The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 689

Chapter 689 An Old Friends Offspring

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Su Yu’s current status made Chan Yufei feel out of breath just thinking about him. Chan Yufei and Ji Hongxue believed that they did not even have the right to associate themselves with a person of such with a high status.

If they told people that they were friends with Su Yu, they would only be laughed at. As she thought about this, Chan Yufei decided to let things slide and allow the young boy to be tested.

As the competition began, the six-year-old boy appeared to be calm and composed. His eyes shone brightly, and he exuded an aura of confidence and intelligence that was far beyond his years. The boy clearly stood out from the crowd.

The way he carried himself exhibited an elegance that belonged to people of royalty. He did not look like a commoner at all.

“Take your shot,” the six-year-old boy said with a calm demeanor.

The boy’s opponent was a sixteen-year-old teenager. The teenager, who had bulging muscles, clearly had a very strong physique.

“Despite being so young, you have a very formidable presence.” Though the teenager spoke flattering words, he laughed teasingly.

He then stepped forward in big strides as he quickly attacked the boy. His agility was comparable to that of a monkey’s!

Within a few breaths’ time, he had moved forward a great distance and was about to strike the boy. Based on the boy’s cultivation, it would be difficult for him to block the attack.

However, surprisingly, the six-year-old boy lightly tapped on the ground with his pointed toes. With his cultivation being at the martial arts level, he was able to leap to a great height in the air.

The crowd suddenly started chattering loudly. Among them was Chan Yufei, whose eyes lit up. “That is a move that only someone at the Holy King’s level of cultivation could achieve! This boy’s light-body cultivation technique is rather uncommon.”

The boy was as graceful as a swan. He effortlessly leapt across the air and was able to dodge the teenager’s attack.

At the same time, a black light emanated from his eyes. The teenager was not able to react in time and was consequently struck by it. He shouted out in pain, despite there not being any apparent injuries on him.

“A soul attack?” Chan Yufei was surprised yet again.

Ji Hongxue, on the other hand, became deep in thought. After a while, she asked thoughtfully, “Junior Sister Chan, don’t you find this boy’s light-body cultivation technique somewhat familiar?”

Familiar? Chan Yufei was stunned for a moment. She closely observed the boy’s cultivation technique as she tried to recall something from her deepest memories.

Suddenly, a person’s figure appeared in her mind. She then said hesitantly, “I remember that Su Yu also used the same technique with his capabilities at the martial arts level when he went through the Liuxian faction’s entrance test. It seems that their cultivation techniques may have come from the same source…”

Ji Hongxue nodded at first. Then, after a while, she shook her head when she spoke, “They are not from the same source, but the same cultivation technique. The technique called Floating Light Shadow was rumored to have originated from Shenyue Island. It was a Saint level cultivation technique that was created by the royal family of an empire.”

“Could he be related to Su Yu?” Chan Yufei asked hesitantly.

Ji Hongxue shook her head. “That is very unlikely, as Su Yu left Shenyue Island at the age of fourteen. This boy had still not been born at that time.”

Chan Yufei’s face turned red slightly from embrarasment. She felt as if something had cleared in the air as she took a peek at Ji Hongxue. For some reason, she suspected that Ji Hongxue might have intentionally asked her about this.

Could Ji Hongxue have known about the romantic night the Chan Yufei spent with Su Yu in the past?

“Leaping through the air and using the soul cultivation technique? Young boy, that’s enough!” the teenager shouted angrily.

He had clearly tired of being attacked! As he pivoted on his stabilized right leg, he conjured up a wave of Vital Energy with his left leg and suddenly kicked forwards.

His leg moved so quickly that it created a gust of wind, which caught the boy by surprise. The boy was struck while he still in the air, causing him to instantly fall to the ground thereafter. The outcome was instantly determined.

“It appears that he is still too young…” Chan Yufei shook her head lightly in disappointment. “If he were to cultivate for another two years, perhaps he could make it through the test. For now, it is still too tough for him.”

