The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 707

Chapter 707 Divine Master

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As Su Yu tapped on the Thunder Herb Armor above his head with his hand, the thunderbolts that had been contained within it for a long time completely exploded. Nearly eight hundred thunderbolts instantly appeared as they lit up the sky with a myriad of colors.

Some of them were normal disastrous thunders, while there were also several hundred odd-looking golden disastrous thunders. Normal disastrous thunders appeared when someone faced his tribulation in order to advance to the Fairy Realm. However, the golden disastrous thunders that had appeared at the end were intentionally created to kill such people who tried to advance!

“Have a taste of your own thunderbolts!” Su Yu shouted coldly as all eight hundred thunderbolts rose towards the vortex in the sky, accompanied by loud roars.

Such a stunning sight looked like the end of the world. It shook everyone’s hearts thoroughly. Right then, the entire continent, including the northern, southern, eastern, and western regions, all experienced the might of the menacing thunder. Even the eastern continent, which was the furthest away, could sense the rumble, which emanated even from the depths of the sea!

All of a sudden, all of the beings in the entire continent were in a state of panic. At the peak of the ancient tower, the young man’s calm demeanor wavered for the first time as a frown appeared on his face.

The odd Thunder Herb Armor seemed to have exceeded his expectations. After all, based on the understanding of the commoners, the Thunder Herb could only withstand thunderbolts. However, when the Thunder Herb was in Su Yu’s hands, it was actually able to absorb disastrous thunders for his own use.

Right then, the ancient tower emitted a loud sound as destructive light descended from it and engulfed the world. In that moment, hundreds of thunderbolts collided against the ancient tower’s light. As both of them seemed to contain a energy that could annihilate the entire continent, they caused a huge collision, one unlike any that had ever happened before!


As if the earth and the sky were being separated for the first time, a huge earthquake occurred. It emitted a deafening roar! The sound waves created by the collision contained a destructive force, which spread out in all directions.

From the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, which acted at its center, the force moved through the ocean’s water as it spread out in every direction. An endless tsunami seemed to be sweeping across the continent and soon flooded all of the lands. Countless mountains and valleys in the northern continent were instantly submerged by the seawater.

The Liuxian faction, the Wolong Snowfield, the Hundred Territories Alliance and the Phoenix Cabinet were all engulfed by the seawater and sank to the bottom of the ocean. The huge tsunami had caused the entire continent to shift thousands of miles!

As such, the northern continent had been completely destroyed. Countless live spirits in the northern continent were annihilated on the spot.

As for the rest of the continent’s regions, the grounds were cracking up, while volcanoes were erupting all over. Cities were crumbling from strong earthquakes, while citizens were fleeing for their lives!

All of a sudden, a great disaster had caused all of the living beings in the continent to enter a state of absolute fear. Cries of shock and terror could be heard all over the place.

In the Dragon Abyss, those who witnessed the epic collision were in a panic. Words could no longer describe the shock and fear that filled their hearts. This was not a mere battle… It was the end of the world!

Once the waves slowly subsided, the situation on the battlefield could be seen clearly. Su Yu was still standing on his original spot. Not a single hair on his head had been touched.

In the sky, the dark clouds had all faded away, having been dispersed by the impact of the collision. The only thing that remained was the lonesome ancient tower, which floated in the air, as well as the young man above it.

Despite the frightening thunderbolts, the ancient tower had somehow remained standing. However, it looked like it had been badly affected, as cracks could be seen all over it. Pieces of damaged bricks were also falling off of it and crumbling into the ocean.

The sheer strengths of the thunderbolts could be clearly observed from this damage. These disastrous thunders that had been collected from hundreds of tribulations were definitely the most frightening!

Even if a Divine Master came forward, he would not be able to withstand them. As such, the consequences faced by the ancient tower were not surprising.

However, oddly enough, the ancient tower was still emanating a destructive aura from within. The aura had not seemed to weaken, despite the tower’s damaged state. This was very odd!

Although the young man who was above the ancient tower seemed unharmed, there was a look of anger in his eyes, which replaced the previous proudness he had displayed upon it while he was playing god earlier.

“Su Yu!” The young man shouted with a murderous tone.

