The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Desperate Counterattack

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All of a sudden, a very urgent voice could suddenly be heard.


A continuous creaking sound could also be heard. It sounded as if something was about to crack open. Simultaneously, all of the air in the surrounding environment became compressed at the same location.

Under the bright moonlight, the clouds rumbled as the birds and the beasts of the land began scurrying away. It was as if a great disaster as approaching.


Suddenly, a flame that was the size of a grain appeared above their heads. It was a very weak flame, almost like a candle’s.

This flame started emitting light at a rapid rate across the sky. The light soon covered almost a one mile. As the flame grew brighter and brighter, soldiers in the Invincible Black Army could feel a frightening pressure upon their souls.

“What is that thing?” Commander Hong Yu asked. Despite having been through thousands of battles, he had never seen such an odd sight. However, he responded very quickly.

“Renew the formation!” Commander Hong Yu ordered swiftly as he backed away several steps. He continued to stare at the falling ball of flame without blinking his eyes.

The ball of flame had grown from the size of a grain to the size of a small bowl, and then to the size of a wooden bucket. In the end, when it was almost approaching a thousand meters away from the army, its appearance could finally be seen clearly. It was a round-shaped ball that had a mix of blue and yellow colors.

Its frightening pressure caused everyone’s hearts to shiver. It felt as if the object that was falling upon them was not a huge ball, but an entire meteorite!


As the ball fell towards them, the four hundred shielded warriors tried to block it in the same manner that they had with the Energy Condensing Ring. However, the moment they came into contact with the ball, their calm demeanors vanished as their faces showed looks of fear instead.

The ball had landed on their shields and was not showing any signs of slowing down! The four hundred people were being pushed downwards at a rapid rate!

“What is the matter with this ball?” Commander Hong Yu showed an expression of fear on his face for the first time.

As the shielded warriors were being pushed downwards, the six hundred soldiers under their protection below them were also being pressed down. All of them wanted to spread out and move away from the ball.

However, they were surrounded by light screens all around them, which kept them sealed in the crowded space. As such, there was no way that they could spread out. In that manner, the entire army of a thousand were being pressed downwards by the ball like a bunch of ants.

Commander Hong Yu’s facial expression had changed drastically by then. If the ball continued to fall on them, it was only a matter of time before his entire army would be wiped out. The soldiers would either be crushed under the weight of the ball or be killed by the Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison that was rising from the ground.

“Archers and spearmen, find a weak spot in the light screen to create an opening. Escape as fast as you can! Shielded warriors, continue to stall!” Commander Hong Yu shouted loudly.

His order for the shielded warriors to stall meant that they would either die from being crushed by the ball or be killed by the Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison. Unless the archers and the spearmen were able to break through the light screen in advance and leave a huge opening for them, they would not be able to escape.

Nobody had imagined that they would fall into such dire circumstances. In fact, just a few minutes ago, they had completely dominated the Heavenly Law Alliance’s army to the point that their members could not even fight back. Now, all of a sudden, the Invincible Black Army found themselves in a dire state between life and death!

Right then, Commander Hong Yu looked very concerned as he lifted his head towards the foggy clouds. There was a soft glow in his eyes.

This was the first time that he questioned the kind of leader he was fighting against. Is that the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master?

As the Invincible Black Army was able to respond quickly, a hundred of the soldiers were able to quickly put a hole in the light screen.


A gap that allowed three people to pass through it had been created on one of the light screens. The Invincible Black Army’s soldiers gushed out of it, like fish streaming through a broken net.

“Release the arrows!” However, as soon as they got out of the light screen, they were faced with a barrage of arrows from above their heads!

It appeared that the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members from the central region of the city had already made their way out after stabilizing themselves. The troops that were lined at the front were archers who were already shooting arrows at their enemies!

The first batch of people who made it out of the light screen were instantly killed! Without protection from the shielded warriors, none of them could block the incoming arrows! Within a breath’s time, nine of those who had escaped from the opening were poisoned to death!

