The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 700

Chapter 700 The Blood Emperors Might

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Su Yu left afterimages behind him as his body flickered like a mirage. Soon, he reached the crevice.

“Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation, Eternal Stone King Armor, Ruler, First Dragon’s Body!” Su Yu yelled, while countess glows flickered and shone from his body.

Their radiance was as dazzling as the multi-colored light screen. However, even though he had made such a preparation, Su Yu still felt like his defense was as frail as a thin piece of paper in front of the aura that was gradually nearing him.

In just a short moment, Su Yu threw countless magical treasures into the crevices, including charms, divine artifacts, and even the semi-manufactured spiritual artifact, Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella. In fact, he threw very single object that contained tremendous energy that he owned into the crevice.

As the objects consecutively exploded within the crevice, they emitted a tremendous energy, and although it was still not enough to destroy the spatial crevice, it was still capable of temporarily obstructing life force from pouring into it. This which would at least obstruct the Blood Emperor from coming here. Although Su Yu knew that he would surely not succeed in the end, he must still try with all of his might.

“You deserve praise for your courage.” The Blood Emperor’s voice transmitted from a distant place. It was unknown whether he was praising Su Yu or ridiculing him for his reckless behavior.

As his voice echoed out, a formless gaze crossed myriad spaces to arrive at the crevice. All of the objects and charms that had just been thrown into the crevice were turned into nothingness by it, and the energy that was created by the explosion of the divine artifacts also settled.

The raging Red Lotus Furious Flames that were emitted by the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella were also extinguished. It was as if they were just swept away by raging waves.

When his gaze penetrated through the crevice and fell upon Su Yu’s body, Su Yu felt like he was just struck by thunder, and his body was sent flying away. It was just like what had happened to Elder Jiu!

The Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation and the Eternal Stone King Armor’s light screen were shattered. Then, his gaze penetrated through the gap in his armor and continued penetrating him.


After preserving for just a moment, the Ruler was sent flying away.


His First Dragon’s Body’s golden veins opened up and tried to resist, yet they failed, and after just an instant, Su Yu’s belly was penetrated. A stream of blood splashed out of his back and left a trail of blood in the air for a moment.

“Su Yu!” Elder Jiu was infuriated and shouted in alarm. As he bore his own injuries, he flew to Su Yu’s side to catch him.

But, Su Yu’s body was still facing the impact of the tremendous power, and when he put his hands on him, Elder Jiu was also sent flying by it, right along with Su Yu!

Bang! Bang!

Both of them slammed against several mountains, while the energy continued to penetrate them. Their bodies only stopped flying when they slammed against a giant mountain’s peak.

As dust filled the air, their two bodies, which were both soaked in blood, motionlessly laid there. It looked as if they were dead.

Cough! Cough!

After a long while, Elder Jiu’s body slightly twitched and he coughed out a great amount of blood. Grief welled up in his heart, as he looked over at Su Yu and felt that Su Yu’s aura was extremely weak.

He then asked, “Why did you do it? You obviously knew that you would just die in vain!”

He couldn’t understand why Su Yu was about to sacrifice himself, despite knowing how powerful the Blood Emperor was, as well as how dangerous standing before the crevice was.

Su Yu’s body was heavily injured, and his four limbs were already shattered. As for his belly, a hole had opened in it, and even his Dantian was damaged. Also, one of his three Vital Crystals was destroyed.

Currently, Su Yu could only move his fingertips, and as he opened and closed his mouth several times to speak, he wore a faint smile. “It’s because my beloved people are behind me!”

Elder Jiu’s heart shuddered, and he became more aggrieved. Su Yu had risked his life just for the people he cherished so dearly!

This lad had traveled in the past for thousands of miles to the empire’s capital, and had risked his life to repay back his father-in-law’s kindness to him. He had even caused a great ruckus in the Phoenix Cabinet, while risking his life for his beloved Xianer.

Now, he risked his life to go against an All Creation expert! Like a moth flying toward a fire, Su Yu was fighting for their world and for the greater good. Such matters were more important to Su Yu than his own life.

The thought that such an outstanding person would die just because the Zhenlong Continent was engulfed in the fight between All Creation experts caused Elder Jiu’s heart to sink. Elder Jiu’s eyes became filled with grief as he looked at Su Yu, whose aura was gradually weakening.

