The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 692

Chapter 692

Chapter 692: Chapter 690

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“It’s you.” Commander Hong Yu’s expression became extremely unsightly as hatred and fright appeared on his face.

Although, he had never once seen Su Yu, he did know that the Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison was the main reason why his Invincible Black Army had suffered heavy casualties.

The Invincible Black Army’s soldiers started hesitating, and fright appeared on their faces as they looked at Su Yu. It seemed like they found the Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm youth even more terrifying than the Level Two Fairy Realm expert who they had just killed.

The empire’s army and the Seven Lords Palace’s Lords were startled, and they had to wonder…

Why is the Invincible Black Army this afraid of Su Yu?

The Fourth Saint Master furrowed his brows as he looked at Su Yu. It was obvious that Su Yu’s cultivation was much weaker than he had expected.

“Is just his soul energy outstanding?” The Fourth Saint Master was relieved because he detected that Su Yu’s cultivation was extremely weak and not even worth his attention.

“This person does have powerful soul energy, though, so be careful around him,” the Fourth Saint Master warned.

The eyes of the Seven Lords Palace’s Lords lit up, and their gazes shone.

“Su Yu… I mean… Alliance Master Su, we will trouble you with this.” The Great Lord coped with the Fourth Saint Master with her whole power, while he looked at Su Yu and spoke, while secretly making signals at the other Lords.

The heart of the other Lords shuddered and they all started secretly communicating.

“Isn’t it somewhat inappropriate that Alliance Master Su Yu traveled a long distance to come to help us, yet we will just abandon him and leave?” The Second Lord slightly furrowed his brows.

The seven Lords had been together for many years, so they were already capable of communicating with just their eyes. As such, they clearly read the meaning behind the Great Lord’s look.

He had asked them to consider the fact that Su Yu was holding them down as a reason to lead the empire’s army and flee from the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. Now, they had already lost any advantages that they possessed, and with the Fourth Saint Master here, it would be impossible for them to win. As such, they would all be killed if they continued fighting.

After Su Yu came here, he would be able to slightly suppress the Invincible Black Army, giving them an opportunity of convening the empire’s army and jointly attacking the enemies’ Fairy Realm’s experts and escaping. But, Su Yu had just joined in order to help them, so abandoning him would be like biting the hand that fed them.

“Don’t hesitate, as Su Yu is quite weak, and although he used some unknown means to scare the Invincible Black Army, it won’t be enough to reverse the tide of the battle. So, we should avail ourselves of this opportunity to leave. I believe that, even if the outside world’s people learned of this, they wouldn’t blame us.” The Great Lord hurriedly transmitted his voice to them.

He then added, “Don’t waste your breath, just promptly leave. After you leave, I will look for an opportunity to leave as well. As for Su Yu, I will be grateful to him for this, and after his death, I will look after the Heavenly Law Alliance for him.”

Shame and guilt appeared on the faces of all of the Seven Lords, but they still clenched their fists and sighed, resigning themselves to obey.

Su Yu looked at the Invincible Black Army for a while, then averted his gaze from them and fixed it on the cage behind them.

“Shoot him. He’s just one person, so he won’t be of any threat to us.” Commander Hong Yu shouted in a deep voice.

Su Yu expressionlessly held his silver bow and strode towards them, while he coldly spoke, “If you don’t want to die, then get out of the way.”

The archers, who were on standby, started hesitating as they looked at the silver-haired man coming at them. They were clearly intimidated by his silver bow and Vital Energy Arrows, which were filled with Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison.

The Invincible Black Army had strict and severe training, which taught them to strictly obey all military orders. As such, its soldiers never once ignored Commander Hong Yu’s orders. But, this is exactly what was happening now!

Commander Hong Yu was angered by them and shouted, “All of those who disobey orders will be killed.” He then raised his sword and beheaded the archers who were closest to him.

It was only at this moment that the Invincible Black Army’s soldiers returned to their senses. At that moment, the archers finally start firing at him.

Su Yu coldly pulled his long bow’s string and muttered, “I gave you an opportunity…”


A white flame suddenly started burning in Su Yu’s eyes, and at such a moment, the archers, who had just raised their bows, screamed miserably. As their eyes dimmed, they all died!

