The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 681

Chapter 681 The Final Battle

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A thousand miles away, the sky appeared to have turned into the color of black ink. It was as dark as the night and one could not even see his own fingers that were right in front of him. The world seemed to have entered an endless pit of darkness.

The darkness that spread across the sky quickened one’s heartbeat to the point of suffocation. At this time, there was a thundering sound that was similar to the roaring of a wild beast. It was almost as if a cruel beast was biding its time until it could enter the world of darkness to engulf every live spirit within it.

Everyone felt like they had been sealed in a black cage and were about to fall prey to a cruel beast. Drops of cold sweat seeped through their pores and wet the back of their clothes.

The joy of arriving at the stage of tribulation had been wiped away by the daunting sounds of thunder. They all stood still like livestock that were waiting to be butchered.

If they lived, they would turn into Fairies and be able to soar among the elites of the continent. But, if they died, they would turn into dust and be removed from the world!


The sound of thunder was getting very close, when all of a sudden, a white disastrous thunder that was the width of one’s wrist came down from the sky. It looked like a huge python that had made its way into a black cage!

The thunder was so bright that it blinded everyone who looked its way.


Everyone’s heart jerked as they anticipated the thunderbolt’s arrival. This was Old Chen’s disastrous thunder!


Yet another thunderbolt came from the sky. This time, it was accompanied by a purple light that carried with it a destructive aura that caused everyone to shiver. Luo Xiong’s disastrous thunder had also arrived!



Thunderbolts were coming down one after the other, each one just a few seconds apart. They kept the world illuminated for some time.

As the Cloud Galloping Horses were gradually digested, more and more people who were facing their tribulations appeared.

There were lightning bolts of various colors appearing in the sky constantly. The darkened atmosphere had been transformed into one that was filled with bright and colorful lights.

However, nobody felt at ease. Instead, they were even more frightened. This was because the thunder represented the universe’s intention to annihilate them.

At that moment, it was the universe and not their enemies that wanted to suppress them and prevent them from acquiring an unusual power. After all, the very essence of facing the tribulation was the act of fighting against the universe.

They were all completely defenseless. A single strand of disastrous thunder was capable of turning each of them into dust. In fact, each of them had to face three strands of disastrous thunder!

Forget about people like Old Chen, who had never experienced a tribulation, but even Wuhen’s heart was beating wildly as he anticipated the tribulation with great fear.

“This is a sight rare, even in Jiuzhou. I never thought that I would see something like this in the Zhenlong Continent.” Wuhen laughed dryly. “I wonder what kind of method the prince has to be able to help so many people face their tribulations at the same time? The difficulty of this challenge is as great as facing the tribulation in the level of a Later Stage Fairy.”

Sensing the disastrous thunder that was about to hit him, Wuhen could not help but laugh bitterly. If Su Yu’s preparation for this did not pay off, Wuhen would surely die here.

However, if Su Yu succeeded, Wuhen would be able to break through as a Grade Four Fairy. His ranking would then reach the sixth place among the Black Shadow Guards.

As such, there were clearly equal measures of risk and reward. So, he figured that he would have to give it a shot!

“It is almost time.” As Wu Aoyue spoke, she stood quietly in the center of the crowd, while holding the colorful armor in her palm.

The heart of her palm was wet with sweat and her beautiful pupils shone brightly. Her matured breasts showed off her beautiful curvature under the flashing lights of the thunder.


The white thunderbolt was the first to strike. It looked like a meteorite as fell from the sky, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

The only difference was that, although a meteorite was pretty, it was harmlessly beautiful. In contrast, though the thunderbolt was pretty, it could kill someone in an instant!

“Go!” Wu Aoyue shouted as her gaze locked onto the disastrous thunder.

She then tossed the colorful armor into the air to block the white disastrous thunder. She had remembered that when Elder Jiu was going through his tribulation, the ferocious thunderbolt was instantly absorbed into the armor and had vanished soundlessly.

“Everyone, stand around me,” Wu Aoyue said as she let out a long sigh of relief.

