The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 702

Chapter 702 Su Yus Wedding

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“My partial path has already come to end, and there isn’t any enemy left to fight, so what can I use it for?” Su Yu closed his eyes, while loneliness welled up in his heart.

He collected the Thunder Herb Armor and the Underworld Pearl, then started using his cultivation method. He had already comprehended and mastered the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters Technique’s last level, the word “fighter.”

He had also already successfully mastered and comprehended the three words, “soldiers,””controller,” and “fighter.” His mastery over the Heaven’s Son Gazing At Air had gone from its entry-level to its lower tier, so he could now control two experts, whose realms were higher than his by an entire realm!

Su Yu had already become quite proficient in using the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm’s Moon Palm, and although he was still short of Elder Jiu’s level, he was close to mastering it. After he cultivated for a while, Su Yu found himself incapable of calming down, so he decided to enter the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl with his soul.

“Young Master, how’s your Dantian? Were the ancient methods that I provided effective?” Wu Aoyue asked as she came over to him.

She was now already a Level Two Fairy Realm expert, and although she was as cold as ever, she was warm and gentle around Su Yu. Su Yu tried to look okay as he shook his head.

He still didn’t repair it? Wu Aoyue’s expression became gloomy. “I didn’t care about the art of healing in the past, and it was because of this that I did I not read books about it. But, if I can go back to my faction once again, then…”

“It’s fine. the Zhenlong Continent is already sealed, so even if my martial path comes to end, so what? What use will cultivation still have to me then? Let’s talk about the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly… How is it now? Did it consume all of the Blood Emperor’s essence blood?” he asked.

He intended to give the Blood Emperor’s blood to the small kylin, but it wasn’t interested in it. But, the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly unexpectedly had coveted it! While devouring it, it quickly grew up, and the blood effects on it were greater than the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s effects by far!

“Young master, it’s already three inches-long, and it’s been quite lively and spirited recently. According to what the ancient books recorded, it will shortly start spouting silk, which means that we will get our first batch of its silk!” Wu Aoyue became more spirited as she talked about it.

It was probably just like what Su Yu had said, with his techniques and magical treasures, on one in the whole Zhenlong Continent would be able to face him! That was, at least, besides the mysterious King of Darkness.

Moreover, after getting the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly’s silk, they could make a powerful armor, one that even All Creation experts were incapable of penetrating. Then, Su Yu would become even more powerful with it, and he might even be able to defeat even the King of Darkness!

As one of them was living in the deepest part of the continent, while the other one was living in the ocean, it was up to the people to decide which one of these two kings was the most powerful.

“Yue’er, I will temporarily trouble you with this.” Su Yu was also somewhat full of expectation about this hopeful development, and he became more high-spirited as he heard her report.

After instructing her once more, he strode toward the Supreme Growing Soil’s nursery. The first thing he saw was that the two Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboos had already grown to six meters in length!

“Young master, according to what’s recorded in the ancient books, they become semi-mature after reaching six meters in length, and in normal conditions, they would need, at the very least, five hundred years to reach such a state. But, that wasn’t the case here, as they need just another half year to completely mature! We could pluck them to refine a magical treasure at that time.” Wu Aoyue carefully observed Su Yu’s expression before she forced herself to describe it to him in a cheerful tone.

If Su Yu managed to refine it and make the Heavenly Orchid Silver Sword, he would have finished gathering all nine swords that were needed to form the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation! In the past, he had looked forward to this, yet now, he didn’t have any more interest in it.

As such, Su Yu calmly swept over it with his eyes before he turned his attention to the Incredible Feather Spiritual Pomegranate. In the past, it was just a sapling, yet now it had already grown into a giant three, which seemed like it reached the sky! It was as white as snow and it bore many golden fruits, more than a thousand of them to be exact!

When he observed the Cloud Galloping Horses, he found that their number had already surpassed a hundred, and it seemed like they were reproducing at a rapid speed. At this rate, hey could probably use them to make another batch of a hundred Fairy Realm experts in less than a month! However, all of this was already insignificant to him.

“Yue’er, I hope you know that you can leave at any time. You aren’t obliged to continue staying here.” Su Yu turned around and looked at Wu Aoyue.

He allowed her to wander in the Zhenlong Continent as she wanted, since she was unable to return to Jiuzhou and there was no harm in letting her stay in the continent. In the past, she had stayed in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl of her own accord and continued managing its world.

Now, when she heard such words, her lips slightly shivered. It seemed like she wanted to say something, yet she remained quiet.

