The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 691

Chapter 691 The Remaining Defeated Soldiers

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There was a robed middle-aged man on one side of the cage. He sat in a cross-legged manner with his eyes closed, as if he was cultivating.

Behind him, a young man stood respectfully in an upright position. This young man had once fought against Su Yu. He was the Sixth Saint Master! As a Grade Three Fairy, he was escorting this seemingly normal middle-aged man!

“Who is he?” Su Yu’s eyes narrowed as he used his Soul Eyes to observe the middle-aged man.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man opened his eyes. Su Yu’s Soul Eyes were surprisingly deflected! This was the first time that his soul power had actually been deflected!

The robed middle-aged man also narrowed his eyes as he focused his gaze towards into the distance. It looked like he had discovered Su Yu’s presence.

“This is interesting. Has the Empire of Darkness sent someone of great importance here? Since you have already arrived, why don’t you show yourself?” The robed middle-aged man’s voice sounded coarse and almost baritone-like.

“Welcome, Fourth Saint Master. You have awakened.” The otherworldly people, including the Fifth Saint Master, went down on one knee to welcome him in a respectful manner.

Su Yu’s pupils contracted. The Fourth Saint Master?

Why is the Fourth Saint Master here? Isn’t the Fifth Saint Master the highest level of commander in the other world?

“You have done well. You were able to buy me time to pass through the fissure. Also, you have achieved quite a lot,” the Fourth Saint Master said as he let out a long sigh. He looked reenergized.

The Fourth Saint Master appeared to be smiling as he looked around at the Seven Lords of Darkness. His gaze finally landed on the Great Lord.

“Grade Six Fairy. Your cultivation is similar to mine. I wouldn’t have imagined that this abandoned place would be capable of breeding a Grade Six Fairy. I believe that you must have already advanced to the Fairy level three years ago,” the Fourth Saint Master said with confidence. The corners of his mouth lifted into a smile as he occasionally glanced in Su Yu’s direction, which was approximately ten miles away.

At the moment, the Great Lord was using his hand to press against his bleeding abdomen. His aged face was vaguely twisting, as if he were in a great deal of pain.

On their way here, they had been able to kill a lot of the soldiers in the Fifth Saint Master’s army. Even when the Invincible Black Army joined in from behind, they still had the upper hand.

When the Fifth Saint Master and his people were forced to the end of the fissure, it appeared that they would all be killed, while the fissure would be sealed up once and for all. However, at the most crucial moment, a person’s figure had suddenly stepped out from the fissure!

His sudden attack inflicted a severe injury on the Great Lord’s abdomen. When the figure had appeared, it seemed like he was still not used to the environment here and had to rest in cultivation for a brief moment. Everyone else had not dared to make any other moves since then.

Hearing this, the Great Lord’s face sank. He felt a great heaviness in his heart. Although they were both at the Grade Six Fairy level, there was still a gap between their capabilities.

Although the opponent had attacked him with an element of surprise, the fact that the Great Lord was not able to react in time clearly demonstrated the strength of his opponent. The sudden appearance of the Fourth Saint Master had suddenly turned the tables on them.

“If you surrender now, I may let you live,” the Fourth Saint Master said with a relaxed expression. “You are still not strong enough to fight me. I advise you not to sacrifice your own lives in vain.”

The Great Lord focused his gaze as he shouted, “We have no way out. Let’s fight together!”

If they were to let the Fourth Saint Master leave this place, all of their efforts in the past would be in vain, as the continent would surely be occupied by the otherworldly experts once again. Then, all of the countless soldiers in the Empire of Darkness would have also died in vain.

“Fight!” Angry shouts could be heard from every corner of the area. The Seven Lords Palace and the soldiers all joined in, readying for the massacre.

In terms of numbers, they clearly had an advantage. So, even if they were no match for the Fourth Saint Master, they could still wipe out the remaining defeated soldiers.

The Fourth Saint Master’s calm demeanor faded slightly. A look of displeasure soon appeared on his face.

“You are overestimating yourselves! Kill them all!” he shouted.