She had crafted the Thunder Herb Armor with her own bare hands. Its might of having existed for over eighty years was truly astounding and had far exceeded her expectations.

Wu Aoyue’s confidence suddenly grew multiple times after she witnessed the armor’s might. She was even more encouraged by the crowd that had swiftly gathered around her. As the group of people stood close to each other, the thunderbolts gathered around them within a one mile radius.


A jaw-dropping scene appeared before the people in the central region of the city at that moment. The thunderbolts came down one after the other in a unilateral direction.

The continuous streaks of thunderbolts made it appear as if the sky and the earth were joined as one! A colorful light on the surface of the ground seemed like an endless pit that quietly withstood the merciless strikes of the thunderbolts again and again.

This scene lasted for nearly half an hour. As the shocking thunder continued to shake the central region of the city, countless bricks had fallen off of the houses in the city. Some older houses, which had not been repaired, had even collapsed completely!

The epic scene was witnessed by everyone within ten thousand miles. After half an hour, as one final thunderbolt disappeared, the universe began to slowly return to a state of normalcy.

However, the people in the central region of the city still had not recovered from the shock that they had just experienced. This was especially the case for the Two Crystal Half Fairies who had acquired the Cloud Galloping Horse.

They felt a mixture of hate and envy in their hearts as they both looked into the distance. Once the tribulations were over, the gap between their cultivations would be as great as the distance between heaven and earth.

Amid the crowd, Zi Yunxiang was biting her lip. She looked very disappointed.

“It’s my turn,” Wu Aoyue exclaimed excitedly as she swallowed the Cloud Galloping Horse. She had waited for this moment for far too long.

As expected, the disastrous thunder came and went with ease. She did not even have time to think through the process.

However, her emotions of surprise and joy came through in the form of tears in her eyes. She had finally advanced to the Fairy level!

There was an uproar as the crowd laughed and danced around as if they were all drunk. The crowd had lost all control.

They were unable to describe the emotions that they were currently feeling. They had finally achieved the legendary level of Fairy in the Zhenlong Continent!

Thereafter, as the dark clouds dissipated, beams of dreamlike light engulfed everyone who had gone through the tribulation. Then, streams of a strong Fairy aura suddenly appeared before spreading out all over the place, immediately dissipating the pressure that everyone had been feeling.

Seeing this, the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members all cheered loudly. They had initially felt hopeless about the upcoming battle, but now, with the large number of Fairies who had just been created, they felt a new ray of hope!

Right then, they believed that they could actually fight against the Fifth Saint Master’s big army! Amid the cheers, Wu Aoyue led the group of people back to the city.

“Now, I will announce the prince’s next instruction. All Fairies must now seclude themselves and not appear before the battle has begun!” Wu Aoyue announced.

Under the order, Old Chen, the annihilation team, Zi Donglai and Gang Dalei all went into hiding.

“Wuhen, you may now have a look at the note that the prince left for you.” After everyone had gone, Wu Aoyue asked Wuhen to stay behind so that she could speak with him alone.

Wuhen’s heart shuddered slightly as he wondered what kind of mission Su Yu had for him alone. As he opened up the note, he only saw a single sentence.

After reading the note, Wuhen’s facial expression changed drastically. “He wants me to defect from the Heavenly Law Alliance?”

Wu Aoyue nodded. “This is the prince’s arrangement for you. You must disassociate yourself from the Heavenly Law Alliance to prevent future trouble.”

“Is the prince worried that we may lose the battle? Is that why he wants me to help out secretly?” As Wuhen asked the question, he looked as if he had just realized something.

Unexpectedly, Wu Aoyue shook her head lightly. “No, the prince is certain of our victory in this battle! What I will say next were the words used by the prince himself, so listen carefully…’If anything happens to me, please bring Qin Xianer and Xia Jingyu somewhere far away and keep them safe.’”

Wuhen’s eyes flashed with surprise. “Did the prince sense that something was going to happen to him? Why would he leave such a note?”

“I do not know. Perhaps the prince knows many things that we do not.” Wu Aoyue sighed deeply.

