The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 697

Chapter 697 Blood Centipede Appears Again

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Su Yu felt as if his mind had just been bombarded. The Pearl Scales Blood Centipede!

On the day Su Yu had fought against Xue Wu, Xue Wu had released the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede. In the end, a mysterious person had snatched the Blood Centipede away and nearly killed Su Yu.

The frightening existence was still at the back of Su Yu’s mind to this day. Now, the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede that was taken away had appeared before him again! In fact, from the aura it was emitting, it seemed to be at least ten times as strong as i had been before.

Su Yu could sense streams of ancient aura coming from its body. As he fixed his gaze on the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede’s body, he noticed that there was an additional trace of a faint bloody liquid on it.

“The Great Saint Master had personally raised the Ancient Spiritual Worm himself. In fact, he had imbued it with a trace of the bloodline of an immortal. Your puppet may not be its match.” The Third Saint Master’s stare was as cold as ice.

The Great Saint Master? Su Yu’s gaze became concentrated. “Who is your Great Saint Master?”

If it was as Su Yu expected, the person who had snatched away the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede in the past must have been the Great Saint Master! This meant that the Great Saint Master had already arrived in the Zhenlong Continent!

The news shocked Su Yu. However, if that is the case, why did the Great Saint Master not show himself when I took over the Zhenlong Continent?

As this was a matter that concerned the success or failure of the Central Prefecture, why did he stay in hiding during such a crucial moment?

Could he be afraid of something? Was he afraid that, if he showed himself, Emperor Jiuzhou would kill him?”

As he was wondering about all of these things, Su Yu suddenly looked as if he understood something.

The Third Saint Master let out a sigh. “The Great Saint Master has never shown his face to anyone, not even people like me. If you want to know, you should die first!”

“Go!” As the Third Saint Master gave the order, the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede spurted out a bloody red substance from its mouth. Its ferocious gaze was locked on the Spider Puppet.

The Spider Puppet was not frightened by it. It crawled on all eight legs and swiftly charged towards the centipede. Then, the two collided!

The Pearl Scales Blood Centipede was large in size, while the Spider Puppet was small yet nimble. The two possessed a similar mysterious poison. For a while, they seemed to have equal capabilities, as neither could win over the other.

“I would like to see what other techniques you have without your puppet’s help! After all, you once killed the clone of a Divine Master, didn’t you?” the Third Saint Master asked as he stepped forward.

His every step caused the ground to freeze over. There were crackling sounds coming from the earth at that moment.

Seeing this, Su Yu’s heart shuddered. Clearly, this Grade Seven Fairy was already a later-stage Fairy!

This was different from the time that he faced the Divine Master’s clone in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, as now, the Fairy before him was a solid later-stage Fairy!

Sensing the incoming chilliness, Su Yu tried his best to brace himself. Finally, he was able to calm himself down a bit as well.


A golden light flickered in his palm. It was a small golden blade, which was rotating within the heart of his palm.

As he flicked his palm, the small blade was thrown towards the Third Saint Master directly. The Third Saint Master’s eyes did not turn away as he simply ignored the attack.


The small golden blade stopped three miles away, as it suddenly fell to the ground that had frost all over it. It had clearly reached the protective radius that the frozen ground had reached to.

However, suddenly, a spatial wave moved behind the Third Saint Master as another small golden blade appeared yet again. However, as soon as it appeared, it instantly was frozen and fell to the ground.

In an instant, two semi-manufactured spiritual artifacts were also frozen. Su Yu was not even able to touch a single hair on his enemy!

The Third Saint Master said coldly, “Trying to divert my attention? Such lowly tactics are useless against me. I seriously question your identity as the youth who somehow managed to kill a Divine Master’s clone!”

Against such a strong opponent, Su Yu’s tactics were truly useless. When Su Yu heard his insults, he was not affected.

