The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Deity Level Cultivation Technique

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu once again felt hope in their hearts!

Qiu Changjian chuckled. "It seems you have already made up your mind. Well then, make some preparationstomorrow, the Evil Forest will be opened to you.

"By the way as a reminderyou have the opportunity to enter the Sanctuary Divine Vault as newly arrived prospective Holy Disciples, so you may select cultivation techniques and weapons." Qiu Changjian concluded before he left.

With the Sanctuary about to dissolve, he naturally needed to consult with all the other Holy Disciples. Together, they would investigate whatever had happened behind closed doors which had led to the dissolution of the Sanctuary. Su Yu bowed in gratitudeQiu Changjian had helped him a lot.

After Qiu Changjian left, Su Yu and Xia Jingyu entered the Sanctuary Divine Vault. Inside was a vast collection of cultivation techniques and weapons.

Su Yu casually took a quick glance around; what amazed him was that even the lowest level technique was at an arguably advanced leveland they were just randomly scattered on the groundlike they were of no interest to anyone!

All over the counter one hundred cultivation technique manuals were neatly arranged. A closer look revealed them all to be Saint Level cultivation techniques!!

Of the entire Fenglin Empire, only the Royal Collection had a single Saint Level cultivation technique manual. Here, one hundred were casually lying on the table!

Xia Jingyu's heart immediately filled with joy as she set out to choose a Saint Level cultivation technique which suited her.

Su Yu was very interested as he thumbed through the Saint Level cultivation techniques. The diverse variety was dizzying and a feast for Su Yu's eyes; he wanted to try many of the cultivation techniques, but forced himself to remain rational with great self-control.

Since he already had Purple star Thunderbolt and Floating Light Shadow, he would only cultivate the most suitable cultivation technique. As he looked through, he realized the collection had no cultivation techniques which suited his needs.

Xia Jingyu, clear-eyed and bright, also did not choose a cultivation technique, softly sighed, "There is no cultivation technique suitable for me. If I forced myself to choose I would do more harm than good."

Su Yu could not help but secretly admire Xia Jingyu's self-control and rational natureher attitude was excellent.

Suddenly, Su Yu caught sight of a seemingly additional layer of manuals hidden underneath the counter. Su Yu's pupils dilated as his enhanced sight activatedhe was able to see down to the smallest detail, and as such he spied a fine crack. With a stretch of his hand, he pulled open the hidden cubby effortlessly.

Three copies of cultivation techniques radiated a strange brilliance under Su Yu's gaze. One copy was named Icy Heart Core, another was named Reverie of Dewdrops, and the other was named Infernal Demon Pupils.

However, when both Su Yu and Xia Jingyu examined them more closely, they were shocked, "Deity Level cultivation technique?"

The Saint Level cultivation technique of Nine Styles of Jade Unicorn used by Senior Sister Liu against Feng Hao had been developed from the Deity Level cultivation technique, Icy Heart Core.

Back then, Su Yu and other people had been astonished by the simple concept of a Deity Level existing above Saint Level.


Su Yu held out his hand and pulled Icy Heart Core into his palm. Immediately there was a cold blast and his palm was instantly covered with white frost. Having had the foundation of Tempest, Su Yu did not feel the chill as he opened it with great interest.

"Icy Heart Core; Deity Level cultivation technique divided into three levels: lower, upper, and top.

"Lower Realm: the air will become frost and adhere to any foreign surface, which will turn anything into a divine weapon.

"Upper Realm: the body will turn into frostevery gesture can freeze all living things.

"Top Realm: the heart will transform into an icy heart core and absorb all the cold air to refine the cultivation of intense chill in the blood vessels.

"The basic requirement for this cultivation is the foundation of an ice cultivation technique; the core requirement is superbly powerful insight!"

At the bottom of the title page was a written comment from the Holy King, "My Sanctuary Disciple, if there is no comprehension within one day, immediately give up. Otherwise, you will face at least thirty, fifty, or many more years before you see any progress."

Su Yu's eyes were ablaze. This cultivation technique was simply tailor-made for him!

He had the foundation of Tempest and, with space-time manipulation he could cultivate fifty times fast than otherswith that ability, even a poor level of insight would be sufficient for him to learn a thing or two. Su Yu thumbed through the technique on the spot, caught in the acceleration of space-time speed.

Xia Jingyu's eyes darted between the three Deity Level cultivation techniques. She immediately skipped over Infernal Demon Pupils, as this cultivation technique made her uncomfortable. Having no ice technique foundation, she also gave up on Icy Heart Core after contemplating for a moment.