The note that Su Yu had suddenly left behind led the two of them to believe that something frightening would soon happen in the Zhenlong Continent. The joy they felt from overcoming their tribulations had vanished completely as the two pondered this in silence.

“Alright, you should leave now. I will announce that you have defected from the Heavenly Law Alliance. From today onward, the Heavenly Law Alliance will see you as a criminal, so look after yourself,” Wu Aoyue said as she lifted her palm and slapped it against her own abdomen.

With the use of her Vital Energy, she had caused a heavy injury to her vital organs. She immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Throughout the whole ordeal, she had not even furrowed her brows once.

“Today, the Eighth Saint Master Wuhen has broken the seal that was placed by Su Yu after breaking through to the next level of cultivation. He injured me before escaping,” Wu Aoyue said coldly.

Wuhen kept quiet as he looked at the central region of the city with mixed feelings. After a brief moment, he adjusted his clothes, cupped his fists, and bowed respectfully as he spoke, “Please inform the prince that I will definitely return his favor. Even if I am not controlled by the seal that he placed, I will still fulfill my duties if anything happens to him.”

After he finished speaking, Wuhen walked away.


Wu Aoyue coughed out more blood. Only then did her face reveal a pained expression. She then walked back to the central region of the city with severe injuries.

Upon her arrival, the news soon spread like wildfire throughout the whole city. The slave that Alliance Master Su had accepted had attacked Wu Aoyue before escaping! This was all because he had managed to break the seal when he broke through to the next level of cultivation!

The news instantly dimmed the joy that they had felt earlier from the successful tribulations of their people. At the same time, everyone felt a great hatred fill their hearts.

“Alliance Master Su treated him very fairly! Su Yu never touched a hair on his head, even though he was from the other world! Su Yu even gave him a Cloud Galloping Horse so that he could cultivate and break through to the next level. In the end, he chose to defect, and he even hurt one of our Fairies!”

“We should have known that any person who was not from our clan would behave like this. He is someone from the other world, after all. We should not have trusted him!”

“If our Heavenly Law Alliance takes over the continent one day, I will certainly kill this person myself!”

In the secluded room.

“Prince, I have done as you instructed,” Wu Aoyue said.

Su Yu slowly opened his eyes. Su Yu had not shown himself in more than half a month. During this time, he had become much thinner, and his originally vibrant-looking silver hair had now turned dull.

He even looked somewhat exhausted. The blood vessels in his eyes were also somewhat inflamed.

“Come over and sit down before me,” Su Yu said with a hoarse voice.

Wu Aoyue dared not disobey him. She sat in a cross-legged manner in front of Su Yu as her heart beat wildly.

Soon, a warm pair of hands landed on her back gently. Wu Aoyue’s body shivered as her face turned red. She instinctively tried to draw herself away from Su Yu.

However, before she could react, a stream of warm Vital Energy entered her body and moved towards her abdomen. It was healing her damaged vital organs.

“Sorry for the trouble,” Su Yu said with a hoarse voice.

Wu Aoyue was stunned. It was clear that Su Yu was already exhausted, yet he was still willing to expend his Vital Energy to heal her. She had to wonder…

Am I worth the trouble? After all, I’m only a lowly female slave…

At that moment, she felt something shaking in her heart. It felt as if something was about to drop out of it!

“I can do it myself,” Wu Aoyue said as she leaned forward gently and adjusted her position. She ended up sitting somewhere behind Su Yu as she started to heal herself.

Su Yu retrieved his palms as he closed his eyes once again. He then continued to cultivate without uttering a single word.

During this past month, he had tried to cultivate the Nameless Palm Print. After many attempts, he had nearly used up all of his Vital Energy.

However, he had still not been able to master it. For some time, he thought that he had been able to grasp something. However, during other times, he felt like he had grasped nothing at all.

“If only Jingyu was here.” Su Yu sighed gently.

If he had the help of Xia Jingyu’s inhuman level of comprehension, he might have fared much better. As the thought slipped past his mind, Su Yu closed his eyes and continued to cultivate.

In a cloud, ten thousand miles away.

