The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 708

Chapter 708 The Great Saint Masters True Face

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Such a great wave of pressure was something that only a Divine Master could make Su Yu feel. Su Yu had guessed that he wouldn’t fight just the Great Saint Master alone in this battle, as many Fairy Realm experts or Divine Masters might appear as well.

He really didn’t expect that it would be like he surmised, as a Divine Master really had appeared! From his experience with Lü Chuyi, he clearly understood how terrifying a Divine Master was. Such was an existence that even Fairy Realm experts could never rival.

Just a thought from a Divine Master could determine a Fairy Realm expert’s fate, and even though Su Yu had many hidden trump cards, he was still of how to deal with a Divine Master.

Although he wore a calm and composed look, he was still extremely nervous at this moment. He was cautions, as he knew that the Divine Master could make a move at any time.

Elder Jiu, who was in the Dragon Abyss, was filled with despair as he uttered a name in a deep voice, “The Bright Light Guard’s Venerable Fu Gui.”

The most powerful faction in the central prefecture was the Bright Light Guard, and it was led by those who had mastered the famous Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm. On the other hand, the Black Shadow Guard was led by the Great Saint Master.

In the past, the Zhenlong Continent was destroyed by the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm, and many prosperous civilizations had been destroyed during this attack. In fact, countless palm prints were still left on the continent even to this day.

The man who wore a yellow robe was obviously dozens of miles from the Dragon Abyss, yet he still clearly managed to hear Elder Jiu’s soft exclamation. An eerie green flame flickered in his eyes as he looked at the Dragon Abyss.

It seemed like his gaze was capable of penetrating the Heavenly Orchid Silver Sword Bamboo and seeing what was inside the abyss. “Jiu Yuanzhou, the past third Great Bright Light Guard,” he said in a low voice.

A trace of respect appeared on his face for a moment as he spoke, but just after that, he realized Elder Jiu’s current predicament, and a mocking smile blossomed at the corners of his mouth. “The past Bright Light Guard, which was famous for his fighting prowess, has now turned into an ostrich, hiding away and depending upon a kid to protect him. It’s really laughable.”

Elder Jiu clenched his fists when he heard his mockery, then replied while grinding his teeth, “You are all just supporting a tyrant and vile man, helping him slaughter millions of beings. The cycle of heavenly law karma will bite you back one day, and you will all suffer retribution for what you have done.”

In the past, he was heavily injured by the Blood Emperor because he had refused to obey his orders. Elder Jiu was speaking of just this type of injustice when he mentioned karma now.

“Hehe, the cycle of heavenly law? Is the past Bright Light Guard now capable of emitting only pitiful barks?” Venerable Fu Gui coldly sneered at him. “In the past, I needed to respectfully address you with your title, but now, you are just a stray dog to me!”

Elder Jiu felt humiliated by his harsh words, but he had no way of dealing with him.

“You can just continue holing up in your shell, and after I find the Jiuzhou Emperor, I will kill you with my own hands.” Venerable Fu Gui mocked him once again before he directed his ice-cold gaze at Su Yu.

He then said, “What an interesting youngster! I’m really incapable of understanding how you can possess such a great amount of Heavenly Orchid Silver Sword Bamboo’s leaves, as it’s difficult to get even one leaf in Jiuzhou.”

The Heavenly Orchid Silver Sword Bamboo was Jiuzhou’s number one divine bamboo, and it was already extinct. As such, the several remnant pieces of it that were left were all held in an All Creation Old Monsters’ hands for safekeeping, where they were all daily watered by it with their essence blood.

As it was such a scarce treasure, he really couldn’t understand how a lad from an uncivilized land such as Zhenlong could manage to get such a terrifying amount of Heavenly Orchid Silver Sword Bamboo’s leaves.

“It seems like I must capture you and properly question you via torture.” As Fu Gui squinted his eyes, a cold glow flickered in them.

Su Yu’s gaze became grave, and he used his Soul Eyes to the utmost to scan the surroundings. All of the people within the Dragon Abyss felt their hearts rising up to their throats and were concerned for Su Yu. They thought that he would probably be instantly turned into ashes!

