The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 698

Chapter 698 The Blood Emperors Name

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The crevice’s light screen was gradually stabilizing, and it was obvious that it had already reached the last part of its expansion. If Su Yu retreated now, then what awaited the Zhenlong Continent was the arrival of a Divine Master, and at such a time, he wouldn’t have any room for escape.

“Kiddo, your performance has already greatly surpassed my expectations. You can just leave the rest to me now.” A familiar-sounding voice rang in Su Yu’s ears.

Elder Jiu? Su Yu raised his brows. Elder Jiu had left a message behind, saying that he had already gone to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. Yet Su Yu hadn’t seen him yet. As such, Su Yu was quite bewildered that he wouldn’t show himself till the last moment.

“Moreover, didn’t you want to see the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm once again? Then, carefully observe it.” When he had just finished his words, a bright moon appeared once again in this gloomy place.

Its radiance was dazzling and harsh to the eyes, and it would be difficult for someone to look at it. It was like a blazing sun, and the whole Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds was illuminated by it.

Its intense radiance seeped out of the Dragon Abyss and reached the dome of heaven. If the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds was observed from a distant place, an extremely giant light beam could be seen shooting out of it.

“This is the true Moon Palm.” Su Yu was shocked.

The moon that he had condensed was just like a small hill, while Elder Jiu’s moon was extremely tremendous. In fact, it seemed like it was the real moon that had descended down here!

There was a great disparity between it and the moon palm that was used by Su Yu and the Fifth Saint Master. In fact, theirs were extremely lacking compared to this one before Su Yu’s eyes.

Su Yu, who was still shocked by it, felt many sparks of insight emerging in his mind. He quickly sat down cross-legged to focus on comprehending them.

“A complete mastery of the Moon Palm? Who are you?” The Third Saint Master was shocked and astonished.

Elder Jiu’s body was now within the moon, and his voice seemed like it was being transmitted from an extremely far away place. “You don’t need to know. Let’s see how many life-saving treasures the central prefecture’s manor gave you.”

As he softly shouted, the peerless moon fell down and melted everything.


A cracking sound echoed from the Third Saint Master’s pocket, as another one of his jade pendants was shattered.

As blood seeped out of the corners of his mouth, the Third Saint Master, whose face was filled with fright and whose eyes were filled with shock, took out the shattered jade pendant from his pocket.

“The Fu Luan Jade Pendant. It is a shocking jade pendant that could instantly replenish one’s life force.” After the moon radiance dissipated, Elder Jiu clasped his hands behind his back and spoke in ridicule, “The central prefecture’s king is really generous.”

The Third Saint Master was incapable of hiding his shock as he spoke in a grave voice, “Can I ask which senior and great expert you are? Also, why are you this proficient in our Bright Light Guard’s supreme technique?”

Elder Jiu softly chuckled as he took a look at Su Yu, who was wholly engrossed in comprehending it. “My status is already a part of the past. Are you ready to receive several moves from me?”

After he finished speaking, Elder Jiu extended out his palm and leisurely condensed a dazzling sun.

The Sixth Saint Master was greatly frightened. “The second move… Sun Palm.”


The cold air surrounding the Third Saint Master’s body was instantly annihilated by the sun’s radiance, and he couldn’t help but swiftly retreat as he coughed up blood. A jade bracelet, which was worn on his wrist, was quietly shattered at this very moment.

“Another life-saving charm? Hehe, you should have already used most of them by now.” Elder Jiu chuckled as he strode forward, while clasping his hands behind his back.

The Third Saint Master’s face was as pale as paper. “Senior, please wait a moment, I’m…”

Ignoring him, Elder Jiu stretched out both of his hands. He then condensed a moon in his left palm and a sun in his right palm.

“The last move is Bright Light Divine Palm. The Bright Light Guard’s three Great Divine Guards were the only people who managed to successfully master such a move.” The Third Saint Master was shocked once again by him, and he almost went crazy.

He then asked, “Who are you really?”

The only reply he received was the glow of the sun and moon, which were intertwining in the air. A cracking sound echoed out once again, while something possessed by the Third Saint Master was shattered. As he was still heavily injured by such a move, he almost fainted.