She picked up Reverie of Dewdrops to flip through and, in a flash, her eyes lit up with delight; this Deity Level cultivation technique was obviously suitable for her cultivation. With anticipation, Xia Jingyu also began her comprehension on the spot.

Time slowly passed. After about half a day, Su Yu slowly opened his eyeshis eyes carried a cool edge.


The air around his whole body became a white mist as the vapor in the air froze into ice needles which dropped to the ground, making crisp clinking sounds. This was a palpable, pleasant surprise. Half a day's time with fifty times the space-time speed was equivalent to a full twenty-five days of work! Su Yu had successfully comprehended Icy Heart Core to a lower realm!

At the Holy Meet, thanks to the transformation of my soul, my powerful insight seems to have taken a qualitative leap. Su Yu thought.

Of course, the greater help was still the space-time manipulation; without it, Su Yu's powerful insight would still need an entire month to achieve what he had just done. Seeing Xia Jingyu was still in meditation, Su Yu did not disturb her and instead looked at the remaining two Deity Level cultivation techniques.

Reverie of Dewdrops was obviously not suitable for Su Yu, but Infernal Demon Pupils flashed in front of Su Yu's eyes. Based on intuition, Su Yu sensed there was a layer of faint soul energy shrouding ithis suspicion was certainly confirmed the moment he opened it!

"Infernal Demon Pupils; Deity Level cultivation technique, secret technique of the soul, divided into two parts.

"The Soul Seeking part: upon successful cultivation, the user can unleash the soul seeking technique to forcibly search the memories in the mind of someone who is of the same, or lower realm than you.

"The Soul Control part: upon successful cultivation, the user can manipulate the other person's soul in a battle to control their physical body. The opponent must not be more than one level higher than the user."

Su Yu's pupils contracted. This was indeed the secret technique of the soul and, furthermore, the results were astonishing! Eyes ablaze, Su Yu manipulated space-time and immediately sank into comprehension on the spot.

Half a day later Su Yu slowly opened his eyes, filled with pleasant surprise. After the soul fusion, his innate soul talent had completely reached its peak! Successful cultivation of the secret technique of the soul depended on the right conditions. He had gained enlightenment on the spot with one Deity Level cultivation technique manualcultivating a total of two parts!

The soul seeking and soul control techniques controlled the heart and mind at the same time! In a single day of training, he had cultivated two Deity Level cultivation techniques; Su Yu was filled with confidence for the Evil Forest journey!

As Su Yu reveled in his success Xia Jingyu opened her bright eyes. her pretty face was bursting with joy, "Brother Yu, I have succeeded in bringing my comprehension level to the lower level of maturity."

Reverie of Dewdrops was also divided into lower, upper, and top realms; Xia Jingyu had made a breakthrough to Lower Realm in just one day!

Su Yu inwardly gasped; he had only managed to comprehend the Lower Realm by using space-time manipulation to accelerate time, which meant he had essentially trained for twenty-five days. But Xia Jingyu had truly only needed a single day?!

This was a Deity Level cultivation technique! If he did not know Xia Jingyu's character, Su Yu would have suspected that she was bluffing!

He suddenly remembered that day amidst the pear blossoms under the moonlight, when he had hand-guided Xia Jingyu move by move and Xia Jingyu had managed to successfully comprehend Su Yu's Holy Decree after ten demonstrations.

Now, she had only taken a day to comprehend a Deity Level cultivation technique!

Xia Jingyu's powerful insight was twenty-five times stronger than his!

Was insight that powerful still even considered human?!

As he gazed at the smiling Xia Jingyu, Su Yu felt his brain numb; his intuition told him that Xia Jingyu's powerful insight was extraordinary! But, he could not divulge this matterif he did, it could bring misfortune to Xia Jingyu.

Su Yu nodded with a smile. "Congratulations to Jingyu's greatly increased ability!"

The two of them exchanged what they had experienced while they had worked on their comprehension. Xia Jingyu's eyes sparkled upon learning that Su Yu had gained insight into the two Deity Level cultivation techniques. She recalled that Su Yu's powerful insight was seemingly outstanding and entirely unmatched.

Su Yu blushed with shame and felt guilt in his heart. His manipulation of space-time was actually cheating, how could it be compared to Xia Jingyu's supernaturally powerful insight?

When it came to choosing weapons, Xia Jingyu forfeited her chance as she was better with melee combat and using her handsany weapon was more likely to be a burden to her than anything else.