This was the White-Eyed Fire Glass Frog’s Soul Flame! In just the twinkling of an eye, more than ten archers were killed! Such a scene shocked the other archers, whose movements became slower.

It was at this moment that Su Yu start shooting his Vital Energy Arrows, and an explosion sound echoed out, signaling that the Cloud Galloping Horse’s poison was spreading out. As it spread, it killed dozens of people, including all of the enemies’ archers.

“Lance throwers, shoot him.” This was Commander Hong Yu’s first time directly fighting Su Yu.

He had assumed that Su Yu was only adept in concocting schemes and devising tactics. He never expected that his personal power would be this great!

The remaining thirty archers were all killed by Su Yu, and only a hundred lance throwers remained. The lance throwers hesitated when they heard his orders, and fright welled up in their hearts as they looked at Su Yu’s ice-cold face.

“Get out of the way!” Su Yu strode forward and shouted in a cold voice.

After seeing all of the archers killed just a moment ago, and now that Su Yu was closing in them, the lance throwers completely crumbled and ignored Commander Hong Yu’s order. Even those who still had fighting spirit within them were helpless, as they couldn’t deal with the flustered crowd.

So, all of them dispersed. A moment ago, they were still ferociously fighting, yet now they didn’t dare to even try to fight back.

Seeing this, Commander Hong Yu was extremely infuriated by them. “All those who disobey military orders will be executed.”


An arc of lighting suddenly appeared a meter from him, and an arm, which had a golden internal blood energy channel and possessed a dreadful power was scratched out of it. This caught Commander Hong Yu off guard, and he shouted in alarm, “It’s the Thunder Escape!”

The body of Su Yu, who was several hundred meters from them, started becoming fuzzy, as it was just an afterimage that he had left there. At such a precarious moment, Commander Hong Yu thrust both of his fists at Su Yu.

As he was a Level One Fairy Realm expert, his fleshly body shouldn’t be any weaker than Su Yu’s, so he reluctantly managed to block his strike. However, before he managed to even let out a breath, a golden ray flew out of Su Yu’s sleeves. It had an extremely fast speed and seemed like it was teleporting.

Seeing this, Commander Hong Yu’s heart thumped and intensely throbbed. As he tried to flee, he quickly shouted, “Protect me!”


His shout was quickly replaced by a spluttering sound, as another small golden sword quietly appeared behind him and pierced his heart, which let his life force quickly flow out of him. While he was on the brink of death, he only saw the lightning’s radiance and Su Yu, who wore an apathetic expression.

“Without your Invincible Black Army, you are extremely weak.” Su Yu’s words, which rang in his ears, were the last things that he heard in his life.

The remaining soldiers of the Invincible Black Army were all frightened, as their commander had just been killed.

“Will you go back to Jiuzhou, or will you just die here?” Su Yu coldly looked at the lance throwers.

Those hundred lance throwers possessed an extremely powerful destructive power. As such, they were able to easily annihilate the empire’s army.

After they hesitated for a while, they all separated. Some of them rushed toward the Fifth Saint Master, while only two or three of them, whose wills had utterly crumbled, chose to return to Jiuzhou. Still others converged around the Fourth Saint Master before Su Yu’s ice-cold gaze.

At such a moment, Su Yu shot several arrows with his silver bow, and as countless miserable screams filled the air, fifty of them were turned into ashes.

“Lad, how dare you?” The Fifth Saint Master couldn’t believe the scene before him, as a trifling Three Crystals Half Fairy Realm youth had almost completely annihilated the Invincible Black Army! Even their commander was killed by him!

The gazes of the Seven Lords Palace’s Lords flickered, and they all nodded as they glanced at each other.

“Alliance Master Su, please continue and hunt down the remaining soldiers of the Invincible Black Army. Our Empire of Darkness will surely generously repay you for helping us today,” said the Second Lord in a loud voice.

As the Lords were already near the empire’s army, they only needed a single command from them to encircle the enemies’ Saint Masters, which would give them an opportunity to flee. As for Su Yu, who would be left here, he would most likely be killed by the Fifth, Sixth, and Ninth Saint Masters.

