The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Cabinet Master In Danger

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Suddenly, the facial expressions of the guards changed altogether.

“Did they discover us? How many of them came… And how far away are they now?” The Third Lord asked as his facial expression also changed.


However, right then, ten figures landed outside the pavilion.

“You have rather good taste, Third Lord,” Su Yu said as he glanced over the pavilion. He looked like he was half-smiling. “It is no wonder that you were able to stay here for half a month without getting bored.”

The Third Lord and his men had been stationed here for half a month already.

“Did you know we were hiding here all along?” The Third Lord asked as his pupils contracted. The generals standing around him were equally surprised.

Without being invited in, Su Yu entered the pavilion and sat down casually. The nine guards, all of whom stood behind him with bows in their hands, immediately moved to surround Su Yu.

“I know what you were planning. You wanted to kill two birds with one stone by waiting for my people and the Invincible Black Army to exhaust each other before you attacked us.” It seemed like Su Yu had seen through their plans.

Seeing how arrogantly Su Yu was behaving, the Third Lord felt slightly angry. However, his gaze wandered to the nine guards behind Su Yu and the tips of their arrows, which were covered with white spots. The Third Lord chose to keep him mouth shut.

“You have come at the right time. The Great Lord has a decree for you, so listen up,” the Third Lord said as he retrieved a scroll from his sleeve. He then opened the scroll.

Su Yu barely moved as he started to laugh. “Alright, read it aloud for me!” Su Yu sounded as if he was giving him an order.

Hearing this, the Third Lord felt that he had suddenly been demoted to a lowly ranked staff member, who had been put in charge of reading decrees. He suddenly felt angry. However, he did not dare to defy Su Yu.

Right then, he knew he would be humiliating himself if he continued to read the decree. But, if he chose not to, he would be going against the Great Lord’s order. All of a sudden, he froze in place and was uncertain of what to do next.

When one of his subordinates observed this, he stepped out to resolve the awkward situation. “Let me do it,” he said.

As the subordinate moved forward to take the scroll, Luo Xiong yelled coldly from behind Su Yu, “Who are you to read the decree to Lord Su Yu?”

Luo Xiong’s words caused the general who had just stepped forward to freeze in his place. The general then hesitantly stepped back to his original spot. The general was convinced by the righteousness of Luo Xiong’s words, but he was even more afraid of Luo Xiong’s cultivation as a Grade One Fairy.

Seeing this, the Third Lord felt very troubled. He felt that everyone around him was now looking at him in a slightly degrading manner.

“Forget it, I will read it myself,” Su Yu said as he grabbed the scroll.

The Third Lord had wanted to stop Su Yu, but he dared not move a single muscle. After all, even his army of ten thousand could do nothing against this single, arrogant person in front of him.

As he opened the scroll, Su Yu took one glance at it before the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile. He then laughed in a self-deprecating tone. “A place among the Seven Lords?”


At that moment, a ball of flames rose from his palm, instantly burning the scroll that contained the decree.

“If that was the reason you came, you may leave now. You have one hour to move away. After that hour, if you are still here, you will be considered a trespasser,” Su Yu said as he slowly stood up.

He was completely uninterested in the offer of being one of the Seven Lords. At the moment, he had to wonder…

If I had not won this battle, what would the Empire of Darkness had given me?

Now that he had achieved an overwhelming victory and was about to take over the entire northern continent, the Empire of Darkness suddenly wanted to recruit him as one of the Seven Lords. Then, this great victory would belong to the Empire of Darkness instead of the Heavenly Law Alliance!

Moreover, Su Yu truly did not like the way that things were being done in the Empire of Darkness. As such, he could not find any convincing reason to return to the Empire of Darkness.

“This is an opportunity to serve the Empire of Darkness. Are you sure you do not want to consider it?” the Third Lord asked with his mouth wide open in surprise.

After all, he could not imagine who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Seven Lords! Moreover, the scroll had clearly stated that he would have a chance to be a candidate for the position of king! This was a right that even the Third Lord could not have asked for, yet Su Yu had directly rejected it!

