The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 684

Chapter 684 The Powerful Enemies Army

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The raging flames, which were burning the city, turned the sky a scarlet color, which caused the Invisible Black Army to not notice that a faint fog had slowly started rising from the ground. This white fog slowly rose from the ground because of the intense high-temperature, and it engulfed the Invincible Black Army.

“It’s a Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison!” Commander Hong Yu was shocked.

It was obvious that he hadn’t expected that their enemies would secretly launch an attack of the Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison upon them. Commander Hong Yu held his breath and stamped the ground, causing a crack to appear on it.

When he took a look at the crack, he found that it was filled with a large amount of white fur. This eerie sight would make anyone’s scalp become numb with fright!

A white liquid that was contained within the fur started slowly evaporating due to the surrounding high-temperature. It then turned into a fog, which seeped through the soil and fluttered upwards into the air.

“Quickly, we must escape! We fell into their trap.” As Commander Hong Yu had ample experience, he quickly understood their current state.

The fur that had been underground must have been buried there before the start of the battle, and now, the ground within a thirty-mile radius of them was most likely filled with a Cloud Galloping Horse’s fur!

He had deduced this because their attack range was just ten miles, while the Heavenly Law Alliance’s range was thirty miles. He assumed that they could annihilate the enemies’ army ten miles from them, but he hadn’t expected to fall into their trap!

Moreover, the flames that they shot had unknowingly helped the enemies! The spread of the Cloud Galloping Horse’s hair poison should have been quite slow, yet due to the surrounding high-temperature, it had accelerated its pace. Clearly, his troops had unwittingly harmed themselves by their actions!

“Obey my orders! The shielded soldiers should promptly scatter into the surroundings. Also, protect the lance throwers and archers. Now, we must escape to the sky.” Commander Hong Yu promptly commanded, and even in such a precarious situation, he was still calm and composed.

The Invincible Black Army’s eliteness could clearly be seen in such a situation. The Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison was a terrifying threat to them, yet not one of them became flustered. They all just strictly followed orders, as if they were mere puppets.

The shielded soldiers used their giant round shields to protect the other six hundred soldiers. The thousand soldiers promptly soared up and avoided the Cloud Galloping Horse’s white fog, which was still rising from the ground.

“Shoot them!” When they noticed that their enemies attack had stopped, the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members immediately soared up into the sky.

At such a moment, Su Yu’s command was transmitted to them. The archers, which were on standby, immediately shot countless black arrows, which flickered in a black glow as their tip revealed a faint, white glow.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The Heavenly Law Alliance’s arrows were just ordinary arrows, which didn’t possess any powerful destructive power. As such, nine-tenths of them were easily blocked by the shields, and only a tenth managed to pass through the gaps that existed between the shields. However, these lance throwers and archers who were being shot at were quite skilled, so they skillfully obstructed the arrows.

“Why are their arrows so weak?” Commander Hong Yu slightly furrowed his brows as he looked at an arrow that was held by a lance thrower.

He felt like something was fishy about it. Soon, his gaze fell upon the arrow’s white tip and he said, “Throw them out! They have a Cloud Galloping Horse’s…”


All of the arrows’ tips exploded at that moment, before he even finished his words! At that moment, all of the white light specks on the tips scattered, then shot out in all directions.

Many people quickly responded, but since there were more than a thousand soldiers who were crowded there, they had no room for escape!



Two miserable screams immediately echoed through the air. When the white light specks had fallen on two people, it quickly invaded their bodies through their pores, which caused then to quickly turn into a white fine powder. It was as if they had been burned by a heavenly flame.

Witnessing these two deaths, which didn’t even leave corpses behind, caused even the Invincible Black Army’s soldiers, who had firm wills, to become somewhat flustered. Solemn expressions were seen on all of the faces of the people who had just witnessed the gory scene.

“Quickly, let’s leave their firing range!” Commander Hong Yu’s gaze became grave, and he promptly commanded them to leave in a deep voice.

The commander, who was within the city, was startled by this. “What an amazing discipline!”

He assumed that they would panic and become flustered, which would cause the people inside to start charging at the shielded soldiers, which would then leave room for their archers to shoot more Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison at them. But, as he saw that their enemies were still composed,even in such a dire situation, and their defense was still as firm as before, it didn’t give the commander within the city an opportunity for inflicting serious damages on them.

Although many arrows still managed to pass through their defense, since they were already on guard now, they quickly reacted and threw all of the arrows away. This helped to minimize their damages, and by the time they managed to leave their firing range, they had lost no more than ten people.

They had laid in ambush here early on, and lured them here. They even sacrificed several hundred people and waited till the Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison was activated before they used their archers to assault them. Yet despite all of this, they didn’t take even ten of the enemies’ soldiers!

Such disappointing results shook all of the people present. They all started to wonder about the origins of this Invincible Black Army. After all, they were really too weak in comparison to the other world’s army.

The Heavenly Law Alliance’s members even started despairing, as even though they had used all of their strategies, there was still a sharp disparity between them and their enemies. As they gazed at the army, which had just left their firing range, the hearts of all of the people became filled with resentment and despair. This was because they found the army before them to be invulnerable and all powerful.

After Commander Hong Yu managed to take them to a safe place, he scanned his surroundings and asked, “What are our casualties?”

“Commander, ten people died. No one else was injured.” One of his men issued the report.

Hearing this, Commander Hong Yu’s expression became gloomy. “We unexpectedly lost ten people, while facing a mob-like crowd in such an uncivilized land. This is a disgrace. Tell me, how can you atone for such a disgrace?”

The Invincible Black Army’s soldiers became solemn. Then, they orderly shouted in a loud and unified voice, “With our enemies’ blood!” Their austere airs, as well as their ice-cold gazes, were quite terrifying.

