The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 709

Chapter 709 Goodbye Taixu

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Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion? Su Yu was shaken to his core. The feeling of familiarity was becoming more apparent.

“It really is you!” Su Yu exclaimed as his eyes filled with coldness and hatred.

The sound of torn silk could be heard as the young man’s body quivered and seemed to almost disappear. Soon after this, a light screen appeared to split apart from the inside out. The young man suddenly appeared, looking completely different!

He was dressed in an elegant outfit and radiated an excitable aura. His facial features were flawless and incomparably handsome. Also, his eyes seemed to be able to pierce through every worldly object. Su Yu could never forget such a familiar face!

“Gu Taixu!” Su Yu uttered coldly.

This was Lü Chuyi’s fiancé, the genius from the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands, who was a peak expert at the Later Stage of the Divine Master realm! He was only one step away from becoming an All Creation being!

Previously, he had descended into the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion as a Later Stage Fairy and had nearly killed Su Yu. If it had not been for Hong Luan’s clone, who had interfered, Su Yu might have died!

As for the Great Saint Master’s identity, Su Yu had tried guessing it many times. However, Su Yu had never suspected that it would be Gu Taixu!

“It is no wonder that, after the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede was snatched away, it gained additional Real Spirit’s blood. Its capability was on par with a Grade Nine Fairy! You must have collected a lot of Real Spirit’s blood from creating the Nine Fairy Pills,” Su Yu said.

Gu Taixu had fervently collected Ancient Real Spirit’s blood in order to create the Nine Fairy Pills. That was his plan in order to advance to the All Creation realm. It was an easy feat for him to spare a little bit of Real Spirit’s blood in order to modify the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede.

“If it wasn’t for my concerns towards Emperor Jiuzhou, which hold me back from killing you, do you think I would spare your life after snatching away the Pearl Scales Blood Centipede?” Gu Taixu’s aura was still crazily expanding throughout his body as he spoke.

In the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, Su Yu had become Gu Taixu’s arch enemy. As such, Gu Taixu would not let Su Yu off the hook.

However, even though he had been at Jiuzhou all this time, he still had never attacked Su Yu. Hence, one could tell how wary he was. The person he was most wary about was undoubtedly the mysterious Emperor Jiuzhou.

Meanwhile, the otherworldly army had been invading the continent for the past three years. Even Xue Di had made his way into this world.

Yet, Emperor Jiuzhou had never showed up. This was proof that Emperor Jiuzhou’s cultivation was far weaker now than it had been in the past. Therefore, Gu Taixu had finally dared to reveal himself.

The only thing that Su Yu felt strange about was Gu Taixu’s ability to hold two identities. One was his being a disciple in the Purple Cloud Palace, while the other was his being a Central Prefecture King’s guard. If Su Yu remembered correctly, the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands did not have a good relationship with the Central Prefecture.

“Your luck has run out. No one else can save you now!” Gu Taixu’s escalating cultivation gradually came to a halt, stopping at the Grade Nine Fairy realm.

How could a Later Stage Fairy compare to the person with whom Su Yu fought in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion? After all, Su Yu had nearly died during the last battle against Gu Taixu, so he had to wonder if history would repeat itself.

Su Yu still looked very calm, his eyes not revealing any sense of panic. “Our incomplete battle can finally come to an end today.”

“We can indeed bring it to an end! For someone who has survived on luck all this while, you cannot compare yourself to me and Yi’er. Your desire to be close to her has determined your fate, which is death!” Gu Taixu said as he stepped forwards. That single step felt as if heaven itself had moved and exerted an immense pressure on all living souls.

The Second Saint Master, who had not walked too far away, suddenly jerked his body as he turned around to look at him respectfully. “He is indeed the Central Prefecture King’s heir! He can comprehend the Pure Divine Decree and become heaven itself in order to dominate all of mankind. How frightening is that? Even a Later Stage Divine Master would not be able to cause such an immense pressure.”

Gu Taixu’s Divine Decree was to replace heaven itself. This was beyond outrageous.

The Divine Decree was the extreme representation of a person’s willpower. This meant that Gu Taixu’s subconscious mind was determined to replace heaven. From this alone, one could tell how barbaric he truly was!

At the moment, Su Yu felt pressured both physically and spiritually. The Vital Energy that was protecting his body’s surface dissipated instantly and his blood was spilling out from the pores of his skin at a rapid rate.

There were also cracking sounds, which were resonating throughout his body, as if his bones were being broken apart. Even his soul felt an immense vibration, which caused a painful sensation in the depths of his mind.

His single step had nearly annihilated Su Yu! The frightfulness of Gu Taixu’s Divine Decree was indeed shocking.

“Die!” Gu Taixu said.

His eyes were filled with a coldness as he stepped forward yet again. This time, his single step caused the floors of the oceans to break apart. Countless cracks appeared, and all of the seawater was absorbed into the cracks until the entire ocean dried up!

Su Yu looked like a normal human as his body was flung toward the cracks. Although they were equally matched at the Grade Nine Fairy realm, Gu Taixu was now ten times stronger than his clone in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion! As such, even an Early Stage Divine Master might not have been able to survive such an attack.

Seeing that Su Yu was covered in blood and had fallen into the cracks of the ocean floor, Gu Taixu’s eyes cooled down. “Your capability is so weak!”

However, he suddenly uttered in surprise. “Eh? Have you not died yet? Your body is more resilient than I thought!”

However, before he could finish his sentence, a weak thundering sound came from above his head. As he looked up, a silver-haired figure appeared among the white clouds.

