The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 696

Chapter 696 The Puppet Killed The Enemy

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The Fourth Saint Master was startled, and he covered his whole body with his Vital Energy to protect it. At the same time, he condensed a yellow shield in his palm, which seemed even more concise than the previous one.


Everything that was swept by the extremely powerful blood-red light beam was destroyed, and when it bombarded the yellow shield, it forcefully shattered it. As this was happening, the Fourth Saint Master groaned in a low voice, while blood seeped out of his mouth. It seemed like he had been greatly injured by it.

Yu Qiuhang said that this puppet could deal with all middle-stage Fairy Realm experts, and it was obviously capable of killing the Fourth Saint Master. Su Yu took advantage of such a time to walk to the crevice, and when he swept over it with his Soul Eyes, he found that it was a mass of black and chaotic spatial power.

Also, a great amount of death energy, which contained life force, was rushing into it. It seemed like all of the seized life force would be used as a catalyst for its forceful expansion.

“A spatial crevice?” Su Yu slowly nodded his head, as he clearly understood what it was.

The spatial crevice’s spatial power was in chaos because it was being expanded. It was now in its frailest state, so he just needed to stop the influx of life force into it, as after losing it, it would stop expanding, and it would collapse by itself.

This was a matter, which could be done by even a Dragon Realm kid, so Su Yu should have no problems. For this reason, it wasn’t really surprising that the Fourth Saint Master had chosen to abandon his comrades while they were fighting in order to come and strongly defend this place.

“Fourth Saint Master, quickly stop him! Give me just three breaths’ time.” An anxious sound transmitted from the other side of the crevice, as he felt the crisis they were facing.

The Fourth Saint Master had his own difficulties now, which he couldn’t explain. While facing such a ferocious puppet, it was difficult for him to protect even himself. Hence, obstructing Su Yu was just not in the cards.

When Su Yu had thrust his palm at the crevice and was about to destroy the central prefecture’s king’s great plan, the sound of someone swiftly flying through the air echoed from a distant place, along with an angry shout. “Su Yu, I will take you down with me!” His tone was filled with great hatred and a determination to face death.

“Heaven, Extinguishing, Divine, Palm!” As an angry shout echoed in the air, an explosion sound reverberated through the skies.

Su Yu suddenly turned his head back, while his heart was intensely thumping. He felt a great sense of crisis, as a bright moon had unexpectedly appeared in this dark place! It was extremely dazzling and splendid, like a real shining moon, and it seemed like this moon would replace the blazing sun and become this world’s only radiance.

As he was engulfed by the moon’s radiance, Su Yu’s heart intensely thumped, and he felt like his whole body’s power was disappearing. It was as if he would shortly be melted by it.

“Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm! It’s the Bright Light Guard’s supreme technique.” Su Yu’s heart shuddered, while he recalled Wu Hen’s words.

The palm prints, which filled many places of the Zhenlong Continent, had destroyed many civilizations, and that mysterious and ancient palm print was caused by the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm technique!

The Fifth Saint Master was the only Black Shadow Guard who could slightly comprehend a part of this technique, and it was rumored that, by using it, he would be as powerful as a Level Nine Fairy Realm expert.

The bright moon, which obliterated all darkness, exhibited a terrifying might. However, for some unknown reason, in such a precarious moment, Su Yu’s mind became extremely calm, and it seemed like he became engrossed in the profound and mysterious rules that were contained within the technique. In fact, it seemed like he started comprehending a part of it.

He slowly raised his hand, while his eyes became vacant, and a faint and weak moon radiance came out of his palm. Then, the radiance gradually became bigger and bigger.

After just a moment, it became as big as an egg, and it was condensed within his palm. Its hazy radiance shone upon Su Yu’s handsome face, and it seemed like he was holding a bright moon in his palm.

The Fourth Saint Master, who was able to observe it at a close distance, was overwhelmed with shock and cried out in alarm, “The Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm’s first move, the Moon Palm!”

His face was filled with shock and horror, as if he had just seen a ghost. “Who are you? Why are you this proficient in our central prefecture’s Bright Light Guard’s supreme technique?” The Fourth Saint Master was extremely shocked at this moment.