This weakening was due to the fact that the Blood Emperor was gradually approaching them. As such, it seemed that Su Yu was done for, and the Zhenlong Continent was done for, and this whole world was done for!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The crevice started intensely trembling. Actually, it was the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds that was intensely trembling!

The mountains’ rocks started crumbling, as many terrifying cracks spread out like a spider web and covered the Dragon Abyss. Fire and magma surged out of the cracks, and the Dragon Abyss turned into a sea of flames, while strong gales and giant waves appeared outside of it.

Many powerful sea beasts fled in fright, as if they were facing the arrival of doomsday itself. Many dark clouds appeared in the sky and covered the earth. The whole continent’s weather instantly changed, and it was engulfed by these dark clouds.

Many people were frightened as they witnessed such an odd phenomenon. They all had extremely bad premonitions about a coming crisis.

All of the living beings in the northern continent, central continent, southern continent, western continent and in the boundless sea all started shuddering as they felt a terrifying aura engulfing the whole Zhenlong Continent. It was like a terrifying being was coming from somewhere to devour the whole continent!

In the number one peak of the continent, the Empire of Darkness.

A majestic middle-aged man, who was draped in a black robe, stood alone upon the cliff of this giant mountain’s peak. The peak seemed to reach heaven, as it was very high above the clouds.

The middle-aged man had sword-shaped brows and a gaze that flickered in a radiance that rivaled the stars’. He motionlessly stood there and looked out at the whole world as if he was a supreme and peerless existence.

The black-robed middle-aged man’s gaze became ice-cold and sharp when he looked in the direction of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. The radiance emanating from his gaze caused his whole surroundings to tremble.

“You finally came. I waited for you for more than ten thousand years.” The black-robed middle-aged man slowly spoke the words.

In the Dragon Abyss, where flames were raging and the ground was shaking, countless rocks fell down and disappeared among the magma. If someone mistakenly fell into the abyss, there wouldn’t be even bones left of him.

Elder Jiu struggled as he tried to stand up, while strenuously supporting Su Yu. Both of their bodies, which were in sorry states and were soaked in blood, supported each other as they persevered on the mountain.

They looked at the volcanoes, which extended for ten thousand miles. Their gazes penetrated through the thick smoke and scorching flames, then fixated on the crevice’s light screen.

The light screen suddenly stopped trembling, and even the magma stopped boiling and the rocks stopped falling. It seemed like the whole world suddenly descended into silence at that moment.

There wasn’t any sound apart from Su Yu’s and Elder Jiu’s faint breathing. Even if they looked with just their naked eye, they could still faintly see a person standing behind the light screen.

He was upright, tall, and powerful, and anyone who looked at him would have a feeling of being stifled and a heart engulfed by despair. Su Yu knew that this was a terrifying expert, whose cultivation was higher than his by several great realms.

“Zhenlong… That’s a name that I haven’t heard for a long time. That’s also an aura that I haven’t felt for a long time.” The person within the light screen spoke, then sighed before he took a step out of the crevice.

The whole Dragon Abyss trembled at such a moment, and all of the Zhenlong Continent’s mountains shook.It seemed like it happened because of the earth’s fright of him, yet it was also because the earth was incapable of sustaining his presence here.

Regardless of whether they were martial artists or just mortals, humans, or monsters, the hearts of all living beings shuddered at this moment, as they all felt like they would soon die.

Su Yu, who was still on a mountain’s peak in the distance, looked at the scene, his face becoming grave. He then focused his gaze at the ground under the Blood Emperor’s foot, which seemed like it would shortly collapse.

What was impossible for someone’s naked eye to notice was that there was a black thread of hair under his foot. It was an object that was filled with a terrifying demonic air. In fact, it was the very object gotten that Su Yu had obtained after killing a devil!

It contained a terrifying demonic energy, and if it penetrated someone’s body, it would disturb his mind and corrupt his soul. It was even capable of killing Divine Masters!

However, Su Yu didn’t know whether it would be effective against an All Creation expert or not, so he could only give a try…

“Interesting! So this was all a scheme…” What made Su Yu’s expression stiffen was that the Blood Emperor’s foot had just stopped in mid-air. “All of the objects that you just threw into the crevice a moment ago were just a diversion, and your true move was here!”

