The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 693

Chapter 693 One Against Three

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As soon as Su Yu entered the space, he was faced with a strong gust of energy. As he fixed his gaze forward, he could see groups of people colliding against one another.

The Second Lord and the Sixth Lord were escaping with soldiers, many of whom they were supporting against their own shoulders. Some of these soldiers were covered in blood.

There was even one whose abdomen had a wide, gaping wound with blood pouring out of it. Behind them, hundreds of otherworldly experts followed in close pursuit.

“As the Great Lord, you seem to be rather ruthless. You did not even hesitate before sacrificing your people’s lives!” the Fourth Saint Master said as he chased after the escaping army in the air. He looked very relaxed and had a sarcastic smirk on his face.

After Su Yu had escaped, the Great Lord had chosen to abandon the Fourth Lord and the Fifth Lord at the most crucial moment. At the same time, he chose to use a dangerous move against the Fourth Saint Master, which would have gotten him killed. However, only through that was he able to forcefully break free and escape with his army.

Despite this, not only was the Fourth Saint Master barely harmed, the Great Lord himself was nearly killed by a lethal strike! Even though he was a Grade Six Fairy, the Great Lord was nearly annihilated!

The Great Lord’s current facial expression was grave, and his face was as white as a ghost. As he heard the insults coming from behind him, the Great Lord did not change his expression. After all, if he was even willing to sacrifice the heir to the King of Darkness, Su Yu, why wouldn’t he do the same to two mere Lords?

As he thought of Su Yu, the Great Lord’s face showed a look of hatred. This young man has ruined things for me!


A dashing sound suddenly was suddenly heard. It was the afterimages of Su Yu, who had just returned after leaving.

“When you sacrificed others, you seemed so righteous about it. Now that you have been slightly injured yourself, you are blaming others? The Seven Lords are truly a joke in my eyes,” Su Yu said sarcastically as he laughed.

The actions and behavior of the current and previous Seven Lords had caused Su Yu to lose all respect for them. Perhaps these people had gotten used to undermining others’ lives due to their long-term dominance over the continent. Regardless, Su Yu found it to be unacceptable.

“Have you really got the guts to return? My army was greatly harmed because of you! Two of our lords were killed, and we no longer have the ability to fight against the otherworldly experts. You cannot escape the blame this time. You will become the black sheep of the entire Zhenlong Continent!” the Great Lord said angrily as blood spilled from his mouth.

Su Yu chuckled. “That is truly some venomous slander!”

“Do not worry. The Zhenlong Continent does not need people like you to protect it. Whether I am guilty or not should not be judged by you. The generations to come will surely talk about it!” Su Yu stopped smiling as he yelled coldly. He then turned towards the incoming pursuers with a cold gaze in his eyes.

The Fourth Saint Master was surprised. “This is interesting. I had initially planned to spend some time to look for you in the Zhenlong Continent. I didn’t think that you would come back on your own.”

The Fifth Saint Master, the Sixth Saint Master, and the Ninth Saint Master were all sizing Su Yu up with cold gazes.

The Ninth Saint Master was especially surprised. The young man he had previously wanted to hunt down had now become an existence powerful enough to fight against Jiuzhou’s big army.

“This is indeed interesting. If you choose to retreat now, I will still allow you to do so. If you continue your plans to trespass into the Zhenlong Continent, don’t blame me for being merciless,” Su Yu said as he took in a deep breath. It seemed as if he had just made a huge decision.

Hearing this, all of the jaws of the otherworldly Saint Masters and the Seven Lords Palace’s people dropped in surprise. Su Yu’s outrageous tone was unbelievable!

Based on how Su Yu was behaving, it was clear that he would not cooperate with the Seven Lords Palace. However, they had to wonder… How could he defeat the otherworldly experts alone?

According to rumors, his capabilities only allowed him to fight against the Sixth Saint Master for a brief while. So, it was strange to them that he could still be so confident of his success. However, the look of certainty on his face made everyone’s doubts about him waver somewhat.

“Hahaha…” The Fourth Saint Master laughed loudly. It seemed that Su Yu had either piqued his interest or had made a fool of himself.

“I never thought that an abandoned place like this would harbor such an arrogant person! Alright, I don’t care if you are truly capable or if you are only blowing your own trumpet. Because of you, I will give your people a chance of survival!” The Fourth Saint Master’s gaze suddenly shifted as his tone became warmer.

A chance of survival? The Great Lord’s eyes shone brightly.

The Great Lord and his group of people basically had no chance of survival up until this point. It would have been difficult for even one of them to stay alive. Now that a chance of survival was being offered, they certainly took it quite seriously!

As he looked around to his left and right, the Great Lord was exchanging glances with the remaining two lords. Then, he slowly nodded his head and agreed. “Alright, I agree…”

However, before the Great Lord had even finished his sentence, the Fourth Saint Master started laughing. “Did I ask you? I could behead you at any moment if I wished. What right do you have to agree with my offer?”

