The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 710

Chapter 710 Fighting The Enemies Alone

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As Su Yu took a deep breath, the world’s Spiritual Energy spiraled out of control. As the surrounding air was attracted towards him, in just an instant, the space within a five-mile radius of Su Yu became completely void of air, and it started taking on a pitch-black color.

If one carefully observed what was happening, he would find that the air attracted to Su Yu’s side was unceasingly being compressed by him till it became pitch-black. It would also seem like black butterflies were dancing around if it was observed from a distance.

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, Fighter!” Su Yu shouted in a deep voice, while the black streamer around him immediately erupted out, then turned into a grand amount of black fog.

The black fog then spread throughout the surroundings, shattering everything that got in its way. It then turned the entire space pitch-black. Even the sound waves that were emitted by Gu Taixu, which were in the shattered space, were all annihilated by it.

“A middle grade Sound Wave Legendary Technique?” Gu Taixu was startled, and he found himself incapable of seeing through the youth before him. He had to wonder…

How did he get such a terrifying perception and comprehension power? He even mastered the first level of a Legendary Technique!

Among countless and varied techniques, the sound wave techniques were the most difficult to cultivate, yet Su Yu had managed to still cultivated it to such a high degree. While Gu Taixu was in shock, the black airflow had finally reached him.

Gu Taixu’s expression slightly changed as he quickly retreated five miles. All of the people in the Dragon Abyss were dumbfounded at this moment, as a solemn Level Nine Fairy Realm expert was unexpectedly suppressed by Su Yu, and it seemed like it was impossible for the Great Saint Master to deal with Su Yu! They actually thought that Su Yu might even kill him!

“Gu Taixu, use your true power.” Su Yu softly waved his hands and scattered the airflow that was left in the surroundings. “An Almighty Divine Master shouldn’t have just such pitiful power.”

After all, Gu Taixu was the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands’ greatest genius, who was properly trained by the Purple Cloud Palace! His power could surely not be limited to what he had just revealed so far.

Regardless if it was his cultivation techniques, weapons, or cultivation, they were all too mediocre, and it didn’t seem that he was a Later Stage Divine Master. Su Yu even started suspecting whether he was really Gu Taixu at all!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

As the sound of something flying through the air echoed, thirty people, all of whom emitted powerful auras, appeared.

Seeing them, Su Yu’s gaze became somewhat grave, as a moment ago, he needed to face just Gu Taixu alone, but now he would need to face another thirty later stage Fairy Realm experts! Su Yu knew that it would be difficult for him to face such a group.

“Let’s attack him together, and don’t leave him any opportunity for using the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm,” the Second Saint Master shouted as he took the initiative and attacked Su Yu with all of his might.

The other people also followed him and attacked Su Yu. It seemed like they wanted to get rid of him in one move, as they shot dozens of multi-colored rays at him at once.

Su Yu retreated and didn’t face them head-on. However, just as he was retreating, several spatial fissures quietly appeared beneath him.

When he hurriedly examined them with his senses, he found that they contained a threatening sound wave. It was Gu Taixu’s Buddhist Technique!

“A sneak-attack?” Su Yu looked at Gu Taixu, who had appeared beneath him at some unknown time.

Su Yu felt like it was impossible for someone as arrogant and prideful as Gu Taixu to be able to sneak-attack someone.

“Are you really Gu Taixu?” Su Yu shook his head. His eyes were filled with disappointment.

After they fought for a while, Su Yu could tell that something was very odd about Gu Taixu. He really was beginning to think that this guy might not even be the real Gu Taixu!

“I never once said that I’m Gu Taixu in person.” Gu Taixu coldly sneered.

Su Yu eyes flickered with an ice-cold glow. “Who cares who are you? Since you showed yourself today, don’t even think about leaving this place alive.”

While the sound wave attack shot at him and the thirty late stage Fairy Realm experts encircled him, Su Yu didn’t panic or become flustered. Instead, he became even more composed and calm.

As a clunking sound echoed, a blue ruler appeared around Su Yu. It was the ruler that possessed a foreseeing power and was capable of preparing for enemies’ attacks in advance and obstructing them.

At that moment, moonlight started to condense in Su Yu’s left palm, while his right hand condensed the air flow in the surroundings. He planned to use the Heaven Extinguishing Divine Palm and Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters Technique at the same time.

Seeing such a scene caused Gu Taixu’s and the Second Saint Master’s expressions to become gloomy. “Obstruct him! Don’t let him use them!” shouted Gu Taixu in a loud voice, while he rushed towards Su Yu.

The Second Saint Master had already become aware of how dangerous the silver-haired youth was, so he had given up on the idea of attacking from long-range. Hence, he rushed toward him instead. The might of a joint attack by two Level Nine Fairy Realm experts was extremely terrifying.

“Let’s see whether you will die first, or if you will use your techniques first…” the Second Saint Master yelled as he charged forward.

Su Yu heartily laughed as he looked at the two people rushing at him. He then replied confidently, “It’s obvious that the two of you will die first.”

Then, lightning flickered around Su Yu as he used the Thunder Escape and teleported away. When he reappeared, he was three hundred meters above them in the sky.

At such a moment, a dazzling peerless moon had already appeared on his left palm, and his whole body was surrounded by a black air current. Its black radiance made him seem somewhat devilish.

“Die!” Su Yu then waved his left palm at Gu Taixu, while he waved his right palm at the other thirty-one people.

Two extremely powerful attacks rushed towards them, while a deafening buzzing sound echoed out. The destructive power that they possessed shocked everyone.