“Third Lord, the army is ready. We have a group of three hundred Half Fairies and another group of ten thousand Half Gods awaiting your orders.” In the cloud, a pavilion that shone with a bright light was floating in the air.

Inside the pavilion, a young man with a pale face was leisurely drinking some alcohol.

“Alright, tell them to stay in hiding and not make any moves.” The Third Lord smiled thoughtfully as he spoke.

“As you wish,” the commander before him said before he bowed and left.

“Su Yu, let me see how long someone unusual like you can last in such a disaster,” the Third Lord murmured to himself as he laughed coldly.

As a great disaster was about to arrive, the continent was slowly beginning to hum with a wild energy. News about the Fifth Saint Master appearing with a huge army to completely destroy the continent had spread to all corners of the world.

After hearing this news, a sense of fear and hopelessness had filled everyone’s hearts. It was as if they could already see the Zhenlong Continent being dominated completely.

Those who had nowhere to hide would be killed mercilessly. The entire continent would be drenched in blood.

Nevertheless, there was still a stronghold of the Heavenly Law Alliance in the northern continent. Although they seemed to have already achieved something unbeatable in the past, many people still hoped that a miracle could happen yet again.

Despite this, the two parties’ capabilities still differed far too greatly. There were merely a few Two Crystals Half Fairies in the Heavenly Law Alliance, while the enemy’s army had thousands of them! On top of that, the enemy’s army was led by the powerful Fifth Saint Master from the other world.

This was a battle that would see the destruction of the continent. Unless the Empire of Darkness came to its aid, the Zhenlong Continent would certainly be destroyed.

Time passed very slowly amid this tense atmosphere. One day, two days, three days…

Then, one fine day, the Zhenlong Continent started vibrating. It felt like an earthquake , and it also seemed like the entire world was shaking.

All of the live spirits felt that something was amiss. There was an added measure of some odd aura in the air, which was bitter and sticky. As it entangled itself with the Spiritual Energy in the air, the two became inseparable.

The grass and trees began to turn dark as the odd aura seeped into them. The smaller beings, like ants and other bugs, all fell to the ground before they died. The odd aura had arrived in the continent soundlessly and had shaken the entire continent.

In the Empire of Darkness.

At the mountain’s peak with nine levels of space, there was a man in a black robe who was at the tip of a cloud. At the moment, he was looking towards the skies. His eyes seemed to house the sun and the moon as his gaze pierced through the veil of the skies.

“It is finally here. I have waited for so long!” the man in the black robe said. His voice sounded like a thunder as it roared through the sky.

In the Seven Lords Palace, the seven spaces had already opened. Six old men, all dressed in black robes, were standing respectfully as they heard the rumbling sound.

“The King of Darkness is also ready.” The leader of the group was an older man, who looked somewhat similar to the Heavenly Water Tower’s Master. He looked very determined.

“We must depart immediately, as Su Yu will not be able to hold them off for long,” another old man said softly.

“Once the Heavenly Law Alliance is annihilated, we still have the big army that is led by the Third Lord. He can buy us some time,” the old man with a long beard said pitifully.

The six people then became silent for a while.

Then, the Great Lord, who was their leader, said with a low voice, “The survival and peace of the Zhenlong Continent depends on us! We must do everything in our power to seal the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. We must disconnect the Zhenlong Continent from the other world, so the sacrifices of the Heavenly Law Alliance and the big army that is led by the Third Lord will not go to waste!”

The Second Lord nodded as he also spoke in a low voice, “The Empire of Darkness has endured ceaseless insults as we waited for this moment to arrive. We will now seal the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds while the Fifth Saint Master is away with his army. We must succeed!”

He spoke the truth. The Empire of Darkness had not moved an inch because their people were waiting for the golden opportunity to strike.

They would now use Su Yu as bait to draw the enemy away, while they sealed the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds away for good. This was all a part of their plan!

In their eyes, Su Yu was destined to die through his failure. The big army of ten thousand soldiers was also a sacrifice that they had to make to in order to buy them more time to execute their plan.

The only way they could make up for the loss of their brethren was to seal the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds!