The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 695

Chapter 695 Divine Masters Arrival

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As the Fifth Saint Master escaped before their eyes, the Great Lord was upset. But, at the same time, he could not help but sigh in disappointment as he thought about himself and his people. “We are indeed a bunch of trash!”

Su Yu had created the perfect conditions for them, yet they were still unable to trap the Fifth Saint Master. Everyone present suddenly felt ashamed of themselves and could not bear to face Su Yu.

At the end of the crevice to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, a resplendent fissure was becoming even brighter. Next to the fissure, a robed middle-aged man was standing upright. It was the Fourth Saint Master!

“Master, I have done as you instructed. I have accumulated enough vital force to expand the fissure so that the Divine Master can pass through.” The robed middle-aged man looked very respectful as he spoke through the fissure.

The fissure connected the Zhenlong Continent to Jiuzhou. For three years, only Fairies were able to pass through it because the passage could not allow live spirits that were too strong to enter it. It was similar to the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, which did not allow anyone above the Fairy level to enter it.

“You have done well. You have collected the vital force from the weaker live spirits in the Zhenlong Continent to expand the passage between the two worlds. We have not wasted the past three years of waiting!”

Although the people of the Zhenlong Continent could sense the odd aura from the collection of vital force, they did not understand its purpose.

“You are too kind,” the robed middle-aged man replied softly.

“Alright, thank you for troubling yourselves with this. Leave the rest to the Divine Masters. As the frontline soldiers, you have already figured out emperor’s bottom line. If we are not mistaken, his capabilities are less than a tenth of ours. Thus, the Divine Masters should be more than capable of handling him.” Shocking words came yet again from within the fissure.

Up until now, the otherworldly people who had entered the Zhenlong Continent were only frontline soldiers! The true otherworldly experts had not even arrived!

Clearly, the frontline soldiers were here to investigate the previous Emperor Jiuzhou’s behavior..

Even when the entire Zhenlong Continent had fallen, the past emperor did not even appear to save it. Clearly, he was only looking out for himself.

“For the sake of my king’s achievements, I will do anything,” the Fourth Saint Master said respectfully.

The other side of the fissure became silent. After a while, the resplendent glow on the fissure turned even brighter, lighting up the entire Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds!

Once the fissure fully opened, the Zhenlong Continent would enter an age of darkness. Suddenly, a clear voice resonated in the space. “So, this is the case…”

The Fourth Saint Master raised his eyes as he looked towards the edge of the darkness. A thin figure was walking over leisurely.

The figure had handsome features that were not common in the world. His eyes seemed to contain the galaxy as they glowed with a cold and bright light.

He was dressed in plain white clothing that was not tainted by any dirt or dust. His long silver hair fell down behind his back.

As the wind blew against him, his white clothing flapped about and his silver hair danced in the air. In contrast to the darkness around him, he looked like a Fairy that had just arrived. It was a very striking scene.

The Fourth Saint Master’s pupils contracted slightly. “What did you hear?”

Su Yu walked over with his hands behind his back as the corners of his mouth lifted. “Whatever I should and should not hear, I heard it all. It seems that I have not arrived too late.”

If Su Yu had not heard it himself, he would not have believed that the army that the Zhenlong Continent fought against were only the frontline soldiers. The Divine Masters, who were the truly powerful ones, had not even appeared.

Divine Masters… Lü Chuyi’s figure suddenly appeared in Su Yu’s mind. Su Yu shivered at the thought of her absolute dominance as a cold gaze filled his eyes. He could not let any Divine Master come through. Otherwise, the Zhenlong Continent would definitely be destroyed!

“Did you see through my plan of delaying since the beginning?” The Fourth Saint Master’s face sank slightly. “I advise you not to waste your efforts. As the fissure has already started expanding, no one is capable of slowing it down.”

Su Yu took a glance at the resplendent fissure. He seemed to be smiling. “Is that so? If that is truly the case, why did you sneakily return here to guard it? I think that during the expansion process, the fissure is at its least stable phase.”