Almost immediately, the Fourth Saint Master turned to Su Yu and smiled. “I want your answer.”

Hearing this, the Great Lord’s face darkened. He was angry, but did not dare say anything.

“Tell me… What do you have in mind?” Su Yu responded calmly. He did not seem to be bothered by the nasty looks that he was getting from the lords in the Seven Lords Palace.

The Fourth Saint Master’s face glowed as he spoke, “There are people of different importance all over the world. I want to know who the strong people in the Zhenlong Continent are. Therefore, starting from now until the time taken to brew a pot of tea has passed, you will all kill each other! Only ten of you can survive. Since I am a man of my word, the final ten people standing will be able to walk out of here alive.”

The Fourth Saint Master smiled with a merciless expression. Su Yu did not seem interested in this idea, as his facial expression remained cool. The lords in the Seven Lords Palace exchanged glances with each other before turning silent.

“Alliance Master Su, the continent is in danger. The few of us are the remaining peak experts in the continent. If we all die in this place, the continent would be left defenseless. So, I hope that you can agree to his offer. Based on our capabilities, it should not be difficult to get into the top ten and survive.” The person who spoke was the Second Lord. Although he looked troubled, he was clearly speaking on behalf of the Great Lord, who was too proud to say such words himself.

Sacrificing others to save oneself yet again? Su Yu was disgusted by them. If they have to depend on the enemy’s pity to survive, what right do these experts have to continue protecting the continent?

If one knelt before the enemy once, he would never be able to stand up on his own. If they sacrificed nine hundred soldiers’ lives to protect a few cowardly elders, there would be no hope left for the continent!

“I think nothing of this offer. There would be less trouble for me if I just killed all of you now!” Su Yu completely ignored the Second Lord’s words. His gaze was locked on the Fourth Saint Master.

Everyone’s faces tightened as they wondered… Has Su Yu gone mad?

Did he lose his mind after the Heavenly Law Alliance was defeated by the otherworldly army?

None of the people here knew that Su Yu had already annihilated the supposedly otherworldly strong army.

“That is a shame.” The Fourth Saint Master’s smile faded away slowly. There was a dangerous aura emitting from his eyes as his killing intent gradually appeared.

Clearly, a horrifying battle was about to begin! However, right then, the Fourth Saint Master’s gaze suddenly turned towards the direction of the fissure. A frightful expression suddenly appeared on his face.

“In that case, I will give you another option. What do you think of us sorting this out through a duel? We will each select three people to duel on the stage until all three people from one side are defeated. The group with a final survivor will win. What do you think?” the Fourth Saint Master asked.

He then added, “If you win, I promise to let you all live. If you lose, don’t blame me for not giving you a chance.”

What? The people of the Seven Lords Palace suddenly felt a glimmer of hope in this newly issued proposal of a duel. However, when they realized that the Fourth Saint Master was also here, their faces darkened.

This was a duel between one group of three against another group of three. However, if the Fourth Saint Master was on the enemy’s team, they would surely lose! On the surface, it looked like an opportunity for survival, but in truth, it was just a cruel joke!

“We should just battle it out. Your Excellency is making fun of us with this offer of a duel! What is the point?” the Great Lord said as he sighed deeply. He had thoroughly given up all hope at this point.

However, surprisingly, the Fourth Saint Master smiled as he said, “I will not participate in the duel. There will only be the Fifth Saint Master, the Sixth Saint Master, and the Ninth Saint Master. You can choose any three among yourselves.”

As soon as he spoke, the entire crowd was shocked. Even the otherworldly army could not comprehend such a decision.

Su Yu’s brows were slightly lifted as a look of suspicion appeared in his eyes. After all, this was an act that gave the Zhenlong people a great advantage. Even with the Great Lord being heavily injured, there were still the Second Lord at the Grade Five Fairy level, the Sixth Lord at the Grade Two Fairy Level, and Su Yu, who was capable of killing Grade Three Fairies left!

The enemy had the Fifth Saint Master at the Grade Five Fairy level, the Sixth Saint Master at the Grade Four Fairy level, and the Ninth Saint Master at the Grade One Fairy level. If they were to exclude the Fourth Saint Master, the duel could be won by either side!

Su Yu did not believe that the Fourth Saint Master would be this kind. He would not truly allow them to take the easy way out.

As his gaze flickered, Su Yu glanced at the deeper end of the fissure without making any move.

“Have you given it enough thought yet? Otherwise, I could just attack and kill all of you now.” The Fourth Saint Master’s facial expression turned cold.

The people from the Seven Lords Palace looked towards Su Yu with panicked expressions. Su Yu remained silent for a while before nodding his head slightly. “Alright. However, I will decide who joins the duel.”

The Fourth Saint Master’s face relaxed as he laughed and replied, “Great. That is up to you! The battle arena will be in between two of our armies. If anyone leaves this space, the person will be considered as having automatically surrendered!”

