The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 701

Chapter 701 The End Of The Martial Arts Pathway

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As the Blood Emperor suddenly came to a halt, he felt that something was amiss. However, before he could react, Su Yu shouted in a low voice, “Little kylin!”

All of a sudden, in the space above the fissure, a pink mist miraculously appeared. An adorable little kylin appeared in the mist as it blinked its big round eyes cheekily. There was a small jade-colored pearl in its mouth.

As the jade pearl shone with a bright light, a huge blue and yellow pearl fell out from it. The pearl fell at an oddly high speed and it was completely unexpected!

The Blood Emperor only had time to take one peek at it before the blue and yellow pearl landed on him. He then exclaimed, “The Ghost Clan’s Great Emperor’s Underworld Pearl!”

The Blood Emperor’s voice suddenly cracked as if he had just experienced a great horror. He immediately recognized the source of the pearl.

After all, he had once been involved in the great battle between the human clan and the ghost clan. The All Creation Realm humans were all turned into dust under the might of the Underworld Pearl!


The entire Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds suddenly shook as the underground lava was projected hundreds of miles into the sky. At the same time, the nearby pressure immediately affected the fissure.


The nearly completed tunnel of space suddenly exploded into pieces, while the light screen started to vibrate wildly. The tunnel of space was actually destroyed! After several attempts, Su Yu had finally succeeded!

Even an All Creation Old Monster could not be safe when his body was still in the tunnel of space which was falling apart. In fact, his remaining hand and leg were still trapped inside the fissure!

“Young man! I will kill you!” The Blood Emperor was finally angered. He no longer behaved all high and mighty as he did before.

He struggled as he tried to move the other half of his body through the fissure. However, the little kylin snorted and kicked him back into the fissure.

The Blood Emperor was infuriated. He used his all-destroying gaze to glare at the little kylin.

Unexpectedly, the little kylin immediately turned into its illusory state, which meant that it could not be harmed.

The Blood Emperor was eager to pull his hand and leg out of the fissure. However, he shockingly discovered that, even though he had the might of an All Creation Realm being, he could not budge an inch from beneath the Underworld Pearl!

Regardless of how hard he tried, he could not move the Underworld Pearl! Thus, there was no way the he could step out from the fissure. He was stuck there!

Once the spatial fissure completely collapsed, the part of his body that was still stuck in the fissure would be severely damaged!

Sensing the imminent danger, the Blood Emperor glared at Su Yu angrily. However, there was not a figure around. Su Yu and Jiu Yuanzhou had already hidden to avoid the Blood Emperor’s attacks.

As the Blood Emperor could not kill them, he felt even angrier as he shouted coldly, “Young man, I will remember you. I will see the both of you again!”


After two muffled sounds could be heard, the suppressed arm and leg suddenly became softened, while the frightening aura behind the fissure instantly disappeared.

Thereafter, the light screen started to crack and became gloomy before disappearing altogether. In the end, a normal stone wall took its place in silence.

If not for the lava that had formed all over the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, no one would believe that an All Creation Old Monster had once appeared in this place and nearly entered this world.

The passage between two worlds was thoroughly destroyed, and the people from Jiuzhou could no longer enter. The people from Zhenlong would also be permanently sealed away from the other world.

After a long while, Su Yu and Elder Jiu looked at each other and laughed.

“Haha… I never would have never that such a prominent figure in Jiuzhou like the Blood Emperor would be defeated by a younger man like yourself,” Elder Jiu said as he laughed for a long while. Tears of joy were rolling down his cheeks.

Su Yu forcefully used his Vital Energy to stop the bleeding in his abdomen. He then laughed bitterly and said, “If I had a choice, I would rather not have come here at all.”

The amount of loss Su Yu had faced in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds was almost unimaginable. Two puppets, the Purple Sun Incredible Umbrella, and nearly all of his divine artifacts and symbols were gone. Even the Dry Cloud Five Elemental Formation’s four pearls had been badly damaged.

Most importantly, his Dantian was greatly injured, and one of his Vital Energy Crystal had been crushed into dust! As for his own physical body, Su Yu still did not know the severity of all of his injuries.