Instead, Su Yu’s face remained calm as he said, “Three miles away is your kill zone, while two miles away is the zone of your greatest defense. In other words, in order to kill you, I must break through the two miles distance. Otherwise, everything will be frozen by your frosty energy.”

When the Third Saint Master heard Su Yu’s words, his gaze turned cold and his brows raised. The Third Saint Master then shifted his gaze towards the two semi-manufactured spiritual artifacts that had fallen to the ground.

Immediately, he turned wary and said, “I see what you did. These two small blades were only used to test the strength of my frosty energy, weren’t they? The first blade was used to test the kill zone of my frosty energy, while the second blade was used to test my last line of defense.”

In that instant, his face turned slightly more serious. “Now you are behaving like the silver-haired genius I have so often heard about. However, what can you do about it?”

The Third Saint Master then shouted as he pointed his index finger at Su Yu, “Ice Seal!”

Suddenly, the surrounding frosty air seemed to have received an order, and it rapidly gathered around Su Yu’s body. The air, Spiritual Energy, dust and the ground all seemed to have been absorbed by the frosty energy in that next moment. This was a move designed to freeze Su Yu along with everything in this area!

Su Yu’s brows raised as he felt the chill surrounding him. He could see frost forming on his skin, while he could also sense his internal organs slowly freezing.

The Ice Origin that he had cultivated could barely be compared with this frosty energy, and in a breath’s time, he would become frozen like an ice statue, while his vital force slowly seeped away.

As he felt a great warning coming from his heart, Su Yu retrieved the Red Lotus Incredible Umbrella. He tried to get rid of the frosty energy by using the Red Lotus Furious Flames.

However, the flames were instantly frozen when they came into contact with the frosty energy. The flames looked very eerie, as they were now frozen in place.

“It is useless. My cultivation of the Ice Path is far greater than the Origin’s level. Normal flames would not do anything against it.” The Third Saint Master shook his head. In his eyes, Su Yu was already akin to a corpse.

However, all of a sudden, his pupils contracted. He observed that Su Yu had retrieved a strand of black flame from his bosom. It looked very weak and almost non-existent.

As soon as it appeared, he felt as if the universe was boiling, as the environment grew hotter and hotter. At the same time, the frosty energy approaching Su Yu had also suddenly vanished without a trace.

“Disastrous flame?” The Third Saint Master’s brows raised slightly.

He appeared wary for the first time as he said, “You indeed have the ability to kill a Divine Master. You are actually capable of hiding a strand of disastrous flame!”

Su Yu smiled and replied, “You are right. This strand of disastrous flame was initially left for the Fourth Saint Master. But, since you have appeared, I will give it to you as a gift instead!”

As he smiled, Su Yu’s gaze turned sharp as he flicked the disastrous flame towards the Third Saint Master. The Third Saint Master’s face turned serious as he realized the danger before him.

He shouted in a low voice, “Double Frosty Suns!”


Within a three mile radius, two layers of frosty light circles appeared. Each of them emanated a frightening frosty energy.

The frosty energy in the Ice Seal was completely inferior to the two frosty light circles that had just appeared. Thus, this three-mile radius was a zone of certain death!

The outermost layer of the frosty light circle was the offensive parameter, while the innermost layer of the frost light circle was the defensive parameter. Such a terrifying frosty energy would instantly freeze a Grade Seven Fairy to death!

As the disastrous flame flew over, the frosty energy that it met on the way was all dissipated. However, the two frosty light circles did not budge.


When the disastrous flame came into contact with the first layer of the frosty light circle, it had only managed to create a small opening before it was extinguished by the frosty energy. The two frosty light circles worked together to form a horrifying defense!

The Third Saint Master’s face turned as cold as ice. He felt that he was very much in danger!

Luckily, the two layers of frosty light circles contained the majority of frosty energy he had cultivated throughout his whole life. He had combined all of that frosty energy with the light circles to create a shocking defensive barrier. That was why he was able to block the disastrous flame!

