The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 688

Chapter 688 Returning To The Liuxian Faction

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Fairy Feng’s eyelids shivered, as all of the people in front her emitted an extremely powerful aura.

“Why didn’t he take you with them?” Su Yu asked after he pondered this for a while.

Fairy Feng was quiet for a moment, then sadly lowered her head. “The Fifth Saint Master is cultivating an evil cultivation method, and he’s in need of women’s Primordial Yin. My eight sisters aren’t only beautiful, but they are still virgins. As for the Cabinet Master, although you already took her chastity, a part of her Primordial Yin is still left, and it was because of this that she was taken away. As for me, I was spared because I had already lost my Primordial Yin.”

Her Primordial Yin was taken by Su Yu, and his expression became somewhat odd when he heard her words. His heart tightened at that moment, as he thought about the danger that the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was in now. His heart became quite heavy as he thought about how she was reduced to being seen as just a vessel that contained Primordial Yin.

“How long ago did they leave?” Su Yu became somewhat anxious.

Fairy Feng said, “About six days ago, and they seemed quite anxious as they were leaving.”

Six days ago was the date of their great battle’s end, so it made sense that they would quickly flee at such a moment. Su Yu let out a breath when he heard her words.

The Seven Lords Palace had gone to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds before the battle started. At that time, the Ninth Saint Master, surnamed Yin, most likely did so to flatter the Fifth Saint Master. However, it was already too late, as with his power, it would be impossible for him to enter the Dragon Abyss, even if he tried to forcefully barge into it or sneak into it.

However, this didn’t mean that the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was really safe. After all, if the Ninth Saint Master was discovered, he might kill his captives so that it would be easier for him to escape.

Hence, Su Yu knew that he must quickly rush to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds and look for the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, as he couldn’t just abandon her while she was in such danger!

“I’m still obliged to go to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds,” muttered Su Yu.

He then sighed, as he was quite pressed for time. After he returned to his senses, he strode forward and left, while saying, “Luo Xiang, I will entrust those women to you. Quickly help them settle down in a safe place, and don’t waste time! Be sure to finish this task in one hour.”

“Understood, Alliance Master.” After Luo Xiang received his order, he immediately instructed the other annihilation team’s guards and started opening their cage.

“Everyone, don’t be alarmed. The otherworld great army has been annihilated and our Heavenly Law Alliance will free you.” When the annihilation team’s guards started opening the cage, the female disciples who were trapped within it became flustered, so they immediately explained everything to them in an attempt to appease them.

Fairy Feng looked at Su Yu’s disappearing back with her pretty eyes before she looked in doubt at Luo Xiang. “Senior, can you please tell me about the current situation in the outside world? Moreover, how is Alliance Master Su Yu, and is his faction affiliated with the Heavenly Law Alliance?”

Hearing her questions, Luo Xiong slightly furrowed his brows, as there were only a few people in the whole continent who dared to directly call Su Yu by his name. However, since it seemed like this woman was one of Su Yu’s old friends, Luo Xiong didn’t dare to rashly offend her.

So, he wore a faint smile and replied, “Miss, the Zhenlong Continent’s war has almost come to end, and the Heavenly Law Alliance, which was led by Alliance Master Su Yu, has already destroyed the other world’s main army. As such, we are now recapturing our lost territories.”

He then asked, “As for Alliance Master Su Yu, is there still a need for me to explain?”

Fairy Feng felt like she was just struck with a clap of thunder when she heard his words, and she was extremely shocked. “Do you mean that the otherworldly great army has already been defeated?”

Luo Xiong just smiled and didn’t reply, as it wasn’t just defeated, the terrifying Invincible Black Army was almost completely annihilated by Su Yu! Moreover, the current Heavenly Law Alliance was completely different than its past self, and the three words “Alliance Master Su” had a great weight to them in the continent.

In fact, according to what Luo Xiong had heard, a zealous worship of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master had even begun to spread throughout the continent.

“Okay, miss, since you are okay, then you should leave this place. Moreover, I must still advise you to not directly call Alliance Master Su by his name, as even if he doesn’t mind this, it won’t necessarily be the case for other people,” advised Luo Xiong. He then left to report back to Su Yu.