The Fourth Saint Master clearly had the capabilities to kill all of them. However, he instead chose to carefully return to this place to guard it. Clearly, the fissure was at its weakest phase. As such, even a low-ranked martial artist would be able to destroy it.

“You should speak when you are able to even get near it!” The Fourth Saint Master’s eyes revealed his killing intent.

Su Yu’s smile deepened. He had clearly guessed correctly.


Suddenly, a voice was transmitted from within the resplendent light screen as it vibrated.

“Fourth Saint Master, who is he?” the person who had spoken before suddenly asked.

“Master, it is the continent’s leader, who first annihilated the Invincible Black Army. He even killed the remaining Saint Masters,” the Fourth Saint Master answered respectfully.

“Oh. Kill him immediately to prevent any delay in our plans. I will immediately send the Third Saint Master over,” the voice replied.

Hearing this, the Fourth Saint Master frowned slightly. “I can handle this young man!”

He then took a breath and said, “Your Great Lord could not even withstand three attacks from me. I wonder what kind of courage you have to face me!”

The Fourth Saint Master then raised his palm slowly. He then waved his palm forward and yelled, “Soul-destroying Divine Light!”

As his words came out, a golden shield appeared from the heart of his palm. Swiftly thereafter, the shield started expanding until it became the size of a huge light screen and moved horizontally across the space.

It destroyed everywhere it passed. All things that it came into contact with were instantly turned into dust.

“Anyone beneath my level of cultivation will surely die. I normally use this against groups of my enemies. However, this is the only way to ensure that you do not get close to the fissure.” The Fourth Saint Master stood with his hand extended forward as spoke in a calm and composed tone.

He figured that, surely, Su Yu would have no choice but to back away from the light screen. However, to the Fourth Saint Master’s surprise, not only did Su Yu not step backward, he even retrieved a small intricate puppet from his sleeve.

The puppet was glowing with a dim light and was shaped like a dog. The Fourth Saint Master was not sure what kind of object it was, so he was stunned momentarily.

All of a sudden, the person in the fissure shouted in surprise, “Fourth Saint Master, back away! This is a mechanism puppet, which contains a puppet at the middle-stage Fairy level!”

There was a mix of surprise, shock, and concern in the voice as it continued, “Fourth Saint Master, you have truly gotten into trouble with a horrifying existence. If my memory has not failed me, only Yu Qiuhand is capable of creating this kind of puppet. A person from the Zhenlong Continent actually has this object. This reminds me of a someone who had once been bestowed with gifts by the Old Monster Yu in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. This young man was also rumored to have killed a Divine Master who descended into the place!”


As if a thunderbolt had passed through his mind, the Fourth Saint Master’s facial expression changed drastically. Rumors about Su Yu were no secret in Jiuzhou. However, the Fourth Saint Master had never personally witnessed his might.

Now, the Fourth Saint Master was finally able to put two and two together. His face instantly turned white as a ghost and his heartbeat quickened. It was as if the weak-looking young man before him had suddenly turned into a man-eating beast!

Su Yu started smiling. It was clearly a normal smile. However, the Fourth Saint Master perceived it as being much more frightening, which caused his heart to pound wildly.

After the words were spoken, Su Yu tossed the little Dog Puppet onto the floor. The blank eyes of the puppet suddenly glowed with a bloody red color that seemed to contain a great ferocious energy.

As Su Yu took a closer look, he noticed that there was a very strong beast’s soul within the little Dog Puppet. That was how the puppet was able to exert its powers.


After an angry roaring sound was heard, the little Dog Puppet emitted a bloody red light beam from its eyes, which swept against the huge light screen before it.


Almost instantly, the domineering light screen cracked open. At that moment, the Fourth Saint Master let out a painful murmur as a stream of fresh blood gushed out from his mouth.

He contracted his pupils as he stared at the little Dog Puppet that was the size of one’s palm. He looked very wary of it.

“Kill him,” Su Yu said without even turning his head.

Su Yu then wagged his finger at the Fourth Saint Master as he walked with big strides towards the fissure. “Hehe, you all should have asked me before you tried to enter the Zhenlong Continent!”

Now, Su Yu could finally seal this place up. Just thinking of it brought tears of joy to his eyes.