As he faintly smiled, the thread of a Devil’s hair, hidden under the ground, was engulfed by a majestic energy, which was dragged out of it. The energy had a black luster and a terrifying demonic nature.

“The past devils were truly terrifying, and this thread of hair can truly threaten me, but it’s a pity that you didn’t use it properly.” It was only after getting rid of his trap that the Blood Emperor’s foot continued falling toward the ground.

When the Blood Emperor’s foot had almost touched the ground, his foot suddenly stopped once again, while his expression changed for the first time. “Well, you put more than a trap here, lad! I really didn’t know that you were this scheming!”


As a soft sound echoed, in a deep part in the ground that was beneath the place where the thread of a Devil’s hair was, a black flag flew out. Immediately, a hand stretched out of the light screen and grabbed the black flag.

“What a terrifying, evil energy.” A grave voice, filled with wariness, transmitted out of the crevice.

This flag was the Ice Soul Divine Dream Spell’s flag, which had been obtained by Su Yu in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. It was a renowned and illustrious illusion spell, yet it was later on altered by the Evil God that had possessed Su Yu’s body. Currently, a part of his evil energy was still within it.

“Lad, who gave you such evil energy?” The Blood Emperor’s tone became grave.

Su Yu’s face was extremely pale at this moment, as all of his traps had been discovered.

“Reply! Who gave it to you?” As the Blood Emperor swept the Dragon Abyss with his gaze, it seemed like he looking for a hidden enemy. “Fine! I will know everything after investigating it anyway.”

At that moment, two light rays shot out of the light screen, and Su Yu and Elder Jiu were shot by them before they could even react. Su Yu felt an intense pain as something collided against the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron in his mind and lightly shook him.

This greatly shocked Su Yu, as it was the first time that something had managed to affect the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron. When he took a look at Elder Jiu, he saw that his consciousness had become fuzzy, and it seemed like his soul was being invaded by something!

“A fairy artifact that specializes in soul defense?” The Blood Emperor was astonished once again, and although his tone was calm and deep as usual, one could tell that he was greatly shocked. He wondered…

How could a lad from such an uncivilized land possess a fairy artifact?

However, after a moment, he suddenly softly chuckled. “It seems like there isn’t any powerful enemy in the Zhenlong Continent, and the evil energy and fairy artifact were obtained by you by sheer luck.”

When Elder Jiu became sober once again, he cried in alarm, “You! You have searched my whole memory.”

This was the ability of the two light rays that had been shot by him just a moment ago. After searching Elder Jiu’s memory, he understood that they had come here just to fight till their deaths by themselves, and that there wasn’t any hidden powerful enemy here after all!

Feeling exposed, Su Yu and Elder Jiu fell into despair once again.

“I sacrificed a fairy artifact to come here, yet I will now obtain an extremely rare soul defense fairy artifact, so it seems like I really didn’t end up suffering any losses.” The Blood Emperor heartily chuckled before he looked at Elder Jiu and said, “I will give you an opportunity to return to the Bright Light Guards. You need to just kill him and pass his corpse to me.”

A spark was ignited in Elder Jiu’s eyes, yet it disappeared just after. He then replied, “Since I already betrayed the Bright Light Guard, why would I want to return to them? Should I return there to follow you once again, only to slaughter a whole world’s living beings?”

In the past, Elder Jiu had betrayed them just because he didn’t want to participate in their destruction of the Zhenlong Continent. At that time, he was almost killed by a slap from the Blood Emperor, and although he managed to survive, his cultivation had greatly deteriorated.

Elder Jiu angrily glared at him and added, “Moreover, you are just playing with me, as even if I really killed Su Yu, you would still kill me.”

It seemed like the Blood Emperor had expected such an answer, and he revealed a faint, cruel smile. “You are still clever, and it appears that you still remember that I never accept traitors back into my good graces. Since that’s the case, as you are a past traitor, everything will come to end now, as I will personally kill you.”

The Blood Emperor faintly smiled as he strode to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. At such a moment, Su Yu suddenly revealed a mysterious smile and said, “It’s still too early for you to rejoice.”