When Commander Hong Yu saw this, he became furious. “Everyone, charge out of there together. Do not leave any gaps. Once you get out, your first task is to kill the enemy’s archers!”


As the Invincible Black Army’s soldiers made their way out, they stood closely by one another without leaving any gaps between their people. Although the archers did not stop shooting their arrows, there were still gaps of time when they had to replace their arrows. Thus, some of the Invincible Black Army’s soldiers were able to make it out alive.

With every six deaths, three of their soldiers managed to escape. Those who escaped immediately charged towards the Heavenly Law Alliance’s archers.

Only after these archers were eliminated would the Invincible Black Army be able to escape in larger numbers. With this in mind, the Invincible Black Army was still confident that they had the ability to eliminate the enemy.


However, before the Invincible Black Army could even get close to the archers, twenty shadow figures appeared out of the clouds. Each of the shadow figures were at the Fairy level of cultivation! The Invincible Black Army’s soldiers who made it out were instantly killed.

“With us around, you will not have a chance to cause trouble!” Gang Dalei said.

He then laughed as he killed one of the spearmen with a single kick. He and the other Fairies formed an enclosure around the archers to protect them.

The archers’ killing abilities rivaled that of the entire Heavenly Law Alliance’s. The Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison, which was on the arrows, was sufficient to kill even Grade Three Fairies. So, how could the Three Crystals Half Fairies possibly survive it?

While the members of the Heavenly Law Alliance were cheering in excitement, a thought suddenly came across their minds. When Su Yu had initially asked them to prepare a team or archers, nobody was able to understand his rationale for doing so.

Now, it all made sense. This was the trump card that Su Yu had prepared!


As such, all the soldiers of the Invincible Black Army were like moths throwing themselves at a fire. Those who made it out of the light screen were killed nearly sixty percent of the time!

In fact, even those who were not killed by the arrows ended up dying when they charged towards the archers. Although there were a few soldiers who occasionally made it to the archers and even killed a few of the archers, they all died in the end.

Despite both sides suffering casualties, the number of injuries and deaths were far greater on the enemy’s side!

When Commander Hong Yu saw this scene unfolding before him, he felt torn inside. “Those who managed to escape, step back immediately to regroup!”

However, right then, an order was also issued by the Heavenly Law Alliance. “Apart from the archers, everyone else advance on the enemies! Kill them at all costs!”

The person who gave the order was the commander. His suspicions towards Su Yu had faded altogether, as he now felt deeply moved and excited. He could no longer describe what he felt in his heart.

What had looked like a bleak situation had now brought them a great hope of victory! This was all thanks to Su Yu.

“Kill them all!” The group let out a huge cry in unison.

The figures of ten thousand people swept across the sky like a flash flood as they charged towards the escaping Invincible Black Army.

Commander Hong Yu’s eyes turned red as he shouted angrily, “I will kill you all!”

With a loud yell, Commander Hong Yu pushed aside his soldiers and charged out of the light screen. However, as soon as he made his way out, hundreds of arrows came at him.

Although Commander Hong Yu was very arrogant, he did not dare go against the poison of the Cloud Galloping Horse. So, he took a step back instantly.

“Master Lin, why don’t the two of us show him what we’ve got?” Zi Donglai asked eagerly.

Ever since he had advanced to the Fairy level, he had been eager to try out his new powers. Now that the enemy’s big commander was here, there was finally an opportunity for him to do so.

Lin Yunhe smiled. “I am more than happy to oblige. In order to defeat the enemy, we must first defeat the leader. Ending the battle sooner would also lessen our losses!”

“We will leave the rest to you guys!” Zi Donglai said and laughed as he teamed up with Lin Yunhe to go after Commander Hong Yu.

Commander Hong Yu had only just made his way out, when Zi Donglai and Lin Yunhe surrounded him.

“Get lost!” Commander Hong Yu shouted. He had clearly forgotten his manners. With the Invincible Black Army suffering such great casualties, he had lost his composure.