“Then, what are you waiting for?” Commander Hong Yu was obviously already angered, as he thought that he could easily crush the enemies’ army, yet they had unexpectedly managed to inflict such casualties upon them. This was a great disgrace and humiliation in his eyes.

However, when he had just finished speaking, an apathetic voice drifted from above, “You only lost ten people, yet you are already this pained ad dejected. It’s still too early to be behaving in such a way.”

“Energy Condensing Ring!” the voice yelled.


As the clouds dispersed, the dazzling moon was revealed. Actually, no, it wasn’t a moon! It was a resplendent golden ring that seemed like it was overlapped with the moon’s position.

“It’s an Energy Condensing Ring! Shielded soldiers, set a formation!” Commander Hong Yu’s expression gravely changed, yet he still calmly gave out his orders.

The shielded soldiers’ formation quickly changed as they flew to the sky and formed a defensive line. As they flew, a charm on their chests started flickering, and it emitted a powerful spiritual pressure.


A thick light beam instantly shot out of the Energy Condensing Ring, and if observed from a distant place, it would seem like this great light beam was shot directly out of the bright moon!

Such a majestic scene was seen by all of the Heavenly Law Alliance members. They found it to be quit dazzling and astonishing.

“It’s the Alliance Master Su! He still had a hidden move!” one of the onlookers exclaimed. The people were stirred up, and hope was sparked in each of their hearts.


However, when the light beam reached their enemies, all of the people were startled. Thus was because, when it bombarded the shielded soldiers’ defense, it became incapable of proceeding any further.

“It’s really weak.” Commander Hong Yu raised his head and looked at the sky.

It seemed like his gaze was capable of seeing through the clouds. He sneered and shook his head, while his expression became ice-cold and he revealed a cruel smile.

He then said, “Start counter-attacking. You have just one large target, so don’t disappoint me!”

“We won’t spare any of them.” The Invincible Black Army’s soldiers spiritedly shouted out in unison.

The Heavenly Law Alliance’s members clenched their fists as they witnessed such a sight. They all wondered… Will it end here?

However, at this moment, the Energy Condensing Ring started preparing another strike. A terrifying light beam was condensed at an extremely swift speed, and it quickly surpassed the previous one by a whole twenty folds!

“What? Could they really have this many Fairy Realm experts?” Commander Hong Yu’s face revealed his shock and fright flickered in his eyes as he gazed at the sky.

A moment ago, he had only seen a single Fairy Realm expert and several Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts, but now, he discovered that they unexpectedly had more than twenty Fairy Realm experts!

“Our intelligence was gravely mistaken, as the enemies’ army has more than twenty Fairy Realm experts! Transmit my orders! Raise the fighting tactics from lower grade to middle grade ones.” Commander Hong Yu quickly transmitted his orders.

His orders terrified all of the people who heard them. It frightened them to think that they were unexpectedly using just their lowest power all this time!

All of the Invincible Black Army’s soldiers took a black pill each from identical jade bottles. They then consumed these pills.

After they swallowed them, a shocking scene appeared. Their cultivations quickly rose from the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm to the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm! The overall power of the thousand people instantly rose by a whole level!

“Form a formation.” Commander Hong Yu shouted in a deep voice. “After blocking it, quickly scatter and form companies of a hundred soldiers. Then kill all of the people who are capable of fighting in the city. Then you can deal with the Fairy Realm experts.”

He gave these orders because he knew that, only by separating their ranks could they make their enemies’ Energy Condensing Ring useless. He also knew that a company of a hundred Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm experts was capable of even killing a Fairy Realm expert if he dared to confront them.

The shielded soldiers formed a formation once again. They barely managed to form it in time before the light beam bombarded them.

As a rumbling sound echoed in the air, an astonishing scene appeared once again. The light beam was once again blocked by them!

A joint attack, which should have been capable of annihilating all of them, was blocked so easily! It was hard to comprehend.

“Alliance Master Su, why did things end up like this? What kind of freaks are we fighting against?” Old Chen sucked in a breath of cold air.

Twenty Fairy Realm experts were already hidden away here early on, and they were waiting for an opportunity of issuing a deadly strike. No one expected that the enemies’ army would be so tenacious!

As Su Yu clasped his hands behind his back, he flew among the Fairy Realm experts. His brows were slightly furrowed at this moment.

The Energy Condensing Ring’s attack was prepared to deal with the mysterious Fifth Saint Master, but the appearance of this Invincible Black Army had thwarted his plans. In fact, its terrifying prowess astonished Su Yu.

“Good, I had really looked down upon you, and I certainly didn’t expect that you would have more than twenty Fairy Realm experts! But, it’s a pity that it was impossible for even a middle stage Fairy Realm expert to break through our defense, let alone you.” Commander Hong Yu wore a baleful look as he coldly ordered, “Start slaughtering them all…”

The Invincible Black Army’s soldiers immediately dispersed, then rushed to the central city. Their companies, which were formed by more than a hundred soldiers, were unstoppable.

However, at such a moment, four beads fell from the sky, each of them forming an extremely tremendous light screen. As the four light screens combined together, they became tightly sealed. These were the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation’s four beads.

“A magical treasure?” Commander Hong Yu coldly sneered. “A single person’s magical treasure is useless in such a great fight of ten thousand people. Break it!”

When he gave the order, the hundreds of archers immediately shot towards a single point of the formation, and the concentrated their attack broke it instantly. The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation started disintegrating under their attacks.

“Who told you that I wanted only to trap you?” Su Yu’s voice fluttered from the sky once again before they had even managed to break the formation and leave.