Ji Hongxue sighed. “The losers have to leave. After three days, each of you will be sent back to where you came from. You may attempt the entrance test again in three years.”

Just as everyone had given up on him, the defeated boy’s body suddenly jerked. He then struggled to his feet and stood on his original spot, without moving. A look of unwillingness to surrender appeared in his eyes.

Ji Hongxue frowned slightly. “Take him away.”

Although she felt pity for the boy, this was still a formal recruitment. Hence, it would inappropriate for her to exhibit any personal agenda by granting special accommodations.

Immediately, someone in charge of maintaining order went up to the stage to take the boy away. The boy struggled to keep his eyes open. This was because there were tears welling up in his eyes, and he feared that the tears would trickle down if he closed his eyes.

The humiliation from his defeat kept him from raising his head as he silently moved away from the chattering crowd. All of a sudden, a pair of feet appeared directly in his line of vision.

As he lifted his head, he saw that a very handsome young man with a head of silver hair was standing right in front of him. The young man was smiling as he kneeled down and asked the boy, “How is your father? Is his body okay?”

The boy was stunned for a while before he lifted his head fully and stared at Su Yu with caution and suspicion. Although he was very young boy, he was unusually smart and alert.

The young boy then replied calmly, “My father is fine. May I ask… Your Excellency… Who are you?”

“Me? Hehe… You should call me uncle.” Su Yu laughed lightly.

The boy blinked his eyes as he wondered… If that is the case, does it mean this big brother before me was from my father’s same generation of friends?

However, the boy remained cautious. In fact, he remained silent and unwilling to reveal his father’s condition.

Su Yu laughed as he tried to ask another question. All of a sudden, two people came forward.

“How dare you? Who are you? Why have you trespassed into the Liuxian faction?” one of the two asked. They were surprised to discover the unfamiliar youth before them.

Su Yu stood up as he looked at the two people and asked, “You two are new here, right?

“How disrespectful! We asked you a question! This is our Liuxian faction’s recruitment event. What is the meaning of your trespassing? Who sent you here?” one of the two disciples asked, while both were displaying very unfriendly looks.

It was common for other factions to try to find out information about the Liuxian faction’s recruitment of disciples. The two would have understood if the person had tried to gather information in secret.

However, this man had blatantly revealed himself and was openly soliciting information right before their eyes! This was something that was new to them.

The commotion was beginning to attract some attention. Ji Hongxue was waiting for the next person to attempt the entrance test, when she suddenly shifted her gaze towards where Su Yu was standing. However, as soon as she saw him, her entire body froze in place. It was as if she had just been struck by lightning!

Chan Yufei felt a strange thing had occurred, so she followed Ji Hongxue’s gaze. She too experienced a similar feeling as her pupils widened in surprise. Although several years had passed, the appearance of the young man before them had not changed at all. It was as if he had remained the same exact age this whole time!

“Su… Su Yu…” Chan Yufei said his name with a stutter.

She could not believe her eyes. Su Yu, who was the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, had actually come to the Liuxian faction!

“Disrespectful! Who are you to call the Alliance Master by his name?” Luo Xiong shouted with a lowered voice. The pressure from his Fairy aura caused everyone’s hearts to beat wildly.

Chan Yufei and Ji Hongxue suddenly recovered from their shocks. The two stood up and shakily walked over to greet Su Yu.

“Let’s talk somewhere else.” What shocked them was that, before they had even stood up, they heard a soft voice and felt a soft palm press on both of their shoulders. The owner of the palms was Su Yu!

He had clearly been hundreds of meters away just a moment ago, yet he had suddenly appeared in front of them in the blink of an eye! Such a skillful maneuver left them in states of shock.

Swiftly thereafter, a flash of lightning appeared as they felt their heads spinning. When they opened their eyes again, they had already appeared in another place that was quiet and secluded.

