The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 703

Chapter 703 Power Of All Creation

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“Su Yu! I missed you so much!” A petite lady ran in from the courtyard with a look of joy and surprise in her eyes, then jumped right into Su Yu’s arms.

To Su Yu, everything about her felt so familiar. Her scent, her aura, her body and its temperature were all like coming home. Su Yu smiled gently as he placed his arms around her shoulders and lowered his head to take a closer look at her.

They had met each other when they were just fourteen. Now, they were both eighteen. It seemed like time had not left its mark on this little lady’s physical appearances at all.

Apart from looking slightly more mature, she showed no other signs of aging. She still looked exactly the same as when they had first met at the Twilight Mountains.

Her face was fair and smooth, and she had two crystal-like eyes with long flattering eyelashes. She had luscious lips that were the color of peaches and an elegantly pointed nose. Her appearance was akin to that of an intricately made doll.

Right then, her big eyes were glimmering with tears of joy. She immediately hugged Su Yu in front of everyone, without any shyness. It felt as natural as giving a family member a hug.

“Xianer,” Su Yu said as he caressed her head lovingly. “How is your father doing?”

Xianer was still indulging in his warm embrace as she nodded her head and said, “Father is doing great. He just misses you a lot.”

Su Yu’s smile was filled with an additional sense of warmth as he said, “It has been seven years, so I should fulfill his expectations. Xianer, are you ready?”

Upon hearing his words, Xianer’s cheeks became flushed with a charming redness. She looked as beautiful as the scenery at dusk.

“Yes…” Xianer replied shyly as she hugged Su Yu even closer. She then murmured through her pursed red lips, “I am the luckiest girl in the world. I want to be Brother Su Yu’s bride forever!”

The heartwarming scene caused everyone in the crowd to smile. Those who knew about the challenges that these two had gone through could not help but sigh happily. After countless things had stood in their way, these two could finally get married!

After a short moment, Su Yu suddenly raised his eyebrows and asked, “Xianer, why haven’t you advanced to the Fairy Realm? Did the Fairy Pill not help you?”

Xianer had already reached the Three Crystals Half Fairy level before Su Yu had left for the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. When he went away, he had left behind the Cloud Galloping Horse, which would have helped anyone else advance to the next level. However, it was completely useless for Xianer.

It was as if Xianer’s breakthrough was a rare oddity, as normal medicines could not help her at all. After a thorough investigation, the greatest possibility that they could think of for this was that her physical qualities were very unique.

Xianer’s physical qualities came from the Death Phoenix Constitution, which came from the Nine Spirit Death Phoenix. As such, hers were the kind of physical qualities which governed the living and the dead in the world, which just happened to be the most mysterious and frightening kind!

Even Yun Yazi, who had wanted to recruit a disciple with the same kind of physical qualities, could not get what he wanted. This is why they guessed that the obstacles that Xianer faced in advancing must mostly have been due to the Death Phoenix Constitution.

Su Yu had wanted to ask Yun Yazi about it. However, ever since the occurrence at the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, he seemed to have overexerted himself and had entered a state of deep sleep, which he still remained in to this day.

Finally, Su Yu gave his only Fairy Pill to Xianer before he went into seclusion. He had obtained this pill from Tian Jizi’s medicinal place of legacy in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion.

Tian Jizi had personally created it and had claimed that it would certainly allow someone to advance to the Fairy Realm. Based on Tian Jizi’s prowess, his claim could be trusted as being absolutely valid.

Moreover, he must have also taken into account the special physical qualities of some individuals, like Xianer. Therefore, Su Yu had decided to leave the pill with Xianer. However, upon seeing that she still had not advanced to the Fairy Realm, Su Yu could not help but frown.

“No, my instincts tell me that this pill should be able to help me advance. In fact, my body seems to crave this pill!” Xianer shook her head.

Su Yu was happy when he heard her words. However, he was stunned momentarily as he thought about it more. So, he asked her, “Then, why didn’t you take it already? Don’t you want to advance to the Fairy Realm?”

Xianer lifted her head, then extended her tiny hands to caress his face and said, “I want to. I even dream about it in my sleep. However, I want you to advance more than anything. That is because I can only see disappointment in your eyes right now.”

Su Yu hugged Xianer even tighter in his arms. It warmed his heart that Xianer was constantly thinking of him and being considerate towards him.