After an hour, everything was handled. As Fairy Feng stood on the Phoenix Cabinet and gazed at the pile of the otherworldly army’s soldiers corpses, she turned to look at Su Yu’s back. The countless experts, whose cultivations were so high and terrifying that she couldn’t see through them, gave her a feeling like she might have just traveled through time, as everything had quickly passed and ended.

“Fairy Feng, I will hand over the captives to you, and in the next days, you should take charge of the Phoenix Cabinet, so do your best.” Su Yu didn’t care about the Phoenix Cabinet’s domain, as the matter of increasing his influence and domain was meaningless to him.

Hatred appeared in Fairy Feng’s pretty eyes as she looked at the remaining fifty captives. Many of the women, who had just been freed, seemed like they had gone crazy. Their eyes were filled with deep hatred, and it seemed like they wanted to even drink their blood!

Many of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members shuddered when they saw these women, and they started sympathizing with the captives, as they felt like their fates might be worse than death.

“Let’s leave.” Su Yu waved his hand and led his army away.

However, at this moment, Fairy Feng suddenly flew over to them, her sweet fragrance assaulting his nostrils.

“Su… I mean, Alliance Master Su, please wait for a moment.” Fairy Feng’s face was somewhat flushed, as she felt that she couldn’t even gasp for breath while facing the current Su Yu, who had such great authority and power.

Moreover, he was her first and only man. As such, she found himself somewhat embarrassed when facing him.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, while worry filled his mind…

This woman won’t expose our relationship in front of such a great number of people, will she?

“Alliance Master Su, the Phoenix Cabinet hopes to get your Heavenly Law Alliance’s protection.” When Fairy Feng spoke, she mentioned a different matter.

Su Yu furrowed his brows. He didn’t have any ambition of expanding his Heavenly Law Alliance’s influence, so he asked her, “The otherworldly army has already left, and there isn’t any danger anymore, so why is there a need for this?”

Fairy Feng replied seriously, “Although the other world’s invasion has ended, the Phoenix Cabinet suffered grave casualties, and our current power is vastly inferior to the past. I believe that this is the case for almost all of the factions, which means that the continent will face another fight over domains.”

She then added, “The medium-sized factions won’t miss such an opportunity to seize an advantage. Specifically, they will try to seize the great factions’ territories, and small factions will also attack medium-sized factions that have suffered heavy losses. As such, many hidden or open fights will be unavoidable. So, the Phoenix Cabinet hopes to join the Heavenly Law Alliance in order to obtain its protection.”

Her words were reasonable, and it seemed like she had a clear vision of things. After such a great war, the ownership of many places would indeed need to be set up once again.

“Fine.” After Su Yu pondered her words for a moment, he agreed. “Pass my orders along, then take all of the northern continent’s factions in our jurisdiction.”

What? His words shocked all of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members, as this meant that Su Yu wanted to unify the whole northern continent. They had to wonder if this was Su Yu’s hidden ambition all along.

“The continent had grave casualties because of the otherworldly army’s unceasing assaults for three whole years, and we mustn’t let its power dwindle even more because of internal strife. So, our Heavenly Law Alliance should decide the domain of all factions, and all of those who dare to defy us and fight over domains should be punished,” Su Yu said.

After hearing this, everyone understood why he made such a decision, as the Zhenlong Continent had suffered grave casualties and couldn’t bear another conflict’s repercussions. The people here even felt like, after recapturing the northern continent, they should next turn to the western, eastern, and southern continents in hopes that they could all be unified by the Heavenly Law Alliance.

In this way, the Heavenly Law Alliance would unify the whole Zhenlong Continent! With this thought in their minds, the current members of the Heavenly Law Alliance had great confidence in themselves and looked down on even the Empire of Darkness.

“The army should stay behind in the Phoenix Cabinet and take care of the surrounding small factions. But, you are prohibited from killing anyone. As for the annihilation team’s guards, you will come with me.” Su Yu gave the order, deciding to leave behind the army to protect them while he freely traveled.

