The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 704

Chapter 704 Inviting The Whole World To The Banquet

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Xianer clenched her fair fists. “If I had diligently studied healing arts in the past, then my teacher wouldn’t have ended up in such a state.”

In the past, Xianer had wanted to just concentrate on the martial path, so she had refused to inherit the Phoenix Master Qiu’s healing arts legacy.

The Phoenix Master Qiu had the best healing arts in the whole continent, and if Xianer diligently had studied them, she might have been able to deal with the Phoenix Master Qiu’s current injuries.

“Everything will get better, so don’t worry.” Su Yu softly patted her shoulder and consoled her.

Xianer nodded. At this moment, soft footsteps echoed from outside the palace, and as a faintly sweet fragrance permeated the air, an extremely beautiful woman appeared before them.

She had beautiful facial features, including an exquisite nose and cinnabar-like lips, and her delicate face seemed like it was carved out of a fine piece of white jade. There wasn’t any part of her that wasn’t extremely beautiful.

If you looked at her for the first time, you might assume that she was probably a fairy that had just descended from heaven. She didn’t seem like one of the mortal world’s residents.

Before her beauty, all flowers and beautiful landscapes would lose their luster. Even the sun’s and moon’s radiances might be overshadowed by her. Even the aged and experienced Elder Jiu, who was peerless expert in the past, felt his heart fluttering when he saw her.

“Jingyu.” Su Yu was delighted, as even now, he still felt like he was somewhat not worthy of such a beautiful woman.

She was as outrageously beautiful as ever, yet Su Yu felt like her gaze was somewhat strange.

Xianer softly nodded. Although her expression wasn’t cold or indifferent, she didn’t show any delight in seeing Su Yu once again either. Su Yu felt like he was almost a stranger to her, and he found the current her quite strange to him as well.

Xia Jingyu was holding a bowl of medicinal soup, which she slowly placed on the table without taking a single look at anyone. “I already finished preparing her medicine, and since you are all here, you can feed her yourselves.”

Xia Jingyu’s tone was calm, without the slightest trace of any emotion. After she spoke, she turned around and left only her faint fragrance behind her, as well as the startled crowd.

“Brother Su Yu, it seems like sister Jingyu has changed.” Xianer blankly looked at the leaving Xia Jingyu. She was somewhat pained by her sight.

Su Yu was somewhat puzzled and nervous. He had to wonder…

Xia Jingyu has only slightly recovered from her illness… Did it have some strange side-effects on her?

“Xianer, look after the Phoenix Master Qiu. I will go and check on her,” Su Yu said.

Xianer nodded. “Okay, brother Su Yu. That sounds good, as I’m also worried about her.”

He then tapped the ground with his foot, soared up. He then followed Xia Jingyu’s aura until he reached her courtyard.

When he entered it, he was startled by the scenery in front of him. There were many pear trees here, yet they were all withered because it was autumn. Their dead leaves were all fluttering in the wind.

A beautiful woman was sitting before a table under the trees, drinking alone. Such familiar scenery brought back some blissful memories for Su Yu.

“Do you still remember? Under a full moon at night, beneath a pear tree, you taught me about a Holy Decree,” Xia Jingyu said softly, while still taking a sip of wine.

Su Yu became somewhat depressed as he entered the courtyard and sat in front of her.

He then said, “I still remember.”

Su Yu’s heart became heavy at this moment, and he couldn’t help but take a cup of wine.

“It’s a pity that the place has changed, as well as those two people.” Xia Jingyu raised her head and looked at Su Yu. Her gaze was aloof, cold and distant, as if she was ten thousand miles away from him.

Su Yu didn’t reply, but just continued drinking his wine.

“Out of the three black boxes in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion’s Wisest Milky Way Formation, I got Tian Jizi’s Divine Decree from one of them, while you got the Real Spirit Dragon Veins from another one. According to our agreement, we should evenly divide the contents of the last one. So, take it out now…” Xia Jingyu spoke to him coldly, as if they were just strangers.