After a brief moment of fighting, Zi Donglai and Lin Yunhe were surprisingly unable to defeat Commander Hong Yu. This was because they had only just recently advanced to the Fairy level and had not solidified their cultivations yet.

Also, Commander Hong Yu was a skilled soldier with a wealth of experience on the battlefield, so the two were no match for him. However, the two were still able to hold him off for some time.


However, right then, the ball of flame finally reached the ground! Commander Hong Yu had underestimated it! The archers and spearman did not have any chance of escaping at all, as the ball of flame crushed them underneath it.

Out of the six hundred archers, only five hundred of them made it out of the light screen. The remaining one hundred were all crushed by the ball, along with the rest of the shielded warriors.

All of a sudden, numerous cries of people in pain could be heard all over the place. Hundreds of bodies were crushed by the terrifying force and were instantly turned into pulpy flesh.

Only a few of them were able to survive the ordeal. However, when these people landed on the ground, they were instantly turned into dust when they came into contact with the Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison. In an instant, four hundred shielded warriors and a hundred archers and spearmen had been killed!

“No!” Commander Hong Yu shouted angrily as his eyes turned a dark shade of red.

He was finally able to shake off Lin Yunhe and Zi Donglai with much effort as he backed away hurriedly. His speed was oddly quick, such that the two could no longer pursue him.

Along the way, Commander Hong Yu used his fists to swiftly attack and kill dozens of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members who were surrounding the Invincible Black Army. Although he was able to rescue some of his soldiers, there was no hope of turning the situation around.

As he looked into the distance, the remaining one hundred and eighty soldiers of the Invincible Black Army were all promptly surrounded by their opponents. The scene caused Commander Hong Yu to feel a sadness in the depths of his heart.

The fear-inducing and ground-shaking Invincible Black Army from Jiuzhou was nearly annihilated in an abandoned place by a group of unknown people! But, the truly frightening entity was not this group of unknown people, but it was their mysterious leader, who had been covered by the clouds in the sky until now.

The leader was thoughtful and cunning in every step. He had lain traps everywhere!

Moreover, each attack was deadlier than the one before. He even had many strange treasures, all of which were used with great precision. It could be said that this person had single-handedly turned the tables on the Invincible Black Army.

“Invincible Black Army, listen up. Raise our fighting tactics to the highest grade. Your mission is to escape!” Commander Hong Yu forced himself to remain composed as he gave the order.

Suddenly, the surrounded soldiers of the Invincible Black Army each took out a jade bottle. From these bottles, they each retrieved a blood-red pill and swiftly swallowed it.

In a breath’s time, their level of cultivation had increased significantly yet again! Everyone who took the pill had suddenly advanced to the Grade One Fairy level!


In that instant, cries of people in pain could be heard. Many of the surrounding Heavenly Law Alliance’s members spurted blood from their mouths as they fell to the ground. Almost a thousand people were killed in an instant!

The terrifying aura of over one hundred Fairies suddenly appeared on the battlefield. The scene which unfolded after that brought the pursuers to an abrupt halt.

All of a sudden, the facial expressions of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Fairies changed drastically. There were over a hundred and thirty Fairies now!

Many of the people secretly took in breaths of cool air. The great number of Fairies was sufficient to kill every single one of them!

However, the newly advanced Fairies did not go after the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members. Instead, they gathered around Commander Hong Yu and were preparing to retreat!

Although each of them had advanced to the Fairy level, they all appeared to be suppressing the immense pain that they were feeling. Drops of blood were forming on their skin.

It could be seen from this that the blood-red pill that they had consumed had given them the strong powers at a great cost. There were clearly significant side effects. As such, although they were clearly capable of winning the battle, they chose to retreat.

Commander Hong Yu was not looking at the Heavenly Law Alliance’s army, as he thought nothing of them. From the beginning to the end, his head was lifted, as he was looking towards the clouds with hatred in his eyes.