“Teleportation!” Ji Hongxue felt waves of shock sweeping over her heart.

As they looked towards the back of the man standing with his hands behind him, Ji Hongxue found it hard to compare him with the Su Yu of the past.

“I hope you two are doing well,” Su Yu turned around and said with a smile.

Ji Hongxue could not find the right words to express herself, while Chan Yufei just looked deeply into Su Yu’s eyes. After a moment, she smiled and said, “We are alright.”

Su Yu laughed lightly. “The Liuxian faction will recover.”

The two laughed bitterly. The Liuxian faction’s demise was caused by Su Yu, who had killed half of the faction’s elders when he tried to leave the faction.

“I’ve been meaning to ask, why did I not see the Liuxian faction’s master?” Su Yu asked.

Hearing this, Ji Hongxue’s eyes turned dark. “He tried to protect us. He ended up sacrificing his life while fighting against the otherworldly army.”

He died? Su Yu was stunned and sighed in his heart. There had been so many changes during the three years that he had been away.

“My condolences,” Su Yu said sadly.

Chan Yufei looked very serious all of a sudden. However, she did not dare look into Su Yu’s eyes directly. “I wonder what Alliance Master Su is doing here at the Liuxian faction? I am sure you are not only here to reminisce about the past with us.”

Su Yu nodded. “Yes, you are right. I wanted to ask you about Elder An Yurou and Mo Wu. Do you have any news regarding their whereabouts?”

Ever since he had placed An Yurou at Shenyue Island, he had lost all communication with her. Now that he was passing by the Liuxian faction, he decided to stop and ask about her.

Chan Yufei shook her head lightly. “No.”

Ji Hongxue also shook her head. Their answers made Su Yu feel disappointed.

“If that is the case, I will take my leave. Take care of yourselves,” Su Yu said as he extended his hand towards the sky.

At that moment, a beautiful scenery appeared, which looked as exquisite as a painting. Thereafter, Su Yu grabbed it with his five fingers, containing the scenery within his palm. When he opened his palm again, a transparent symbol was shining brightly within it.

As Su Yu flicked his finger, the symbol was imbued into Chan Yufei’s forehead. Su Yu then said, “This is my Divine Decree. If you get into any trouble in the future, you may seek help from the Heavenly Law Alliance with it.”

Su Yu then shook his sleeve and proceeded to leave. However, Su Yu came to a halt before leaving and added, “The boy is the offspring of a very good friend of mine from Shenyue Island. Please look after him on my behalf.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Yu leapt into the air and departed. The remnant shadows of ten Fairies left with him at the same time.

Chan Yufei was suddenly speechless. She touched her forehead as a smile formed on her face. He had not forgotten about her after all.

Ji Hongxue, on the other hand, was happy beyond measure. With them having just received such a personal gift from the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, no one would dare bully or insult the Liuxian faction now!

After they both calmed down, a feeling of emptiness filled their hearts. They had once stood at the same starting point as Su Yu. However, the gap between them and Su Yu was only getting larger and larger.

After half an hour, they finally returned to the place where the entrance tests were being held. However, they discovered that the place was in a state of complete chaos!

“What? That young man we saw earlier is the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, Su Yu?” someone exclaimed.

The new recruits were all greatly surprised as well, as they all were shouting at once…

“My goodness. Did he always look like that?”

“It’s over. I won’t be able to sleep tonight. That was the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, the protector of our continent! I can’t believe I actually saw him in person!”

The two people who had been unfriendly towards Su Yu had bleak facial expressions on their faces. They looked as if they were preparing to be reprimanded.

“Be quiet. The tests will now continue,” Ji Hongxue said with a low tone. Although she looked very serious, there was an additional light-heartedness in her tone.

“Apart from that, I have else something to announce.” Ji Hongxue’s gaze shifted towards the boy as she asked, “What is your name?”

The boy felt surprised by the sudden attention. This was the master of the Liuxian faction, after all, and she was actually asking him a question!