Su Yu nodded at her, unbothered, as he really hadn’t planned to take it for himself anyway. He turned his palm over and took out a black box, which he hadn’t yet opened.

As Xia Jingyu tapped it with her finger, it partially opened and a fragrance fluttered out of it. Su Yu felt like his mind became more spirited instantly, and his life force became even more vigorous.

When such a fragrance assaulted his nostrils, he breathed it in deeply. At the same moment, he opened his eyes to see that his surroundings had drastically changed!

The autumn pear trees, whose leaves were already yellow and withered, had unexpectedly started brimming with life force once again, and many white flowers blossomed on them. A grand amount of grass and herbs also started growing in the courtyard, which was just moments ago in a desolate state.

It was like time was flowing backwards. This astounding transformation in the scenery startled Su Yu, and his expression gravely changed.

Then, his Vital Energy surged out of his body and covered him as he came to Xia Jingyu’s side. He then said, “Jingyu, be careful. Its life force is too intense. If you absorb too much of it, you will…”

“My body will explode and I will die, right? It’s the Fate Altering Pill, a divine pill from the primordial world, which is like a deadly poison to common people.” Xia Jingyu was unusually calm as she spoke.

She already knew what was inside the black box before they had even opened it, and she had accurately guessed its origin. Su Yu was startled by her wisdom, and he found this current Xia Jingyu even more strange.

As they slowly opened the box together, two exquisite jade pavilions were revealed. There was a multi-colored pearl in each pavilion, which seemed like it was consecrated by them as if it was a divine Buddha. It could be easily discerned that it was a worldly spiritual treasure with just a single look, as it was those two objects that emitted such a terrifying life force!


Xia Jingyu waved her hand at one of the exquisite jade pavilions, then took it into her sleeves and said, “If a dead person consumes this pill, he will immediately come back to life, and if a living person consumes it, then his body will explode, and he will die.”

Reviving a dead person? Su Yu’s eyes became filled with shock, and he had to wonder…

Does a pill, which could resurrect the dead, really exist in this world?

As he observed the dreadful life force being emitted, Su Yu slightly began to believe this to be true!

“Take it, as you will probably be in great need of it in the future,” Xia Jingyu said calmly.

Su Yu nodded. He then took it into his Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and properly stored it there.

As he looked at Xia Jingyu, who seemed strange to him, Su Yu opened his mouth to say something, yet Xia Jingyu spoke before he could do so.

“Su Yu, do you love me?” Xia Jingyu’s ice-cold expression melted as her eyes became filled with hopeful expectation.

Su Yu became taciturn for a moment before he nodded and said, “I love you.”

A faint smile blossomed on her face and delight appeared on it. Then, as if she was just freed from a great burden, Xia Jingyu pounced into his embrace, while tears of joy fell from her eyes.

She then said in a trembling voice, “I knew that you loved me. Since that’s the case, brother Su Yu, marry me! I’m the one you truly love, not Xianer! I’m the only one fit to be your bride.”

Su Yu’s heart shuddered as he saw Xia Jingyu shedding tears of joy. He stretched out his hands and slowly pushed her out of his embrace.

He wore a calm expression as he said firmly, “Sorry, I can’t marry you.”

Xia Jingyu’s smile stiffened as she asked, “Why?” She was still crying, but now her tears weren’t tears of joy, but of grief, sadness, and pain.

She held onto her chest as stared at Su Yu. “Tell me… Why? I’m the one who met you first, and I’m the one who shared many hardships with you. I invested my everything in you. Why are you choosing Xianer in the end?”

She finally let all of the emotions that she had constrained for so long erupt at this moment. Her anger was understandable, as she had directed her sword at a Holy King for him!

She had also used her own eyes to observe the Zhenlong Continent instead of him, who had lost sight in his own! For Su Yu, she was even willing to marry the central prefecture king in order to save his life! She was even willing to sacrifice her life for him.