As he raised his head and looked towards Su Yu, there was an odd, chilly look in his eyes. “I have underestimated you. I shall not hold back any longer! Everything will end here!”

The Third Saint Master was now full of wariness. As such, he was no longer holding back as he shouted with a lowered voice.

The outermost layer of the frosty light circle suddenly moved away from the Third Saint Master as it turned into a giant crescent before flying towards Su Yu. In that next moment, everything became engulfed by the giant crescent, including Su Yu. Wherever the giant crescent passed, everything turned into ice.

The Third Saint Master was using his ultimate killing technique to annihilate Su Yu! He did not want to give Su Yu any chance of striking back. The earlier scene had clearly frightened him.

Before the frosty crescent could get closer to Su Yu, he already felt as if he was dying. He felt like he would soon become sealed in this ice forever!

The immense danger caused Su Yu’s heartbeat to speed up. However, he did not show any signs of fear on his face. Instead, he seemed to be smiling as he retrieved a black scroll from his bosom.

“Hehe, that strand of disastrous flame was not the only one I have.” Su Yu laughed lightly as he opened the scroll.


Black flames suddenly came gushing out from the scroll before they shot out in all directions. It was as if the flames had been suppressed for a very long time and couldn’t wait to get out.

The temperature in the surrounding area suddenly increased exponentially! The entire Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds suddenly felt like it was boiling, while the frightening frosty light circle was forcefully pushed away by the black waves of flames.

“What? How can you have so many disastrous flames?” The Third Saint Master lost his composure as he frantically backed away from the incoming black disastrous flames.

He could not believe what he was seeing. “How could a mere young man like you store so many disastrous flames? Even a Divine Master could not store so many!”

While it was difficult to gather disastrous flames, it was even more difficult to store them. When Su Yu was able to retrieve a single strand of it, the Third Saint Master was already greatly surprised. He never would have thought that Su Yu could store such a huge amount!

At that moment, the black waves of flames broke through the next layer of the frosty light circle and were headed straight for the Third Saint Master. The only remaining frosty light circle around him was slowly being destroyed by the frightening disastrous flames!

“Young man, you have tricked me!” the Third Saint Master yelled.

Su Yu clearly had such a huge amount of disastrous flames, yet he had not shown it! He purposefully revealed a tiny strand earlier to force the Third Saint Master to use his ultimate killing technique.

Originally, the Third Saint Master could have blocked the flames by using the two layers of his frosty light circles together. However, now that they were split up, they were each easily destroyed by the flames.

Su Yu laughed without speaking as he held the black scroll. But, he sighed in his heart. Now, he had one less trump card.

The only thing that remained was an empty black scroll. In order to kill this person and ensure peace in the Zhenlong Continent, Su Yu had to sacrifice quite a lot. He had used two puppets and his final bit of disastrous flames. In fact, he used everything he had!


Suddenly, a loud noise could be heard. As Su Yu looked over, he could see a jade cat in the Third Saint Master’s hand.

Su Yu was very familiar with this cat figure. Gu Taixu had used this when he had received a lethal strike from Su Yu in the past. He had been able to dodge the attack by allowing the object to take the brunt of the attack instead.

Now that the Third Saint Master was tasked with the important mission of protecting the fissure, the Central Prefecture’s King would naturally be willing to give him such life-saving treasures.


As the disastrous flames slowly faded away, along with the high temperature, the jade cat figure in the Third Saint Master’s hand started cracking. As the Third Saint Master saw this, his eyes were filled with shock and anger.

“Su Yu!” He stared at Su Yu without shifting his cold gaze. “Let’s see what other techniques you have!”


Another frosty crescent formed on the surface of his body as it swept towards Su Yu. Without the disastrous flames, Su Yu wondered if he would be able to withstand the frightening frosty energy.

Is this the end? Su Yu felt very disappointed and was unwilling to accept his defeat. His only option now was to back off. He knew that the Third Saint Master would not chase after him, as he would choose to protect the fissure instead.