The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 694

Chapter 694 A Sword At His Back

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As Su Yu slightly raised his brows, a faint radiance flickered in his eyes for a moment.

“Come over, I will take the three of you alone, and I will kill you first.” Su Yu clasped his hands behind his back and revealed a faint smile while he gazed at the three people for a moment. His gaze stopped on the Ninth Saint Master, Yue Zhong. It was now time for Su Yu to avenge himself for all of the past enmity.

The Fifth Saint Master slightly furrowed his brows. “What? Yue Zhong, do you know him?”

Yue Zhong started regretting his past deeds as he faced Su Yu, and his expression became gloomy. He then commented, “In the past, he was just an insignificant ant, yet now he grown up to such an impressive status. But, although his power has increased and he grew up physically, his mind clearly still hasn’t grow up, as he unexpectedly wants to face the two of you alone! That’s truly foolish.”

“He’s really egotistical!” the Sixth Saint Master coldly shouted, as wariness and resentment appeared in his eyes. “Fifth Saint Master, I alone am enough to deal with such an ignorant and arrogant person, so there is no need for you to trouble yourself with him.”

However, the Fifth Saint Master unexpectedly waved his hand at him in refusal, while his calm gaze was filled with wariness. “You shouldn’t be careless, as this lad managed to defeat the Invincible Black Army. This means that he surely has some outstanding skills, and since he dared to face us alone, then he must surely possess something special. So, we shouldn’t be too careless.”

“In this fight, Yue Zhong, you need to just assist us from the sidelines, while I and the Sixth Saint Master attack him from two sides.” After he instructed them, the Fifth Saint Master fixed his gaze on Su Yu and slowly spoke, “According to our original plan, I should have personally led our great army to take down the northern continent. Our confrontation really occurred too late.”

Su Yu’s gaze was ice-cold. “You should rejoice that you didn’t participate in the battle. Otherwise, it would be someone else standing here before me and speaking.” His unspoken implication was that, if the Fifth Saint Master had led the army on that day, then he would have died.

“Is that so? Then, I’m really lucky to be able to experience for myself how powerful the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master is.” The Fifth Saint Master’s gaze became sharp. “Let’s attack him…”

As he instructed them, the three of them turned into afterimages, which rushed at Su Yu.

Su Yu’s gaze was fixed on Yue Zhong, and the cold light in which it was flickering seemed like the night sky’s stars, as it was ice-cold and splendid. Yue Zhong felt his whole body shudder beneath Su Yu’s gaze, and he felt extremely uneasy, as if he was being stared at by a man-eating monster.

However, when he saw the two powerful Saint Masters before him out of the corners of his eyes, he slightly relaxed and coldly snorted. “Lad, even if you hate me, so what? With those two great sirs here, it would be better for you to be concerned about your own fate first. After killing you, I will surely go to capture those women once again.”

Su Yu’s eyes flickered in an even colder glow, and he revealed a cold and evil smile at the corners of his mouth. “Hehe, I said that I will kill you first, and they can’t save you.”

“Lad, it would be better for you to be concerned about your fate first!” A thunderclap-like shout rang in his ears as the Fifth Saint Master flew over to him. As a terrifying Vital Energy swirled around his feet, he tried to stamp Su Yu’s chest with it.

At the same time, the Sixth Saint Master attacked him from his left side and thrust his silver sword at his heart. Their attacks were ferocious, and as swift as lightning, they reached him and penetrated penetrated his body before Su Yu even had time to react.

Such a scene caused the pupils of the Seven Lords Palace’s Lords, who were watching this fight, contract. They had to wonder…

Would the fight end, just like this?

Shouldn’t he, at the very least, put up the slightest resistance?


As a soft sound echoed, Su Yu’s body turned into several fragments, which dispersed like withered petals.

“A clone? It’s awful, Yue Zhong.” Just when the Fifth Saint Master attacked him, he felt that something was amiss, so he quickly turned around.

The Sixth Saint Master’s expression gravely changed. “What a cunning lad! When did he set such a clone there?”

