The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 686

Chapter 686 Recapturing Lost Territories

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“My Invincible Black Army went on many crusades and battles, and even Divine Masters died at our hands. Our gravest casualties were no more than a hundred soldiers, yet my army was almost completely annihilated by Your Excellency. Can you please show yourself, as I want to know which great man fought against my army.” Commander Hong Yu stared at the clouds.

Even though his voice had already reverberated through the firmament, he was so mysterious, he didn’t seem like he wanted to reveal himself.

“Is the Invincible Black Army really famous? I never heard of it before.” An apathetic voice transmitted from the clouds. “There is no need for you to meet me, as you are not my opponent. As such, let the Fifth Saint Master come here.”

Commander Hong Yu stumbled back several steps when he heard him. His words had angered Commander Hong Yu, as his opponent clearly found him not worthy of even looking at him!

“A soldier can be killed, but not shamed! My Invincible Black Army…” Commander Hong Yu’s killing intent became extremely intense as he spoke.

“Shoot him!” An apathetic command came from the sky.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As the archers decisively shot their arrows, which were filled with Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison, Commander Hong Yu was extremely infuriated. But, as he was helpless to do anything about it, he firmly clenched his teeth and shouted in a loud voice, “Retreat!”

The Heavenly Law Alliance’s members were incapable of chasing after Fairy Realm experts because of their high speed, and in just the twinkling of an eye, all of them left, leaving a land that was filled with corpses in their wake. The Heavenly Law Alliance’s members blankly stared at the fleeing Invincible Black Army for a long while before they returned to their senses.

“We won,” muttered Old Chen.

He had assumed that it would be a tragic and bloody battle. However, they had only lost a thousand people in order to achieve such an overwhelming victory.

They had killed eight hundred soldiers of the Invincible Black Army, which possessed a terrifying prowess. Old Chen could barely believe that they had almost utterly annihilated it!

Such a triumphant victory caused them all to become extremely excited and spirited. Now that they had won such a decisive and great battle, the continent’s disaster had officially ended!

The countless people here still found that such an astounding victory was difficult to believe. The cheering of the crowd became extremely deafening, and loud shouts that were filled with excitement resonated in the sky and reverberated for tens of thousands of miles.

“Long live Alliance Master Su Yu!” It was unknown which person from the crowd shouted such words, but just after he bellowed them, the crowd quickly quieted down.

After all, no other Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master was ever revered in such a way, as this was something that was distinctive of kings only. The Heavenly Law Alliance was a neutral faction, so addressing its master in such a way was extremely inappropriate. Yet, despite this, after a short silence, similar shouts resonated throughout the skies…

“Long live Alliance Master Su.”

“Long live Alliance Master Su.”

As the deafening shouts reverberated in the sky, they were so loud, even the deaf might be capable of hearing them. Even Old Chen and the others were deeply moved by them, as no previous Alliance Masters had ever received such a showing of public support.

They became somewhat worried as to how they should treat the previous alliance Master, Long Juexin, after he woke up, as the current members of the Heavenly Law Alliance would probably now only want to recognize Su Yu alone.

Meanwhile, Su Yu, who was in the sky, slowly collected the Energy Condensing Ring, his face not showing the slightest trace of delight. Instead, his brows were deeply furrowed.

After all, the Invincible Black Army wasn’t the enemy that he wanted to fight. His true enemy was none other than the Fifth Saint Master, who still hadn’t shown himself. The Fifth Saint Master was the otherworldly army’s supreme commander, and as long as he was alive, the continent would never know true peace.

The crowd shouts and cheers persisted for a long while, and it was only after Old Chen’s and the elders’ urgings that they quieted down and started bustling about and sweeping the battlefield. The enemies’ armor were all top-grade divine artifacts, and each of the enemies had different magical treasures on their persons.

The people who were sweeping the battlefield even found a semi-manufactured spiritual artifact! Moreover, they found two pill bottles on each of the enemy’s persons, one of the bottles was filled with black pills, while the other was filled with red pills.