The Fourth Saint Master lifted his hand into the air as he grabbed at the Vital Energy around him and threw it against the incoming soldiers. All of a sudden, a formless ball seemed to have landed among the army.


After a loud sound was heard, ten people were instantly turned into dust! The Fifth Saint Master, the Sixth Saint Master, the Ninth Saint Master, Commander Hong Yu, and the Invincible Black Army consecutively started attacking at once. All of a sudden, both parties were engaged in a bloodbath!

However, things were not looking great for the Empire of Darkness. Despite the Seven Lords Palace’s having many members who were able to keep the Saint Masters occupied, Commander Hong Yu was still able to give orders under the protection of the Invincible Black Army.

The Invincible Black Army’s every move was capable of killing a large number of the Empire of Darkness’ soldiers. Their efficiency was even greater than the Fourth Saint Master’s.

“They are my king’s personal army after all.” The Fourth Saint Master could not help but show a look of admiration as he observed the scene before him. “I am much more curious about the Heavenly Law Alliance Master now. It is hard to believe that someone like him actually exists in the Zhenlong Continent.”

The Fifth Saint Master also showed a pleasant look on his face. The Invincible Black Army was so strong that they could annihilate the entire Empire of Darkness’ Army in the time taken to brew half a pot of tea! By then, the tides would have turned and it would be an easy feat to eliminate their opponent!

Of course, their greatest support was naturally the Fourth Saint Master. They were only able to suppress the Great Lord due to his appearance. Otherwise, they would be defenseless against the Grade Six Fairy’s attacks.

All of the people of the Seven Lords Palace were overwhelmed by the Invincible Black Army’s might. If they continued to be oppressed by the enemy, the only thing awaiting them would be a horrendous defeat. The situation was not looking great!

“I will keep the Fourth Saint Master occupied. You people must find ways to handle this army!” the Great Lord shouted with a lowered voice as he initiated an attack against the Fourth Saint Master.

At the same time, stepping out from the five Lords who were surrounding the enemy, the Seventh Lord, who had a Grade Two Fairy cultivation, offered his service. “I will return shortly!”

As he took off from the battlefield, the Seventh Lord put his fists together to form a bright flame. He then led the Empire of Darkness’ Army and charged towards the enemy.

On his way, all of the arrows and spears that came into contact with his fists were instantly turned into dust. Seeing this, the Empire of Darkness’ Army cheered loudly.

“All brawn and no brains.” Commander Hong Yu smiled sarcastically as he gave an order, “Formation!”

Suddenly, the Invincible Black Army changed their formation. The archers stood in front, while the spearmen lined up behind them.

The spearman retrieved the long spears from their backs and broke the spears into halves before passing them to the archers in front. The scene was an exact replica of what had happened when they were attacking the central region of the city in the battle against the Heavenly Law Alliance.

The long spears were projected towards their targets. The spears erupted whilst still in the air, sending countless balls of flames falling towards their enemy, which soon engulfed them in a sea of flames. In an instant, hundreds of people cried out in pain as they became engulfed by the flames.

The Seventh Lord was unable to respond in time as he was also engulfed by the flames. However, as a Grade Two Fairy, he was able to use his Vital Energy to block the flames from burning the surface of his body.

However, as soon as he started condensing his Vital Energy, a long spear soundlessly arrived in front of him all of a sudden! The Vital Energy on the surface of his body was instantly destroyed as the long spear pierced through his abdomen!

The surprise attack was not a success because the spear had come soundlessly, but that the roaring flames around him had concealed its sound! The sky full of flames had also blocked his vision, which prevented him from noticing the spear as it flew at him.

As Commander Hong Yu had a vast amount of experience, he had been able to skillfully manipulate the environment in order to deliver this fatal blow.

“Explode!” Commander Hong Yu laughed coldly as he shouted.

The long spear in the Seventh Lord’s body instantly exploded as the flame burned his body from within. After a pitiful cry was heard, the Seventh Lord’s body became burned from the inside out. A Grade Two Fairy was killed, just like that!