“Li Jun,” he replied.

Ji Hongxue smiled. “Alright, Li Jun. Are you willing to be my main personal disciple?”

Her words thoroughly shocked the crowd. Being her main personal disciple would mean that the young boy would become the successor of the Liuxian faction in the future!

Li Jun was beyond happy to hear this. “Yes! I am willing!”

However, he was curious as to why he had suddenly been chosen to become the main disciple…

Was it because of the silver-haired big brother?

“Master, don’t you think this is all being done in too much of a rush?” an elder voiced his concern.

A few of the other elders nodded their heads and had frowns on their faces. They also clearly felt that the decision was made too recklessly.

Ji Hongxue was expressionless. “Li Jun is an offspring of that man’s old friend. Are you sure that you want to go against that decision?”

What? An offspring to Su YU’s old friend? The few elders shifted their gazes towards Li Jun. Now, a warm light emitted from their eyes, as if they would soon burn Li Jun with their stares.

Those who were very old and experienced even appeared to be wild with joy. After all, if an offspring to Su Yu’s good friend became the Liuxian faction’s young faction master, even the Heavenly Law Alliance’s people would not dare to speak out of turn in front of the Liuxian faction! Everyone instantly began to imagine peace and harmony for hundreds of years to come for the Liuxian faction!

Ji Hongxue and Chan Yufei locked gazes with one another. There was a look of concern on both of their faces.

After the tests were over, the two of them arrived at the place where the elders lived. In a simple-looking house, two beautiful, cool, and gentle ladies were quietly cultivating.

“Master, Alliance Master Su was here. I am sure you must have felt his aura. Why won’t you let us tell him where you are?” Ji Hongxue asked as she Chan Yufei stood outside the door.

An Yurou and Mo Wu were in the Liuxian faction! An Yurou slowly opened her eyes without uttering a word. The two standing outside took the hint and eventually left.

Now, there were only two people in the house. Mo Wu opened her eyes and said softly, “Master, won’t you regret this? If you go now, you may still be able to catch up.”

An Yurou’s beautiful face showed a pained expression. “We did not help him during his hardest times. Now that he has made a name for himself, I would feel ashamed to meet him. As for you, I know you miss him dearly. So, why don’t you go meet him?”

Mo Wu stayed silent as she bit her lips softly. Clearly, she was struggling with the decision.

After a while, her eyes looked crystal clear as she said, “I do not have the good fortune of choosing this path. As such, I only want to accompany you, master.”

An Yurou sighed gently. “Neither of us have that good fortune. If there is an opportunity in the future, I believe we will meet again.”

At Xianyu prefecture on Shenyue Island, Su Yu stood before the Duke’s Manor with a look of melancholy on his face. There was a scene here six years ago that had been interrupted. Today, he wanted to resume where he had left off!

He could no longer delay his wedding with Xianer. After giving it some thought, Su Yu entered the manor.

Inside the manor, a middle-aged man, who was greying at the temples, was fully concentrating on his reading beneath the sunlight. He looked to be very much at peace.

Su Yu quietly looked at the man without alerting him. After the time taken to drink half a pot of tea, Su Yu stepped out in silence.

“Alliance Master, aren’t you going in to see him?” Luo Xiong could tell from Su Yu’s eyes that he had an unusual relationship with this man.

Su Yu looked pleased. “I have already seen him. There is no need to cause the old man any concern. I should just leave now.”

He then added, “However, I will be the only person leaving. You will stay here with the rest of the annihilation team. Take this letter to him. Tell him that the day I return will be the day I marry Xianer. I will then personally request for him to drink a cup of tea, which I will serve him myself.”

After Su Yu gave the orders, he handed a letter to Luo Xiong. Luo Xiong was surprised. “What about you, Alliance Master?”

Su Yu’s gaze shifted towards the depths of the sea. “I will be going to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds to save an old friend.”

As soon as Su Yu finished speaking, he disappeared into the sky.