All of them witnessed these amazing pills’ effects. The black ones could let them instantly advance to the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm, while the red ones could let them advance to the Fairy Realm.

As such, these pills were extremely important, and Old Chen strictly ordered them to hand out all of them amongst themselves. In the end, they even got several captives, who had managed to survive.

“Everyone, get ready for the fight.” As the commander ordered them, the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members got ready for the fight.

However, even after three days had passed, they didn’t see any of their enemies approaching. Now that Su Yu had waited for three days, yet he still hadn’t seen the Fifth Saint Master, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

He was thinking about the fact that it was the mysterious Invincible Black Army that had appeared, not the otherworldly great army. He had to wonder…

Did some accident befall them?

After he landed on the ground, he collected the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and the bead that was half yellow and half blue. He then returned to the city.

After the central city had stopped being on guard for a sudden upcoming battle, it relaxed to its usual extremely noisy and bustling state. At this time, many Heavenly Law Alliance’s members went on a binge and started drinking without restraint, as well as drunkenly talking about the future of the Zhenlong Continent.

As such, the news of their great victory quickly spread throughout the whole continent. The disaster-like war, which had started just on the northern continent, how now ended in it. This accomplishment of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s quickly spread to every single person’s ears!

Even after several hundreds years had passed, and even after the Heavenly Law Alliance was disbanded, the continent’s residents would still regard it as a faction that had been in charge of protecting the continent, and many people would still believe that it still existed, and that it was just laying down in wait of the appearance of another disaster, so that it could come in and save the day once again.

The descendants of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members who had participated in this fight would then be treated like heroes’ descendants. As such, they would all be respected and loved because their ancestors spilled their blood to save the whole continent.

It would be recorded in the history books how Su Yu had created miracles many times, and how astonishing his power was, as he was able to destroy the mighty devils’ army with his sword! He would become a legend among legends, and all people would see him as a king, who was in charge of protecting the Zhenlong Continent.

“Alliance Master, according to our research, the pills contain an extremely powerful energy, which could allow one’s cultivation to increase for a short period of time. But, the pills have grave side effects. After the black pills’ effects come to an end, its consumers will be rendered incapable of leaving their beds for three months. As for the red pills, their consumers’ cultivations will permanently decrease by a whole realm, and they would be incapable of increasing their cultivation at all in the future.” Old Chen gave him a report regarding the discovered pills.

Su Yu calmly nodded after he heard his report. It wasn’t surprising that Jiuzhou had such pills, considering how vast it was. The Invincible Black Army was really extremely powerful, and if they had consumed the red pills early on, even Su Yu might have been killed by them! After all, even a Divine Master would flee in a panic if he ran into a thousand Fairy Realm experts!

“Hmm… Properly store the pills. That way, if the Heavenly Law Alliance was to run into some great crisis, those pills would be its life-saving remedy,” instructed Su Yu. “Moreover, what did find in the captives’ mouths?”

Old Chen’s expression became grave, “Alliance Master, I don’t know whether this is good news or bad news, but according to what they confessed, the Fifth Saint Master still has not come out of his secluded cultivation. Apparently, he is still staying in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, and as for what he’s planning and preparing, their statuses were too low, so they didn’t have any idea about it.”

Su Yu slightly furrowed his brows and became somewhat restless. As the Fifth Saint Master didn’t come, that just left the Invincible Black Army. He had to wonder…

What is the meaning behind this?

“Didn’t Elder Jiu return yet?” Su Yu asked, as he remembered that Elder Jiu had once said that he would come back for the battle. However, Su Yu hadn’t seen him.

Old Chen took out a letter and said, “I discovered this in Elder Jiu’s room. It appears to have been written just three days ago, just after the end of the battle.”

Su Yu raised his brows and opened the letter. He then started reading it…

Kiddo, you did well. Even the Invincible Black Army was defeated by you. This was really out of my expectations, and if such news was transmitted back to Jiuzhou, your name may spread to even the central prefecture’s king’s ears.

