The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 706

Chapter 706 The Heavenly Wraths True Face

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“You should suffer the wrath of heaven for your bonding in defiance of heaven.” An apathetic voice, which stirred everyone’s emotions, echoed once again from the world.

The lightning disappeared at this moment, and an extremely terrifying aura erupted out of the cyclone, while an ancient tower came out of it. This shocked the crowd.

The ancient tower emitted a terrifying pressure, and it seemed like all living beings were constrained by it. They all became restless at such a moment.

A youth was sitting cross-legged at the peak of the tower, and a mysterious-looking ancient sword was stuck on the ground beside him. The ancient sword contained a peerless murderous aura, and it seemed as if it wanted to slaughter all of the world’s living-beings. Everyone felt their hearts intensely thumping.

This scene caused the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s pupils to contract until they became as thin as needles. In the past Phoenix Meet, this ancient tower appeared to obstruct Su Yu when he defied heaven and tried to refine a Pure Divine Decree.

Now, it appeared once again. This tower represented heaven, the world, and the world’s will, which was overlooking all living beings. If Heaven wanted someone dead, then that person would die despite everything.

At that moment, a green light beam, which possessed an aura that was capable of exterminating all living beings, shot out of the giant tower. The light beam didn’t engulf Su Yu, but it engulfed the whole Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds!

Elder Jiu’s expression gravely changed when he saw it. “Everyone, quickly leave the island! It’s extremely dangerous.”

Elder Jiu warned them because he felt a great threat coming from the light beam. But, the light beam was extremely fast, so it was unknown whether they could escape in time…

“Enter the palace.” As Su Yu waved his right arm, a green light flickered and an ice-cold beautiful woman suddenly appeared. It was Wu Aoyue.

Wu Aoyue wore a composed look as she guided the hundred thousand people into the Heavenly Law Alliance’s Palace. At the same time, she crushed a jade pendant.

After the jade pendant was crushed, a giant light screen covered the whole Heavenly Law Alliance’s Palace. Right then, the light beam bombarded them.

The terrifying light beam contained the world’s will, which wanted to exterminate all living beings. The light screen quickly melted like snow, and even the birds were burned into nothingness by the light beam.

The island’s ground and boulders were like snow in the face of the light beam, all being gradually melted by it. The light beam erased everything in its path, and after it disappeared, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air as they gazed in shock and what was left behind it.

The Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, which had existed for more than ten thousand years, had been thoroughly erased. There wasn’t even a single part of it left.

“What a terrifying destructive power, even Divine Masters would probably be incapable of surviving it.” Elder Jiu’s gaze was filled with shock, and his expression became grave.

If he faced this destructive light beam, then it would be impossible for him to survive it with his current cultivation. However, what really made his pupils contract was that he witnessed a light screen above the Dragon Abyss’s island, which had just disappeared.

The Heavenly Law Alliance’s Palace, which didn’t suffer any damage, was within the light screen. The people inside it didn’t suffer any injuries either.

In fact, Su Yu and Xianer were even still bowing to each other. It was like the destructive light beam hadn’t affected them in the slightest bit. When Su Yu and Xianer raised their heads, their bowing ceremony came to end.

“The ceremony has come to an end,” shouted Old Chen in a loud voice, and with his shout, Su Yu and Xianer officially became husband and wife.

After eight years, they had finally finished their wedding. Countless claps of thunder echoed, as the Heaven was extremely infuriated. After all, they had defied heaven and finished their wedding, even while in the face of such a destructive light beam!

“Brother Su Yu.” Xianer’s eyes were filled with excitement and her body lightly shivered as she nestled in his embrace. “I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Su Yu smiled and embraced her as he looked at the crowd. “Everyone, thanks for coming here to witness my and Xianer’s wedding,” he said in a loud voice. “Now, please retreat for the time being, as I must face what will come next alone.”


A place on the ocean beneath the palace, in which the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds once was, started opening up, revealing a gloomy cave.

Elder Jiu was startled, and he asked in surprise, “The Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds?”

The Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds was unexpectedly within the cave, and it was filled with magma, which had already cooled off half a year ago. As it was revealed, a Spiritual Energy, which was ten folds denser than the world’s, surged out of it. It was comparable to the Spiritual Energy within the land where the Empire of Darkness stored ten thousand years’ worth of its resources.

If someone carefully observed it, he would find that it was filled with a large number of resources and spiritual treasures. In fact, it was enough to sustain the hundred thousand people for several hundred years.

As he looked at it, Elder Jiu was startled once again, as it was obvious that it was prepared by Su Yu early on. All of the people became spirited and fled into it in order to evade the terrifying Heavenly Wrath in the sky.

After a short while, most of the hundred thousand people had left. Only a few remained.

“Alliance Master, the annihilation team will stay here with you.” Luo Xiong led the annihilation team’s guards and followed behind Su Yu.

Elder Jiu had also stayed. At the moment, he stood beside Su Yu, along with the Great Lord, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, and Ji Hongxue.

They all stood beside Su Yu and looked up to the tower, which emitted a dreadful pressure. As Su Yu swept over them with his gaze, he saw fear and decisiveness in their eyes.

He was soothed by such a sight and softly chuckled. “I’m really happy that you are willing to stay here with me, but this is my fight, so you go to the Dragon Abyss. After a short while, I will thoroughly seal it, so no one in the outside world will be able to open it. This way, even if the continent is destroyed, you will still be spared.”

Elder Jiu was puzzled. “Lad, what are you planning to do?”

Su Yu sighed as he replied, “I had an ominous premonition before the fight in the Dragon Abyss occurred. I know that the true disaster still has yet to appear. So, I’ve secretly been preparing for it during this last half a year.”

He then added, “All of the resources that I have stored are in the Dragon Abyss, and it’s enough for supplying our world’s greatest experts for several hundreds of years. I just used my wedding as a pretext for gathering them here, so that I could protect them. I can’t protect the whole continent, but I can, at the very least, protect all of you.”

The people here were shocked when they heard him. They were overwhelmed to know that he had started preparing for this half a year ago. Moreover, the world’s will really appeared as he had expected it would.

“Then, what’s the matters with those formations?” Elder Jiu was astonished by them, as they were unusually powerful.

“We must thank the Third Saint Master for that, as I got a rare book about formations from him. Furthermore, Yue’er is the who studied it and set up the formations.” Su Yu then pointed at Wu Aoyue, who was quietly standing behind him.

Wu Aoyue had a broad and vast amount of experience, so she was somewhat knowledgeable of formations. She had diligently studied one of the formations in the book in order to help Su Yu. As Su Yu had a huge amount of resources, they were able to set up two great formations.

Elder Jiu was dumbstruck.

“We mustn’t tarry! Quickly, go! I need to face what’s next alone,” Su Yu urged as he coldly looked at the tower. “Our enemy is too powerful, and you can’t be of any help to me. Instead, you would just be a burden to me, so quickly leave! Don’t let my efforts go in vain.”

The people started hesitating, but they still obeyed because of Su Yu unceasing urgings. Even Elder Jiu entered it along with them. In the end, there was just a single person left who wasn’t willing to go.

“Xianer, I don’t want you to suffer any harm, so please go too,” Su Yu said.

As Xianer shook her head, there wasn’t any fear on her face. Instead, she revealed a bright smile as she tightly held Su Yu’s hand and said, “I want us to grow old together, so if you die, then there is no need for me to continue living alone.”

Su Yu smiled in delight. “Okay.” He then took her into his embrace.

Xianer was also delighted, and she clenched her fists as her eyes became filled with determination. However, she suddenly felt a faint pain in her neck, then quickly started to faint.

She managed to barely understand what had just happened before she lost consciousness completely. Su Yu had tricked her!

“I’m sorry, Xianer, but I should face this alone.” Su Yu carried Xianer into the Dragon Abyss and handed her over to Wu Aoyue. “Protect her.”

Wu Aoyue nodded, then said to Su Yu, “Be careful.”

Su Yu nodded, then flew away. As he flew, he clenched his fist, causing a grant amount of golden leaves to fly out of his sleeves. The leaves then covered the Dragon Abyss’ entrance.

