The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 699

Chapter 699 Taste My Blade

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Su Yu absolutely could not let the Blood Emperor come through! A serious look appeared in Su Yu’s eyes as he raised his hands to summon the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation. Four light screens instantly appeared around the fissure to block it off.

However, as soon as the screens appeared, cracks began to form on the surface. Then, they instantly fell apart. The four pearls then flew in different directions.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Four continuous loud sounds of collision could be heard. Four huge craters were created where the pearls had landed near Su Yu.

As he held on to Elder Jiu, Su Yu closely observed the surroundings. He noticed that the four pearls had suffered different degrees of damage! A single gaze had nearly destroyed four semi-manufactured spiritual artifacts!

“Is this the Su Yu who was able to defeat a Divine Master’s clone? You would be outstanding, even in Jiuzhou. Unfortunately, your talents are wasted in this abandoned place. You are destined to never become something great.” The sound of a voice came through the timeless space.

Su Yu could feel a pair of eyes piercing through his body through the million miles of space. In that instant, Su Yu felt as if death was upon him! This was definitely not someone who he could fight against!

“Stop wasting your efforts. He has already entered the tunnel of space. Unless you have an attack that is capable of defeating an All Creation Being, nothing can stop him. In less than half an hour, he will have arrived at the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds,” the voice said.

It then added, “It is too late. I had never imagined that the Central Prefecture’s King would send the Blood Emperor here! It seems that, in order to ensure his place on Emperor Jiuzhou’s throne, he is going all out! The price he had to pay to send an All Creation Being here was to sacrifice a Fairy artifact. He could only use the Fairy artifact’s power to send him here.”

In order to send the Blood Emperor here, a Fairy artifact had to be sacrificed! A Fairy artifact was a sacred item that only an All Creation Being could control. This was rare, even in Jiuzhou.

The majestic Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion was also a Fairy artifact! In order to kill Emperor Jiuzhou, the Central Prefecture’s King was willing to sacrifice so much!

“Escape as far as you can. Once he appears in the Zhenlong Continent, the continent will be annihilated. A long time ago, he used a single palm attack to destroy the entire continent. Emperor Jiuzhou used his own blood and flesh to extend the life of the continent. Now, Emperor Jiuzhou cannot save the continent again,” Elder Jiu said as he laughed bitterly.

When Su Yu heard what was said, his heart shook. The Zhenlong Continent’s true appearance was formed by a huge palm print. It was the Blood Emperor who had delivered the fatal strike!

After hundreds of years, the Blood Emperor’s cultivation would have far exceeded his past self. So, destroying the Zhenlong Continent would be as easy as flicking his fingers. Su Yu did not doubt he would have such overwhelming capabilities.

Escape? The corners of Su Yu’s mouth lifted as he smiled bitterly.

Even if he managed to escape for a while, he doubted whether he or not he would be able to escape when the Blood Emperor arrived! Even if he made it out of here, Xianer, Xia Jingyu, the Duke of Xianyu, Zi Donglai and his daughter, Lin Yunhe, Gang Dalei, Elder Jiu… Where would they all go?

Could Su Yu bear to watch the people he cared about turn into remnant souls and became specks of dust? If so, what had he been fighting for all along? Fame? Personal gain?

Those were not things he was fighting for. He had only wanted to return the favors he owed, as well as to reciprocate the good intentions of those around him. He had only wanted to protect those who were important to him and live a normal yet majestic life.

Now, would all that he hoped for turn into dust because of an invincible opponent’s arrival? Feelings of unwillingness, self-blame, and defiance all hit his heart like waves of a tsunami.


The resplendent light screen was turning even brighter now. Su Yu could vaguely see a terrifying figure rapidly getting closer to their world amid the galaxy of stars. In the darkness, a wild wind was blowing, causing Su Yu’s full head of silver hair to flutter.

There was a coldness in his gaze. It revealed an indescribable emotion.

“My entire life, I have been downtrodden and ridiculed, but I have never given up. Defiance is in my blood! Whoever wants to kill me must taste my blade first!” he yelled into the wind.


Su Yu put Elder Jiu down as he flew towards the fissure like a meteorite. Elder Jiu was surprised, so he yelled, “Stop! You cannot withstand the might of his gaze! Don’t sacrifice yourself for nothing…”

In Elder Jiu’s aged pupils, Su Yu’s figure was like a moth that was flinging itself at a flame. However, Su Yu also looked like a meteorite that was burning its own life to release the brightest glow in the universe!

Su Yu looked determined. For Xianer, Jingyu, the Duke of Xianyu, and everyone he had ever known and loved, this fight was worth it!