Su Yu could consciously modify his pupils to see far, which was a big advantage and compatible with a bow and arrowsthe combination usually carried impressive results. Unfortunately, there were no suitable bows or arrows when he looked around. The bows and arrows there were made of the finest materials, which required strong arms to exert formidable power. Su Yu's physique was not his strong suit, and therefore he had to forget about using the formidable bows and arrows.

Just as Su Yu was filled with disappointment, an unusual weapon drew his attention. It was a ball of hair-thin silk thread, transparent and clear, and difficult to detect with the naked eye. Su Yu tried to touch it with a finger.


As though he had been electrocuted, Su Yu quickly retracted his hand and glanced at his finger. There was a fine cut on his finger and blood seeping with incomparable stinging. With a sharp gasp, Su Yu wonderedif he had allowed himself to put any more pressure than he had, would he have lost his finger?!

It was truly sharp silk thread!

He looked closely at its instructions.

"Entwined Dragon Silk, tenacious and softthis silk can withstand the force of thirteen thousand pounds! Incomparably precise and invincible, this silk thread can easily cut gold and silver! Those using it must take extreme care!"

Su Yu's eyes were ablaze and his heart pounded. Perhaps the Entwined Dragon Silk was more suitable for him than bows and arrows! After he finished looking at its instructions, Su Yu retrieved the Entwined Dragon Silk. The Entwined Dragon Silk's unfolded diameter could extend to just over three-hundred feet!

Near the Entwined Dragon Silk was an unassuming black jade ring of a plain design. It was simply laid out and clearly made of a hard material, something able to withstand the Entwined Dragon Silk's cuts. When the Entwined Dragon Silk was not in use, it could be coiled within the black jade ring to prevent the user from hurting himself. When in use, the Entwined Dragon Silk could be unfurled with the flicking of the user's fingers.

The method was simple and convenient, coupled with the transparency of the Entwined Dragon Silk, both the defensive and offensive capabilities of the silk were incredibly effective.

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu had both reaped great rewards. They immediately hurried to the Evil Forest entrance.

At first glance, there were many people waiting for it to open. Among the familiar faces were Feng Hao, Senior Sister Liu, and Zhang Mingyi. Moreover, they had joined Du Lin's small team!

The top ten prospective Holy Disciples, each fighting each other, separately recruited other prospective Holy Disciples from beyond the top ten in order to form teams and join forces as they sought for fortune within the Evil Forest together.

Whether to boost their Doly Disciple qualifications or to ruthlessly drum up resources before the dissolution of the Sanctuary, the Evil Forest was the unrivaled choice for training. Not only was Du Lin present, but the other nine holy disciples were as well!

Even the number one ranked prospective holy discipleLong Xiaoyue, a 25-year-old young womanwas present. Her ability was, without a doubt, the best of the prospective Holy Disciples; she was a Level Eight Peak, certainly the most eligible to boost her Holy Disciple qualifications.

Under her command, there were also the second and third ranked prospective Holy Disciples; each of them was at Level Eight cultivation base, with their combined power they were almost unrivaled in the Evil Forest!

Upon hearing the commotion, Long Xiaoyue glanced sideways and calmly fixed her gaze above Su Yu's figure, as if she was a high and mighty king. "You said what I should have said; in a month, it will be me who will become the Holy Disciple, not you." She stated haughtily.

Su Yu turned a deaf ear.

In the distance Zhang Mingyi's eyes held bitter resentment; his gaze fell upon Xia Jingyu and, unable to disguise his feelings, he leered, "Junior Sister Xia, how about you join your Senior Brother's team? Senior Brother Du is generous and magnanimous; if you are willing to abandon Su Yu, we will be able to accommodate you in our team."

"Senior Brother Zhang, you just worry about yourself. Brother Yu and I are together," Xia Jingyu responded indifferently.

"Pfft! In the Evil Forest, you both will not live more than three days without a strong protector," Zhang Mingyi glared at Su Yu and sneered as he then joined Du Lin and stepped into the Evil Forest.

Before Du Lin left, his eyes throbbed with murderous intent and he coldly shot a glance toward Su Yu. It was difficult to kill someone outside the forestbut, inside the forest, it would be hard for even the Holy King to investigate, should Su Yu mysteriously die!

The murderer of a younger brother was a sworn enemy for life!

Su Yu's heart suddenly turned cold when he saw Du Lin's murderous intent!

Did Du Lin think Su Yu was still a weak, bullied newcomer? Should they meet again, Su Yu would have to teach him an unforgettable lesson!

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