This person was dressed in pure-looking and clean clothes. He seemed very calm and didn’t have a trace of blood on his body.

“Your observations seem to be very mundane, which is unlike any normal Divine Master. You did not even discover that you had just killed a clone! Are you really Gu Taixu?” Su Yu spoke calmly. Although his tone was quite indifferent, Gu Taixu felt that what Su Yu had just said was a grave insult.

While Gu Taixu felt angered in his heart, he suddenly shivered and wondered… When did he move? Why did I not sense it at all?

Before Gu Taixu could understand what was happening, Su Yu extended his right palm. Then, a bright light gradually appeared in Su Yu’s palm.

“I will become the sun, while my palm becomes the moon,” Su Yu murmured as the light in his palm rapidly increased in size.

It was during the day, so the sunlight was shining on everyone present. However, the natural sunlight could not compare to this bright light that was being emitted by Su Yu’s palm.

As the bright light grew stronger, it gradually engulfed Su Yu. In the end, even parts of the land and sky, as well as the sun itself, were engulfed by the bright light.

With a single glance, all one could see was a huge moon, which had expanded across hundreds of miles in the air. Then, if one looked very carefully, they could also see that a figure flickered within the bright moon. It looked as if the fairy who lived on the moon had returned.

“Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm?” Gu Taixu murmured, his facial expression suddenly changing. “Did Jiu Yuanzhou give you the Fairy level cultivation technique remnant scroll? And… Have you actually managed to comprehend it?”

The remnant scroll of the Fairy level cultivation technique could only be comprehended by unnaturally gifted persons. Even Gu Taixu had never been able to comprehend it completely! However, Su Yu was able to do so!

Even the Ten Great Bright Light Guards needed to spend decades studying it in order to successfully cultivate the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm. However, Su Yu had only spent such a short time before learning it!

As he thought of such talent, Gu Taixu’s heart sank. He had heard that a stronger soul would have stronger comprehension abilities, and the Ten Great Bright Light Guards were basically all unnaturally gifted souls.

As he thought of this, Gu Taixu’s killing intent suddenly increased even further! Right then, the bright moon in the sky outshone the sun. It then started quickly descending, like a falling meteorite!


A huge booming sound could be heard as the bright moon started falling from the sky to Su Yu’s palm. At the same time, the dried up ocean floor started vibrating wildly!

The Second Saint Master and his people, who were thousands of miles away, suddenly turned around. Their facial expressions changed immediately.

“The first style of Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm! Is it a completed Divine Palm?” The Second Saint Master revealed a look of shock. His facial expression changed a few times before he finally grit his teeth and said, “Head back immediately in order to provide assistance! The Great Saint Master is in danger!”

One of the Fairies hesitated. “Second Saint Master, based on the Great Saint Master’s capabilities, he does not need us to save him.”

“No.” The Second Saint Master looked very serious. “If it were the Great Saint Master’s true self, Gu Taixu, we would not compare to even a single strand of his hair. However, the Great Saint Master is only a clone that was cultivated by his true self, and his cultivation is not even one-tenth of Gu Taixu’s true self!”

If Su Yu was there, he would be surprised by the youth’s identity as Gu Taixu’s clone. The youth’s cultivation was so strong, and his body seemed so real, that Su Yu would find it hard to believe that he was only a clone! However, this was the only explanation as to why Gu Taixu could simultaneously appear in the Central Prefecture and the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands.

“I initially thought that Gu Taixu’s clone would be more than enough to deal with this person. Who knew that this person would be an expert in the Bright Guards’ ultimate technique? He is definitely not a simple person, so we cannot underestimate him. Let us head back quickly to help the Great Saint Master!” the Second Saint Master said.

Therefore, the 31 people immediately headed back to where they had come from. In the dried-up region, the moonlight was gradually dissipating as the vibrating earth came to a halt slowly.

The air was filled with remnants of the gentle moonlight and a destructive energy. In the sky above the dried-up land, Gu Taixu was standing in place, his elegant clothing having been burnt at certain parts. His crown had also fallen off, causing his fair to fall to the sides of his head.

He wore a look of misery and anger on his face, and a single jade cat had been broken in his hand. The jade cat was a mysterious treasure that could prevent one from dying. Gu Taixu had used it once in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, and was using it again today.

“Half a year has passed. I must admit that your capabilities have increased tremendously. You have even forced me to use this item!” Gu Taixu felt embarrassed.

He had thought that killing Su Yu would be a piece of cake. However, the truth was that he had been forced to use his life-saving treasure as soon as the battle started! The Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm was a Fairy level cultivation technique that matched the powers of the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture.

Hearing this, Su Yu frowned slightly and thought… He is using this life-saving treasure again?

“I want you dead!” Gu Taixu shouted at the top of his lungs like an angered beast. “Devil’s Benevolence!”

As Gu Taixu shouted angrily, his hands formed a symbol. Then, as he cupped his hands together, a deep and low note came out from the depths of his throat, creating a frightening vibration as it passed through Gu Taixu’s mouth.

At that moment, the entire universe was vibrating. Then, the entire space looked like a broken mirror, while fissures appeared in the air.

“The sound wave cultivation technique?” Su Yu raised his eyebrows. He recognized the legendary level sound wave cultivation technique. Nothing could stop it… Not even the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm!

Gu Taixu’s eyes were filled with a killing intent. The energy in the form of sound waves was different from normal techniques. As such, it was very difficult to withstand this technique.

Unexpectedly, Su Yu looked very calm, while the corners of his mouth lifted into a strange smile. “Coincidentally, I also know a bit about the sound wave cultivation technique.”