After recollecting himself, Su Yu suddenly realized something. When did Xianer become this intuitive? It’s as if she is able to read my mind!

When he looked into those bright eyes before him, he realized that the young lady he had known in the past had already grown up.

“Thank you, Xianer…” Su Yu said, while a warm sensation filled his heart and swept away all of the previous feelings of disappointment.

Although he could no longer pursue the path of martial arts, he had a beautiful wife to accompany him for life. He could not ask for more.

“Xianer, please consume the pill. I have already reached the peak of my cultivation in this world. Hence, whether I consume it or not does not matter for me,” Su Yu said with a smile.

Xianer shook her head. “No, I want to leave it for you. Once you have recovered from your injuries, you can then use it.”

Su Yu wanted to persuade her, but he saw how determined she was and decided to give up. After all, the Zhenlong Continent had already become peaceful once again.

Plus, as the entire area was under his jurisdiction, nobody could harm Xianer. Besides, there were still many opportunities ahead for him to convince her to consume the Fairy Pill.

“In that case, how are Jingyu and the Phoenix Cabinet Master? Have they woken up yet?” Su Yu asked.

Xianer lifted her head as a look of joy appeared on her face. “Sister Jingyu has woken up!”

Hearing this news, Su Yu felt like a great burden had been lifted from his heart. Xia Jingyu been unconscious for a long time. She should have woken up a long time ago, but that had not happened. As such, Su Yu was really worried that something else might have plagued her.

“However, the Phoenix Cabinet Master is still in a deep sleep. I am not sure why, but there were several occasions when she almost woke up, but fell back into a deep slumber immediately thereafter.” Xianer became quite sad.

After all, the Phoenix Cabinet Master was her master. Hence, she was plagued with worry over her. Su Yu was very concerned as well.

He cleared his throat and suggested, “Let’s go visit them now. You should all carry out your duties accordingly.”

After Su Yu gave a simple order to the rest of the people at the scene, he took Xianer to the forbidden area in the Hall of Mental Cultivation, where the Phoenix Cabinet Master and Xia Jingyu were resting. This place was patrolled by ten Fairies day and night. As such, not even a single insect could pass through unnoticed.

Inside the Hall of Mental Cultivation, the continent’s best doctors were constantly looking after the two women. As Su Yu and Xianer stepped into the hall, the figure of a pale and thin lady came into sight.

It was the Phoenix Cabinet Master. Her frown was clearly visible as she remained in a state of deep slumber.

Su Yu tapped on her wrist with his finger as he imbued a strand of Spiritual Energy into her. Suddenly, Su Yu’s brows raised and he looked surprised.

“That power… It’s very familiar, isn’t it? It is the power of an All Creation Being!” All of a sudden, Elder Jiu’s voice could be heard from behind Su Yu. He sounded very serious.

Since there was no other place that he could go, he had stayed in the Heavenly Law Alliance to examine and oversee the Phoenix Cabinet Master’s injuries personally.

Upon hearing him, Su Yu’s facial expression changed suddenly. He then asked, “Why is there suddenly an All Creation Being’s power inside of her?”

“It must not have appeared all of a sudden. It could very well have been in there this whole time. We just didn’t notice it until recently,” Elder Jiu said as his frown deepened. He looked equally confused.

After all, there were no All Creation Beings in the Zhenlong Continent. Thus, the power could not have been imbued into her body at a later stage.

“Could she have been struck by an All Creation Being?” Su Yu asked as he entered a state of deep thought.

Suddenly, his eyes met Elder Jiu’s. They both looked surprised at the same time.

“Could it be the supposed Great Saint Master?” The two guessed at the exact same time.

Since the battle at the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, they had found out from the Third Saint Master that the Great Saint Master had already been in the Zhenlong Continent all this time. He had remained hidden and had never shown himself.

The Great Saint Master was the person who Su Yu was most wary of. However, after giving it some thought, Su Yu did not think that this was a likely scenario.

After all, if the Great Saint Master had such a strong level of cultivation, he wouldn’t need to hide! Moreover, he wouldn’t have had to trouble the Blood Emperor to come into their world by sacrificing a Fairy artifact.

“Then… Who injured her?” Su Yu murmured. He then remained silent for a very long time.