Elder Jiu was slightly confused for a moment, then he suddenly cried out in alarm, “The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo’s leaves!”

The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was Jiuzhou’s greatest divine bamboo. It was only because he knew how precious it was that he was able to recognize it.

He was astonished, as it was a divine treasure, which even All Creation Old Monsters would earnestly seek in vain without managing to get it. However, Su Yu unexpectedly possessed it! Moreover, from the great number of leaves before him, it was obvious that Su Yu possessed a grant number of such divine bamboos.

“This lad really was able to hide it so well!” Elder Jiu was greatly shocked, as Su Yu was really capable of shocking him countless times!

It would be impossible for even Divine Masters to break a seal made from such a strong object as the greatest divine bamboo. This was a crucial object that they needed to protect them and ensure their eternal safety. It was impossible for it to be opened, unless someone opened it from inside.

After he finished doing all of this, Su Yu was no longer worried about their future safety. Finally, he heaved a sigh of relief. At this moment, Su Yu raised his head and looked at the tower.

“I have waited for you for a long time, and it’s finally time to settle everything between us, isn’t it, Great Saint Master?” Su Yu muttered.

Although the Dragon Abyss was sealed, the people inside it were still able to see what was happening outside, and they all quieted down when they heard Su Yu’s words.

The Great Saint Master? The most mysterious commander of the otherworldly army’s Black Shadow Guard?

Is he unexpectedly the youth who represented heaven’s will?

Elder Jiu found this to be unbelievable. “How is this possible? This tower was always present in this world, so how is it possible that the person is the Great Saint Master?”

Elder Jiu then continued to ponder this…

He was also present in the past Phoenix Meet, so if the person is the Great Saint Master, then doesn’t this mean that he was present in the Zhenlong Continent before the otherworldly army’s invasion even started?

If this is really the case, then why didn’t he show himself? Moreover, how did the Great Saint Master manage to represent Heaven’s Wrath, which supervised all living beings?

This is utterly impossible…

“Heaven-defying lad, you should be executed.” The youth slowly opened his eyes, while his awe-inspiring voice echoed out, despite the fact that his lips didn’t even move. His words contained a heavenly prestige, which caused unceasing rumblings to echo out.

Su Yu stood at the roof of the palace and looked at the sky. “A representative of Heaven’s Wrath… Such words can deceive anyone, but they can’t deceive my eyes. Shortly after I used my defying will to condense a pure decree such as the Pure Divine Decree, my eyes were injured, but I was still able to have a clear look at you first.”

Su Yu’s eyes were filled with disdain, “Heaven’s Wrath isn’t at all the wrath of the world, and it’s just a Pure Divine Decree. You are just like me, a martial artist who managed to cultivate a Pure Divine Decree that is capable of emitting Heaven’s Wrath. You are just a mere mortal.” Su Yu exposed him with his words.

Su Yu’s Heavenly Eyes were representing Heaven’s Punishment, and they were also capable of emitting the Heavenly Wrath. Such was also the case for the youth, who proclaimed himself as being the representative of Heaven.

Alas, he was just a mortal like Su Yu. “Thou shouldn’t…” The youth spoke once again in a sharp tone.

However, his words were interrupted by Su Yu’s thunderous voice, “Stop putting on such an act and pretending that you are from heaven. You are just a chess piece placed here by the central prefecture’s king to prevent the appearance of experts in the Zhenlong Continent.”

Su Yu then added, “It’s because of you that the tribulations that the Zhenlong Continent’s people face while advancing to the Fairy Realm are extremely terrifying!”

When Elder Jiu or the Heavenly Law Alliance’s members were passing their tribulations, an extremely terrifying golden disastrous thunder would always appear after the first three normal claps of disastrous thunder. Such a thunder never left them any route of escape.

From such a fact, it could be seen that the last thunder was trying to kill them on purpose, and the person behind all of this was the youth in front of him, who was pretending that he represented Heaven’s will!

“Heaven’s Wrath shouldn’t be disrespected.” The youth spoke apathetically, while another destructive light beam was condensed within the tower.

Su Yu sneered at him. “You are still putting on an act, so I will shortly tear away your mask.”