When they turned their heads around, they found that a flaming person had quietly appeared behind Yue Zhong and thrust his palm at his heart. Yue Zhong only had enough time to glance back and see the ice-cold face behind him.

“Fourth Saint Master, please save him.” At such a precarious moment, the Fifth Saint Master could only ask for help from the Fourth Saint Master, who was watching the fight from the sidelines.

Although they would be violating their fight’s rules, it was still better than losing one of their people. However, the Fourth Saint Master just motionlessly stood there, and even his expression didn’t change. It was as if he was just a statue.

“Ahh!” As a miserable scream echoed through the air, the Ninth Saint Master’s chest was penetrated by an flaming fist. Even at such a moment, the Fourth Saint Master still didn’t do anything, nor did his expression change.


As a light sound echoed, the Fourth Saint Master’s body disintegrated and turned into ashes.

“It’s just the Fourth Saint Master’s phantom image.” The Fifth and Sixth Saint Masters were startled. As the Fourth Saint Master had already left this place, he clearly had left a phantom image behind.

“It’s really like my main body said… The Fourth Saint Master staged a fight just to stall for time.” The Scarlet Jade Clone calmly looked at the Ninth Saint Master, who had died with his eyes wide open, before taking back his flaming fist and muttering.

Such an unexpected turn of events baffled the Seven Lords Palace’s Lords.

“Since Su Yu just left two clones behind, then where is he now?” The Great Lord’s heart thumped.

After saying that he would fight three Saint Masters alone, Su Yu had left them all alone here. They had no idea how they could face the Fifth and Sixth Saint Masters alone!

The only person here who still capable of fighting was the Second Lord, who was a Level Five Fairy Realm expert, but he was weaker than even the Fifth Saint Master! Hence, he couldn’t face him, at least not while he still had the Sixth Saint Master with him. With such a large disparity in their powers, they would surely be utterly annihilated.

“He already left,” the Scarlet Jade Clone calmly replied.

The Great Lord felt his surroundings darkening for a moment, and he almost fainted. “Su Yu, you really harmed our Seven Lord’s Palace,” he muttered.

If Su Yu hadn’t put up such a strong front and joined forces with them, they might have been able to defeat their three opponents. But now, Su Yu had fled before the start of the fight, leaving them here to face the other world’s great army alone! If they carefully thought about the past events, this was the second time that he had pushed them into a fire hole!

“My main body already carefully planned everything, and there is no need for you to sigh with sorrow now.” The Scarlet Jade Clone’s gaze flickered like lightning as he rushed toward the Fifth Saint Master.

He then said, “My main body left a nice surprise for you before leaving. He intended to gift it to you when you came to the northern continent, yet it was delayed till now. However, it’s still not too late, so properly enjoy it.”

After he spoke, his cold gaze flickered as he looked at the Sixth Saint Master and let out a long breath. “Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air, Soul Control, start!” he yelled.

At that moment, a puzzled look appeared on the Sixth Saint Master’s face. At the same time, his eyes’ luster quickly dimmed. It was as if he had just been turned into a puppet!


The Sixth Saint Master turned around and thrust his sword at the Fifth Saint Master, who was beside him. As a miserable scream echoed, his chest was penetrated.

“Did you betray us? No, you are being controlled by someone…” The Fifth Saint Master was, after all, a Level Five Fairy Realm’s expert, and although his body was penetrated by a sword, it would still not endanger his life.

He covered his bleeding chest with his hand and quickly retreated, while he gazed at the Sixth Saint Master, who had lost consciousness. His gaze filled with shock and confusion. He had to wonder…

All along, I was with the Sixth Saint Master, so why didn’t I notice when someone put him under their control?

He could not know that Su Yu had already branded his body with the Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air Technique, without letting him feel or notice it! Moreover, the seal that was put on his body could be activated by just a thought from Su Yu. At such a time, his consciousness would be controlled and he would obey all of Su Yu’s orders.

The Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air Technique’s Soul Control level could let Su Yu control any expert who didn’t surpass him by more than a whole realm. In fact, Su Yu had already used it on the Sixth Saint Master! He used it on him so that he could give the Fifth Saint Master a deadly strike while in the great battle. But, such a matter had been delayed till now.

“Is there a need for a dead person to know this much?” The Scarlet Jade Clone spoke coldly spoke before he swept the Seven Lords Palace’s Lords with his gaze.

He then said, “I will leave the remaining matters to you. If you can’t deal with even a heavily injured Fifth Saint Master, then there is no need for your Seven Lords Palace to continue existing. Goodbye.”

The Seven Lords Palace’s Lords were extremely shocked by what they had just witnessed, and they couldn’t help but feel ashamed of themselves when they understood that Su Yu had already planned all of this.

He was obviously just a youngster, yet while facing him, they felt like they were the inexperienced youngsters. Even the Great Lord’s face couldn’t help but become flushed out of shame at such a moment.

After hesitating for a moment, the Great Lord slowly spoke, “May I ask you, where’s Alliance Master Su?”

The Scarlet Jade Clone, who was falling back, calmly replied, “He’s at the end of the crevice. My main body advises us to quickly leave the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, as everything still hasn’t come to end.”

All of the people here were deeply moved as they looked at the disappearing clone. It seemed like they were imagining a youthful man standing alone at the edge of the sea, who was trying to save them from a desperate crisis.

“Let’s fight! Let’s not hold him back.” Complex emotions welled up in the Great Lord’s heart as he averted his gaze from the clone. He then looked at the enemies.

The enemies’ Level Five Fairy Realm expert was heavily injured, while their side still had the Second Lord, who was at the Level Five Fairy Realm, as well as a Level Four Fairy Realm puppet. As such, it would be easy for them to kill their enemies.

At that moment, the two sides started fighting. The enemy soldiers were gradually beaten down, and the tide of battle seemed to have turned. The fight quickly ended, and the enemy remaining soldiers, as well as the Invincible Black Army’s remaining soldiers, were all killed by them.

The Fifth Saint Master, whose hair was disheveled and whose mouth was filled with blood, was quite hideous-looking as he gravely observed the aftermath of the fight on the ground. He had many injuries apart from the serious injury that was on his chest, and his whole body’s Vital Energy was a mess, as it was uncontrollably surging. In fact, it seemed like he was taking his last breaths.

As for the Seven Lords Palace’s side, the Second Lord was heavily injured, while the controlled Sixth Saint Master was barely alive. He had suffered extremely hideous injuries.

“As expected of the Fifth Saint Master.” The Second Lord repeatedly coughed, and shock was apparent in his eyes. Even though he was fighting them alone, they were still injured by the heavily injured Fifth Saint Master.

“However, Fifth Saint Master, it will come to end here.” The Second Lord clenched his teeth. His opponent was already a spent force, and he needed just one more attack to kill him.

The Fifth Saint Master’s body started swaying, and his eyes, which were hidden by his messy hair, were bloodshot. He looked at all of the Zhenlong Continent’s people, then looked at the controlled Sixth Saint Master.

He then spoke resentfully, “I had an illustrious reputation and many achievements as a Saint Master, yet I ended up in such a state. I wasn’t defeated by mobs like you, but by that lad’s evil scheme. Even if I turn into a ghost, I won’t let him off!”

As he angrily shouted, the Fifth Saint Master looked towards Su Yu’s direction and flew towards it. It seemed like he wanted to look for Su Yu in order to take him down with him.

“Stop him!” shouted the Great Lord in a deep voice.

The Second Lord immediately tried to intercept him, and the Fifth Saint Master, whose gaze was filled with madness, looked back at him and said, “Get lost! You are all just a group of trifling ants.”

He opened his mouth and spouted out a blood fog, which turned into two bats that stuck themselves onto his body’s two sides. The bats then took him away, and he disappeared in the twinkling of an eye.

He was, after all, from Jiuzhou’s great army, and the escaping secret techniques that he possessed weren’t something that the Zhenlong Continent’s people could rival. As the Second Lord and the others couldn’t chase after him, they were all thrown off by him.