“It is only in name alone, so it does not hold much importance to me. You have been staying in my turf for far too long. Remember, you must leave within the hour.” Su Yu answered with his back turned towards the Third Lord as he floated away.

The Third Lord clenched his fists tightly. Although he was unhappy about what Su Yu had just said, he realized that he was indeed not as great as Su Yu, so could only be quiet. He then turned and shouted as he led his army away, “Let’s leave!”

Three days later, many people gathered in the central region of the city. These people consisted of not only the members of the Heavenly Law Alliance, but also various larger and smaller forces who were eager to join forces with Su Yu. There were even some defeated mercenaries among them.

At this moment, the Heavenly Law Alliance was like the bright moon in a darkened sky. The alliance had acquired an elevated and incomparable status as being the protector of the continent.

As such, many righteous people in the continent had chosen to side with the alliance. Thus, the number of alliance members was increasing day by day.

In less than a few days, there were at least ten thousand people who joined forces with the Heavenly Law Alliance. The alliance’s might was so great that it had nearly caught up with that of the Empire of Darkness!

“The recovery of our past glory begins today!” Su Yu shouted in a loud voice as he stood before the crowd of ten thousand.

“Old Chen, lead a big army towards the Snow Listening Tower! Housemaster Zi, lead a big army towards the Hundred Territories Alliance. As for the remaining people, some of you will guard the city here, while some of you will accompany me to the Phoenix Cabinet,” Su Yu shouted.

After receiving these orders, the three big groups each headed towards the three main regions in the northern continent in a glorious manner. At that same time, Su Yu led his big army northwards.

On their way, they passed by the Yinyu Area. The place looked completely abandoned.

However, there were many figures who gradually appeared there. After the decisive battle, under the protection of the Heavenly Law Alliance, these people were able to return whilst escaping to rebuild their homes.

As they passed by Yinyu Manor, Su Yu took a glance at it. Many people from the Yinyu Area were working to reconstruct the manor.

This was a place of honor that had great importance to the people of Yinyu Area. This was because the Heavenly Law Alliance Master was once the master of Yinyu. Hence, this was considered to be his place of origin.

As they hurried by, Su Yu suddenly caught sight of an old man’s figure. “Fan Haisheng?” he asked with a surprised tone as he fixed his gaze on where the figure had just stood. But, he strangely found that no one was there!

However, Su Yu’s Soul Eyes ascertained the fact that it was not an illusion. In fact, he could clearly see that Fan Haisheng was holding a crutch as he smiled back at Su Yu from his original spot.

Immediately, confusion welled up in Su Yu’s heart. Su Yu had always felt that Fan Haisheng was not a common person. Now, such a mind-boggling scene had just appeared before him. Su Yu could not figure it out.

“I will ask you again in the future,” Su Yu said as he shook his head and led his big army away.

However, Su Yu did not know that, on an abandoned plain outside of Yinyu Area, Fan Haisheng was smiling as his hands caressed his beard. Fan Haisheng then turned around and stepped forward.

His single step seemed to have transported him countless of miles away as he disappeared from sight. This was a move that not even Su Yu’s Thunder Escape technique could accomplish.

After half a day, Su Yu finally arrived at the Phoenix Cabinet. Su Yu stood with his hands behind his back as the annihilation team followed closely behind him.

Instead of personally attacking, they let the members of the Heavenly Law Alliance do the job for them. This place used to be the headquarters of the army that was led by the Sixth Saint Master. They were powerful and large in number.

However, that was all in the past. The new Heavenly Law Alliance had quite a number of Three Crystals Half Fairies and countless Two Crystals Half Fairies. As such, the previously strong otherworldly army could no longer take more than a single hit before the Heavenly Law Alliance today. Within an hour, the entire otherworldly army of hundreds were either killed or enslaved.

“Alliance Master, the battle has ended. I will personally lead the army to hunt down those who escaped and also conquer the other enemy bases in the region.” One of the generals reported the situation to Su Yu.

Su Yu nodded. “Go ahead. Make sure the otherworldly army is wiped out completely.”

Leaving even a single person from the other world alive would mean leaving the door open for potential troubles in the future. As the big army dispersed, a few people stayed around to clean up the battlefield.