Do you know that this army is the central prefecture’s king imperial guard unit? Their fighting prowess is extremely terrifying, and their overall power isn’t any weaker than the Fifth Saint Master’s. As such, it’s really incredible that you managed to defeat them.

I would never have imagined that the past distressed kiddo that I knew would become a great expert, who would rule a part of the continent! I think so highly of you, and I will be at ease if I could hand over the Zhenlong Continent to your capable hands.

As for the Fifth Saint Master, I will personally deal with him. The Empire of Darkness’ Seven Lords Palace’s old men should have already reached the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds by now, so you don’t need to worry about him. You just keep your focus on pacifying the northern continent.

From today onward, the continent must return to its former peace.

“The Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds?” Su Yu muttered after he had finished reading the letter. He had to wonder…

Did the Fifth Saint Master stay in secluded cultivation because he knew that the Seven Lords Palace’s old men would come there?

Also, why is Elder Jiu this knowledgeable about the Invincible Black Army’s past achievements?

If Elder Jiu and the powerful Fairy Realm experts of the Seven Lords Palace joined forced, it would be easy for them to get rid of the Fifth Saint Master. Then, after they got rid of the powerful Invincible Black Army, the Zhenlong Continent would finally be able to return to its past peaceful existence. Hence, what he should do now was recover the lost territories!

“Pass on my orders. The army should immediately prepare for war, as the northern continent has been held by the enemies for a long time.” A sharp glint flickered in Su Yu’s calm gaze as he issued his orders.

The central city’s citizens went into an uproar once again, as they knew that they would once again fight, and unlike the past battles, they wouldn’t be stifled, surpassed, or pained in this fight! Also, this was a fight that they had been looking forward to for a long time, as they would finally be able to start taking back their land and avenging their dead friends and relatives! For these reasons, all of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members asked to join this battle.

At that moment, ten thousand miles from the central city, ten thousand people were blankly standing in one spot. They were all at a complete loss. A youth, who had stiff facial features, was was pacing back and forth within a nearby pavilion, and it seemed like he was hesitating about something, as a complex look flickered in his eyes.

“Sir, should we go there or not?” The commander hesitated for a while before asking the youth the question.

When he heard him, the Third Lord raised his head, “Are you the Lord, or am I? It isn’t up to you whether we will go or not, so don’t butt in.”

The Seven Lords Palace’s Great Lord had ordered them to come here to suppress the enemies’ army. However, their circumstances had changed suddenly, as the otherworldly great army didn’t appear. Instead, an extremely terrifying Invincible Black Army had appeared.

While their mission should have been working with Su Yu to suppress the terrifying army. Instead, Su Yu annihilated this terrifying army, which according to the rumors, had once killed even a Divine Master!

No one in the whole continent had imagined or expected that Su Yu would do such a thing, much less achieve a victory! From the weakest martial artists to the Great Lord, none of them could believe that Su Yu had unexpectedly really managed to block such a disaster!

He used a great quantity of Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison and twenty Fairy Realm experts, as well as the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members, whose strength had suddenly drastically increased to accomplish this feat. He had even utilized an extremely terrifying bead, which had crushed a third of the enemy’s soldiers to death.

The Great Lord had instructed the the Third Lord to continue holding down the enemies after Su Yu’s death, but also told him that, if Su Yu didn’t die, Su Yu should be considered as having passed the test, and would be awarded the status of one of the Seven Lords Palace’s Seven Lords. At this point, it would be even possible for Su Yu to become the King of Darkness in the future, having the opportunity to unify the whole Zhenlong Continent.

However, the Third Lord wasn’t willing to do this, as he wasn’t any more powerful than Su Yu. He was hesitating mostly because he didn’t know in what manner he should address Su Yu…

Should I act arrogantly, or should I talk to him as if we are equals?

He was extremely anxious, and he got lost in his thoughts for a long while.


A scout suddenly came over to report something. “Reporting back! The Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master have come.”