As for the Invincible Black Army, they were barely even harmed! The Seven Lords Palace felt their hearts sink as they observed the scene before them. What kind of a force is this Invincible Black Army?

Their hearts sank even further when they glanced over at the Great Lord.

In less than ten attacks between him and the Fourth Saint Master, a bloody wound had appeared yet again on the Great Lord’s chest. Copious amounts of blood was also spilling from his mouth.

The Fourth Saint Master, on the other hand, appeared to be very calm. In fact, he had not even taken a single step away from his original spot!

“Although your level of cultivation is pretty good, your foundations are weak. Your cultivation techniques are also on a low level. Even in Jiuzhou, you would only match the capabilities of a Grade Five Fairy.” The Fourth Saint Master spoke in a condescending tone as he offered an analysis of the Great Lord’s capabilities.

As he shifted his gaze towards the Invincible Black Army, the Fourth Saint Master said coldly, “Kill them. Let’s end this as soon as possible.”

“Yes!” Commander Hong Yu responded respectfully. He then looked towards the Empire of Darkness’ Army and laughed coldly. “You’re just a bunch of useless people! Continue to kill them!”

Upon hearing his order, the Invincible Black Army changed its formation yet again. Every single attack would reap the lives of more than ten of their opponents.

As such, the Empire of Darkness’ soldiers were being picked off at a rapid rate. At the current rate, they could not even withstand the attacks for another few minutes!

The scene unfolding before the Seven Lords Palace caused them to start panicking. They were clearly in a dire situation!

“Another one, go forth!” the Great Lord said with a grave expression.

At the moment, only the Second Lord, the Fourth Lord, the Fifth Lord and the Sixth Lord who remained in the Seven Lords Palace. In the group, the Second Lord was working with the Fourth Lord and the Fifth Lord to suppress the enemy’s Fifth Saint Master and Sixth Saint Master. The remaining Sixth Lord was also occupied with the Ninth Saint Master.

Thinking of this, they all wondered… How can we spare any more manpower?

“I will go!” the Sixth Lord said through gritted teeth.

His capabilities did not differ much from the Seventh Lord, as they were both Grade Two Fairies. So, if he went forward now, he would not end up any better than the Seventh Lord. In other words, this was an absolute suicide mission!

However, they had no other choice. At this moment, they seemed to only be prolonging their deaths.

The remaining Lords in the Seven Lords Palace were completely unable to spare themselves. Even if one of the other lords were to disengage from the battle, the remaining people would only face certain death.

Only through the Sixth Lord’s maneuver would they be able to buy a few extra minutes of life. Regardless, he was certainly sending himself to his own death.

As the Sixth Lord took in a deep breath, he showed a look of determination. “You bunch of b*stards, I will kill you all!”

Commander Hong Yu laughed coldly. “You are only getting yourself killed. You still do not have the right to fight against us. Get into formation and fulfill his death wish.”

The archers and spearmen rapidly changed their formation. However, right then, a Vital Energy Arrow pierced through the sky and landed among the Invincible Black Army.

Commander Hong Yu’s gaze turned towards the arrow. “An ambush? Such a harmless Vital Energy Arrow is not effective at all. Take it down…”

However, before he even finished his sentence, the Vital Energy Arrow exploded! At the same time, dozens of white hairs spun out from the exploding arrow, spreading out in all directions.

In that instant, cries in pain could be heard and a shocking scene appeared before everyone’s eyes. All of those who came into contact with the white hairs were instantly turned into dust!

In the blink of an eye, thirty of the Invincible Black Army’s soldiers had been turned into dust! Such a chilling scene shocked even the Empire of Darkness.

“It is the Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison!” Commander Hong Yu exclaimed in surprise as his face froze. There was also a glimmer of fear in his eyes.

If one were to look at the Invincible Black Army now, he could see that the soldiers’ normally steely expressions had also turned into ones of panic as they looked towards the direction of the arrow. It was as if a demon had appeared there.

“How dare a bunch of defeated soldiers cause such a ruckus?” A cool voice could be heard as a silver-haired young man appeared from the skies. He was holding a silver bow in his hand.