He was the only person she had in her heart, yet in the end, right after she woke up, she had received this heart wrenching news of Su Yu’s and Qin Xianer’s wedding. He was cruel and ruthless indeed!

Su Yu felt his heart throbbing in pain at this moment. But, he knew that the arrival of this day would come ever since he chose Xianer.

“It’s because I promised her long ago,” Su Yu replied.

Xia Jingyu shook her head as tears streaked across her cheeks. “Then, what about me? I don’t have anything apart from you. I have only you alone.”

Her pained cries and wails were reaching the deepest part of Su Yu’s heart, tearing it apart.

“I will be beholden to you for my whole life.” Su Yu closed his eyes and decisively turned around, unable to take another look at her. However, the moment he turned around, his eyes became somewhat misty.

Xia Jingyu wiped her tears as she looked at Su Yu, who had just heartlessly left. Her eyes, which were gentle and warm in the past, became filled with madness.

“Su Yu! I hate you, and I swear that I will surely make you regret this!” Her ice-cold cry, which was filled with hatred, reverberated in the courtyard.

Su Yu’s whole body shivered when he heard it, and he felt like his heart had been gouged out of his chest. He felt like he had just lost something extremely important.

He would never again see this beautiful woman who had unsheathed her sword for him, wept for him, and risked her everything for him. Their relationship had officially come to an end.

“Jingyu, I’m sorry. I already promised Xianer. So, I will marry her and not you, but I will surely make it up to you… Somehow…” Su Yu murmured as he left the courtyard.

After ten days had passed, a great sensation rocked the whole world. The day had arrived for the whole world to witness the great wedding of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master Su Yu!

Many outstanding heroes rushed to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds to congratulate him, and all of the factions, which were invited, came as well. Even most of the powerful experts joined in the grand occasion. All of the factions were invited, and the number of people present in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds was more than several hundreds of thousands of people!

Old Chen, who was in the Heavenly Law Alliance Palace, was extremely excited. “All of the world’s famous heroes were invited here! Who would have expected that our Heavenly Law Alliance would have such a great turnout on his special day? However, as the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Master has always kept a low-profile, I have to wonder why he invited the whole world?”

Old Chen was puzzled by this matter. However, he noticed that it was noon now, meaning that it was already time for the festivities to begin, so he stopped giving a thought, as he had duties to attend to!

“Take the guests to their seats.” Old Chen revolved his whole body’s Vital Energy and shouted in an extremely loud voice.

He had to shout so loudly because, within a radius ten thousand miles, more than ten thousand banquets had been set up! The sight was truly majestic! Such a luxurious wedding had never been seen before, yet no one dared to criticize it, as Su Yu was the continent’s greatest king.

“His wedding is really different than any other common man’s!” A voluptuous woman, who wore a cold expression and had many complex emotions that were flickering in her eyes, exclaimed.

“Wu’er, don’t blurt out such improper words.” There was a graceful and beautiful woman standing beside her, whose eyes were lusterless. Yet, she forced herself to seem spirited as she said, “We came here to congratulate him, remember?”

Mo Wu bit her rosy lips and took a sip of wine. An Yurou and Mo Wu, who Su Yu had evaded, had appeared here at his wedding.

“He’s now already the number one expert. Who in our whole faction would have expected that we would one day be honored just because he came from our faction?” Ji Hongxue softly chuckled, as she felt like the upturn of fate were really surreal.

“All of the people here are famous experts, yet a small faction like ours was also invited here. If it wasn’t for that fact that he came from our faction, then we probably wouldn’t be here today.” Chan Yufei blinked her pretty eyes and sighed, while complex emotions welled up in her heart as she thought about what she had experienced with Su Yu in the past.

Ji Hongxue softly chuckled, “Didn’t you notice that even the Yun Family was invited?”