulders and said, “I didn’t plan to give you anything anyway.” It was obvious that she didn’t prepare anything for Zi Yunxiang from the fact that there weren’t anymore Cloud Galloping Horses left.

“You!” Zi Yungxiang was infuriated by her, and she became somewhat aggrieved. She felt like she was being bullied by her, and tears fell from her eyes uncontrollably.

“Hehe…” A soft chuckle transmitted to her ears. “Fine, I have teased you enough, so just take it. My young master instructed me to personally give it to you.”

As she turned her hand over, she took out another horse, then threw it at Zi Yunxiang. She immediately became lively and spirited once again after she heard Wu Aoyue say that Su Yu had instructed her to personally give it to her!

After she got over her embarrassment, she opened her red and swollen eyes and said angrily, “It’s the alliance master Su who gave it to me, not you!”

Even though she hesitated for a while, she still took it. She then turned around and left.

Before she left, Wu Aoyue’s soft sigh transmitted to her ears. “Give up on him, as he has a boundless future and will never belong to you.”

Zi Yunxiang’s body shook, then stiffened for a moment before she raised her foot and strode out. “it’s none of your business…”

No one knew that, when she left the hall, there were tears streaming down her face. She was devastated, as she had no idea that Su Yu loved someone else! But, she still had a desire and hope in her heart…

Wu Aoyue shook her head as she watched Zi Yunxiang leave. Her eyes were filled with sympathy.

“Miss, didn’t the young master still have some other instructions?” When just the two of them were left in the hall, Wu Hen couldn’t quell his longing any longer.

Wu Aoyue looked back at him will a faint smile, “There is obviously a reason why my young master left you till last. He still has another mission for you…”


Wu Aoyue threw a Cloud Galloping Horse at him, then took out a sealed note and said, “The mission is described on this note, and after consuming the Cloud Galloping Horse, no matter if you passed a tribulation or not, you still need to open the note.”

Wu Hen was extremely excited at this moment. After all, a Cloud Galloping Horse was a precious treasure, which he didn’t get even when he was among the Black Shadow Guard! At this moment, he didn’t care where did Su Yu got such a grand number of Cloud Galloping Horses, as it was enough for him to know that he got a great fortuitous chance because of it!

“Understood.” Wu Hen cupped his fists at her, then went to convene with the others a thousand miles from here.

As there was no one else left in the hall, Wu Aoyue strode forward and left. After a short while, Wu Aoyue, who was now before Qin Xianer’s room, calmly observed the room for a moment.

“Is she still cultivating?” Complex emotions appeared in Wu Aoyue’s eyes. “I really want to have a look at his fiancee’s appearance.”

She collected the Cloud Galloping Horse that she had prepared for Qin Xianer, then turned around and left after taking a look inside the room. She softly sighed. “She’s really a lucky girl.”

After she spoke, she flew up, and gazed at the terrifying number of disastrous thunders in a place thousand mile from her, “Now, let’s witness the magnificent sight of dozens of people passing their tribulation at the same time.”