“Farewell, Alliance Master.” The army’s soldiers respectfully bid Su Yu farewell as he led ten of the annihilation team’s guards away.

Fairy Feng blankly stared at Su Yu as he left, strange emotions flickering in her eyes. The current Su Yu had great authority, as he was now the head of countless outstanding heroes. He was no longer a youngster, who would rush to the Phoenix Cabinet and attack it just for a woman.

As she thought about the fact that she once shared an unforgettable night with such a man, the regrets that were buried in her heart disappeared like a puff of smoke, and a strange pride replaced them. Despite the fact that she didn’t have any official relationship with Su Yu, she still held onto this memory in her heart.

After several hours, Su Yu had crossed more than ten thousand miles to reach the Hundred Territories Alliance. When he swept his gaze across it with his Soul Eyes, he found that it was filled with the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members, all of whom were killing the remaining forces of the otherworldly army. It seemed like Housemaster Zi had already taken back the Hundred Territories Alliance.

“Alliance Master, should we call them over to meet you?” asked Luo Xiong.

Su Yu calmly shook his head. “There is no need, as the following matter is one of my private and personal affairs. As such, there is no need to make it public.”

After a long while, Su Yu sighed as he stood outside of the Liuxian Faction. This was the place from which he had started his journey in the Zhenlong Continent.

This faction had many of his enemies, and it also had many people who had once helped him, like the ugly yet warm-hearted elder, An Yurou, and the cold yet kind-hearted woman, Mo Wu, as well as the Princess Yun Yan, to whom he owed so much. Yet, at this moment, such past matters were like smoke, which scattered in the air and blew away quietly.

When Su Yu entered the faction, he found that it was no longer as prosperous as it had been in the past. In fact, there were just a few people here and the palaces and halls were almost empty, not bustling and noisy like before.

“This place has remained the same, yet the people in it have completely changed…” Su Yu clasped his hands behind his back as he muttered.


The sound of some people fighting transmitted to his ears, and he was somewhat baffled by it…

Has someone invaded the Liuxian Faction?

Wondering about this, he strode forward towards the sound of the fighting. He soon found a large training stage, which was filled with youngsters who were vigorously competing against one another.

Su Yu saw a few faces that were familiar, but most of them were all new faces to him. He didn’t see the past Liuxian Faction’s Master. Instead, he saw his disciple, Ji Hongxue, who was sitting on his seat, as she had now became the master.

One of the faction’s past ten greatest geniuses, Chan Yufei, was standing on her left. In these past four years, she had already become the faction’s youngest elder, and the elapsing of time hadn’t changed her beautiful face one bit. She was still as graceful and mesmerizing as ever.

Su Yu saw several other people, although he did not know their names. These people had already become the faction’s cornerstone members, and he was truly surprised by this great change.

“There is no need to examine the next one, is there?” After the fight ended, Chan Yufei helplessly looked at a six-year-old boy who was on the stage. He appeared to be the youngest person here.

As Ji Hongxue was already past her thirties, she had become more mature and steady. “Let’s still test him. After the world was engulfed by wars, many families in our jurisdiction were either annihilated or went into hiding, and the number of our disciples is gradually decreasing.”

She then added, “This boy is a genius who was recommended by the Shenyue Island. It’s said that he has an inborn Level Three Martial Path Realm power, and even though he’s still quite young, he has already cultivated to a Level Six Martial Path Realm. If he could reach the Martial King Realm in four years, then he could be considered as another disciple with average aptitude having been added to our faction.”

Chan Yufei smiled bitterly when she heard her words. The current Liuxian Faction was forced to look for talented disciples, even in the uncivilized islands, and the boy before them came from the Shenyue Island.

As she thought of the Shenyue Island, she couldn’t help but recall a silver-haired youth, who had already become the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master and become a legendary character. Moreover, they had recently heard a piece of news that had shocked the whole continent. Apparently, Su Yu had annihilated the other world’s great army and saved the northern continent, and the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members who were led by him were now hunting the remaining otherworldly people!