Unexpectedly, Elder Jiu rolled his eyes. “Are you still not satisfied with the Blood Emperor’s hand and leg? The power of an All Creation Old Monster’s blood and flesh is not something you can imagine!”

Su Yu became excited. His gaze was instantly locked on to the remaining hand and leg that were still pressed below the Underworld Pearl. Although the hand and leg were clearly already broken, there was still a shockingly strong aura emanating from the limbs.

“If you extracted the blood essence to feed the universe’s live spirits, it would provide godly benefits!” Elder Jiu’s eyes glowed brightly as he spoke. He seemed to be giving Su Yu an instruction.

An example of what he had just described would be the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s seed. It was nearly impossible to cultivate. The only way to do so was to feed it with an All Creation Old Monster’s blood essence day and night.

Is he talking about the little kylin? Su Yu wondered. Based on Elder Jiu’s past identity as a Bright Light Guard, he would surely be able to identify the little kylin’s real spirit identity.

Su Yu looked very frank as he said, “Elder Jiu, please be generous. I need the limbs.”

“What are you talking about? You saved my life, as well as the lives of everyone in the Zhenlong Continent! You had also single-handedly fought the Blood Emperor. As such, all of the battle rewards naturally belong to you.” Elder Jiu laughed cheerfully. He had no intention of fighting Su Yu for the resources.

Indeed, if Elder Jiu had wanted the limbs for himself, he wouldn’t have told Su Yu about the benefits! He could have easily killed Su Yu and stolen the treasures for himself instead.

“Thank you for letting me have them, Elder Jiu.” Su Yu cupped his fists to express his gratitude.

The two stayed where they were for a while to rest while they regained their strengths. Su Yu carefully tucked the Underworld Pearl away.

He also sealed the limbs safely away. They were still emanating a shocking aura. From the palm of the dismembered hand, Su Yu was able to find the Demon’s Hair and the flag formation. Hence, although Su Yu had suffered some great losses, he had also experienced some significant gains.

“Let’s go, Su Yu. You have made a name for yourself. Many heroes in the generations to come will face great difficulty living up to such a name. You are almost comparable to the previous Emperor Jiuzhou. As such, even the King of Darkness cannot dim your light!” Elder Jiu said with a gleeful smile.

Su Yu smiled as he replied, “The previous Emperor Jiuzhou sacrificed his own blood essence to rebuild the continent. It was a mighty act of selflessness. How could I ever compare to him?”

“Now that the continent has been successfully sealed away, the martial arts path will come to an end. As such, fame and fortune are already unimportant.” Su Yu laughed. “I should make my leave now.”

As time flew by so quickly here, half a year passed in the blink of an eye. During this time, the remaining otherworldly b*stards were all killed. Thus, the Zhenlong Continent had finally reclaimed its past glory.

Under the effects of the countless Cloud Galloping Horses, over a hundred new Fairies were created in the Heavenly Law Alliance. They claimed the lands in all four regions of the continents, including the northern continent, the eastern continent, the western continent and the southern continent. They replaced the Empire of Darkness as the main controlling power in the entire continent.

The forces in the continent were all monitored by the Heavenly Law Alliance’s strict rules. No other armies were allowed to be formed.

Anyone who went against the rules would be annihilated by the Fairies. All of a sudden, the continent experienced a peacefulness that had never existed in the past.

Many martial arts students were spared from the tragedies of war, while factions were able to continue existing. After experiencing the greatest battle in history against the otherworldly experts, martial artists had become much more vigilant.

As such, they worked even harder to train their disciples, regardless of their factions’ sizes. Many disciples were recruited during this period. In fact, many of the young prodigies were like fish in water, as they had opportunities to learn and grow like never before.

After ten thousand years, the martial arts field was finally blossoming within the continent once again. Thus, the Heavenly Law Alliance had become the holy ground for martial arts students!

As for the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, he had become a god-like figure, who was worshipped by everyone in the continent. He had started his journey in Shenyue Island. His life was like a meteor shower, which swept across the Zhenlong Continent’s night sky.