Su Yu nodded as he stepped forward. He would count as one of the three in the duel. On the opponent’s side, the Fifth Saint Master, the Sixth Saint Master, and the Ninth Saint Master all stepped forward.

“Go ahead. You can still choose two more people,” the Fourth Saint Master said with a smile.

Among the people from the Seven Lords Palace, the Second Lord and the Sixth Lord both took in a deep breath. The lives of a thousand people depended entirely on the two of them. The Second Lord felt especially burdened, as he was the only one who could truly match the enemy’s Fifth Saint Master’s capabilities.

The Great Lord looked very concerned at that moment. When he looked towards Su Yu, his look of concern became even more apparent. If he had a choice, he would not have allowed Su Yu to join this duel.

Although this young man was rumored to have killed a Grade Three Fairy, he was too arrogant and short-tempered. The enemy army’s Fairies were all experienced warriors, who had been through hundreds of battles. So, he had to wonder…

How could Su Yu, an inexperienced young man, compare with them?

The Great Lord only hoped that Su Yu would not be dumb enough to drag everyone down with him.

“Alliance Master Su, please leave it to the Second Lord and the Sixth Lord. You only have to support them. If the three of you succeed, I will be eternally grateful.” The Great Lord tried to suppress his emotions as he spoke to the trio.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Su Yu replied without a second thought, “Do I need to repeat myself? The Zhenlong Continent’s survival or defeat no longer depends on you all. I alone can handle it.”

After he finished speaking, Su Yu looked towards the three enemies before him. His hands fell from behind his back as he said coldly, “Go ahead and attack me. I will fight against the three of you alone!”

As soon as he spoke, both sides turned deadly silent. The Fourth Saint Master was stunned momentarily before a look of concern appeared on his face.

Su Yu had, on several occasions, mentioned how he would kill them all, including the Fourth Saint Master. Everyone had thought he was just trying to intimidate them, so they had not paid any real attention to him.

However, in the face of such a fierce battle, Su Yu was confident enough to take on three opponents on his own! This made them believe that he was either crazy, or he truly did have the capability to kill them all!

The Seven Lords Palace’s people were equally stunned. After recollecting himself, the Great Lord became flustered and angry. He had thought that there was hope for them to make it out alive. However, Su Yu now seemed crazy enough to take on three enemies on his own!

Based on his knowledge of the Fifth Saint Master’s battle power, even the Second Lord could not take him on alone. So, he had to wonder…

How could Su Yu deal with the Fifth Saint Master on top of the other two Saint Masters? Is he seeking his own demise?

“Su Yu! Why are you dragging us down with you? What have we done to deserve this?” the Great Lord shouted angrily. “You have lost the battle and caused the Heavenly Law Alliance’s destruction. You are now the black sheep. I will not stop you if you want to die on your own, but why are you getting us involved?”

The Second Lord, the Sixth Lord, and the Empire of Darkness’ Army were equally confused by Su Yu’s actions. After all, Su Yu had appeared here without anyone else from the Heavenly Law Alliance!

Right then, the Fourth Saint Master rubbed his chin and said in a playful tone, “I do not understand why an old fool like you keeps calling someone else a loser. According to what I know, the Heavenly Law Alliance has already thoroughly defeated our Invincible Black Army. The northern continent has already been taken over by the Heavenly Law Alliance.”

He took a breath, then continued, “I wonder if this Alliance Master you speak of is the same person as the Heavenly Law Alliance Master? If so, I do not think that you have the right to call him a loser. Moreover, you are also a defeated soldier, who has no right to judge others!”

The Empire of Darkness’ Army suddenly became silent. Many pairs of eyes were now looking at Su Yu with shock and fear.

The Heavenly Law Alliance had won? Had they even fought against this terrifying army before us?

If the news had not come from the enemy’s leader, they would not have believed it in that instant! The Great Lord, the Second Lord, and the Sixth Lord were all stunned by the information as well.

After a while, the Great Lord finally took in a breath of cool air. He could not hide the shock in his eyes as he wondered…

How could the weak Heavenly Law Alliance defeat the formidable Invincible Black Army? We would have struggled to even delay the otherworldly army from advancing!

More importantly, the Heavenly Law Alliance Master Su Yu is right before our eyes!

The Great Lord’s face went numb as he muttered to himself, “It’s impossible, impossible…”

The Fourth Saint Master looked at him in pity. He then shook his head and laughed. “What’s the point, if you think it is impossible? You are merely a piece of trash. I do not know where you find the courage to underestimate this young man. You are truly foolish!”

Thereafter, the Fourth Saint Master looked towards Su Yu with a smile. “One against three. I admire your bravery. I look forward to the duel.”

A bright light suddenly flashed through his eyes. Meanwhile, a transparent object entered the ground from beneath his feet…