“Hm? They gave you four life-saving treasures? The central prefecture’s king really spent a grand sum to get rid of the Jiuzhou Emperor,” Elder Jiu mocked.

When he found out that he was already incapable of fighting any longer, he had floated to Su Yu’s side. As Su Yu had just awoken from his comprehension of the technique, his eyes were still filled with delight because of what he had just comprehended. Yet, he still had many questions about it.

“In the martial path, after each issue you solve, you will find even more mysteries behind it. Persistently pursuing the peak of the martial path is us martial artists’ firm conviction and sole path.” Elder Jiu spoke profoundly spoke, and he seemed like a peerless expert at this moment.

Su Yu, who just returned to his senses, greatly approved of his words, so he looked at him with a gaze that was filled with respect. He respected him because he had once helped him in the past, and also because he had transmitted the incomplete immortal cultivation technique, the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm, to him.

“I already demonstrated its three moves to you, as for how far you can comprehend it in the future, it will up to your perception and good luck.” Elder Jiu looked at him as he spoke.

Su Yu nodded. “Senior, many thanks for guiding me. I will forever bear this in mind.”

Elder Jiu shook his head and waved his hand at the void. He then grabbed a mass of black death energy and said, “Let’s first quickly take care of the crevice, as It needs less than half a day to complete its expansion, which will then let Divine Masters come here. Also, the world’s death energy is gradually becoming less dense.”

As he heard his words, Su Yu’s heart shuddered and his gaze became ice-cold.

“Just stay here while I go to seal the fissure with my Vital Energy. After the fissure loses its life force nourishment, it will collapse all by itself, and from now on, the channel between the the Zhenlong Continent and Jiuzhou will be cut off.” Elder Jiu strode forward and converged his Vital Energy in his palm, then slowly placed it on the multi-colored light screen.

Su Yu let out a long breath. After experiencing many hardships, they had finally succeeded. However, Su Yu’s body suddenly shuddered, as if some terrifying existence’s gaze had just swept over him.

Elder Jiu’s expression gravely changed, and he strangely flew back and spouted a mouthful of blood. It was as if he had just been attacked by something and was gravely injured by it!

While he was flying backwards, Elder Jiu’s eyes, which were filled with shock, were staring at the crevice. He then murmured, “Blood Emperor, will you come to this world?”

“Jiu Yuanzhou, you are the strongest one among the Bright Light Guard’s three Great Divine Guards. I haven’t seen you for countless years, and it seems like your power has drastically fallen. As such, it seems like your past betrayal didn’t gain you any benefits.” A voice, which was followed by a faint sigh, was transmitted from the crevice.

Su Yu’s whole body and soul intensely shuddered when he heard this voice, and it was only when the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron in his soul lightly shook that he stopped shivering. Su Yu’s expression became extremely unsightly, as just a sweep of his enemy’s gaze made his body intensely shudder. Even his voice alone was capable of making Su’ Yu’s soul instantly shudder.

Moreover, just a glance from him had heavily injured Elder Jiu. Su Yu had to wonder…

How powerful is this enemy?

After he recovered and returned to his senses, Su Yu flew over to Elder Jiu’s side. “Elder Jiu, how are your injuries?”

Elder Jiu waved his hand at him as he struggled to stand up. His stare was locked on the crevice “It’s the Blood Emperor.”

The Blood Emperor? Su Yu’s mind got a shock when he heard this name once again. In the words that were left by Tian Jizi, one of the conditions that he set was taking revenge on the Blood Emperor, which was his fellow disciple.

This was unexpectedly the same person who had killed Tian Jizi! According to what Tian Jizi had said, the Blood Emperor had already reached the All Creation Realm.

“Did he already come here?” Su Yu looked at the multi-colored crevice with a grave face.

Elder Jiu shook his head. “No. He’s still just within the channel between our worlds. Otherwise, a glance from him would be enough to turn one into ashes.”

Even though he was still just within the channel between the two worlds, he still possessed a terrifying might. So, Su Yu wondered…

If he really manages to come here, won’t it be utterly impossible for us to survive?