The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 682

Chapter 682 Meeting Once Again On The Battlefield

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“It’s really a pity. Su Yu had an astonishing talent, and he may have even become a successor, where he would have devoted his efforts and life for the Empire of Darkness. I even once wanted to personally teach him.” The Second Lord sighed in regret.

The Second Lord then added, “However, by sacrificing himself for the Zhenlong Continent, his name will forever be remembered throughout the ages.”

The Great Lord sighed too. “Each man should be obliged to sacrifice himself for the greater good, at least while the continent is facing such a great crisis. I believe that, if he knows about all of this in the underworld, he will surely contentedly accept it. Let’s set off.”

As a quaking occurred, the nine layers seal of the Empire of Darkness’s Giant Summit, was once again opened. An army of a hundred thousand soldiers rushed out of it like a flood, then charged toward a direction opposite of the northern continent.

In an uninhabited and barren island in the ocean, Wu Hen, who wore a bamboo hat, furrowed his brows as he gazed at the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. He was filled with complex emotions as he observed the northern continent. He kept his silent as he trod on the waves, then left.

In the continent’s Yinyu Area, Yinyu Manor.

The Yinyu Area had once suffered Xue Wu’s assault, and many of its buildings had been destroyed. Many residents had also left at this time, so it was now just deserted ruins.

Before the crumbling fences and dilapidated walls, Elder Jiu watched as a spirited old man was quietly sweeping and cleaning the ruins. He was concentrating hard and was devoted to his task.

The old man was calm and composed, which seemed quite out of place here, In fact, the appearance of the old man was extremely odd.

“Should I call you the Yinyu Manor’s housekeeper, Fan Haisheng, or should I respectfully call you ‘Your Excellency?’” Su Yu sucked in a breath of air, while staring at Fan Haisheng.

The old man stopped his work and raised his aged face. If Su Yu was here, he would have surely recognized this old man as the Yinyu Manor’s housekeeper, Fan Haisheng. Su Yu had once had a feeling that he was perhap a profound and powerful expert, like Yun Yazi.

“You can call me what you wish, as such a status is already a part of the past.” Fan Haisheng carefreely smiled at Elder Jiu. “Jiu Yuanzhou, did you come to look for me for something?” Jiu Yuanzhou was Elder Jiu’s true name.

Elder Jiu furrowed his brows. “As The Zhenlong Continent suffers such a disaster, will you really continue to be this indifferent and aloof? You were, after all, the…”

Fan Haisheng smiled bitterly as he interrupted him. “It’s a foreordained disaster and tribulation, and I’m powerless in the face of it…”

Elder Jiu took a deep look at him, then sighed. His facial expression was filled with grief and helplessness. “I understand, I just came to ask you about someone. Who is Ling Xiaotian? You observed and supervised the continent for ten thousand years, so you should know.”

Fan Haisheng was still calm and composed. “I know who is he. He’s a person, like me, someone who fled from a calamity and hid himself. He should have already fulfilled the task that he was entrusted with, so most likely left the Zhenlong Continent to seek revenge elsewhere.” Fan Haisheng didn’t explain this to him in any great detail.

Elder Jiu nodded. “Understood. It’s fine as long as he isn’t an enemy.”

At this moment, Elder Jiu suddenly furrowed his brows and looked to the sky.

“What an odd aura? What are the otherworldly people trying to do?” Elder Jiu spoke in a deep voice, while he pinched his fingers and held a wisp of air between them.

Fan Haisheng didn’t reply, but picked up his broom and continued sweeping.

“I will leaven now…” Elder Jiu averted his gaze and took a last look at Fan Haisheng. “You should take care of yourself.”

When his voice rang out, he Fan Haisheng to continue sweeping this place alone.

In a secret room in the central city.

Su Yu slowly opened his eyes, and as he stretched out his hand, he held a wisp of the air within it. “What an odd aura,” he muttered.

His eyes were different from ordinary people’s, and he could clearly see the odd aura that mingled in the air and polluted it. It was present in each wisp of the air and was an all-consuming life force. Even when it fell on his palm, it was still absorbing life force, yet he was capable of obstructing its effects with his Spiritual Energy.