When all of the chaos died down, they found out that Gu Taixu was sent flying for half a mile, and he had blood seeping out of the corners of his mouth. As for the thirty-one late stage Fairy Realm experts, they were all injured by the sound wave, except the Second Saint Master, who was still in good shape. There were even two Fairy Realm experts, who were the first to bear its brunt, whose bodies were shattered before they died.

The excited crowd in the Dragon Abyss couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air as they witnessed the scene. Su Yu had just fought thirty-two people alone! Moreover, they were all Late Stage Fairy Realm experts! Such terrifying fighting prowess astounded and frightened all of them!

They all knew of his title as the number one expert of the Zhenlong Continent, yet they never once had imagined that he was this powerful! Even if the whole continent’s experts joined hands against him, they might still not be able to defeat Su Yu!

However, despite all of this, Elder Jiu’s expression was still becoming even graver, while Wu Aoyue, who was beside him, was holding Xianer with a worried look in her eyes.

“Elder Jiu, do you have any means of saving him? Even though it seems like my young master is winning, I’m afraid that, since one of his Vital Crystal has already been shattered, he might not possess enough Vital Energy for fighting much longer.” Wu Aoyue knew Su Yu’s true state.

It was only because there was a great disparity between his cultivation and the enemies’ that he was to consecutively use his top-grade techniques. However, such techniques consumed a great amount of Vital Energy, and although Su Yu still wore a calm and composed expression, he was already close to reaching his limits.

Elder Jiu’s eyes became filled with worry and dejection upon hearing her fears. “Their fight isn’t something that we can meddle in. We would only become a burden to him if we participated in it.”

He then continued to voice his doubts, “However, I’m still incapable of understanding why he didn’t hide in the Dragon Abyss with us, as it would be impossible for even a Divine Master to penetrate through such a huge amount of Heavenly Orchid Silver Sword Bamboo’s leaves. Why did he need to fight such a hopeless battle, one in which he will surely die?”

He knew that Su Yu wasn’t some reckless guy, who would risk himself for no good reason. Moreover, he had just married Xianer, so none of this was adding up in Elder Jiu’s mind.

Wu Aoyue’s whole body shuddered as she discovered that she was unexpectedly incapable of understanding Su Yu’s motive behind all of this. But, she still faintly understood that Su Yu was obviously just trying to seek his own death.

Xianer, who was in her embrace, furrowed her brows as she woke up. She had been awakened by the pain that was coming from the back of her head.

“Brother Su Yu…” Xia Jingyu exclaimed in alarm, while she looked around for Su Yu.

Wu Aoyue tried to calm her. “My young master is still safe and sound, but he’s still fighting against the enemies, so please calm down.”

Xianer followed the crowd’s collective gaze and saw the flurry that was occurring in the outside world. The sight of Su Yu, who was in the sky and whose silver hair fluttered in the wind, caught her eye.

His eyes were filled with coldness and decisiveness. She recognized that this was the gaze that he always wore while facing his enemies, yet there was still something about it that was different than usual. Su Yu’s face was slightly pale.

“My brother Su Yu can’t persevere any longer, so I must go and save him.” Xianer’s heart rose up to her throat when she saw him, and she tried to free herself from Wu Aoyue’s grip.

However, Wu Aoyue held her more tightly and said, “Miss Xian, don’t be rash. You are too weak, and you will just be a burden to him if you rush out now.”

Xianer only had Su Yu in her eyes, so refused to listen to her words. “Let go of me! I already lost my brother Su Yu one time, so I mustn’t leave his side ever again. It won’t matter, even if I die with him.”

Wu Aoyue didn’t let go of her, but only held her more tightly, while she angrily shouted, “Shut up!”

Su Yu was startled by her shout. As Xianer was always respectful to Wu Aoyue, he would never have expected that Wu Aoyue would one day dare to berate her!

When Xianer looked at her, she found that her eyes were already filled with tears, and that she was somewhat flushed. Her eyes were also filled with constrained anger that Xianer couldn’t understand.

“My young master already risked his life for you countless times, and he almost died. Isn’t this enough for you? Can’t you understand why he’s doing all of this?” Wu Aoyue vented her anger as she shouted at the top of her lungs.

“In the Shenyue Island’s Fenghuang Valley, he fought a Holy King for you, and in your wedding at Liuxian Faction, he fought a Dragon Realm elder for you. Then, in the Phoenix Cabinet, he fought Shenkong for you! Didn’t he almost die in each of those fights? He did all of this for you! It’s because you are too weak that he needs to worry about you and risk his life for you… But, what did you do for him? You just brought him endless trouble!” Wu Aoyue had finally gotten everything off of her chest.

“Now, if you leave this place, he would be distracted, as he would need to protect you because you are weak and useless. In the end, he may even be killed by his enemies. Will you only be satisfied once this happens?” Angry tears were running down Wu Aoyue’s cheeks.

She was obviously scolding Xianer, yet everyone could feel that she was, in fact, scolding herself, as she was also useless and weak. Xianer was dumbfounded by her, and she lowered her head, getting lost in her thoughts for a long while.

Xianer did feel that she truly always just caused trouble for Su Yu, and she had indeed let him risk his life many times in order to save her. It was also true that all that she did for him was to just collect some insignificant cultivation resources for him.

Now, if she rashly left this place, she would only cause him harm. She might even cause his death!

All of this was because she was too useless and weak, and because she always managed to get herself into trouble. Thinking of these things, she clenched her fists as her tiny shoulders trembled. She then subconsciously touched her pocket, which held the jade bottle.