“Alliance Master, a hundred enemies were killed in this battle, while two hundred were enslaved. The rewards from the battle are as follows…”

The person reporting to Su Yu had intended to continue his sentence, but was suddenly interrupted by Su Yu, “Leave this to the annihilation team. How are the people in the Phoenix Cabinet?”

“Alliance Master, they were trapped in the underground prisons. Except for a few casualties that occurred when they were first attacked by the otherworldly experts, none of them were killed. However, according to my investigation, although none of them were killed, they were taken hostage by the otherworldly people. So, quite a number of them committed suicide…” he reported to Su Yu.

Su Yu’s eyes turned cold. “Bring me there.”

After the time it takes to drink half a cup of tea, Su Yu had arrived at the deeper end of the underground prisons. Indeed, he could see a look of agony and hopelessness in the eyes of the ladies who had been raped while there.

Most of them did not have clothes on their bodies, and one could see the scars on their bodies that had been left by their abusers. When they saw Su Yu and his people, the ladies looked both hateful and fearful at the same time.

As Su Yu’s gaze swept across them, his heart tightened. There was once a lady in the Phoenix Cabinet who had sacrificed her virginity in order to save him. To Su Yu, the act itself represented both a favor and a debt.

As he walked past the prisons, Su Yu’s heart felt heavier and heavier. If she had also been treated in such a manner, Su Yu couldn’t imagine…

Finally, Su Yu arrived at the last prison. Compared to the other prisons, this one was more brightly lit. Its interior design was also on par with the buildings on the outside.

The cell within this prison housed a lady who was dressed in proper and grand clothing. She looked elegant and emanated a pure aura.

“Feng Xianzi?” Su Yu immediately recognized the lady.

She was the one who had betrayed the Phoenix Cabinet by opening a spell formation. That action had allowed the Hundred Territories Alliance and the Snow Listening Tower to successfully occupy the Phoenix Cabinet.

Afterwards, due to some unplanned circumstances, she had mistaken Su Yu as Yue clan’s Young Master and had given herself to him. After she found out the truth, she became enlightened and returned to the Phoenix Cabinet to redeem herself. She was an exquisite beauty in the eyes of the otherworldly army, and no other woman could compare to her.

“Do you regret not killing me?” Feng Xianzi asked sorrowfully without raising her head.

Su Yu used his finger to tap at the steel bar, which then unlocked the door. He stepped inside.


Before he could even get close to her, Feng Xianzi suddenly raised her head and flung a hidden dagger towards him from her sleeve. Such a close-distance attack would have taken anyone by surprise, and nobody could have reacted in time to it.

Su Yu extended one of his hands from behind his back and used two fingers to casually grab the dagger. At the same time, he flipped his wrist and caused Feng Xianzi’s body to fall towards him.

With his other hand, Su Yu grabbed both of her wrists. As she realized that her attempt to attack him had failed, Feng Xianzi became even more determined as she yelled, “If you want to kill me, just do it. However, if you want to abuse my body, don’t even think about it!”

“It’s me.” Su Yu said softly.

The aggrieved Feng Xianzi suddenly looked shocked as she lifted her head. Her eyes opened wider gradually. She could not believe what she was seeing.

She then said, “Black Snow Devil King! Although your looks have changed, you are still the Black Snow Devil King… Or rather, I should call you Su Yu!”

Su Yu softened his grip on her as he nodded. “It is me. Are you the only one here?”

After Feng Xianzi collected herself, her face turned red. Not only had they shared a night together in bed, but her wrists were also now being held by Su Yu as her body naturally leaned towards him. Su Yu’s face was very close to hers.

“You… You should let go,” Feng Xianzi said as her face turned red.

Su Yu naturally let go of her and took a step back. He then observed her in silence.

After three years, she was no longer the arrogant lady of the past. Her beautiful face now gave off a natural glow of peace.

Throughout the years, she had faithfully sought absolution for her past mistakes. She had since regained her purified aura.

“I am the only one left. The Cabinet Master and six other sisters were all taken away by the Yue Clan’s elders. They are heading to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds to surrender themselves to the Fifth Saint Master,” Feng Xianzi explained.