However, Su Yu didn’t take even a single look at them when he heard him, and he calmly strode to the cage and indifferently replied, “It seems like you misunderstood something, as I came here just to save the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master. As such, I don’t really care whether you live or die.”

As he thrust his fist at the iron cage, it shattered into pieces. Since the cage had several seals placed on it, the women inside it were incapable of knowing what was happening on the outside, so they were all startled when it was opened.

They were even more surprised to see that it wasn’t the enemy’s men who appeared before them like they were expecting. Instead, it was a youthful man!

“Su Yu!” The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master and the other nine beautiful women all cried out at the same time.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master unceasingly blinked her eyes, as she felt like she was probably just hallucinating. She then asked, “Are you really Su Yu?”

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s heart intensely throbbed, as she would never have expected that the person who would come to her rescue would be Su Yu!

Su Yu sized up the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master. She was exceptionally beautiful like always, and she had a dignified and refined bearing.

Moreover, it didn’t seem like she had been mistreated by them. Seeing this, Su Yu was finally able to relax a little.

“Let’s leave this place before chatting.” Su Yu held the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s hand and took her along with him as he flew away.

Countless emotions flickered in the nine women’s eyes, and they all chased after Su Yu. While they fled away in delight, they couldn’t help but chuckle as they looked at Su Yu, who was pulling the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master along beside him.

“Su Yu, what do you intend to do? Will you just abandon us?” The Great Lord was so infuriated, he even stopped calling him Alliance Master and directly called him by his name.

Su Yu coldly looked back at him and said, “I never once said that I would come here to save you! Moreover, do you think that I don’t know what you are planning? I have seen many ungrateful people, yet rarely have I seen a more rotten lot than you! You Seven Lords are just vile cowards, so why would I care about any of your fates?”

Su Yu had already been observing the empire’s men movement early on, so this fact could not escape his eyes.

“You…” The Great Lord was both ashamed and angered.

He didn’t expect that Su Yu would see through his plan. Moreover, it turns out that Su Yu didn’t care about him at all, as he had led the women away and fled!

After the time that it would take to brew a half a cup of tea, in the sky above the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.

“Cabinet’s Master, take them along with you and leave. The Phoenix Cabinet is protected by my Heavenly Law Alliance’s members, so you can seek their asylum.” Su Yu let go of her palm, while her fragrance still lingered all around him.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s cheeks became somewhat flushed, and she was slightly worried whether her relationship with Su Yu would be seen through by her disciples, since she was so intimately pulled along by him just now.

“Why don’t you leave with us?” The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master asked. “From their states, it’s obvious that the Seven Lords Palace won’t be able to hold them off for long.”

Su Yu shook his head as he surveyed his surroundings. Then then sighed softly. “The Zhenlong Continent’s territories are being recaptured now, yet the fissure in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds is still not sealed. We already lost and sacrificed so many people, and we mustn’t give the other world an opportunity to make a comeback. So, we must seal the fissure.”

“Will you go back?” The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master bit her lips as worry appeared in her eyes.

She wanted to stop him, yet she didn’t know how could she ask that of him. After all, she was already incapable of seeing through the current Su Yu’s cultivation, much less seeing his true status or his innermost feeling and thoughts.

“Yes, I’m duty-bound to do this for those whose blood was spilled and for those who are ceaselessly fighting back, as well as for those who still haven’t achieved a peaceful rest after death.” Su Yu knew that he couldn’t be selfish and care about just himself alone, not while the continent was on the brink of destruction.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master pondered this for a moment, then looked at the females disciples and said, “Leave without me.”

The nine disciples bowed to her and obeyed her order. They wore smiles as they looked at each other, and they covered their mouths with their hands as they flew away.

After all of them had left, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master bit her rosy lips, and with her face flushed, she stepped forward and gave Su Yu a farewell hug.

“You must come back,” said the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master in a soft voice before she left Su Yu’s embrace.

She then left without turning her head back to take even a single look at him, as she feared that if she did, she couldn’t bear parting with him.

Su Yu calmly nodded and watched the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master until she left. Afterwards, his eyes flickered with a cold glow and he returned into the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.