“Fine. You can do as you please. When you find that you do want to leave this place, you only have to inform me.” Su Yu patted her on the shoulder before he left the pearl and returned to his body.

Immediately, he heard a crisp sound of bells transmuting from outside.

“Alliance Master Su Yu, half a year has already passed, and Old Chen wants to meet you.” A beautiful woman was standing outside. She was Zi Yunxiang, who he hadn’t seen for a long time.

She had already advanced to the Fairy Realm early on, and she had chosen to accompany the annihilation team in order to protect the stone gate, as well as to protect Su Yu. Her feelings towards him were already known by all of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members.


Dust rose up as the stone gate was opened, and Su Yu, who wore a white robe, walked out of it. This was the first time that he had left his room in the past six months. As the sun rays shone upon him, they slightly irritated his eyes, so he subconsciously covered them with his hand.

When he lowered his hand, he saw many familiar-looking people standing before him. The annihilation team, led by Luo Xiong, was before him, while behind them, there was a beautiful woman. She had lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

“Welcome back, Alliance Master.” Luo Xiong’s eyes were filled with excitement, and he and the annihilation team’s guards, knelt down on their knees as they respectfully shouted their greeting.

Their voices reverberated in the surroundings. When the hundred Fairy Realm experts who were outside of Su Yu’s courtyard heard them, delight and surprise appeared in their eyes, and no matter whether they were now cultivating, fighting, or even in secluded cultivation or taking care of some important affair, they all flew to the outside of his room and respectfully knelt there.

They then joined in the greeting in unison, “Welcome back Alliance Master.”

The expressions of the thousand Half Fairy Realm experts in the palace gravely changed, while respect and veneration appeared on all of their faces.


Even the ten thousand Half God Realm experts outside of the palace did the same, all respectfully bowing before him. The sound of greetings from more than ten thousand people reverberated in the sky, startling even the clouds within it.

All of the martial artists in the island became impassioned when they heard this, and they all rushed in delight to the outside of the palace. Even the martial artists outside of the island eagerly flew toward the island, and some people who had just left the island quickly turned around and returned to it.

All of these people became impassioned because a legendary immortal god-like king of the continent, the legendary Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master, had actually come out of his secluded cultivation! All of the people rushed toward him with joyful and hopeful expressions on their faces.

At this moment, a youngster in magnificent clothes stood on one of the ocean’s reefs. He had an elegant bearing and wore a gentle yet cold expression. His eyes seemed like they were capable of seeing through everything, while a purple glow was flickering between his brows.

As he gazed at the Fourth Saint Master, a cold smile appeared on his face. “After not seeing you for half a year, you have already become a majestic continent’s king! It’s really astonishing that you are no longer the past lucky lad of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Yin Yu, we will meet again…” As his words echoed in the air, he disappeared from his former place on the reef.

While facing their deafening greeting, which was so loud that even the deaf might hear it, Su Yu just calmly smiled and said, “Stand up.”

His voice was mild, yet it was like an awe-inspiring clap of thunder, which reverberated through the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. As the crowd raised their heads, it seemed like they were witnessing the arrival of a great king.

Zi Yunxiang’s body shook as she looked at him. Even though he was still the same youth who she was familiar with, he already possessed an imposing manner that only kings possessed. As such, no one dared to approach him.

“Everyone should go take care of his own duties,” Su Yu said. All of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members obeyed his order immediately.

“Yun Xiang, let Old Chen come over to see me.” Warmth appeared in Su Yu’s eyes as he looked at Zi Yunxiang.

Zi Yunxiang softly bit her lips and brought Old Chen to Su Yu.

“Greetings Alliance Master, and congratulations for finishing your secluded cultivation.” Old Chen respectfully knelt before Su Yu. Even though he was already a Level Two Fairy Realm expert, he was still as respectful to Su Yu as ever.

Su Yu faintly smiled. “Old Chen, you don’t need to be this respectful. Did you come to report something to me?”

Old Chen slowly nodded. “I already finished preparing for your wedding, and I sent invitations to every corner of the continent. In ten days, the whole world will witness your wedding with Qin Xianer.”

Luo Xiong and the others got excited when they heard his report, as Su Yu’s wedding was an affair that would cause a sensation throughout the whole continent, and being invited by him to it was a great honor. Hearing this, Zi Yunxiang’s body shook and her eyes became misty.

Su Yu smiled and sighed. “I can finally fulfill my promise to Qin Xianer. I will let the whole world be a witness to our unfinished wedding.”

Su Yu then turned to gaze at a faraway place in the sea. It was the reef from which the youngster, who wore magnificent clothes, had just disappeared from.