“The Fifth Saint Master should have come out by now.” Su Yu slowly stood up. If someone looked at him carefully, he would notice a faintly discernible halo flickering behind his head.

Wu Aoyue opened her bright eyes and said, “I will fight with you.”

Su Yu waved his hands at her in dismissal. “Look after Qin Xianer and Xia Jingyu for me.”

He then strode out of the secret room. As he walked, sun rays shone upon his cheeks and fell upon his bright, yet already blind eyes.

“Welcome back, Alliance Master.” Deafening cries echoed out in unison.

A great number of people were inside and outside of the manor, and they were all greeting him. As they respectfully welcomed him, their cries seemed like they would shake even the clouds in the sky.

“Did you already finish preparing for the war? ” Su Yu asked in a deep voice as he faced them.

“Yes. We won’t regret fighting, even if we end up dead!” The undying fighting spirit and the will of the people replied to him.

They had decided that they would all fight for the continent, as well as for their friends, their wives, their children and their parents. They would give the people a future that they could look forward to.

“Good! We shouldn’t regret it, even if we all end up dead. As long as we have such resolve, we will surely win.” Su Yu floated in mid-air as his resonant voice stirred the crowd.

“We will surely win.” The crowd shouted in unison. Their voices were majestic, like giant waves, and their passions were as warm as fire!

“Then, let’s prepare for the fight! Let’s fight for our future.” A resplendent glow flickered in Su Yu’s eyes.

“We won’t regret it, even if we end up dead, and we are all resolved to fight them.” Many firm and resolute eyes became extremely bright and glittering, even though the fighting hadn’t yet begun.

The crowd of ten thousand people dispersed, and they all went to their battle stations to prepare for the upcoming fight. Archers, swordsmen, cultivators and scouts were all on standby. As they held their breaths and concentrated, they calmly waited for the final fight to begin.

This was the fight that would decide the continent’s fate, and it was a fight for their survival. This fight would decide the fate of all of the continent’s living beings.

The odd aura in the air was becoming denser, while the enemies were gradually approaching them. After two hours passed, a scout, who was sent by them to investigate the enemies’ situation, appeared in the sunny and cloudless sky. This scout never returned to the enemies camp…

After four hours passed, another scout was sent out. He also didn’t manage to come return. After six hours passed, another scout was sent by them, who also did not return.

After twelve hours had passed, six scouts had been sent, yet none of them had managed to come back. The scouts were all chosen by the Three Crystals Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, who were adept in hiding and fleeing techniques, yet none of these scouts had managed to come back.

It was noon now, yet all of the people here felt like the sky had already become dim and gloomy. It was as if a formless shadow had engulfed them.

Even though there should have been a great distance between them, none of the scouts had managed to come back alive. This revealed the power of their enemies, which made them become somewhat restless and uneasy.

After another six hours had passed, the sky became dusky and nightfall finally neared. After the sun fell, the starry sky, which had been engulfed by the sun’s resplendent rays, emitted its distinctive radiance.

A bright full moon hung in the blue dome of heaven, and it sprinkled serene rays upon the armored soldiers. A blue light, armors, soldiers, and a bright moon… Such a scene seemed like it was frozen in time, and it stirred one’s emotions.

Su Yu eyes slowly snapped open as he said, “They’re coming.”

There were several black dots in the sky that were quickly approaching them.

They emitted a sonorous sound as they streaked across the sky, and they had a powerful and imposing aura.

However, they weren’t enemies, but were just six heads that had been pierced by a lance. All of the scouts had been killed! None of them had managed to escape!


There was the sound of some people clenching their fists. They were all angered, aggrieved, and pained by this sight, and they thirsted for revenge!


A person flewin from the distant sky at that moment. He was an odd, armored man, who had an extremely muscular and robust build. He had six lances. He was clearly the person who threw the heads at them!

“I don’t want to know who your commander is, just listen and obey. You have two choices… You can be mercilessly slaughtered, or you can surrender. You have just three breaths’ time to make your choice.” The robust youngster swept over them with his ice-cold gaze and spoke in an apathetic tone. He clearly looked down upon the people here.

Su Yu calmly looked at him and asked, “Did they entreat you to spare them? If you don’t reply, then I will count it as you confirming it is so.”