Su Yu muttered to himself…

So, that nameless technique was, in fact, the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm? Then, doesn’t this mean that Elder Jiu was, in fact, a member of the central prefecture’s Bright Light Guard?

As such a thought flashed in his mind, Su Yu’s mind became even more bright and light. This insight, which he momentarily got about this technique in the past, which had previously disappeared, became clear to him once again.

The moon, which was the world’s moon, was born within the darkness that was caused by the fall of the sun. At the moment, it was illuminating the quiet night sky.

It was using the sun’s radiance to continue illuminating all of the mortals in the night. In fact, all living beings were illuminated by it.

When holding the Moon Palm, no one would dare to confront you. He was gradually understanding this more and more, while the moon in his palm was becoming more resplendent and was growing in size constantly.

It went from the size of an egg to the size of a boulder before it became like a mountain. Then, Su Yu’s whole body gradually fused with it, and it seemed like he became the night sky’s moon itself!

“A human is like the moon, and the moon is also like a human!” Su Yu muttered, while he felt suddenly at ease.

It was as if he suddenly understood all of it, yet he was still greatly puzzled, as by understanding a part of it, he became even more confused and bewildered by other parts! At this moment, two bright moons were shining upon each other, both illuminating this place.

The Fourth Saint Master was repeatedly shocked by him. “What a terrifying perception! He unexpectedly managed to comprehend a part of it just by observing the Fifth Saint Master.”

“You used me to comprehend the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm?” The Fifth Saint Master angrily shouted, while he flew towards Su Yu and bombarded him.

If such a scene was observed from a distant place, one could just see a moon that was crazily flying toward another moon and bombarding it.


Strong currents and gales were caused by the collision of the moons, and they were both deadlocked against each other. Then, the moon that the Fifth Saint Master had turned into was annihilated, and his body, which was revealed, fell down and was gradually annihilated by the other moon’s radiance.

The Fifth Saint Master’s face was filled with shock and disbelief at this moment. “How’s this possible…”

An intact and bright moon was reflected within his eyes, and a silver-haired youth, who lowered his head as of he was contemplating something, was within the moon. The youth’s moon suddenly started expanding once more.

The countless years that he had spent comprehending it weren’t worth even a momentary comprehension of a little kid, as it would be impossible for him to rest easy, even in death, with such a discovery.

“It’s still not enough…” muttered Su Yu, who was engrossed in trying to comprehend it. His insight from a moment ago let him comprehend just a superficial part of it, and he still couldn’t completely comprehend the real Moon Palm.

“How good would it be if someone could use it in front of me once again…” Su Yu was somewhat regretful, and his enlightenment gradually came to an end. The perception of the current Su Yu could reach an extremely astonishing degree, even without relying on the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron or the time elapsing control.

As Su Yu looked at the Fifth Saint Master, who had already turned into dust, his eyes were filled with regret. “Many thanks,” he said.

Even while he was on the brink of death, he had still traveled a long distance just to help Su Yu comprehend a part of his incomplete Fairy level cultivation technique. As such, Su Yu felt that he was really owed a heartfelt thanks.

The Fourth Saint Master’s whole body shuddered as he looked at the youth who was within the bright moon in the air. The Fourth Saint Master felt quite pressured by him. He didn’t feel pressured by his palm’s might, but by his boundless potential.

When he thought about how he had killed even the Divine Master’s phantom clones, which had descended into the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, he was frightened even more. After all, this person who he had just provoked was an extremely terrifying existence!

After the moon’s radiance that was around him dissipated, Su Yu returned to his normal state and strode toward the crevice. He stopped just thirty meters from it.

“Three breaths’ time had already passed, so is it too late?” Su Yu sighed softly.


As the crevice glittered with dazzling rays, a person walked out of it. His whole body was clad in black clothes, and he had black hair, a sharp face, and ice-cold eyes.

The surrounding temperature instantly dropped to the freezing point when he appeared. At the same time, black snowflakes also appeared. The chilly air that was caused by him could engulf anyone’s body, making even one’s soul shudder.

“Ice Path cultivation…” Su Yu wasn’t a stranger to such techniques, as he had also cultivated them in the past. However, the chilliness that was emitted by the person in front of him vastly surpassed his own Ice Origin’s.

“Ice Origin isn’t the end of ice path cultivation…” As Su Yu stroked his chest, his Icy Heart Core, which had slept for a long time, started throbbing once again. It seemed like he could still walk down the Ice Path according to Jiuzhou World’s way.

“Welcome here, Third Saint Master.” Delight appeared on the Fourth Saint Master’s face, as they had managed to gain three breaths’ time because the Fifth Saint Master tried to take down Su Yu with him and the Third Saint Master had managed to successfully reach this world.

The Third Saint Master was a Level Seven Fairy Realm expert, who was at the later stage of the Fairy Realm. Hence, he alone could turn the tides of this battle.

While he was speaking, the Puppy Puppet shot another blood-red light beam at him. The Fourth Saint Master’s eyes became filled with wariness as he tried to block it.


However, the blood-red light beam didn’t reach him, as it strangely stopped in mid-air. When he carefully observed it, he found that it was wholly engulfed in ice, and even the light beam, which was formed by pure energy, was unexpectedly frozen.

After he took another look at the Puppy Puppet, he found out that its whole body was frozen, and even its soul was frozen. Su Yu quietly looked at the Third Saint Master, who was now slowly taking back one of his fingers. It was a mere wave of his finger that had killed the Puppy Puppet!

“If you want to kill him, then you must first ask for my permission,” said The Third Saint Master. His voice was as cold as ice, and even Su Yu’s ears were frozen when it reverberated through the air.

The Fourth Saint Master, who was just saved, delightfully came to the Third Saint Master’s side.

Su Yu was still expressionless, even at such a moment. As he waved his sleeves, a black creature that was the size of a palm flew out.

It had a hideous appearance. Although it was just a spider, its ferocious aura was ten time more powerful than the Puppy Puppet’s aura.

“A puppet at the later stage of the Fairy Realm?” The Third Saint Master raised his brows and rushed towards the Fourth Saint Master.

However, when the spider landed, it spouted white threads, which were as quick as light, and the Fourth Saint Master was entangled by them and pulled down toward its side before he even had time to react.

Just after the spider opened its mouth, which was filled with sharp fangs, and tried to bite the Fourth Saint Master’s body, the Fourth Saint Master cried out in alarm. He then hastily used his Vital Energy to protect his body, but the spider’s fangs were extremely sharp, so they thoroughly disregarded his Vital Energy and penetrated his body.

As a miserable scream echoed out from his lungs, the Fourth Saint Master’s whole body started darkening and twitching, while his eyes dimmed and his life force quickly flowed out of him. A solemn and great Level Six Fairy Realm expert was killed by its poison in just one breath’s time!

Su Yu apathetically averted his gaze from him and looked toward the Third Saint Master. “Even if you are here, he still couldn’t escape death.”

“Old monster Yu!” A cold glow flickered in the Third Saint Master’s eye, as he didn’t forget the fact that Yu Qiuhang had bestowed two puppets upon Su Yu. One of them was the Puppy Puppet, while the other was a Spider Puppet, which could kill even late stage Fairy Realm experts.

“It’s your turn now.” Su Yu’s eyes flickered with a cold glow as he pointed his finger at the Third Saint Master.

Su Yu used all of the treasures that he could, without holding back anything, because the continent was facing a great crisis.

“I was already on guard against it.” The Third Saint Master looked at Su Yu with a gaze that was filled with cruelty. “It will end now, Su Yu.”

Since the central prefecture had already learned that the person who they would face was Su Yu, they were already aware that he still had a more terrifying Spider Puppet beside the Puppy Puppet. Hence, the Third Saint Master was already prepared for it.

The Third Saint Master took a scarlet earthen jar, which emitted a ferocious and extremely bloody air and threw it down.


When the earthen jar fell on the ground, a viscous blood-red liquid splashed from it and covered the ground. Just after this, the blood-red liquid started moving all by itself, then converged together and formed a thirty-meter long centipede!