He had once killed half of the Liuxian faction’s elders with the identity of Su Yu in an act of delivering justice. He had also once fought against the heavens and three super strong powers with the identity of Yin Yu in the Phoenix Cabinet’s great event. He had even once conquered the alliance of the northern continent with the identity of the Black Snow Devil King.

After three years, he had returned as Su Yu to wipe out the otherworldly Fairies, to fight an All Creation Old Monster, and to save the continent. Every single incident that had occurred was groundbreaking. Many people said that Su Yu was a legend.

Many youths from the younger generations were all inspired by him to cultivate even harder and more diligently. In fact, countless martial artists made attempts to visit the places that Su Yu had once fought just to try to comprehend his cultivation pathways.

As such, Shenyue Island, the Liuxian faction, the Shentian Manor, and the Yinyu Area were all considered to be holy lands. Many experts from various corners of the continent gathered at these places to compete against each other in the hopes of improving their cultivations especially.

Naturally, the Heavenly Law Alliance’s headquarters was based in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. Countless martial artists were attracted to this place, as they considered it to be the ultimate holy land.

The Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds had already collapsed and was occupied by the Heavenly Law Alliance, and it was even rebuilt into an island. It was a lone island that had occupants who chose to distance themselves from all of the conflicts in the rest of the continent.

However, nobody could deny that it was the true center of the Zhenlong Continent and was the holiest land for martial arts training. This was because this was the place Su Yu had occupied as the first generation King of the Continent. As such, everyone, whether they were male or female, could only dream of seeing him in person.

Unfortunately, this king had chosen to vanish into the woods ever since he had returned from the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. Even so, countless martial artists still lingered on the island of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, waiting for the King of the Continent’s appearance. They hoped to see his glorious self in person.

On the island of the Dragon Abyss, there was a Heavenly Law Alliance’s city palace. A hundred Fairies, a thousand Half Fairies, and ten thousand Half Gods were religiously patrolling the deeper end of the city palace, where there was a very quiet and simple garden.

Behind a door that was made of rocks, there was a room that was filled with a dense Spiritual Energy. A young man’s figure could be seen sitting in a cross-legged manner within the room.

A bout of Spiritual Energy condensed above his head and slowly entered his forehead. However, as soon as it entered, it all came flowing out from his abdomen.

He slowly opened his eyes and sighed. “Is this really happening? My Dantian’s Vital Energy Crystal had been crushed and can no longer absorb Spiritual Energy to condense into a Vital Energy Crystal. My martial arts path has indeed come to an end.”

Looks of regret and bitterness appeared simultaneously on his face. When he had been struck by the Blood Emperor on that fateful day, one of his Vital Energy Crystals had been crushed.

In the half a year that followed, he had tried countless measures to recover it, but to no avail. As he expected, he would be stuck at the Two Crystals Half Fairy Realm for the rest of his life with no potential of progressing.

It was such a shame that his hard work could not get him any closer to advancing to the Fairy Realm. For someone as determined as Su Yu to walk on the path of martial arts, this was now his life’s greatest regret.

As he sighed, Su Yu retrieved his Thunder Herb Armor. There were streams of disastrous thunder contained within it. These had all been collected in the past half a year, when he had helped the members of the alliance go through their tribulations.

However, none of the disastrous thunder contained within it belonged to him. This made him even more depressed.

After giving it some thought, Su Yu rubbed the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl with the tip of his finger. A round ball with blue and yellow stripes all over it appeared on his palm. It now felt as light as a feather.

The Underworld Pearl has been successfully extracted. I can already control it at will. Unfortunately, there will no longer be any avenue for me to use it… As he thought of this, Su Yu looked even more deflated.

After a moment’s hesitation, Su Yu then retrieved a seal with resplendent thunderbolts surrounding it. It was the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, which had been used by Dark Su Yu to forcefully capture the strong lightning spirit. It was meant to absorb the lightning spirit’s energy to enhance the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal.

Now, it was already at the final phase of enhancement. The lightning spirit was still struggling slightly, which was a sign that the fusion would soon be complete.