“Shut up and make a choice! One…” The robust youngster calmly looked at them, then uttered a number to initiate the countdown.

Su Yu remained calm and composed. “Is it you who beheaded them? If you don’t reply, then I will count it as a confirmation.”

Su Yu slowly stood up. “And… The last question… Did you use just a third of your power? If you don’t reply, then I will count it as a yes.”

“Three… Your time had come to an end.” The robust youngster opened his eyes and looked at them ferociously. “The Fifth Saint Master gave you an opportunity to surrender, and I’m really sorry, but now, your fate is doomed.”

After he spoke, the robust youngster turned around and swaggered off.


Some sound of movement echoed from behind him, and as he turned his head back, he saw out of the corners of his eyes that the silver-haired commander had grabbed the lance that had pierced through the six heads.

He took down the heads from it and wiped the blood stains away, then pointed it at him and asked, “Do you want to attack me? You will just be wasting your time. I need to go back to report on my mission, so properly treasure your remaining time, as this will be the last period of your life.” The robust youngster averted his gaze from Su Yu and strode forward.

There wasn’t any sign of activity or sound behind him, apart from the silver-haired youth’s calm voice. “There is no need for you to go back for this, as I will help you to report back to them.”


The sound of something flying through the air was heard. The robust youngster didn’t turn his head back to look at him before his hand flickered, like lightning, and as he took a lance and threw it back at Su Yu, without taking a single look at him, he said, “I said that you will just be wasting your time, as my power isn’t something that uncivilized savages like you can rival!”


The exploding sound of something bursting open distinctly echoed in the air. The youngster curled up the corners of his mouth and revealed a carefree smile. “You really overestimated yourself…”


The sound of something flying through the air still continued echoing, and it seemed like it didn’t even slightly weaken.

“Hm?” The youngster turned his head back, and his pupils immediately contracted as he witnessed that the lance, which was just smashed into pieces, wasn’t the one that was thrown by the youth, but it was his own lance!

He immediately took two other lances and threw them at Su Yu’s lance, yet they were also smashed to pieces by it! Su Yu’s lance seemed to possess a boundless power.

“Ah! How is this possible? How can you be this powerful?” His indifferent and calm face became filled with shock and panic at this moment, and there wasn’t any trace of his post arrogance on it.

As he spoke, he threw four other lances at it, yet they were all smashed to pieces as Su Yu’s lance penetrated his belly and destroyed his Dantian. A miserable shriek echoed from the youngster’s mouth, and his face became black.

His robust body fell down from the sky, just like a butterfly that had lost its wings. While the youngster was falling, Su Yu strode forward and softly held the end of the lance with his hand.

Su Yu then used it to carry the youngster and hang him in the sky. At this moment, the youngster finally understood that he had run into an extremely terrifying, almighty expert!

“Wait, even while in war, envoys shouldn’t be killed! So, if you kill me, you will be violating those rules of conduct!” The youngster bore his pain as he spoke.

Su Yu’s gaze was still apathetic. “An envoy who came to deliver our people’s heads to us? Did you think of such rules of conduct while you were killing our scouts?”

As he felt that Su Yu wanted to kill him, the youngster became extremely anxious. “Wait! I wasn’t the one who killed them! I didn’t touch even a hair on their heads! It was…”

Su Yu just indifferently shook his head as he interrupted him. “I have already asked you whether they entreated you to spare them and whether you beheaded them. Since you didn’t reply, then I am taking that as a passive affirmation. Since that’s the case, then you aren’t worthy of my forgiveness, so I will not be at fault in killing you.”

He then added, “I also asked whether you used a third of your power while delivering their heads to us, and since your non-reply passively agreed to this as well, for fairness, I will also use just a third of my power in dealing with you. This way, it will be extremely fair and just.”

The youngster was overwhelmed with horror as his expression gravely changed. “Don’t…”

Su Yu turned a deaf ear to his words, and as he waved his arm, the lance flew out like a shooting star. Due to its intense friction that resulted when it collided against the youngster in the air, it started burning.

A huge fireball flew dozens miles from here at a speed that was ten times greater than the lance’s that was thrown by the youngster.