Su Yu looked at Fu Gui coldly and replied, “It’s still unknown who will die this day…” Su Yu never feared a fight, even if his opponent was a Divine Master.

“Don’t bother with him. Let me take care of this lad. You should go look for the Jiuzhou Emperor.” The youth on the ancient tower suddenly spoke, and from his tone, it seemed like he didn’t fear this Divine Master at all.

When he heard him, Fu Gui stared at Su Yu with his squinted eyes for a moment, then turned around and flew toward the continent. When he sized him up once again, Su Yu observed him with his Soul Eyes, finding that his body was unexpectedly faintly swaying.

At this moment, the ancient tower moved once again, and as it warped around, it was brimming with several terrifying auras.

“A Level Nine Fairy Realm expert.” Su Yu’s eyes slightly contracted once again as he felt an extremely powerful aura among those auras, and although it wasn’t as suffocating as a Divine Master’s, it was still outrageously powerful.

When he looked more closely at it, he saw that dozens of people, all of whom wore different kind of clothes, were appearing out of the warping ancient tower. Each of those people was emitting an aura that could make the whole continent quiver, and the weakest among them was still a Level Seven Fairy Realm expert and was as powerful as the Third Saint Master, who was proficient in ice techniques!

After Su Yu quickly counted them, he found that there were twenty Level Seven Fairy Realm experts, ten Level Eight Fairy Realm experts, and a single Level Nine Fairy Realm expert who was just a step away from the Divine Master Realm!

“The Third Saint Master and the other trash are really not reliable, so we are still obliged to intervene.” The Level Nine Fairy Realm, who led them, was a white-haired middle-aged man whose eyes had two odd blood threads wandering about in them. A dangerous aura was faintly emitted from those eyes.

All of the thirty-one people before him possessed a peerless power that could crush the whole Zhenlong Continent, and although the Heavenly Law Alliance had already trained more than a hundred experts to the early stage of the Fairy Realm, they would still be slaughtered and crushed if they faced these experts.

“Greetings Great Saint Master.” After the white-haired middle-aged man appeared, he immediately bowed to the youth. Such was the case for the people behind him as well.

This revealed that the ancient tower’s youth was probably really the Great Saint Master…

“Second Saint Master, you are responsible for conquering all corners of the continent, as well as for helping Venerable Fu Gui in looking for the Jiuzhou Emperor. Once you find him, you should immediately send a signal to us.” The ancient tower’s youth clasped his hands behind his back as he issued his orders to them.

“Understood, sir.” After the Second Saint Master received his orders, he immediately led the people behind him and rushed to the continent. At the moment, Su Yu and the ancient tower’s youth were the only two who remained.

When the youth’s gaze fell once again on Su Yu’s body, his expression became ice-cold. “Su Yu, I finally have time for properly taking care of you.”

As he spoke, he strode out of the ancient tower. Suddenly, a thunderous rumbling sound echoed and many claps of thunder struck down.

The Emperor Tower emitted a resplendent light as it shrank down till it became as big as a palm. It then fell on the youth’s palm. The Emperor Tower’s luster dulled instantly, and it seemed like it had become much weaker.

“Su Yu, I really can’t help but admit that you truly have truly had outrageously great luck in the past years. No one could have ever expected that you could grow up so much in such a short time.” The youth slowly strode forward as he spoke.

Su Yu’s face became more dignified and grave as he felt the youth’s aura changing with each step he took. The youth went from the Level Five Fairy Realm in the beginning to the Level Six Fairy Realm, then went to the Level Seven Fairy Realm!

With each step he took, his cultivation would increase by a level, and along with the transformation of his cultivation, a terrifying and powerful aura was gradually emitted from his body. It was an aura that Su Yu found quite familiar.

A person suddenly appeared in Su Yu’s mind. “You are…”

A cold smile blossomed on the youth’s face. “It seems like you have finally recognized me, Su Yu. I haven’t seen you for a long time. Back in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, you were lucky to be saved by someone, but as for today, no one can save you from me now.”