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth lifted as he began to throw insults at the young man, “What’s the matter? Are you done with pretending to be god? How dare a normal human like you pretend to be a god and try to conquer all beings? What a joke!”

The young man was angered by Su Yu and could no longer keep pretending. “I really should have sacrificed everything to kill you back then!” The young man said as he stared at Su Yu coldly.

According to logic, since the young man had already been inside the Zhenlong Continent, he clearly had countless opportunities to attack Su Yu. However, he had never shown himself since the beginning.

He had only appeared when someone was experiencing a tribulation or going against heaven’s wishes. Therefore, he must have been wary of something or someone to have chosen not to attack Su Yu yet. Otherwise, Su Yu would already be dead!

“You can attempt to do so now!” Su Yu put the gloomy Thunder Herb Armor away as he stood with his hands behind his back and shouted, “Show me what you’ve got!”

The young man’s eyes narrowed as he stood above the ancient tower’s tip. It seemed like he did not want to leave the ancient tower.

“Su Yu, there is no need to rush. If you want to die, your turn will come shortly! I need to find someone else first!” The young man resisted his urge to kill Su Yu as he revealed why he had truly appeared.

Killing Su Yu appeared to only be something that he would do out of convenience or as a side note. He had another objective in mind, which was what had really warranted his appearance.

“Shen Yichen, why are you still hiding? Since I have shown myself, it means that everything will now come to an end! There is no use for you to stay in hiding!” The young man looked around as he shouted loudly.

As his voice had resonated throughout the corners of the entire Zhenlong Continent, nobody could have missed it. This caused everyone to wonder…

Shen Yichen? Who is that?

Did the otherworldly people invade the Zhenlong Continent to look for this man?

Why has no one heard this name before?

Even though the young man’s voice resonated throughout the universe, there was not a single response.

The young man revealed a cold look, then said, “We have been testing for the past three years. We can confirm that you have fallen from the godly ranks to a mere martial artist. This is the last time we will come after you. I will give you three breath’s time. If you do not show yourself, I will kill every living being in the Zhenlong Continent!”

He then added, “Come out!”

Then, the young man leapt into the air as the ancient tower beneath him shook greatly. The ancient tower, which was already falling apart, started crumbling from the vibration before it quickly crumbled into pieces.

Why is he destroying his own ancient tower? The people in the Dragon Abyss were very confused by this sight. They knew very clearly that this person, who called himself a Saint Master, was not dumb. As such, they knew that something even more frightening must be happening after this!

Indeed, as the ancient tower collapsed, a nearly transparent tower, which was the height of a human being, gradually appeared from within it. This was this tower that was emanating the destructive aura!

The facial expression of Elder Jiu in the Dragon Abyss changed drastically as he said, “Impossible! How could this item fall into the hands of the Central Prefecture’s King? Could he have already taken the place of Emperor Jiuzhou? This high-quality fairy artifact, the Imperial Tower, can be used to move across millions of miles in space! Only Emperor Jiuzhou can control it! How did it fall into his hands?”

As Su Yu used his Soul Eyes to scan the transparent tower, he tried not to miss a single thing. However, when he scanned the inner sections, his facial expression suddenly changed drastically. His soul power was suddenly annihilated by some kind of force!

“This is interesting. Such a talented person actually exists in an abandoned place like this! It seems like your Soul Eyes have already entered the second level.” A cold laughter could be heard from within the tower clearly.

Swiftly thereafter, the surface of the transparent tower began to twist and turn to form a vortex, which connected the outside to a tunnel inside. A yellow-robed figure then stepped out from within the tunnel!

The yellow robe that the person wore seemed very old. In fact, it looked as if he had not changed it for several decades. The sides looked quite worn and were badly torn. Also, a chilly and creepy aura was emanating from the robe.

The owner of the robe was an old man with empty holes in the place of his eyes. Two jade-colored ghost flames could be seen flickering within the holes. At first glance, he looked exactly like a ghost!

One could not feel an ounce of Vital Energy within his body. One could not even sense any life force around him at all. If he was not actually standing before everyone in that moment, no one would have even been able to notice his presence.

As soon as he appeared, Su Yu got goosebumps all over his skin and a sense of danger filled his heart. “Divine Master!” Su Yu exclaimed as his pupils narrowed to the size of a needle.